The Nest

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“Well, sweetie, think you’re gonna like your new home?” Devon’s mom asked as she rounded the vehicle.

“Like it? This is amazing!” The 18 year old smiled.

“Wait until you see the lake out back. Come on, I’ll show you.” Lacey said, taking his hand.

The property was breathtaking, with a sprawling view of the lake and forested hills, yet as Devon and his mom stood near the water he was busy admiring a different type of view…his mother.

Lacey was a Goddess among women. She looked like a 39 year old Emily Blunt. She was built like a mother should be, with wide hips, long shapely legs and the biggest, softest-looking breasts a boy could ever imagine.

“Just look at this view.” Lacey said, gazing out at the hills.

When there was no response from her son, Lacey peered over at him and caught him staring at her titties.

“Sweetie.” She said, shaking him from his trance.

“Yeah.” He said, as if awoken from a dream.

“Are my boobs staring at your eyes again?” She teased with a gleaming white smile.

“Oh, no…sorry.” He said bashfully.

Lacey strolled towards him, her cute little bare feet tapping lightly against the grass. She stopped and looked up in to his big blue eyes.

“I don’t know why they stare so much. They must really like you.” She said teasingly.

Devon chuckled a little, trying to show some humor.

“Maybe a big hug would help. What do you think?” She asked, with a naughty little smirk.

“Maybe.” He said.

Lacey coiled her arms around her sons neck and pulled him in for a nice long tit-squasher. She smiled as she heard her son let out a little sigh.

When the hug was over she fed him a peculiar look as she gazed up into his eyes for what seemed like forever.

“Wanna see the inside of the house?” She asked.

“Sure.” He said.

“Turn around.” Lacey said.

“Why.” He smiled.

“Just turn around, goof-ball.” She demanded.

Devon faced the house and his mom immediately jumped up onto his back and threw her strong legs around him for a piggy-back ride.

“Jesus, mom.” Devon said, taken off guard.

“Move it Boobie-boy!” She said teasingly.

As Devon started up the hill towards the house he put his hands under his moms legs to support her. His cock twitched as he felt her smooth soft thighs and her big mature breasts bobbling against his back.

“Giddy up, you handsome stallion you.” Lacey said playfully.

“Funny mom.” He said.

After a tour of the huge home Jacob sat on the only piece of furniture in the entire house, an old rickety wooden chair in the kitchen.

“Hey, honey, it’s me…we made it.” His mom said as she walked into the kitchen with her cell-phone to her ear.

“Great, how’s the weather there?” He husband Rob asked from the other end of the line.

“The weather’s here’s beautiful…although I heard we’re suppose to get some rain this evening. How are you guys coming along?” She asked plopping onto her son’s lap.

Devon was a little surprised by his moms behavior. She had always been a bit flirty, but never this much. Maybe it was because they were alone while his dad and sister drove the U-haul across country.

“Well, slowly but surely honey, it’s a big moving truck.” Ron said.

“So you’ve got at least a couple days left to travel then?” She asked.

“At least, yeah.” Ron answered.

“Perfect, that’ll give Devon and I plenty of time to get the place cleaned before you guys get here.” She said.

“How’s Devon doing?” Her husband asked.

Lacey gently brushed her sons hair off his face, giving him a little smile as she looked into his eyes. There was a naughty little sparkle in her eye, one Devon wasn’t used to seeing.

“Oh, Devon’s fine…just tired I think. We both need a hot shower and a little R&R tonight.” Lacey said.

“Well, I ‘ll let you go then.” Ron said.

“Okay, baby, call me when you’re on the road tomorrow. Tell Jenna I love her.” Lacey said.

“I will…I love you and miss you.” Her husband.

“Love you too, hun…Bye.” She said, hanging up the phone.

Lacey clicked off the phone and gazed at her son with a quirky little smile.

“What is that I feel poking against my butt?” She asked teasingly.

They both knew exactly what it was.

“Sorry, mom.” He said.

“I’m not one of your girlfriends that you can just go poking in the butt whenever that thing gets stiff, young man.” She said, lifting one legs over his lap so that she was now facing him, in the straddling position. Her skirt had ridden up leaving nearly all of her smooth golden-brown legs exposed.

“Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry, I forgot. You left all your butt-buddies back in California didn’t you? No wonder you’re momma’s big soft butt feels so good against it.” She said, in a sexy little voice.

Lacey looked at her son and they both started giggling.

“Do you mind me teasing you like this, sweetie?” Lacey asked cheerfully.

“No…it’s fun.” Devon said.

“It is fun isn’t it?” She smiled, bringing her bare feet off the floor and resting her heels escort kartal on the back of the chair.

The skirt had now ridden up to Lacey’s midsection. Her shapely bronze legs were baby-smooth and were wrapped snuggly around Devon’s waist as she straddled him. The old chair CREAKED as she settled her muffin down against the swell of his erection.

“Hope this chair doesn’t break on us though.” Devon giggled.

“That wouldn’t be good.” His mom smiled.

“Nope.” Devon smiled as his mom brushed the hair back from his eyes.

“When did you grow up on me?” She said, her big sparkling brown eyes radiating pure love.

The chair CREAKED as Lacey tightened her strong legs around him, crushing her fat clit against the underside of the long bulging swell of his cockshaft.

Devon’s heart raced with wicked excitement. He and his mom were all alone, he was sitting between her gorgeous legs…and sparks were flying.

“Ugh, I need a shower. Will you be an angel and bring in our bags?” She said.

“Sure mom.” He said, as Lacey put her little feet on the floor and rose from his lap.

“Bring them up to the master bedroom for me, sweetie. You’ve been such a big help on this trip. When you get upstairs I’ll have a little reward waiting for you, ok.” She said with a cute smile.

Devon watched his mom stroll away towards the stairs, her buttocks swaying seductively.

After grabbing the bags from the minivan Devon raced upstairs to the master bedroom. He could hear the shower running, but to his disappointment, the bathroom door was closed.

“I brought your bag up mom.” He said loud enough that she could hear.

“Thank you honey, I left the reward I promised there on the door handle.” Lacey said from the shower.

On the bathroom door handle hung a pair of thin pale-pink mesh bikini panties. Devon’s body went numb as he stared at them hanging there by their tiny waistband.

“Why don’t you take them down to your room for a little personal time, sweetie.” Lacey said.

Devon didn’t have to be asked twice. He grabbed the panties and rushed down to his empty room.

He lifted the crotch to his nose and inhaled. The deep musky aroma of fresh pussy was absolutely intoxicating. He’d often stole them from his moms hamper and obviously she was aware, but the smell was never this ripe.

Devon unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. It was already brick-hard and stretched way out from his body, making a nine and three-quarter inch arc upward.

He licked two of his fingers, lathering them with his saliva, then began to twist his slippery fist around the top three inches of his dick.

It wasn’t long before he drifted into a land of euphoria, where nothing existed but the feel of silky fabric on his face, the pungent aroma of his mother’s femininity and the incredible stroking sensation around his glans.

His moms sexy voice entered his fantasy land as he remembered her teasing from earlier.

“Are my boobs staring at your eyes again?”

“Know wonder you’re momma’s big soft butt feels so good against it.”

Through the euphoric fog Devon saw his mom’s strong, tan, naked legs tightening around his waist…the chair CREAKING!

“I’ll have a little reward waiting for you.”

It was all he could take. Devon leaned back against the wall and with a primitive grunt, bucked his hips and sent big ropes of semen sailing across the room.

After a short rest and cleaning up the mess of splattered cum on the floor of his room Devon went downstairs.

“Mom?” He called.

“I’m in the kitchen, sweetie.” She answered.

Devon went into the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks. Lucy was standing on the creaky chair scrubbing the cupboards out. She was wearing a skin tight cotton tank top and matching boy shorts.

Lacey turned when she saw Devon gawking from the doorway. Her big pear-shaped breasts rocked from side to side. The protruding lumps of her nipples were clearly visible.

“Oh, there you are. I hope you don’t mind me wearing this, sweetie. I just wanted to be comfortable while I clean…and I figured you’re old enough now to handle it…right?” She asked.

“Sure.” Devon muttered, his heart racing.

“Good. Would you be an angel and hold this chair for me. I’m so afraid that it’s gonna break out from underneath me.” She said.

“O-ok.” He said.

Devon held the chair and gazed up at his moms body like a kid in a candy store. His eyes traveled up the backs of her smooth shapely legs and stared in awe at her big meaty buttocks, which was oozing out from underneath the shorts.

As she spread her legs slightly Devon could see cleft of her vulva and the thick swell of her outer lips as the fabric stretched tightly around it

He simply couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I can’t believe how dirty these cupboards are.” She said, ripping more paper towels from the roll.

Lacey heard her son let out a sigh.

“You’re awfully quiet down there.” She said.

“Oh, yeah…sorry.” Devon muttered, his face slightly blushing.

Lacey maltepe escort climbed down off the chair and stepped up to him.

“You seem uncomfortable…I should probably put something else on.” She said.

“No…it’s…it’s ok. I’m not uncomfortable at all.” He said.

Lacey took his hand.

“Are you sure?” She said.

“Of course…I like it.” He said.

“Yeah, well…that’s kinda obvious.” She said, peering down at the bulge in his shorts with a naughty smile.

All Devon could do was giggle bashfully.

“See, that’s what I mean…I like this.” Lacey said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I like that we’re here alone for a couple days…just me and you, in this big house…way out in the country. It’s like our own little nest. I can run around half-naked and you can run around with big boners sticking out under your shorts…and we’re both okay with that. At least I know I am.” She said.

“I am too.” Devon smiled.

“That makes me happy. In a couple days your father and sister will be here and life’s gonna get busy again….but until then, I say no schedule, no rules…just me and you.” She said with a smile.

“Sounds good to me.” Devon said.

With his hand in hers Lacey pulled him out of the kitchen.

“Come on, I wanna show you something.” She said excitedly.

“What is it?” He asked.

“You’ll see. It’s the one room I didn’t show you.” She said playfully as she led him upstairs.

The way his mom was dressed Devon felt like a young groom being led upstairs to deflower his bride. Lacey was a voluptuous beauty and Devon marveled at her trembling curves.

She led him into a small empty room, turned on the light and closed the door.

“I want you to take a gander at what this room’s going to be.” She said.

“Your sewing room?” He asked.

“Nope.” She said.

“I don’t know….give me a hint.” He said.

Lacey stepped over to one corner of the room and as Devon watched her he was once again struck with the fact that save for a two pieces of form-fitting fabric, his mom was pretty much naked…and perfectly comfortable with that.

“Over here will be a rocker.” She said, then strolled along the wall.

“And over here will be a crib.” She said.

“A crib? Mom, are you…?” Devon started.

“Pregnant? No…not yet…” She said, letting the word “yet” linger in the air.

“You’re father and I decided that after we get all settled, we’d start to try to have another baby.” She smiled.

“Wow.” Devon said.

“Isn’t that exciting?” She asked with a beaming smile.

“Yeah, that’s uh–” Devon started to answer, but then Lacey let out a high pitched SCREAM.

“SPIDER!” She shrieked, then jumped up onto her son, throwing her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Devon immediately grabbed her thighs to hold onto her as she crushed her big tits against his chest and looked down in the direction of the spider.


“Mom, you’re so funny.” Devon laughed.

“Don’t make fun of me. You’re the only man in my life for two days, you’re suppose to protect me from these things.” She said.

“Fine.” Devon said, then carried his mom over to the spider and quickly stomped on it.

“There…dead spider. Are you happy?” He said.

Lacey tightened her strong naked legs around her son. With her arms clutched around his neck she brought her face up cheek to cheek with his, looking towards the floor.

“There’s probably more.” She said, in a pouty little girls voice.

“Do you want me to have a look around?” Devon asked.

Lacey buried her face in the soft of his neck.

“No, I want you to hold me.” She said.

“I can do that.” Devon smiled.

“You’re father never holds me this way when I’m scared. All I get is a quick hug and off he goes.” Lacey complained.

“Well, dad doesn’t have the best back either mom. You’re not fat, but it does take a little strength to hold a woman up like this.” Devon said.

“I know, but at least it’s nice to know that for the next couple of days I have someone around that can hold me the way I need to be held.” She said, looking into his eyes.

“I could hold you like this anytime, mom. Anytime you need me to.” Devon said.

“Well, I’ll tell you right now…if I see any more damn spiders I’m gonna be clutching onto you like this until your father gets here.” She said.

“So what, the spiders are suddenly gonna move out once dad arrives?” Devon teased.

“No…smart ass. I just don’t think you holding me this way is something your father would be too happy about seeing, do you?” Lacey smiled.

“No, probably not.” Devon said.

“Not to mention the way your shorts keep tenting out every time we get touchy-feely like this.” She teased.

“Can’t really help that mom.” Devon said.

“Oh, sweetie I know. In fact the way I’ve been teasing you today, If you weren’t getting boners I’d be shocked.” She said.

Devon looked out the big bay window, which had a large cushioned window pendik escort bayan seat.

“It’s getting dark out…and rainy.” He said.

“Let’s turn out the lights and sit and watch the rain.” Lacey said.

Devon continued to hold her as he walked over and flipped off the light switch. As she held onto him, Lacey’s eyes traveled across his shoulders and down his teenaged chest. She smiled and shook her head.

“What?” Devon said.

“I just can’t believe how much you’ve grown up. I mean, look at you, letting me hold onto you while you carry me around like this.” She said, with an impressed gleam in her eye.

“Does it surprise you?” Devon asked.

“No, it impresses me.” Lacey said, as her feet slipped to the floor.

“And so does that thing.” She said, eyeballing the tent in his shorts.

“The way it’s pushing your shorts way out like that. That’s amazing!” She said, her face a little flushed.

“Well, what’s amazing about it, mom. Isn’t that what they’re suppose to do?” Devon blushed.

“There’s lots of things they’re suppose to do…but I assume all those young California girls taught you all about that.” Lacey said with a smile.

“Some, I guess, but I’m sure I have a lot more to learn.” Devon said.

“So you feel like you don’t know enough?” Lacey asked with concern.

“Well, yeah, I guess that’s it.” He muttered.

“Sit down here with me and let’s get cozy and talk while we watch the rain.” Lacey said, nudging her son down onto the large window seat.

Devon leaned back against the cushions and Lacey knelt in front of him and lifted his shirt.

“Take this off. I want us to get comfortable.” Lacey said, lifting his shirt up and off.

Without hesitation she unbuttoned his shorts and zipped them down.

“Let’s get these off too.” She said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t mom…I…” Devon started.

“Shush, lift up. Your erection can’t be too comfortable pushing up against your shorts like that. Let’s give him some room to move around a little.” She said.

Devon lifted his ass and she shucked his trunks. His tent pole teetered back and forth for a second under his boxers, then popped out the fly hole.

Lacey giggled, looking down at it.

“Oops, I think he wants to do more than move around a little.” She teased.

She pulled the fly hole up, stretching the fabric and draping it over the big bell-shaped helmet.

“There we go, much better.” She said.

Sitting at his side Lacey threw her legs over her sons lap so that she faced the window and nuzzled in close to him. This put her face slightly above his, so she was able to look down into his eyes.

Devon took a second to appreciate the close proximity of her breasts and how soft they felt resting against the side of his bare chest.

“Mmm, I like this.” She said.

“Me too.” He muttered, peering down at the deep canyon of cleavage pushing up against his moms top.

“So how did you like your reward earlier?” Lacey asked.

“I liked it…a lot.” Devon smiled.

“I figured you would. I’ve known about your fascination with my panties for a long time.” She said.

“You never got mad?” Devon asked.

“No. There’s nothing wrong with a boy sniffing his mom’s panties. It’s perfectly natural to be curious.” She said.

“Can I ask you something though?” Lacey said.

“Sure.” Devon said.

“Do you pull on your peter while you sniff them?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He muttered.

“And I would imagine you like to suck on the crotch too, right….so you can taste the juices that I’ve left there throughout the day?” She asked.

It wasn’t easy, but Devon looked up into his moms eyes as she stared down at him.

“Uh-huh. Is that bad?” He said.

Lacey brushed his hair back with her long nails.

“Did it make you feel good?” She asked.

“Of course.” He answered.

“Then how could it be bad?” She said.

“Well I don’t know…cuz you’re my mom I guess.” He said.

“Yes that’s true, but the fact of the matter is, even though I gave birth to you and changed your diapers. Even though I wiped your nose and rocked you to sleep at night…I’m still a woman. And down there…between these legs…is a pussy…just like all the pussies you had back in California, only with a lot more experience.” She explained.

“Wish I had more experience.” Devon said.

“Oh don’t you worry sweetie, with a penis like yours, you’ll soon have the girls around here clawing to get at you.” Lacey said.

“You think so?” He asked.

“I know so…trust me. Mom was a horny young girl once and she knows how horny young girls think.” She said with a wink.

They took a moment to stare out at the rain.

“I love this. We needed this time, didn’t we?” She asked.

“Yeah, I like it too.” Devon said.

“You may not know this, but I planned it this way. So you and I could get some time alone….before you father and sister arrive.” She said.

“You did?” Devon asked.

“Yep, I did. I felt like we needed to reconnect…to strengthen our bond and share some intimate thoughts and moments together.” She said.

“That’s awesome.” Devon said.

Lacey crawled back onto her knees beside her son.

“In fact, right now…I wanna share an intimate thought with you.” She said.

“Okay.” Devon muttered.

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