The Price of Learning

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Big Dicks

I sat at the front of the class, slowly marking some work as the class slowly filed out, it had been a cheerful evening, many of my class were coming along well, I was running an evening class at the local college and seemed to have got a great deal of interested people. I smiled as I remembered the other night; I had gone out with friends for a bachelor party and had ended up pulling one of the fantastic strippers at the place we went. She had been so hot, a fantastic passionate night and then she had to run off early the next morning after promising to call.

I wasn’t sure if she would or what I would say if she did, but I found myself daydreaming about her, legs, ass, breasts and eyes, imagining making her mine again, controlling her and bending someone like that to my will. I was suddenly very grateful for the desk in front of me hiding my lower body.

I was always surprised by how popular these courses were, I knew they provided access for a lot of people into new and better careers but they often struggled to meet the costs. In fact I had to talk to one tonight, a certain Terri, whose payments were overdue. The director had told me that I had to tell her she needed to pay or lose her place on the course. It was so popular that there were always people waiting to get on.

I looked up, I had left a note in her file for her to stick around after class to chat with me, I saw her standing at the back of the class leaning against a desk, head down, hair covering her face, she slowly walked towards me and I felt a moments pity, it was obviously someone young and unable to pay the bills, struggling to live and better herself at the same time, I did not pity her.

She looked up at me and my heart almost stopped. It was my dancer from the other night, I saw the shock flash over her face as she recognised me, not in a darkened room or club but in a well-lit classroom. I smiled at her…

“Well this is a surprise… how are you Terri…”

“I am great Adam, how are you…. Is it last night you wanted güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to see me about?” a hopeful look on your face.

“No sorry Terri,” I frown “I have been told to tell you that unless you can pay the fees I won’t be able to let you stay on the course.”

I watched as her face dropped and all I could see in that instant was her lips wrapped around my shaft last night, flashes of her writhing over and under me as I moved inside her and over her skin.

I look down at you as I stand taller than you, I smile and I watch your eyes widen as you see the lustful expression on my face…

“How much do you need to do this course Terri?”

“If I don’t do this I can’t get out of my dancing job and into a better paid one. I am only just scraping by at the minute, but I have a job promised to me if I can pass this course.”

“Maybe we can come to some arrangements about the payment, and maybe some private tuition after school. It depends just what you want and are willing to give to complete this course.”

I stand up and move round the desk, shifting slightly to hide my hard shaft a bit better and walk over to the door, lowering the blind and locking the door.

“Just so we aren’t disturbed…. Now Terri, how badly do you want this course?”

I walk up to you and slowly stroke the side of your face, leaning forward to gently kiss you, pressing you back against the desk.

“I really need this job but….” I watch as doubt fills your eyes, your ass resting against my desk as my fingers slowly move to your blouse, starting at the bottom I unbutton is all the way to the top.

“But? You need this course and I need you, I make sure you stay on the course in return you will do what I say when I say… quite simple…”

I open your blouse and slide if off your shoulders lying it carefully on a nearby chair, you are standing still in front of me, indecision playing over your face as I reach round and undo your bra, letting it fall away, deciding the matter for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you as I lean forward and fasten my lips around your nipple, flicking it with my tongue, hearing your gasp and feeling your legs buckle as you jerk as if hit by a bolt of electricity.

Luckily the desk helps you stay on your feet as I stand up straight, turning you round so I am perched on the edge of the desk I press my hands to your shoulders, guiding you down onto your knees as I slowly undo my fly. You are still unresisting but not actively taking part and I can feel myself growing harder at my control of you. I slowly slide my pants down and watch your eyes growing again as you see my shaft, not massive but a nice size.

“Suck me Terri, make my cum my beautiful stripper….”

I slowly stroke your hair and guide your head forward onto my shaft, moaning low in my throat as I feel your warm mouth engulf me. My body relaxing as you start, slowly at first but quickly getting into it, sucking harder, massaging my balls, lifting of my rod to kiss and lick up and down its length, paying particular attention to my balls, sucking on them one by one before going to back to working my shaft, reaching up to use your hands in unison with your hot mouth and tongue.

My fingers are twisting in your hair as you work my shaft hard and fast but it’s not enough, I want more, to know that you are completely mine… I pull you off my shaft and lift you till you are standing, turning you round so you face my desk I bend you over it, flipping your skirt up around your waist I pull your panties down and push your legs wide part, enjoying your flexibility.

Your ass is in the air, I reach under your unresisting body to run your slit, finding you soaking and more than ready, your hips thrusting back against my fingers as I toy with your little nub. I rub my shaft up and down your wet slit. My shaft is pulsing and so hard from your ministrations as I slowly press myself into you, spreading your soft wet lips güvenilir bahis şirketleri as I enter you, sliding all the way balls deep in one slow steady thrust.

My hands grip your hips as I slowly draw out of you, holding your body in place bent over my desk as I start using your pussy, sliding in and out in slow deep strokes, enjoying the feeling of your tight hole as I thrust into you, slowly drawing out.

I can feel your warm juices coating my shaft as I slide in and out of you, grinning as I hear your soft moans as you try to hold back.

“Cum for me Terri, I want to hear and feel you cum around my cock.”

I lean down and kiss the back of your neck as I get faster, my shaft ramming in and out of you now, thrusting hard and fast in and out of your wet hole, hard deep fast thrusts, rapidly becoming less controlled as I near my peak.

I hear you cry out, seeing you look back at me biting your lip as you cum hard, body shaking against me and going limp on my desk. Seeing you unresisting and compliant with me I can’t hold back anymore and I thrust myself as deep and as hard into you as I can, exploding and filling you with my juices as I cry out, collapsing on your back, shivering as I fill you with blast after blast of my hot cum. Streams of it shooting deep inside you.

I slowly pull out of you and on shaky legs I walk round in front of you, pressing my semi-hard and juice covered shaft to you lips watching you automatically open your mouth and suck me clean, not moving from the desk till I am clean and have pulled out of your mouth and sat down on my chair…

You pick up your bra and blouse and dress quietly then turn to face me…

“What now Adam, where do we go from here?”

“Well I think it would best be discussed at my house after you finish dancing for the night.” I write my address on a piece of paper and hand it to you… “I want you to be mine Terri, in anyway I want you, I will care for you and make sure you lack nothing but you will do what I ask…

“Oh and please wear your dancing outfit when you come round…” I smile at you and walk over to the door, unlocking and opening it for you.

“It was a pleasure discussing this with you…”

I watched you go and decided to get home quickly and prepare certain things for what was certainly going to be an eventful night.

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