The Night of the Big Game

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The following is probably a work of fiction. All characters in it may be creations of the author. The author will not admit to any of it being true. 🙂

It was the day of the big game. I’d gone over to my brothers house, and we were both sitting in the living room, drinking beer and watching the home team lose. The game had barely started, and they were already down ten points. It didn’t look like they had any chance of winning, even from the get- go.

My brother’s been married about two years now. I admit it, I’ve had a lot of lusty thoughts about his wife, Diane. Diane is shaped absolutely perfectly. She’s thin, short, red haired, and has the most amazing set of breasts I’ve ever seen. She’s a gymnastics instructor, too. As if the great body wasn’t enough, she could probably put her legs behind her head. My brother’s a lucky, lucky man. . . . but he always was the lucky one.

He managed to land this great job, without so much as a college diploma, laying wires for computer networks. The next thing he knows, the industry explodes and somehow, he winds up being the IT Specialist for the whole company. Well, big salary aside, it did have a downside.

The halftime show was just starting when the phone rang. It was his office, and he had to leave to go fix some problem.

“Tell Diane not to wait up, this is going to take several hours… I won’t be back in time for dinner.”

Great. Now I had to be a messenger boy, and wait here. At least there was plenty of cold beer left. I got up and closed the blinds, turning the lights down in the room and started flicking thru the channels. Everyone had the same game on, and the same commentator lamenting on our upcoming loss. I leaned back on the couch, a cold one in hand and started to drift off.

I don’t know how long I sort of dosed like that. But I woke up to hear the door opening. “Hi, Lewis, I’m home.”

I turned around, looking over my shoulder at the doorway. Have you ever seen those pictures of angels, with a great halo of light all about them? They’re children’s scribbles compared to what I saw. Her entire body was shrouded with light. The light glinted off the snow and ice around her, completely framing her with this brilliant haze. The last rays of the sunset were behind her, accenting that brilliant red colour of her hair. She had already taken off her coat, and was wearing only a skin tight leotard. I don’t know how it happened, with my heart stopping completely, but somehow I found myself with a growing hard-on.

I gulped slightly. “Hi, Diane.”

“I had the longest session today. What is it with these rich people sending their fat kids into me…. They can barely reach their toes, and they expect me to teach them gymnastics. Anyhow, how was the game, Lewis?”

That was one of the very few things I didn’t like about Diane. She could have such a nasty attitude. It came and went, though, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and most of the time I liked her personality. Who am I kidding? I’m in love with my brother’s wife. Slowly, what she said dawned on me ‘how was the game, Lewis?’

She hadn’t realised yet that I wasn’t Lewis. It was almost pitch black in the room, especially as the sun crept behind the houses across the street. I glanced up a the TV screen, trying to figure out how long Lewis had been gone. It was only the third quarter, it couldn’t possibly have been that long. He said he’d be gone for hours.

“Must be going pretty well…. You don’t even want to answer me. That’s fine.”

“Oh, I’m sorry… hon…. They’re actually losing. Miserably.”

“‘Miserably.’ That’s a new word for you.” She giggled at that. “Maybe they need a cheer?”

It didn’t take any genius to realise what I was going to say to that suggestion. “Yea, I think so.”

In my defence, at the time, I didn’t plan on letting it go any farther than watching her boobs jiggle a little bit. She walked over to the end table by the TV and bent to turn on the little lamp, “Why is it so dark in here?”

That was it. Game over. Before it even started. “No… no, leave it off!”

She stood up, looking at me. How my voice didn’t give me away in that instant, I’ll never know.

She giggled again, “But if Coach wants to do it in the dark, that’s alright, right coach?”

She leaned back, spreading her arms wide. God, she filled that leotard perfectly. The TV shed just enough light on her to make sure she had my full attention. I’m glad I didn’t have enough on me for her to see just where that attention was focussed. She lifted her arms up, and began jumping up and down, chanting “Go team!” as she did. My eyes watched her as she flexed, every muscle moving in complete perfection, her beautiful breasts bouncing with her movements. She looked towards me and said, “Something’s wrong.”

I was caught. My harmless fun was over. A thousand scenarios ran thru my head of what she’d say or do. Of course, I’d explain that it was all a joke, that I was just playing with her, and somehow get out of this.

“I don’t have a set of pom-poms. Now what can I use for pom-poms?”

I swallowed hard, a sigh of relief escaping. I wasn’t busted. I should really bail now, I knew it. I was ahead of the game. But no one ever walked away from the craps table with a handful of chips you had to lose some of them first, right? I didn’t think I’d have been able to find my voice even if it was needed, but fortunately she said in the sexiest, huskiest voice I’ve ever heard, “How about these?”

Her hands drifted to her chest, slowly moulding her soft breasts thru the thin fabric of the leotard. She moved her hands to the front of it, slowly spreading it down, letting every one of my fantasies about her breasts güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri come true. It was a once piece thing, as she started to spread it, she just let it completely drop off, turning slightly. I wished for more light, but knew I’d never get to see this in the full light. The tight fitting piece slowly slipped away, revealing her beautiful full breasts, the nipples hard and pert, dark circles even in the twilight. Her belly was beautiful…. I could spend hours kissing it, letting my lips wander up and down, over it. Soft, smooth, and perfect, like every other bit of her. Her ass, which I’d spent more than a few hours admiring was spectacular. It curved slightly outwards, and felt amazing soft under my hands.

My hands? What were my hands doing there? I don’t know how they got there but I found that I was cupping her ass, pulling her towards me, slowly rubbing it. My hands squeezed the soft flesh gently, so supple, so perfect. She let out a soft “Mmmm” as I pulled her near, my lips pressing against her chest slowly. “Ohhhh Lewis…..”

My lips wandered against her chest, just below her breasts, kissing, tasting the slight salt of her skin. I pressed her body against me, feeling her hands slip down, lifting my shirt, running over my stomach, my chest. A moment later and my shirt was on the floor, near her leotard. My lips moved back to touch her again, this time gently nibbling the soft flesh of her breasts, teasing it with my tongue. There was plenty of room for my lips, and I teased her, ignoring her nipples. Her hands ran over my shoulders, massaging them, rubbing the tension from them. I could almost forget I wasn’t Lewis.

I thought of what would happen when she realised I tricked, what she might do, what Lewis might do. And in that instance her hand touched my crotch thru the fabric of my pants. Every other thought was gone. It didn’t matter that she was my brother’s wife. It didn’t matter that I’d tricked her into this. The only thing that mattered was that I was about to fuck this gorgeous creature.

Her fingers fidgeted on my belt for a moment. I quickly moved my hands there, slipping them downward. Her lips caressed my neck, letting soft mutters of “Oh Lewis” escaping them, as my hands moved along her soft ass, cupping it, massaging it. Christ she felt good. My lips moved upwards, meeting hers softly, long kisses between us. My tongue slid along her lips, tasting the softness of them, sliding inward. We kissed like I’d never kissed before, it was… it was almost spiritual. My hands continued down over her buttocks, touching her flesh. It was electric. Sparks of energy just leaped and flowed between us. My lips played with hers only a few seconds longer before slipping down, teasing her breasts again. She moved forward, sliding her body into my lap, her legs wrapping around me. I pushed forward, letting her join güvenilir bahis şirketleri me on the couch, as she slowly leaned backwards, her hands dropping to the floor. Her breasts pushed up into the air, the hard nipples the most incredible, inviting sight I’ve ever seen. My lips slid around them, kissing them.

She cried out when my lips touched her nipples, suckling gently. My tongue slid around them, slowly nibbling them. They were hard little buds, ripe for the touch. Before I knew what was happening, my cock was pushing at her entry. She moved upwards, her hands on my shoulders. I pushed against her and slid inward.

Her hands on my shoulders, mine on her waist, squeezing her slowly. I lifted her against my cock, as she began moaning, little rhythmic gasps escaping her lips, “Oh… ah…. mmmm.” It sounded almost like a chant, an incredibly erotic chant beyond memory. I slid fully into her, moving one hand to gently tease her clit. “Oh no… no, I can’t take that… oh yes… god that feels good.” She rode on my as I lifted and pressed her like that, engulfing my entire cock. It was an eternity spent like that, looking at the curves of her face, the curves of her body. I couldn’t take it any more when she cried out, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum….” Her fingers gripped my shoulders, the nails digging in. I thought I could feel a tiny trickle of blood something I would later find out was true.

She spasmed all around me as my cock began to rock inside of her, spurting hard. Shot after shot of my hot, white creme boiled out of me, pouring into her. Even before my orgasm faded, I realised that was strike two something I definitely shouldn’t have done. Oh well, done and over with not something to worry about. She leaned forward, her head on my shoulder, purring slowly. He breathing came in slow, deep stretches. “Wow… that was incredible, Lewis. . . . we’ve never… synched like that, y’know.”

“I know….” Trust me, I knew!

“Mm…. I need a nap. Coming?”

“Sure … let me just clean up a little.” I motioned at the knocked over bowl of popcorn and such.

“You? Clean? This is a new side. I like it. I like it a lot.”

I kissed her lips then, and watched her ass as she swaggered upstairs. It only took me another ten seconds to grab the bowl of popcorn, set it upright, dress, and run out of there. I wasn’t looking forward to the phone call after that.

Oddly enough, nothing happened. About a week later, I got a call from Lewis wanting to know why I had been avoiding them. I just explained that I’d been busy. Nothing happened, and I thought for a while that neither of them knew. They had been bickering a lot lately, although I didn’t know over what, and I nursed a little hope that they might soon be divorced. Over the next few weeks, it was easy to see that there was some tension between them, although they both acted naturally towards me. Unfortunately, that hope was crushed sometime later when they announced they were going to have their first baby. They were definitely in it for the long run then. The baby was born right on time, and Diane gave me the strangest smile when they announced that they wanted to name him after me. Now I wonder.

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