Tyu vs. The Machine

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Disclaimer: All characters and events are fictional, and any similarity to real people and events is purely coincidental. This is a work of erotic fiction intended to be read by people over 18 years of age (or 21 in some areas) where reading erotic fiction is legal. Story © Kardas, Tyu © herself.

Tyu stepped through a set of automatic doors, blinking repeatedly. The rainbow colored jerboa couldn’t, for no lack of effort, banish the spots from her eyes. The building’s windows were all coated with silvered film, which looked like ordinary tint from the inside but made the exterior unfathomably bright in the sun as well as impossible to look through.

When Tyu’s vision had finally recovered, she approached a short desk. The blond-haired skunk girl behind aforementioned desk was fiddling with an iPhone, but looked up with a start when Tyu got close. She quickly put her phone down and straightened her posture, attempting to look professional.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you come in,” the skunk said. “Welcome to Sinspirations, how can we please you today?”

“Um, I have an appointment,” Tyu replied whist rifling through her purse. She dug out a scrap of paper, covered in scribbles. “I’m supposed to see a Mr. Hohenberger, something about product testing?”

“Oh, yes of course. Just a moment.” The skunk pressed the intercom button on her desk phone. “Mr. Hohenberger, number forty-four is here.”

“Thank you Debbie,” said a voice from the other side. “I’ll be there in a moment to show her to the testing chamber, just have her wait for me.”

The intercom clicked off and Debbie looked up at Tyu with a warm smile. “He’ll be with you in just a moment, if you wouldn’t mind having a seat.”

Tyu nodded and made her way to one of the rows of plush vinyl chairs lining the edges of the room. She looked through a stack of magazines then, finding nothing interesting, idly examined the room’s interior. Short tables were situated in front of every row of chairs, all cheap yellow plastic to match the chairs. The floor tiles were off-white with grey specks, and the walls were a disenchanting shade of green. Less like the sterility of a hospital gown, and more like the fecal matter of an infant.

After a few minutes, a brown wolf in a white lab coat stepped into the lobby and made his way towards Tyu. “Miss Utamara?” Tyu nodded. “Good afternoon, I’m Leonard Hohenberger. I just have a couple of forms that I need you to sign, and then I’ll escort you to the testing area.” He handed a clipboard and a pen to the mouse.

Tyu accepted the clipboard and glanced over the papers attached to it. “What are these?”

“The first is a non-disclosure agreement swearing you to secrecy about everything that happens here today, the second is a liability waiver. Don’t worry about reading it, it’s just the standard boilerplate, in case something were to…”

“In case of injury, maiming, or death? What exactly am I going to be doing today?”

“Some very high-intensity tests for a new sex machine design. Don’t worry, with the recent re-calibrations it’s safer than ever.”

“Your receptionist called me number forty-four, does that mean I’m the forty-fourth test subject for this thing?”


“What happened to the other forty-three?”

Hohenberger took on an uncomfortable expression and averted his eyes from Tyu. “It wasn’t pretty. That’s not the point, your employer assured us that you would be compliant. If you back out of this now, it will be a breach of contract; between our corporation and Mr. Sakkine as well as whatever contract you have with your employer.”

Tyu shook lightly and stared down at the liability waiver. The word ‘death’ stood out beyond all others, and filled her with hesitation. casino siteleri She took a deep breath to regain her composure, and signed both forms. When finished, she handed the clipboard back to Hohenberger.

The wolf smiled and tucked the clipboard under his arm. “Excellent. Follow me.”

Tyu stood and walked after Hohenberger, following him out of the lobby and down a long hallway. He was a good deal taller than she, and the mouse had to jog to keep up with the wolf’s casual stride. The hall was lined with doors, Tyu didn’t bother to read the placards on the front of any of them. She assumed they were either offices, or testing areas. Possibly even janitorial closets.

Old advertisement posters and photographs also lined the walls, depicting the company’s line of sex toys. The earliest ads were dated 1952, and the toys ranged from ordinary dildos and lipstick vibes, to elaborate sex machines operated either by manual action or electrical power, to horrifying silicone abominations that the mouse wouldn’t put in any part of her body by choice.

Tyu was so distracted eying the posters that she didn’t notice Mr. Hohenberger had stopped. She walked right into him with a squeak and a blush, then took a step back. The wolf smiled and opened a door, then made a sweeping arm gesture. “Please, go right inside. My assistant is waiting.”

The rainbow jerboa reluctantly made her way into the testing lab. Various examination equipment was set up, some looked like ordinary computer parts but other machines were clearly medical equipment. The desks were all covered in various sheets of paper, computer printouts of design notes and test results. A large chalkboard on one end of the room featured a sketch of some sort of machine, surrounded by notes in a form or shorthand that Tyu couldn’t quite make sense of.

Sitting in one of the computer chairs was ginger haired lion in a white lab coat. His eyes carried a haunted, deeply traumatized expression. He frowned when he saw Tyu. “Hello Tyu, my name is John and I’ll be manning the controls. I am so sorry for what’s about to happen.”

Tyu’s expression twisted into a frown as well. “Why? What’s going to happen?”

The lion shook his head. “If you survive, I’ll tell you. I don’t particularly want to relive it, but if you make it through this in one piece you deserve to know how lucky you are.” Tyu jumped at the sound of the door slamming behind her, and whirled around to see Hohenberger. The lion growled at his co-worker. “Damn it Leonard, when are you going to scrap this damn thing?”

“I won’t,” the wolf replied. “We’ll keep adjusting it until it works, there’s no reason to scrap my masterpiece.”

“You’ve claimed forty-three lives! You might as well weaponize the damn thing, it’s more effective as an executioner than it is as a sex toy!”

The wolf laughed, a murderous gleam in his eye. “If we make it to fifty victims, I’ll give the army a call.”

“You’re a madman, Hohenberger!”

“You should be happy this time, I found a prostitute to test our machine. Not a college student, not a fragile old lady, not someone with a family who will miss her. And her employer informs me that she’s accumulated a great deal of experience, she should be well equipped to handle the new configuration of our machine; and if not, who cares? She’s just a whore.”

Tyu frowned and bit her lip, unable to prevent herself from overhearing the two men as they conversed out loud with her less than five feet away from either of them. She had been told by clients in the past that she was worthless, but always in the midst of a sexual power-trip in which she was debased to empower her client. This was different, she had just been referred to as not worthless but outright canlı casino expendable and had been made to see the realistic chance that she might die.

“It’s not our machine,” the lion said. “It’s your machine, Hohenberger. I want nothing to do with that monstrosity, and when this is over I’m never working with you again. If not for your liability waivers I’d turn you in for all of the women your machine has killed.”

Hohenberger held up a hand. “Enough, we’re wasting time with your fixation on obsolete and interfering moral codes. And besides, you’re scaring the test subject.”

“She should be scared, she’s going to die like all the rest!”

“Stop it, fear will skew the readings. Prepare the monitoring software, I’ll get our subject settled in.”

Hohenberger led Tyu across the room to a padded exam table similar to those found at ordinary clinics. It differed in that to it were connected a set of shackles and several mechanical arms; some ending in barbed metallic extensions and some ending in clamps or pincers. Nearby was a suite of monitoring equipment.

“Okay Miss Utamara, make yourself comfortable. I’ll have to shave a few patches of your fur to attach the electrodes. Is that okay?”

Tyu nodded nervously and climbed onto the table. The wolf withdrew a small razor from his coat and trimmed her fur in a few places, mostly her chest but also her pelvis and thighs. He then attached 14 electrodes with adhesive pads, one for each shaved patch.

“This machine will monitor your heart rate, breathing, and muscle contractions; once it’s configured, the software will be able to detect when you have an orgasm. We need to get a base reading, so if you could just masturbate for us we’ll be able to configure the machine.”

“Alright, I can do that. Is there any particular way I should do it?”

“Any way you prefer, we need to configure the software to accurately follow how your body reacts to pleasure and orgasm. Just touch yourself the way you do at home.”

Tyu slid a hand down and traced her fingertips across her slit. The mouse did her best to take her mind off of what the scientists had said, but couldn’t help but to feel a little distracted. Her slender fingers massaged her outer folds until her muffin became swollen and moist, she then penetrated herself with three digits. Tyu went for her g-spot right away, firmly rubbing with her fingertips while grinding her palm against her clit.

The rainbow mouse was so distracted that she didn’t notice Hohenberger leaving. She swiftly worked herself up into a masturbatory frenzy. It wasn’t long before she arched her back and squeaked with delight, closing her legs tight and clenching around her fingers. She maintained short, gentle rubs against her hyper-sensitive, post-orgasmic g-spot, causing her body to tremble.

Hohenberger returned to Tyu’s side, rolling a cart of dildos with him. The assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors could rival a small sex shop. “Now that the monitoring suite has been calibrated, the actual test can begin,” said Hohenberger. “Please choose three toys — one for your muff, one for your ass, and one for you mouth.”

Tyu perused the selection of dildos carefully. All of them had a hole in the base and appeared to be hollow for the first few inches. She eventually picked out two thick toys, one with bumps and one with ridges, and a smooth, slim dildo.

“Excellent, now lie back and make yourself comfortable.” Hohenberger began attaching the dildos to the machine, sliding them onto the metal prongs until they locked into place.

“What exactly is this thing going to do?”

“It’s a fucking mackine, the fucking mackine, the best one ever designed. The original model was capable of 50,000 thrusts per minute. kaçak casino We’ve obviously had to tune it down a bit. That’s what these tests are for, finding a safe operational speed.”

“How fast does it run now?”

“It’ll start out slow, but it tops out at 1,250 thrusts. We’ve also ironed out various other safety issues not worth mentioning. If you’re okay by the end of the testing, the Vaginannihilator 1K will be ready for mass production.”

Hohenberger smeared a generous amount of lube on each of the dildos and Tyu fed the tips of two of them into her ass and pussy. She then opened her mouth and took in the third, sucking off some of the pink, strawberry-flavored slime. The machine suddenly began to hum and the mechanical arms holding the dildos started to move. The machine bred her in slow, even thrusts; alternating between her three entrances. The mousette moaned around the mouthful of latex cock, her lack of a gag reflex allowed her to easily swallow the full length every time it thrust into her.

Three smaller arms extended from their formerly folded position, each tipped with a small disc sporting soft bristles. One gravitated to each nipple, the third found her clit. The bristles pressed onto her sensitive flesh, and the discs began to rapidly spin. The new stimulation had her squirming and bucking her hips, unable to control her body’s movement.

The machine’s increase in speed was so gradual and smooth that Tyu didn’t notice a difference until she was being frantically entered from all sides and already on the verge of a second orgasm. In just a few more thrusts, the mousette arched her back and let out a muffled shriek of bliss.

Tyu’s most sensitive places weren’t given a break from the relentless sexual assault for even a second. The machine continued to stimulate her writhing body, growing ever faster and more intense by the second. Tyu’s hypersensitive body was easily pushed into a third climax by the incessant fucking.

Just as her clitoris became painfully oversensitive, the brush working her nub suddenly pulled away. She breathed a sigh of relief through her nose but let out a muffled squeak when her clit was suddenly pinched between a pair of silicone-coated clamps. A tiny dildo began to rapidly thrust back and forth, matching the pace of the three larger dildos. It secreted lubricant from a number of tiny holes, and dragged its full lenth across her clit with every motion. The ridged surface rapidly brought her to a fourth, fifth, and sixth orgasm.

Tyu’s clit quickly grew sore under the abuse, and she tried to pull away from the mini-dildo. However, the deathgrip on her clitty made it painful for her to move her hips at all. The machine continued to work her over faster and faster, fogging her mind and pushing her orgasm count well into the double digits.

The clit clamps suddenly began to vibrate, and Tyu lost all ability to distinguish between the end of one climax and the beginning of the next. All the while, four dildos continued to brutally jackhammer into all three of her thoroughly abused holes and her tortured clit, while the two spinning brushes continued to relentlessly polish her nipples.

Tears ran down Tyu’s cheeks, she was well past the point of too much but was helpless to do more than writhe in her neverending climax as the machine had its way with her. Her body slowly went numb and her vision grew dark.

“She’s going limp,” Hohenberger said. “Shut it off!”

John did as commanded and halted the machine. The arms slowed their attentions to a stop and pulled back into their original, folded position. The two men rushed over to examine Tyu’s prone form. Hohenberger made sure she was breathing while John checked her heart rate on the monitor.

“She’s alright, but unconscious,” John said.

“Excellent! Tune the maximum speed down to 1000 thrusts per minute, and let’s add an arms-reach control panel. Then it’ll be ready for the marketing department!”

“I hate you so fucking much.”

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