The Rabbit Comes to Dinner

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Upon visiting an Adult Shop I purchased for Anne a stock standard vibrator. This present was not met with much enthusiasm from Anne. She saw it and said it’s not for me. There were times when she let me use it on her but she seemed to be not affected by it opting for the real thing.

Anne and I sort of threw the thing in the back of the cupboard forgotten and buried under Anne’s ever growing army of shoes that seems to just grow.

A few years went by and I was passing the Adult Shop on my way home and thought I may stop and see what’s new. There was a young lady behind the counter who seemed not interested in serving me as I was the only one in the store, it seemed a little odd. I went to the section where there were a myriad of toys, all shapes and sizes. I asked the attendant if she could advise which ones would be better than the stock standard I had purchased a few years ago.

Looking annoyed that I had bothered her she pointed to the section of toys known as Rabbit’s. These were odd looking vibrators with a nodule sticking out of the top looking like a thumb or a little finger. On closer inspection there were some that were smooth, ribbed, some shaped like a dolphin and others that were shaped like a little rabbit. They also casino siteleri featured variations like G Spot curved ends, pearls on the shaft and other fancy shapes. I selected one that had a little rabbit, with pearls and with a g spot curved tip. I came home with the parcel in my briefcase and proceeded to hide the brown wrapped device in our cupboard.

I now had to wait for the right moment to introduce Anne to the new pet.

A week went by and Anne and I were awoken by the usual event of the two possums running through our attic. I pretended to go to the bathroom stopping by our cupboard and pretending to look for a shirt, I picked up the rabbit and proceeded to the bathroom and returned with the toy hidden under my shirt.

Returning to bed with the rabbit was easy; getting Anne to give it a try would be difficult. I began to cuddle up to Anne and tried my best to get her in the mood. It was working and slowly I would place some kisses on her neck and behind her ear and gently lick her neck ever so gently. This would make her shiver and sensitive. I began to work my way down her lower body, her nipples were hardened and erect. She would writhe around when I would start at her lower abdomen.

I quietly reached over to grab canlı casino the rabbit. Without breaking my line of kisses over her body. She opened up her thighs to allow me to position myself at her opening. I could smell the muskiness of her and knew she was wet. I began to lick her and immediately got a loud moan from her. Anne was about to make a whole lot more noise.

I began to really push my tongue inside her and with the usual up and down movement began to really get her panting. I concentrated more on her clitoris and with the space created began to move the rabbit into position. My tongue was flickering against her clitoris and I gently let the G spot tip just enter her opening. Anne immediately felt something and asked what I was doing. I said to her to close her eyes and enjoy the ride. I actually had to stop for a brief moment so I could maneuver the rabbit into position. The curved G Spot tip proved a little difficult to get in. This almost lost the moment for Anne and she asked what it was I was using. I managed to get her to close her eyes and relax. I started back at her clit and moved the rabbit inside her a little at a time.

I had managed to get the rabbit into position and began to work the rabbit against her clitoris kaçak casino where my tongue was – the vibe was inside her and the g spot tip was pressing the right button inside Anne. I started the pearls to rotate and the reaction from Anne was very encouraging. She immediately pulled her legs up and began to tense her body. A series of moans came from Anne and the pearls were working the inside of her. Her G Spot was also getting attention. Then it was time to follow the rabbit down the hole. I turned on the switch on the vibrator inside the rabbit that had snugly caught Anne’s clitoris in between its ears. The Vibration was too much; Anne came in a very violent manner. She was overwhelmed.

Anne was not able to even talk, the orgasm sent her reeling. The Rabbit was still vibrating and the pearls spinning, the g spot tip pressing against her inner sensitive spot. It was all too much. Anne reached her second orgasm, although not as powerful as the first, it was big enough though. She had begun to expel liquid ooze from her pussy. She reached for the vibrator to remove it. She was totally spent. The intensity of the orgasms was too much for her leaving her in a very sensitive state. She could not even handle me touching her breasts. She had to come down from the high. The rabbit returned to underneath the pillow and Anne drifted off to a deep sleep. I was left with a very stiff hard on and listening to the possums and Anne’s heavy breathing, staring into the darkness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32