The Mountain Cabin

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Big Tits

I sank back into the cloudlike bed that my husband, Austin, and I shared in our master suite. He had just disappeared into our bathroom, and I had been covertly ogling his body as he walked across the room. The sex we’d just had was about like it always was: pleasant and utterly pedestrian.

I sighed quietly and stared at our vaulted ceiling. It seemed like our frequency was decreasing. We were down to maybe once every 10 days or two weeks. I hated to admit that I was getting bored.

My husband is a stunning man. He’s tall, powerfully built and attractive in a rugged, chiseled way, with close-cropped, dark hair and bright blue eyes. Before he met me right after college, he told me that he sometimes had trouble with women. They wanted the soft, sensitive type, not the intimidating, masculine alpha male. But that was the thing: Austin wasn’t really an alpha male. He took care of himself and had naturally stark features. But he wasn’t domineering, especially not in the bedroom. In the workplace, he was confident and steadfast, which was enough to propel his career forward without the edge of intimidation. But behind closed doors, he was…uninspired.

Austin is well-endowed, which comes with its own set of bonuses. Very early on, however, we fell into a set of ground rules. He found comfort and predictability in a consistent approach to lovemaking. I had never seen him entertain unconventional or fetish options. We never role-played or got rough. Just the week before, I finally asked him about it. He had regarded me carefully, then replied seriously, “Don’t I always satisfy you this way?”

Well, it was true that I rarely failed to orgasm with him. But was that really enough? Not to mention that he didn’t answer me as to why he didn’t want to try anything else.

Meanwhile, I found my fantasies increasingly beginning to take a dark turn. I imagined being pounded bone-jarringly hard. I imagined hands twined through my long black hair, pulling; hands at my throat, grasping. I wanted commands growled into my ear, punishments dealt for transgressions.

I was pretty sure I didn’t want to go total submissive. But I definitely wanted elements of dominance from Austin that were completely missing. He seemed to be content with underwhelming, vanilla sex.

For his part, Austin also seemed to be losing interest. He was always complimentary, and I knew that I was taking care of his needs. But it had a perfunctory feel.

Under the layers of soft bedding, my hand drifted downward and began to rub slowly. Even though we had just finished five minutes before, my release hadn’t seemed like enough for the night. My fingers picked up speed, and before I knew it they were working my wet slit into a bubble of pleasure.

I closed my eyes, exhaling on a low moan. In my mind’s eye, I could see Austin on top of me, forcing my legs apart, pinning me down. His hands gripped me somewhere between my shoulders and neck, crushing his weight onto me as he sank deep into my core. My breath quickened, imagination churning out lurid images of my husband playing very adult games with me.

I could feel the delicious pressure growing as I swirled my fingers around and over my swollen pussy. Quickly, the pleasure crested, and the building feeling blossomed into a more powerful orgasm than I had had all month. I stifled a cry, which came out as a whimper as I shuddered under my own ministrations.

Opening my eyes, I jumped as I saw Austin standing there silently, watching me, his face unreadable. He had clearly witnessed most of my spectacle. His only movement was his hands, which flexed open and closed a few times, then stilled.

Shit. He probably thought that he wasn’t good enough, or even that I was faking things with him. The last of the waves of pleasure subsided as I faced the sober possibilities. How could I tell him that I was fantasizing about him because the real him was a little too tame? Worst of all, what if he thought I was thinking about someone else?

I said nothing as he continued to examine me. Then, without a word, he walked around to his side of the bed, climbed in, and switched off the light. Moments later, he was asleep, breathing evenly. I was left to guess at his thoughts, and without the comfort of his closeness.

There would be no cuddling from him tonight. Unsettled and adrift, a while later, I fell asleep myself.

In the morning, it was as if nothing had happened. It was Friday and we were headed into a long weekend, so we had taken an extra day off. It was nice knowing that neither of us had to return to work until Tuesday. Despite our lackluster sex life, I enjoyed nothing more than spending time with Austin. He was smart, funny, and gorgeous as sin.

I awoke to an empty bed, noise coming from the kitchen. Austin was making breakfast when I went downstairs after a shower. “Good morning,” he smiled at me, his dimple appearing in his right cheek. His deep voice was cheerful. Smiling in return, I kissed his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri heavily stubbled cheek. I hadn’t seen him shave since Tuesday, which gave him an extra masculine edge.

Dishing up some eggs, he asked me, “Do you have any plans this weekend?”

“Spending time with you,” I replied.

“I’m counting on it,” he said, winking at me. Austin seemed to be in a great mood. I felt relief, figuring that whatever had been going through his head when he went to sleep had been resolved.

How wrong I was.

As I finished my coffee, I reached up to push my empty plate away. But something was wrong with my arm. My mug clattered to the table as I started feeling like my limbs were made of lead, arms slackening. Heaviness swept over me as darkness began to descend across my vision. The last thing I remember seeing was Austin’s face, regarding me calmly and solemnly as I slipped into unconsciousness.


I awoke on a soft bed that I immediately knew wasn’t ours, in unfamiliar surroundings. Low lamplight filled the wood-paneled room, heavy curtains covering what was presumably a window. I guessed the two doors led out of the room and into a bathroom respectively. The bed, two side tables, and a corner armchair, plus several lamps, were the only furniture. The armchair was occupied by Austin’s hulking silhouette, his face nearly obscured in the gloom.

I struggled to sit up, and found it exhausting, falling back onto the pillows. Weakly, I asked him, “Where are we? What’s going on?” It came out as somewhere between a croak and a whisper.

“My little Holly’s awake,” Austin said, with an odd lilt to his voice. It was also deeper, more gravelly. He rose and approached the bed, the light throwing shadows across the angles of his face. He was bare to the waist, ripped torso on full display.

“Yes… what the hell happened?” I groaned, my hand going to my head. It felt like a bowling ball and it was still hard to move.

“We have some things to work out,” he answered in the same strange voice. “Lessons to learn. Rules to establish.”

He leaned forward so I could see his eyes. What I saw shocked me a little, causing me to flinch backward. Austin was looking at me like a curious predator, as if he were trying to decide the best way to flay me alive. The man I had married was nowhere in evidence, his body a shell around those manic eyes.

I opened my mouth to speak and nothing came out. In the time we had been together, Austin’s size and appearance had never made me feel uncomfortable. But now, for the first time ever, I was afraid of my husband.

A faint smile spread over his face. Did he see my fear? I didn’t know what to say to this new Austin.

I needed to gather my thoughts. I struggled to the edge of the bed, meaning to get to the bathroom for a few minutes of time to think.

His arm shot out, large hand closing around my bicep. “No,” he said.

I felt a flare of outrage, despite being fearful. “Let go of me,” I demanded.

“I don’t think so,” he hissed, moving like lightning. The room spun, and then I was pinned on my stomach, arms behind my back, one of his hands easily holding my wrists together. The other was splayed across the back of my neck. He leaned on me, using his own weight to hold me down. The residual effects of what I now realized was some kind of drug were doing the rest of the work at keeping me still. It had never been clearer to me that I was not a match for him physically, probably half his weight. Although I was slim and kept myself fit, I could never hope to meet his strength.

My heart pounded. He had immobilized me like child’s play. Austin had never laid a hand on me like this. I had already told him to release me, and had only made matters worse for myself. What now?

He answered my unspoken question, almost conversationally. “Here’s the thing, Holls,” he said roughly. “I don’t know when the hell you decided that I wasn’t enough for you. First you start asking questions about how we are in our bedroom. Then last night I see that you’re not satisfied. You’ve got to take matters into your own hands when you think I’m not looking.”

I listened to him with a growing pool of dread in my stomach. So much for him being over it all. Instead, it had been festering and now it was all coming out. Had he just snapped? I had no idea what was in his head.

“Well,” he said deliberately, leaning down to speak to me in a low voice. “Fuck. That.” I shivered as his tongue very lightly traced the top of my ear. My pulse jackrabbited.

He continued speaking. “Is there someone else?”

I gasped. He had voiced my worst fear. “Never,” I said pleadingly. I wished I had the strength to sound more convincing.

“No one?” he asked, his tone threatening. “No asshole on the side who thinks he can touch what’s mine?”

Mine? If you had asked me up until this minute, I would have sworn that Austin didn’t have a jealous bone in his body. Nor güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri was he possessive. This line of questioning was blowing everything I knew about him to smithereens.

“No one. I don’t even think about anyone else,” I insisted desperately.

“Hmm,” he replied. “I think that’s bullshit. But we’ll see, soon.” He was so close, I could feel warm air on my ear as he spoke.

He lifted me like I weighed nothing and flipped me onto my back. “You need to be a good girl and stay still for me.”

I automatically tried to sit up, still battling the last effects of the drug. “I—”

He looked up at the ceiling, sighing. Planting a hand on my chest, he shoved me back down onto my back. “It wasn’t a request, Holls. You need to learn to listen.”

I gaped at him. “Listen?”

His face rushed up into mine, stopping a hair’s breadth away. “And obey,” he grinned maniacally.

“What the fuck,” I breathed. The world had gone insane.

“Ah, you’re getting close,” he chuckled. “Starting now, until I tell you otherwise, you will call me ‘Sir.'”

My mouth fell open in surprise. “What?” I laughed. “You can’t be serious.”

Amusement vanished from his face. He moved again, and in a flash I was sideways. His open hand landed on my ass, his enormous palm covering nearly half of it, with a loud smacking noise. My light athletic shorts did little to camouflage the sound, and virtually nothing to stop the bright sting of the slap. I inhaled sharply with shock and pain.

It was as if the spanking had turned some lock in my head; tumblers of logic began falling into place. I chased the mental cobwebs away as I thought quickly. Somehow, Austin had figured out what I wanted, what I was missing. He had brought me to this place so that we could try it out, so that we could experiment with each other.

At least, I fervently hoped that was the case. It was impossible to believe that he was capable of really hurting me. I had to operate on the premise that this was all an elaborate game. I tried not to think about the fact that he had already shocked me multiple times in the last five minutes.

I turned my face into the comforter to smother any smile that might have appeared. Now wasn’t quite the time. “I’m sorry,” I murmured contritely.

“You’re sorry, what?” Austin’s voice was melodious again.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I said, my voice trembling, hoping that he would prove me right.

“Good girl,” he said, a note of pride lacing his words. A thrill bolted through me. I was right after all. He turned me over, moving my curtain of black hair aside, running a hand down my arm. I didn’t try to sit up again, instead meeting his eyes.

“While we’re here,” he said, “you will be my beautiful pet. I will worship and please you, and you will do what I say, and with that I will be pleased as well. Do you understand?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“Yes, Sir,” I said softly.

“Breaking the rules will result in punishment,” he went on. “The spanking was a sample.”

Listening to him was slowly but surely turning me on. I didn’t know what he had planned, but it was exciting me beyond belief. He was keeping himself under control, but I stole a glance at him and saw that he, too, was becoming aroused.

Conflicting emotions warred within me. Austin and I had always taken an egalitarian approach to our marriage, equal partners in nearly every way. Even this morning, hearing him demand something from me with unquestioning obedience would have been unthinkable. But there was that buried part of me that wanted this, that dreamed of Austin’s dominance and strength. I reached for this part, bringing it to the forefront. I wanted the display of power, the raw aggression. He had all the tools. It was like a suit waiting for him. It would fit perfectly when he decided to slip it on. And it looked like today would finally be that day.

I fully embraced my new role and let my old self fall to the wayside. This new Holly would serve, and would take pleasure in letting Austin do whatever the hell he wanted. And, truth be told, would probably like it.

“You need to get naked,” he said, grasping my waistband. He pulled the shorts off in one swift motion, tossing them aside. My panties had pulled partially down along with the shorts. But instead of following suit, he took hold of them with both hands, gave a hard yank, and tore them right off. I couldn’t stop my jaw dropping again.

His only response was a cocky smile. “Your shirt,” he pointed. I hurried to sit up and pull it off.

I hadn’t been prepared to go anywhere yet this morning, so I was wearing no bra. My breasts are naturally firm and perky, although not particularly large. Austin hadn’t ever minded, though, so I was not surprised to see his face transform with a lazy smile. He reached out and palmed one of the small globes, hefting it. I yelped as he gave the nipple a quick pinch and twist.

He advanced and pushed me backward güvenilir bahis şirketleri again. “I’m going to make you feel incredible,” he whispered as he smoothed my arms out to the side, flattening me on my back. “Would you like that?”

“Very much, Sir,” I breathed, closing my eyes.

“No, pet. Keep them open as much as you can. I want to see you,” he commanded. Immediately, I popped them open, finding him inches away, staring at me, considering.

Bending down, he licked the nipple he had just pinched, trailing his tongue like I were an ice cream cone. I hissed a breath inward. His hot tongue left a rapidly cooling streak behind. Suckling me, he brought one hand to the other breast, massaging and rolling that nipple as his tongue flicked across this one. Flashes of pleasure were bolting straight downward to the apex between my thighs, spreading warmth and weight there. I could feel myself, soaking wet already.

Austin pulled me to a sitting position, nudging my thighs apart. He sat on the bed facing me, right next to me. I lifted my hands to his broad shoulders as he captured my mouth in a deep kiss, plunging his tongue in, sweeping, playing. His tongue caressed mine, twining around. I ran my hands along his carved body, marveling as I always did at how perfectly his muscles were cut. While I was distracted by his upper body right beneath my hands, his fingers found their way to my saturated, heated core, immediately finding the pool of slick liquid and drawing it upward. He landed on my clit, slowly circling it with a light touch.

I let out a choked cry, moaning into his mouth. I felt him smile around our kiss, an air of satisfaction around it. “You’re soaking wet, Holls,” he whispered. “Are you hungry?”

I blinked up at him, trying to focus as he increased the pressure and speed, finger slipping easily over my swollen little nub. “Sir…?”

“Are you starving for cock?” he clarified patiently. “Are you my cock-hungry little pet?”

Blood rushed to my face. Austin never, ever spoke to me this way. Lust slammed through me like a power surge, and my fingers dug into his shoulders, leaving small half-moon nail marks as I tried to control my reaction. It didn’t work. My back arched, pushing my breasts forward into his waiting hand, kneading and squeezing, thumbing the erect, sensitive nipples. I whimpered.

“Answer me, pet,” he demanded, lightly slapping the outside of my ass, which had lifted as I leaned toward him.

Blushing furiously, I nodded. Seeing his expectant look develop an edge of irritation, I hurriedly added, “Yes…Sir.” The answer, after all, was obvious. The scent of my arousal was rising around us.

“I thought so,” he nodded. “You’ll help me get ready first, won’t you?”

“How can I help you, Sir?” I asked. I had a feeling I knew. For me, it was a rare treat. But this Austin would likely be expecting it a lot.

“Kneel next to the bed,” he instructed. As I moved to do so, he stood, shucking off his own pants, and sat on the edge, feet on the floor, on either side of me. Grasping the sides of my head, he guided my face toward his penis, which jutted out proudly, rock-solid. His heavy balls hung downward. “Suck my cock,” he rumbled.

I darted a glance upward. His face was a calm mask again, although I knew this had to be affecting him. I almost never serviced Austin this way, not because I didn’t want to, but because he never seemed interested. When I would do it on my own, he would most often pull me up and away into an embrace within moments.

Not this time. I shifted to my place between his knees, and leaned forward hesitantly. I closed my hand over the base of his penis, noticing that as I did, a light bead of liquid formed at the tip. He was definitely excited. Emboldened, I slipped my mouth over his entire shaft, swirling my tongue underneath as I slid down to the part covered by my fingers.

Austin moaned low in his throat, turning it into a deep growl. I continued to work my tongue along his length, keeping up the steady suction, sealing my lips against him, cheeks hollowing. Bobbing my head up and down, I took note of his increasingly ragged breathing. His hand curled around the back of my head, drawing me closer, thrilling me as he grasped my hair at the scalp, pulling. He began bumping up against the back of my throat. He was hardening even more.

I tried to relax as his size started to restrict my air supply, even as I continued all of my attentions on him. Without warning, he stood up, pulling me so I remained level with his shaft. “Your cocksucking skills are incredible,” he ground out.

I smiled around him. If I hadn’t had a mouthful of him, I might have responded that he should know that by now. Then again, that might earn me his wrath, and I wanted to please him.

His hands clamped down on either side of my head. “I’m going to fuck your mouth,” he announced softly. Then the thrusting began, forceful and steady.

I was unprepared for the onslaught. I fought the lack of air and my gag reflex, the tip of his enormous cock sliding down my throat. My head was being held in a viselike grip. He wasn’t letting me move in any direction, seemingly with no regard for my comfort as he took his pleasure. My own hands found his hips, holding on to help me balance.

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