The Pink Silk Robe

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She slipped on the silk pink robe, allowing it settle against her warm silken skin. Tying the wide silk band around her waist. Brushing her freshly painted fingernails down the front of it.

Stifling the soft moan as her fingertips brushed over her semi hard nipples. Feeling them hardening a bit more at her light whispery touch. Gliding her fingers lower till they reached the top of her creamy thighs. Parting the folds of the robe and allowing her fingertips to graze down the front of her bare thighs.

Stifling another soft moan as she rakes her fingernails back up her inner thighs. Her eyes fluttering closed as she recalls only a few mere minutes ago.

Standing in the shower. The hot water sprays down upon her curves and bare flesh. Her hands roam over her newly shaven body. Purposely avoiding the one area, which she so desperately wanted to touch. Plunge her fingers into her tight wet hot cavern bringing her to a very needed orgasm.

Opening her eyes and sighing softly, she makes her way down the spiral staircase to his office. Her eyes getting a very wicked gleam to them as she glances at the clock.

Smiling as she knows he would be home anytime from work.

Knowing he’s going to rush to his study because she had left him a very naughty message on his cell phone instructing him to go directly to his office. She had a very wonderful, but naughty surprise for him, which would be on his desk, awaiting his arrival.

Quickly glancing at the clock once more out of the corner of her eye. Realizing she only had a minute or two before he strode into their home.

She hops up onto the desk. Arranging the silk robe around her curvaceous figure. Making sure the top of it was slightly split open, exposing the rounded curves of her breasts, giving him a fantastic view of them as he walked in.

She crosses her shapely legs and leans back on her arms. Tossing her slightly curled locks over her shoulders and waited.

She hears his key turn the lock and then hears knob turn. She hears the slam of the door as he closes it and then the thump of his briefcase as it hits their wooden floor.

His footsteps get louder and louder as he makes his way to his study.

His soft gasp of pleasant surprise falls upon her ears just before she notes the look of approval as she enters into his sight.

She immediately notices his eyes glaze over in pure animal lust as he stands in the wooden framed doorway peering in her direction.

His lips forming a smile to which she returns one of her own.

She hops off the desk and quickly pads over canlı bahis to him. Gets up on her tiptoes, encircling his neck with her arms, pulling his mouth down to hers as she hungrily kisses him. Murmuring a “Welcome home darling,” against his lips.

She grips his tie within her fingertips and tugs him over to his desk while walking backwards towards his desk.

She feels the edge of the desk cup her ass cheeks as she backs up against it.

Swiftly undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, she teasingly rakes her fingernails across his bare chest. She steals a quick glance upwards, watching his face slightly contort. She notices the slight red marks on his skin from her nails, as she sheds his shirt from his upper torso.

She nibbles on her bottom lip while her eyes meander across he now bared chest.

She so admires and adores his very sexy chest. She feels her breath catch in her throat as she recalls all the times she’s kissed and nibbled and licked him in that area.

Dropping his shirt onto the floor, she peers up at him again, giving him a very playful but wicked look.

She hops back up onto his desk, places her hands upon his now bare shoulders and gently applies pressure on them. The end result being he ends up kneeling right in front of her.

She unties the robe and parts it. Spreading her thighs. She lifts her right leg up and bends it. She rests her foot right on the edge of his desk.

She barely hears his very soft groan.

His eyes go directly to her freshly shaven bare cunt. He already knows it is glistening with her pussy juices. He rims his lips as his thoughts are confirmed.

She reaches down and caresses his cheek with her index finger, moving it to his chin. She applies slight pressure with her fingertip as she lifts his lust filled gaze to her own.

No words needing to be spoken between them as he knows exactly what she wants and needs right now.

He lowers his gaze and moves in closer to her pussy, trailing his fingertips along her silken slightly wet folds. Hearing her soft gasp as his fingers make contact. He tantalizingly traces and slowly trails his index finger along her slit.

He moves it up to then brush it lightly across her clit. He feels her small nub swell and harden at his light touch.

He peeks up at her and notices her eyes darken. He leans in, the tip of his tongue slipping between his parted lips and begins to gently lap at her wet cunt.

He maintains eye contact wit her, his eyes, verifying she is watching.

He slowly drags his tongue up her slit, parting her folds bahis siteleri of skin with it. He can taste her juices, which have already begun to seep out.

He makes his way up to her hard now throbbing clit. It is peeking out from under her hood. He flicks his tongue over it a few times before taking it into his mouth. He sucks on it before gripping it between his teeth. He applies a bit of pressure with his teeth and gently bites down on it.

He hears her gasp, which is followed by a moan of pure pleasure. He sinks his teeth into her hardened nub and tugs.

He feels her thighs quiver and tremble. He watches her eyes flutter closed. Her lips part and open as she breathes through them. Her breath becomes heavier and more labored. . Her tongue rims her lip and wets them. He watches the small of her back arch; as she lets her head fall back. Her firm tits jut out. Her nipples are hard and pert.

He continues to watch her as he gently inserts two of his fingers into her very wet hole. He feels her inner walls grip his fingers as he slowly pushes them in deeper. He notices her hips start to circle and grind on the desk as he wiggles them deeper inside of her hot cunt.

He drops his gaze and focuses on licking and sucking her clit and her pussy lip. He begins to fuck her cunt with three of his fingers. The wetness of her pussy coats them, making it easier for him to finger fuck her. He loves how tight her channel is. He marvels at how her pussy walls grip his invading digits. How her muscles seems to suck them in as he pulls them out.

He slips his fingers out of her cunt and replaces them with his long lithe tongue.

He hears her initial whimper of protest as he removes his wet fingers. It quickly turns into a loud groan of utter pleasure as begins to fuck her with his stiffened tongue.

Her hips are sliding faster back and forth upon his desk.

He reaches up to toy and tease her pert nipples. He makes her groan and moan even more. He is well aware of how much she loves to have her nipples pinched, pulled, twisted and tugged.

He feels her inner pussy muscles clench each and every time he pinches one of her per erect nipples.

He begins to furiously fuck her cunt with his tongue, stabbing it in and out. Both of his hands are upon her breasts, squeezing them. His fingers occasionally pinching her now rock hard nipples. He hears her constant moans and groans between pants of breath.

He knows she’s so very close to that edge.

He slips his tongue out of her sopping cunt and rams 4 of his long fingers deep inside of bahis şirketleri her. He moves his lips and mouth back up to her clit. Flicking it with his tongue. A sporadic nibble or bite thrown in.

She gasps loudly and sits up on his desk. She reaches down and grips the back of his hand with her left hand. Entwining her fingers in his hair. She holds him tight against her cunt, grinding it against his mouth and lips.

She moves her other hand to her breast. Her fingers cup and squeeze the full creamy orb. She flicks a nipple with her fingernail and then grips it between her fingers. She begins to pull on it. She pinches it; extending it from her body.

He moans against her clit and cunt as he watches her play with her nipple and tit. He increases the pace and thrust of his fingers.

She starts to whimper. She huskily utters she’s going to cum and cum hard. She pleads and begs him to allow her that pleasure.

He can feel her inner walls spasm and ripple along his digits as he plunges them in and out of her cunt. He hears her begging and pleas increase.

Moving his mouth back to her opening, he looks up at her and orders her to cum.

She cries out at hearing his words. She drops her hand from her tit to his head. She grips it. Her legs clamp to the sides of his head. She bucks her hips wildly against his mouth as her cunt explodes. Her hot creamy juices flood and gush into his mouth.

He suckles on her pussy draining her of any fluid she provides him as her orgasm rips through her. He feels her slump over, her head lying on top of his. He feels her warm breaths against his bare skin. He imagines her entire body heave. The occasional shudder as the aftershocks hit.

He continues to suck and lick and lap at her dripping-sopping cunt. Her soft whimpers being heard as he does so.

He sits back on his heels and pulls her to him off the desk, cradling her in his arms. Her body continues to quake. He lifts her chin, briefly looks at her flushed face, and softly brushes his lips against hers. He leans his forehead against hers as he looks adoringly at her.

She opens her eyes and looks back at him. She smiles, and murmurs a very soft “thank you.”

He nods in answer and kisses her forehead.

She snuggles against him and trails her fingers along his bare chest, and down his stomach. She feels his abs tremble under her fingertips. She continues her path down his body. She trails a single finger along the entire outline of his cock. She then brushes her fingers up and down the entire length of his now rock hard shaft.

His cock twitches.

She peers up at him and whispers against his neck, “I’ll have to return the favor…and soon”.

He makes no verbal retort. He embraces her even tighter within his arms. He peppers her face with kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32