The Proposition Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Driving to work, I reveled in the thought of what a great wife I had. Totally open to any suggestion in bed, willing to take the lead in anything, and so totally understanding. I recall vividly on our honeymoon night when she invited one of the maids to share our bed. We sexed-out right until it dawned, as my cock would not go down at all. The maid was a beautiful Latina who taught Jill how to give the best head, as well as showing her some tricks that could bring a three thousand year old mummy back to life. I showed the maid some good old-fashioned European ass-reaming as I savaged her backside until it became raw.

From time to time she had brought friends along with her, sharing our marriage-bed. Always women, and she was always the one to initiate these threesomes. Usually these parties would happen at a rate of three every year. I begged her to bring more friends, but she insisted that the frequency was just enough to keep everything fresh. We did once take part in a huge swinger party organized in a dance-hall. I’m sure there were more than thirty couples, and I confess to having fucked nearly everyone of the women there. And a couple of men that I found attractive too. I don’t know why, but their hairless smooth bodies drove me nuts. It was the sheer debauchery of being in a room full of naked people with no holds barred that spurred me on incessantly. At one point I was in a tangle of bodies, male and female, all lost in a frenzy of lust. I was sucking at the huge clit of a girl who was being fucked by a guy with a huge dick, while somebody was tonguing my backside and giving me a blow-job. As the she was being screwed, his dick plopped out of her wet pussy and into my open mouth. I didn’t think about it, but just sucked him in. It was a liberating feeling. A hard core of steel covered with a fleshy warm substance. No wonder women loved it. Finally the birthday girl was laid on a couch and thirty men spurted their come on her glorious body. If anything, the slap-up meal later proved even more erotic as more than eighty people ate and chatted among themselves in totally nude splendor. Needless to say, more orgies followed, albeit at a slower pace. Memories of that day still gave me a hard-on even today. The next meet was three months further on, on Christmas Day, and I was looking forward unabashedly.

Putting the lewd thoughts aside, I concentrated on the busy road. It wouldn’t do to have an accident at this time.

I parked in my usual space, and once in my office, picked up the phone to call Stacey before realizing she was hardly an early bird, and might not be yet in. In fact it was around half-past-eight before I saw her car slot into her reserved space. She came round to my office before going in to her office.

“So. It begins.” she said shyly. “I dropped George off at the airport this morning.”

“Yes. And I have exciting news too. Jill is off to Brussels in an hour. She’ll be gone a week. I have a four day holiday coming up to me and I will avail myself of them this week. How about you?”

“Well, I guess I can take-off for four days if my boss approves my application.” she smiled.

“Stacey. I AM your boss. Leave approved. Bring enough clothes for five days at the Palace Point Hotel. We are going to be spoiled silly. And we are going to do what we both really need. On second thoughts….you won’t need any clothes. I have no intention of spoiling your beauty with clothes.”

With those words she held her face in her hands.

“I can’t believe we are going to do this. It’s so embarrassing. And having to stoop to this…this immoral thing.”

I held her hands in my arms as I smiled gently at her.

“Am I not attractive enough for you?” I asked her “Do you not like me? Or find me offensive? Stacey, I have loved you bahis firmaları from the first day I saw you. I honestly can find no other words to describe how happy I am for this. For the obvious reasons that we are going to make love, and also for the fact that this will make both you and George happy. If you don’t like it, you can still at least say that you tried. If you want to back out, I will accept that too. With a heavy heart, true, but I will respect your wishes.”

“It’s not that. You are very attractive. I told you that you are my best friend here many times. What I’m also afraid of is that once we start we won’t be able to stop. Hell, the time is not even right at the moment. I am still in my ‘safe’ period.” she said.

“Hey, that’s even better…we’ll get really acquainted with each other even more. And what if you like it? What’s the harm in that?”

“I guess you’re right. It’s just that it goes all against my upbringing. But I admit I’ve waited so long for this to happen.” she said.

“Really? that’s just great. Off with you wench. Tomorrow we will book in at the Palace Point. Meet me at the hotel entrance at ten. Can you do that?”

“Sure. I won’t be late.” she replied.

“You’re a woman. You’ve got to be late.” I said with a smile.

“Not for the Palace Point buster. No way. We can’t even afford the cheaper rates!” she replied.

The day passed quite unlike any other. Usually I have so much on my hands that it would be a miracle for me to go home before six in the evening. But on this occasion, the two hands on the clock refused to budge. I finished by taking not only four days off, but also leaving a couple of hours early and went home at half-past-one.

Out came my battered suitcase, which I proceeded to fill with as little clothes as possible. Fresh underwear for every day, a couple of shirts and three or four shorts. My shaving bag and a pair of running shoes completed the packing. I wasn’t planning on wearing much or even going to any posh places at all. The suites, or rather, the apartments, at the Palace Point were renowned for their completeness. We would use the gym, the indoor pool, eat in our sitting room, and of course, use the Jacuzzi and the bed as much as possible. In-house entertainment would be our nightly fun before bed. All we had planned for this was to eat, swim, and screw as much as we could.

I took a leisurely shower, shaving away any hair below the neck. I left no stone unturned in shaving my crotch area carefully. Jill loved it when my lower abs were bare. After an hour or so, I was as clean-limbed as a new-born baby. I knew that this was supposed to be business for me, but as Stacey had said, there was no hope of her falling pregnant this week. So we accepted that this would be the fling that we both had wanted and wished for a long time.

Finally around seven, I could see that there was nothing else I could do except wait. I turned on the television to watch the football, when the phone rang. I thought it was my wife, but instead, I found that it was Stacey.

“Hi,” she said. “Don’t worry about my coming in late tomorrow. I’m already packed up and ready to go.”

An idea popped into my head.

“Listen, why don’t you come over tonight? Drop off your car in my garage? I can leave the door open and you just drive in. Nobody will know any better. We don’t even have any neighbors here anyway.”

“That’s a good idea. We can get off to an early start.”

“What early start? You mean, start the proposition tonight? At home?”

“No you silly man. I meant we leave early, take a roundabout way and cruising slowly. No hurry at all. It would be best if we don’t do it at your home would it?”

“I appreciate your concern and I thank you for it. That’s a good idea. But do kaçak iddaa drop over. We’ll watch a movie, talk things over. You can sleep in the guest-room. And I do a mean pizza too!” I told her.

We made small talk for a couple of minutes and hung up. She would be here in thirty minutes. I looked around, thankful that my wife kept a spotless home. If house-cleaning was left up to me, we would be knee-deep in junk. I opened the entrance gate and the garage-door just in time for her little Suzuki to sweep in unchecked.

I grinned as I shut and locked the gate. This could make for an interesting night, although I certainly did not want to do anything here at home. It would sully up our marriage bed, and was not something that I could live with. Not that it would become morally right if I screwed around somewhere else, but I sincerely was thinking with the wrong head.

Stacey climbed out of her tiny vehicle, all limbs, and frilly lace. Her skirt rode up her shapely thighs, revealing wonderfully smooth and tanned legs. The hint of whiteness from her panties peeked out and immediately my cock hardened. She was wearing a cream silk shirt, and I could tell she wore only a sheer bra beneath it. Her nipples were already hardening in the coolness of the evening as they scrunched up against the light material. We had not even spoken to each other and the sexual tension was thick in the air.

“Here you are finally. Wow. You look so, so, eatable….” I commented.

“Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself” she replied with a laugh.

I looked down and laughed with her. I was wearing thin cream sweatpants, against which my half-hard cock was straining.

“Is that all for me?” she said.

“Well…not all… there’s more. But where are my manners? Let me help you with your luggage.”

“There’s not much luggage Chris. Just a small carry-case. You did say you weren’t planning on wearing too many clothes.” Stacey told me.

“Fucking right babe. Come on, let’s go in. I’ve got everything ready for a great evening. A good video, and a great bottle of wine…plus my famous pizza obviously.” I rubbed my palms together.

We went in the house and I put her small suitcase in the spare bedroom. I asked her if she wanted to make herself comfortable and replied that she would like a shower and a change of clothes. I told her to go ahead and make herself pretty for me. I would be downstairs waiting for her. After about thirty minutes Stacey came down wearing a nice pair of grey shorts that hugged her ass tightly, and a pink shirt that did nothing much to hide the jiggling of her breasts as she skipped down the stairs. No bra there obviously.

I was dumbstruck, speechless, and in dire need of breathing. She was truly beautiful. I was sure I would have no problem in dealing with my part of the job.

“Uh…hi..everything ok? Anything to set you at ease? Want a drink, a shag, or something to eat?” I was babbling.

“Hey calm down. I’m the one who’s supposed to be nervous. A glass of wine will be fine. We can take that pizza during the movie. What have you got for me?” she asked.

“Well I didn’t know what type of movies you like, so I got a funny raunchy one, The Hangover. Hope you haven’t seen it yet.”

“Oh that’s great! I’ve been waiting for it to come out on DVD. We didn’t get to see it at the cinema.” she said, moving round to the sofa and flopping down.

I opened the wine and poured two generous glasses full of the beautifully aromatic liquid.

“Ah…nectar of the Gods” I sighed, sipping the fruity white wine.

“It certainly is good. Oh, here we go” she said as the credits rolled up and the movie unfolded.

It was not only a bit racy, it was hilarious, and we bumped into each other several times as we laughed crazily during kaçak bahis the two hours it ran. By that time the first bottle had been emptied, another opened and already more than two-thirds of the way down.

Suddenly, and I don’t know how it happened, we leant against each other. I was sprawled down on the sofa, and she was slightly above me. Her left breast, hiding behind the short pajama top, was up against my face, nipple elongated in its’ arousal. I could not resist any longer, and lifted my lips to take her nipple into my mouth, over the shirt.

She sighed as I pulled on that delicious nub of flesh, hard and soft at the same time. Her hands found my head, entwined her fingers in my hair and pulled me closer to her chest. I moved back a little, to raise the short shirt over her breast. It was beautiful. A startling cream colored cone of flesh, with a red rose nipple set on top of a largish aureole.

I suckled like a baby on her flesh, as she writhed on the sofa, moaning and panting in pleasure. It was a surprise when Stacey pushed me back and licking her lips in anticipation, started licking on my nipples. My dick throbbed against her body as I rolled my eyes with pleasure.

“Stop, stop, please stop.” I panted.

It was with great reluctance that we drew apart, both of us panting and in heat.

“You’re right, we better stop. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” she said shyly.

We decided to call it quits for the evening and go to bed. I followed her up the stairs, reeling in the fragrant scent she left behind with her every step. I couldn’t wait until the morning dawned. I closed my bedroom door, stripped, and went in for a shower, shaving the little areas where hair had started to sprout up again. I took extra attention around my pubes, making sure it was extra smooth. My dick was standing fully erect at that moment, seven thick inches of male flesh. I debated on whether I would beat away some of the tension by my own hand, but decided against it. This tension would make sure I would have an incredible first orgasm. I washed my teeth and headed for bed. The last thought going through my mind was what would my wife say if she only knew what was going on. I drifted off to sleep as I shrugged.

As always happens in Malta in early summer, it was a beautifully warm day. I rapped on the guestroom to wake Stacey, who stumbled to the bathroom two minutes later, wearing only those tight pair of grey shorts and thin top.

“Hi” she mumbled sleepily. “I got to go to the loo.”

“Err…hi…I’ll prepare breakfast. Anything special?” I asked, eyes wide open at the beautiful view in front of me.

“Coffee, coffee and coffee.” she stumbled in the bathroom, giving me a quick glance of a beautiful curved backside as she slid the shorts and tiny underwear down her legs.

I swear that if I looked at my dick, I could have willed it to come there and then. I decided to challenge the girl, and after taking off my shirt and boxers, prepared breakfast wearing the smallest pair of briefs I had.

In the kitchen I was busy preparing a jug of coffee when I felt her presence behind me. Stacey had not put anything else on her, and she reached out for a hug as I turned to meet her. We squashed together in a gloriously hot embrace, bodies melting together, my nipples rubbing against her t-shirt covered chest. My dick, already half-hard, began it’s slow rise to full erection, pushing her hard in the crotch area.

“Wow…it feels wonderful” she said as she pushed her arm between us and fondled my now huge erection over my underwear. “I can’t wait until we get to the important bit.”

“Why don’t we hurry things along then? We can go now, and book in from early. It would be a pity to let this glorious weather go to waste.” I suggested.

“Ok…I better go and dress up before something naughty happens.” she giggled, and her little girly laugh almost made me lose my mind. It was all I could do to keep from throwing her down and screwing her on the table.

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