The Nordward Family

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All characters are over 18+


The Nordward family wasn’t what you would call average. For over a hundred and fifty years wealth had run through their family. From the oil boom, to the rubber craze, to the space age. Rubbing shoulders with the Rockefeller’s, too European royalty, for a while that was all the life Dean Nordward knew. Born on a cold October night as the clock struck midnight on all Hallows Eve. The sixth child to Edmund and Kathleen Nordward, who looked disappointed at the single child. They had hoped to have another set of twins or triplets like his brothers and sisters before him. Yet they were deprived of that pleasure as his small infant body rested against his mother’s bosom. Tufts of his platinum blond hair had a mind of their own as they sought out everything and anything within their reach. How little did that small infant know of the weirdness that awaited him in the years to come.

Fourteen years later…

Dean knew there was something going on between his brothers, father, mother, and sisters. Yet he couldn’t quite point his finger on what exactly what it was. However, it mattered little to him soon he would be off to college and far away from his cold distant family. Did Dean think for one moment that his family didn’t love him not one bit. He was clothed, fed, his interest taken care of, yet the looks he caught from his father and mother made him grow cold. He could never understand why, or for what reason he saw the disappointment in their eyes. He always excelled at his studies, always kept his nose clean so not to bring shame to their family. When he was tested due to some misunderstanding with the teachers, he would have thought once they found out that he had a 140 IQ. His parents would have been overjoyed at the news. However, that wasn’t the case when they failed to show up to the conference to Dean’s detriment.

Dean tried to hide the hurt and disappointment from those that had gathered there to celebrate the news. To those that knew the boy they knew how much it had hurt him. It was at that moment he started to close himself off from his uncaring family. Sighing as he walked up the polished black marble steps that led to their grand manor. Dean just couldn’t understand why they even bothered to respond to the school, if they weren’t even going to attend the function. Shaking his dark thoughts from his mind as his hand rested on the ornate door handle. Wondering why their butler hadn’t answered the door like he always did when he came home from the prep school they sent him too. As he stood there in the foyer as the strap of his book bag slipped from his shoulder. Strange sounds filled the stagnant air of the mansion.

“Yes! Yes! Harder Brian!” Dean heard his sister’s voice screamed out towards his older brother. In truth Dean couldn’t tell which one of his sisters it was to him all three of them sounded a like to him.

“Fuck Mom! Suck it!” Matthew hissed.

“Yes Daddy eat me!” his other two sister’s moaned in unison. This was all strange to Dean’s adolescent mind. This wasn’t something he was expecting to come home to after a frustrating day at school. Placing his bag down on the floor by the door, Dean set out to find out the cause of all their excitement. Tiptoeing through his expansive home drawing closer to the source. Peeking around the corner into the grand drawing room, Dean was in shock at the varying stages of their depravity. So in shock his body moved on its own watching as his mouth hung open as they gave into their sexual needs.

“Dean!” His mother shrieked as she finally took notice of her youngest son. Dean’s mind was seemed to shut down at that moment as they all waited for the other shoe to drop.

“So…” Dean said trying to get his mind working once again. “So this is what you were doing instead of coming to the event for me?!” Dean asked his anger slowly rising. “Is this more important then knowing your son is a gifted?!” he asked his eyes darting between his mother and father.

“Was that today,” Edmund said tilting his head to the side.

“You have an eidetic memory father! You knew damn well it was!” Dean said sneering at his father.

“Brat don’t you dare take that tone with me!” Edmund growled his voice rising.

“Please! You have no moral standing to lecture me,” Dean spat at his father.

“Dean just go to your room we’ll talk later,” Kathleen said trying to defuse the situation.

“Dont bother mother dear,” Dean said in a dark sarcastic tone. “What is there to speak of between us? I’m just the child you cared not for,” he said turning on his heel dashing towards his room that laid on the other side of their family home. While Dean would have liked to admit he didn’t ball his eyes out; yet how could one not when you find out your own family cared so little about your own achievements. Only wishing to give into the sin of their taboo lust.

Three days had past since he had found out he mattered so little to escort kartal his family. The talk his mother promised never came which to Dean was a good thing. Their home was so large that he didn’t have to see them as long as he used the secret passages he had found in his younger years. That was until one afternoon when he had sneaked up to his room after school one day.

“Dean?” Margaret’s voice drifted through his closed locked door. “Please Dean just let me know your alright,” she said resting her forehead against the door.

“Go away!” Dean yelled eyeing the door wondering why she was on his wing of the house. Wondering why she even bothered now given the years she never once came to his part of the mansion. Which was only occupied by him, the rooms that weren’t in use were closed off to save on heating the oldest part of the manor. Once he had thought he was punished for something he couldn’t understand. Now, however, Dean saw it as a gift knowing how he truly never fit in with his family. The vast expanse only served to instill that into him.

“Please Dean I just want to talk,” Margaret pleaded with him.

“No you just asked if I was alright,” Dean shot back. “Now, you know I am now leave!”

“Margaret what are you doing here?” Kathleen asked as she walked down the stately hall.

“I just wanted to talk to Dean, but, he has locked the door and won’t let me in,” Margaret said pouting her eyes downcast. She knew she was the odd man out during their encounters. Where Brian favored Sarah, and Matthew loved Beth, it was her hope she could be the one for her little brother. She could understand Dean’s resentment towards them, there were times that she too felt their coldness.

“Ah! Then its good that I brought along this,” Kathleen said pulling out the master key for the old wing. Dean turned as the key in the lock wiggled, and jiggled, before tumbling down onto the hardwood floor. His Adams Apple bobbed as the doorknob slowly turned, the creaking of the old door hinges stilled his teenage heart. A chill ran down his spine as his mother’s cold brown eyes stared him down, as he held Darwin’s: On the origin of species in his hand. “Come Dean,” Kathleen said beckoning him with her index finger. “Now!” Sighing as the book closed with a loud thud, before he placed it on his desk. How little did he know he wouldn’t ever see it for years to come.

“Dean have a seat,” his mother said, before moving to join his father on the sofa. Watching as his sister hurried to join his other siblings that stood behind his parents. Dean just stood there waiting for them to get on with it.

“Dean we are terribly sorry that you had to see that, as we are for not being there for you Monday,” Kathleen said her hands resting on her lap, her fingers interlaced with one another.

“Uh huh,” Dean said indefinitely. Kathleen eyed her son as he shifted on his legs wondering why he hadn’t sat down like she had told him too.

“We were waiting for when you turned eighteen to divulge all this to you,” Edmund said studying his youngest son. Wondering if he would be having the girls to himself, he hated the idea of sharing his extra with his wayward son. “So now that you know you have a choice.”

“Oh!” Dean said his green eyes flickered over to his father.

“You can join us, simply watching at first, learning how too care for the women of this family, then when you reached the age of eighteen you can join in,” Edmund said watching as his son’s eyes narrowed at the thought. “Or we can ship you off to a boarding school overseas, or across the country of your choice if the first doesn’t suit you. We’ll give you a week to make your decision,” Edmund said resting his hand on his wives thigh telling his son he would never have this.

“Boarding school,” Dean said without a second thought. Gasps resounded throughout the room Kathleen surely thought she heard her son wrong.

“Dean don’t be to hasty,” Brian said as his hands rested on the back of the sofa.

“Think about it,” Margaret said rushing over to her mothers side. “Take the week to think it over,” she said pleading with her brother. Only to be stopped by the raised hand of his mother stilling her pleas.

“Is this truly what you want Dean? Once you are gone there will be no second chances to rethink your decision,” Kathleen said studying her son.

“I’m well aware of that mother,” Dean said sneering at his mother. “Now when shall I expect to be shipped off,” he said, looking forward while not looking at anything in particular. “Do I get the stay until the school year is out or shall you wisk me off so you all have the house too yourselves?” Dean asked looking down at his mother. He knew for some time now who truly ruled the house and it wasn’t his father. It wasn’t his fortune that they all lived on. No. Dean knew from the moment he was six all this belonged to his mother. His father just liked to think he was the King of this castle and not maltepe escort the sex toy to the Queen.

“These are the three schools you will choice from,” Kathleen said sighing laying the brochures onto the table. Out of the three of them only one was overseas which seemed odd to him. Dean would have thought all of them would be either in Europe or England. Yet the other two were within the state, one in northern New York, and the other right in the city. Dean thought he saw something in those cold brown eyes of hers as he lifted up the brochure for the English boarding school. Something he hadn’t seen since he was five years old.

“This one,” Dean said handing his mother the brochure without bothering to look at it.

“You sure?!” Kathleen said reaching out tentatively. “Fine I shall make the preparations go get your passport Dean,” Kathleen said trying to keep her lower lip from trembling. “I need to make sure it hasn’t expired yet,” she said, before watching her son walk off to his room.

Four years had passed since Dean was shipped off to England. Not a word had been heard from his family since he had been left there. Not a birthday call, no holiday visit’s, simple and utter silence from his family. Which to Dean seemed fine to him, sure there were days he wished his family was there to back him up. Yet he knew even before that they would never do that. All the fights in the dorms he had gotten into. The abuse of the teachers he witnessed, which he tried to get his parents to help. However, with their lack of communication Dean was forced to watch as his only friend killed himself as he leaped from the dorms roof. That one act forever burned his utter loathing for his parents into his heart.

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Nordward,

It is I the one you refused to help when my friend needed it the most. I write this to inform you that within the day I shall have graduated with honors I might add. Though, I doubt anyone of you would care if I did or didn’t. Once I have recived my diploma, and gathered my things I shall return to the States. Where I have already set my sights on a college of my choice. This is not why I have written you after years of silence on both of our parts. I have no need for your money for college I have that taken care of long before now. No. This is to inform you, since I am now at the age of eighteen and once I reach the shores of my birth. I shall no longer be called Dean Nordward, once I have the legal papers in hand you shall never find me. Again I doubt if anyone of you would care to do so. This is the final goodbye from the son that you seemed too be disappointed with before I was even born.


The Exiled One.

Thirteen years later…

Dean who changed his name to Michael Corven leaned on his hand as his computer screen flashed. Instinctively clicking the mouse button trying to kept himself from breaking down. The death of his son, the unfaithful wife he was once married too weighed heavily on his mind. His son more so then the whore he thought loved him. While love does tend to blind everyone, yet while their son lay dying calling out for his mother. He knew then and there where she truly was. Nothing seemed to matter any longer as his son’s loving smile flashed in his mind. The days seemed dark and hallow without his little boy there, his little legs carrying him throughout his house. The joy Michael heard when he walked in the door to his home every evening. Fighting back the tears he just couldn’t understand how the doctors could miss the the Pulmonary atresia. Michael was at every ultrasound his soon to be ex-wife had and not a word of the disorder was said.

His eyes glanced over to his irritable vibrating phone that sat next to his keyboard. Michael already knew who it was given the fact he had her sign the prenup before they were married. He wondered if she even read the thing before signing it. If she did then she would have known she would get nothing due the infidelity clause he made sure to put into the document.

“Babe!” Michael read her text. “Please talk to me!”

“Why? As far as I’m concerned we have nothing more to talk about,” Michael typed out before hitting send.

“Michael please don’t talk like that,” came a rapid fire text. Michael wondered how long she had been waiting by her phone for him to text her back. “I know I have done terrible things to you sweetheart. I know I’ve hurt you so, so deeply can we at least try to work through this?”

“Why? What for René? How long have we been married hmmm? How long have you been fucking your sister’s husband?! As I am sure that’s where you were when Ben was laying in that hospital bed calling out for you. While he lay dying you didn’t even bother to pick up your damn fucking phone! No. You were to damn worried about your own fucking needs to worry about someone else’s namely our SON! Now my world is torn apart because the woman I thought fucking loved me never did just the pendik escort bayan money I have. Fucking who knows what, but, I no longer care René. Or are you only trying to get back because your sister kicked your ass out?! Or is it because your little fuck toy can’t provide the thing’s that kept you so fucking materialistic? I do hope you find someone that is as shallow as it appears that you are! Then maybe you will learn how world ending it is to learn what it is like to have the one you love betray that sacred trust. Now I don’t care what you do, where you go, if you wish to communicate do it through my lawyer! Because I’m damn sure you’re so not getting a damn thing from me ever again!” Michael read through his text one last time before he sent the text.

“Fuck you! You fucking asshole!” came her reply within seconds.

“No thank you. I’m not quite sure where you have been.” Michael chuckled as he hit the send button. Sliding his phone across his desk as the ping of his computer caught his attention. The icon for his email flashed along the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

Michael! Urgent! Get to the floor now!

Was all the email said as he pushed off of his desk. The wheels of his chair gliding along the hard plastic mat, that protected the carpet from the wear and tear of the plastic wheels. Snapping his fingers as he neared the door, grabbing his phone off his desk, putting it on vibrate as he went to meet his boss on the floor of the exchange. If his ex-wife thought to text while he was in whatever meeting, he wanted the opportunity to mess with her as much as he could. With a ding the elevator doors rolled open Michael eyed the gathered mass of bodies.

“Mark what’s going on?” Michael asked tapping his mentor on the shoulder.

“Don’t know mate,” Mark’s thick British accent apparent. Michael liked him for that reason, it brought memories of his dear friend he had lost so long ago. The fact that the man cursed in the same manner as his long gone friend did just simply sweetened the deal.

“Alright everyone settle down,” the CEO said as he addressed the group. “We’ve had a bit of a shake up here in the past few days.” Michael rolled his eyes as his boss began to pace. Scowling as his phone vibrated in his pants pocket.

“Michael I’m sorry I said that. Your right I was a crappy wife and mother to our beautiful boy. I understand why you’re angry, and you have every right to be. So I won’t lie to you, yes Tiara kicked me out once she found out about George. And, yes George isn’t what I thought him to be. He was only using me because of the money, I mean your money. You don’t have to answer me now, but, please, please talk to me. I don’t know if we can fix this or not I do hope we can. I’ve been such a fool for ever taking you for granted baby. Please text me or better yet call me, or come by moms place so we can talk.” Michael read her text as his boss yammered on about something he failed to hear. The nudge from Mike brought his attention back to the forefront.

“No!” Michael hissed as he recognise the three people that stood in front of the group. It wasn’t hard to tell who they were given how they gravitated around the business world, along with every high socialite function in the city. Michael knew those cold brown eyes from any where, sinking down hoping his mother, sister and brother hadn’t seen him yet.

“Mate what’s wrong? Why you acting like a scared little cunt,” Mark whispered to his friend.

“Long story,” Michael whispered, looking back towards the elevator wondering if he could slip away.

“If I can please have your attention,” Kathleen’s voice rang out chilling Michael’s blood. “This firm is now one of my many other’s that has joined my families business,” Kathleen said pacing the floor like a hungry predator. All the while her eyes scanning the crowd for the one she had bought the firm for. Just so she could see her son once again. The letter he had sent had held true for the past thirteen years; with everything at her disposal it seemed like her son had vanished into the ether. It was only because the picture in the business weekly that she had spotted her grown son. Then she looked up everything she could about this Michael Corven. The man her son had became after his years at his English boarding school. Then she learned of the death of her grandson, how she knew her son must be heartbroken. She for one cried herself to sleep every night since for the lost of such a sweet looking boy. Kathleen only wanted one thing to come out of this. That her grieving son to return home were he rightly belonged.

“Now I have looked over your financial statements and I’m very pleased with all of your work’s,” Kathleen said wondering why she couldn’t find her son. Had he not shown up to work today? Had he stayed home all alone with those dark, dreary, twisted thoughts at the lost of his son? These questions plagued her mind as she continued on with her dressing down of her newest employees. “The article about that hedge fund that was scamming their investors, that was a stroke of good investigating on this firms part. Now I wish to speak with the one that discovered this little ploy,” Kathleen said trying to hide the sadness in her eyes.

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