The Mending of Broken Hearts

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Author’s Note: This story is an original work of fiction. Future stories starring some or all of these characters might also be forthcoming based upon response and demand. Certain characters featured herein may also be found in other works by the authors. Feedback is desired and greatly appreciated. Email comments to Thank you for reading.

Copyright 2009 by Jack and Josephine Cutter.

This story stars: Andrea Tinsley, Mike Gregory, Hayden Cross and Peter McFadden.

This story contains: male-female erotic coupling, fellatio, cunnilingus, mild exhibitionism, anal sex, mild analingus, dirty casual anonymous sex, cheating, costumes, drinking, seeds for future stories, and a rowdy Halloween party.

This story begins on Thursday, September 8th.

* * * * *

It was a busy night at the Café Montenegro.

Eduardo Moreno could not remember the last time an ordinary Thursday had been so busy, which was truly saying something: the man had been managing the establishment for nearly twenty years. There was a large private function in the secluded upstairs banquet room and three separate celebrity parties in the curtained booths in the back, not to mention a heavy flow of regular restaurant patrons and casual first-time diners. At this point, getting a table required either a reservation or some other special kind of relevance.

Which meant the quartet of individuals standing in the dimly-lit restaurant antechamber would certainly be seated, and swiftly, for while they did not have a reservation, they fell into the latter of those two categories: beautiful equaled exhilarating, and exhilarating was considered a very special kind of relevance by Maître d’ Moreno. He loved to position the young and attractive at prominent tables inside the dining room (giving the restaurant a vibrant kind of “it” factor feeling) and one of the prime spots had just opened up.

And the four of them were very attractive, indeed: two women and two men, the former somewhat similar in appearance, the latter of whom could not have been more different.

There was a blonde woman, tall and willowy and thin with a face so classically gorgeous that Eduardo would have staked an entire night’s pay on the educated guess that she was a model, and also bright baby blue eyes that caught the attention of all who would look upon them and not let go. She was, in a word, breathtaking.

The second woman was also blonde, but where the first was golden with shoulder-length waves that curled out into tips at the ends, the second was strawberry with smooth hair down to the shoulder blades and layered bangs swept across her forehead. She was tall, too, though not as tall as her friend, and also well-proportioned, though her shapely figure was not the soft kind, but rather of lithe variety. Simply stated, the girl had a killer body, athletic with excellent curves, not to mention a beautiful face. Her eyes were the most amazing shade of lightest green.

The women were spectacular, but the men were not too shabby themselves. The first was rather tall, maybe six foot two, with a lean though muscular frame that looked very athletic, straight brown hair that curled naturally at the ends and deep gray eyes. He was clean-shaven and inexplicably handsome. The second was blonde-haired and blue-eyed, a little shorter and equally good-looking, with a thin layer of stubble on his face that spoke of choice rather than inattentiveness. His body also appeared to be in excellent shape.

It was the kind of quartet that people liked to look upon as they dined, the kind of group Eduardo looked to place in the so-called high-profile hot spots on a nightly basis.

Eduardo approached the group, chatting amiably in the entryway. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said in a voice laced with the barest hint of his homeland, “if you would please follow me.”

He led them through the main dining room, taking the long way to allow those eating to watch the procession and appreciate the beauty of the group, before seating the four at a table located dead-center the largest sidewalk-side window in the restaurant, a table known by the staff as the voyeur seats, as anyone passing by outside could easily see the occupants.

And once they were seated, Eduardo left them and returned to the desk of the hosts, happy that such beautiful people were so well-situated, knowing the free buzz they would generate would be more than worth the complimentary bottle of wine he would send them later.

Part One: Better Days

Mike Gregory and Peter McFadden had been friends for over a year. While not the best of friends nor the oldest, they shared many common interests and enjoyed keeping company. Much of their mutual likes involved sports, whether competing themselves in pick-up games (they met, in fact, playing basketball at a local gym) or watching or attending professional athletic events.

Mike had been the one to introduce Peter to his girlfriend of ten months, Andrea Tinsley. Andrea was the girl’s canlı bahis soccer coach at a private high school in West Los Angeles, the same school at which Mike coached the boys soccer team (he was a walk-on coach, which meant he did not also have a teaching position with the school; he was a free-lance writer by trade). Mike had known Andrea for several years and liked her and respected her a great deal, and therefore suggested she go out with Peter, which she did, and the two hit it off. Mike thought Andrea was a beautiful and fun-loving young woman with passion and humor to spare, and Peter was very lucky to have her.

Not that Mike was complaining: his own girlfriend was also blisteringly hot and very vivacious. Hayden Cross was thirty years old, looked twenty-four and acted eighteen, which meant that with blonde hair and blue eyes that defined the word smolder, more often than not she got what she wanted. She and Mike had been dating for as long as Mike had known Peter, as Mike had met Hayden and Peter only days apart.

The two couples, Mike and Hayden, Peter and Andrea, often spent time together on double dates doing this or that and had even gone so far as to take a couple of small trips together. It was especially fun for Mike to know that he was the catalyst for the whole thing: Peter and Hayden and Andrea all met each other the same night, the night Peter and Andrea went on their first date. It was a blind date and Andrea had nervously asked Mike to come along with Hayden, whom neither she nor Peter had met, to make it a double date and break the ice.

And here they were ten months later, the two couples still going strong and still very friendly. Hayden and Andrea, both blonde and both beautiful, were dressed to the nines for their evening out, which would include a trip to the theater, which Andrea loved.

There had been a period of silence as the four enjoyed their food after it arrived: the cuisine at Café Montenegro, where they were eating, was fantastic and a rare kind of treat as it was expensive and very difficult to get into without a reservation, or so Mike had heard, although it had seemed relatively easy on this particular night.

Silence rarely lasted long, however, when the four of them were together.

“Are you guys excited for the start of the season?” Peter asked after a while.

Andrea bounced eagerly in her chair. “You have no idea!” she exclaimed. “I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Eight months is sooooo long!”

It was September and the schools were already back in session from the summer break, which meant that fall training for winter sports like soccer would begin shortly to prepare for the season some six weeks away.

Hayden rolled her eyes. “Exciting, yes,” she said glumly. “It means we get to hear about soccer, soccer and more soccer for four months.”

Mike laughed. “We’ll try and stick to topics everyone is happy with, ok, babe?”

Hayden grinned and leaned in for a quick kiss. “You’d better,” she threatened playfully, “or no more sex for you.”

His girlfriend had never been one to shy away from sexual topics or statements and was brazenly open about such things, but while he himself did not care and Peter never seemed to mind, Mike knew the ears of Andrea Tinsley were more innocent than most. Mike knew very well that she was uncomfortable speaking openly about sex.

Andrea blushed and tried to change the subject, which had probably been Hayden’s intention in the first place. The woman was a master manipulator and loved to push people’s buttons, which sometimes frightened Mike but more often than not excited him, too.

“You know, the four of us haven’t been hanging out as much lately,” Andrea noted.

Mike frowned. “Yeah, what gives?”

Peter threw his hands out innocently. “Don’t blame me. I’m not the one who’s been busy. Blame it on summer.”

Mike nodded. “Summer does get a little crazy,” he said. “August was a complete blur.”

“I’ve been traveling a decent amount for work,” Hayden told them. She was a mega-successful real estate agent (blonde hair, blue eyes and big tits meant a sale every time, or so Hayden herself always said), but she also did a fair amount of free-lance modeling work on the side.

“Me, too, actually,” Peter admitted. He was an actor with several significant national commercial campaigns to his name, the kind of guy people recognize but don’t know where they know him from. “I never really take into consideration how much time I spend away from the city.”

Andrea said ardently, “We need to spend more time together. I always have so much fun with you guys. Mike, our friendship goes way back and you’re responsible in large part for Peter and I being together, and for my friendship with Hayden. We need to make sure we find time for each other. It’s so nice and so rare to have such friends.”

Hayden was smiling that girlish kind of smile that says an emotional round of hugging is about to follow, which it did. Hayden murmured softly and leaned bahis siteleri forward and the two girls enjoyed a touching embrace.

“This is getting way too serious for me,” Peter said as he rolled his eyes. He was not the most affectionate of men, to be honest.

Mike said soberly, “We can hug later, big guy.”

The girls giggled.

“Seriously, though,” Mike said as he raised his glass, “Andi’s right. We do have something special here and it’s nice to recognize it. A toast to good friends.”

“To us,” Peter agreed in a voice more serious than most were likely to get.

“To us,” Andrea added, her beautiful face split by a wide and dazzling smile.

“To us,” Hayden said softly, her blue eyes bright.

“To us,” Mike finished with a sigh.

And the four friends sipped their drinks and enjoyed their good friendships and good company, and the dinner progressed with more merriment and laughter, and its end proved only the end of the beginning of the night.

* * *

The condo was dark as the two of them staggered inside. Mike was significantly cocktailed, one note shy of hammered . . . the latter of which happened to be the category his girlfriend fell into at the moment. Thank the sweet heavens, he thought, that they had had the wisdom to call for a cab to take them home. Hayden could hardly walk straight.

Mike stumbled into his favorite chair in the main room, a leather recliner that was more comfortable than his bed (or at least he sometimes thought, particularly when booze was involved). He felt his body melt into the cushions, molding to them, becoming one with them. It was going to be difficult, he knew, for him to move anytime soon.

He watched the light in the hallway go on as Hayden lurched back towards the master bedroom. She was only gone what seemed like a moment before she appeared again in the hallway, looking out into the darkness at him, only now there was something significantly different about her: she wore only a pair of thin white panties.

Mike’s jaw nearly hit the floor as he took in the sight of his girlfriend’s bare breasts; no matter how many times he saw them, they never failed to affect him. She was a heavenly creature, tall and willowy with a sensual frame highlighted by the exquisite creations currently on view. They were pear-shaped and perfect, augmented but done in a very respectable and cutting-edge way: they retained much of their natural feel and looked fantastic. Her stomach was flat and her hips flared out just enough, and led into long legs defined by hours and hours spent in the gym. She was gorgeous, she knew it, and everyone who came across her knew it, too, and Mike most of all. Nabbing her was one of his greatest accomplishments.

“Like my tits, sweetie?” she cooed.

Mike nodded dumbly. They were wonderful, swollen lobes (post-surgery 34D) and rose from her chest with perfect perkiness. Her nipples were dime-sized spots of shriveled burgundy.

“I have more on my mind than just you staring, baby,” she told him, and the grin on her face was lascivious. She moved towards him, swaying slightly on her feet from the effects of the alcohol, her round breasts bouncing and jiggling freely before his stupefied gaze. “But I’m doing it in the dark. Show’s over.”

And before he had time to comprehend what she was saying, she flipped the light switch and the room was plunged into black once more. Mike wondered what exactly she had planned, only to be startled moments later by soft hands at his legs. His eyes opened wide and tried to see what was going on, but the sheer darkness did not allow him to see at all.

He started to speak . . . and then he heard her voice.

“Quiet!” Hayden commanded. Her hand slipped through the slit in his boxer shorts and fumbled around for the treasure inside. “It’s time for you to collect your reward.”

And in that moment three things dawned on Mike: first, that Hayden was still quite drunk; second, that she seemed horny and ready for a little action; and third, that she intended for everything to happen in the dark, which meant that he would not be able to look upon her gorgeous body, but then again, honestly, who was he to complain.

And then a fourth thing dawned on him, right about the time Hayden’s gentle and knowing fingers curled around his hard cock: he was the puppet and she was the master and he would follow her willingly and completely, and whatever she had in store for him looked to be very pleasurable, indeed.

“So big,” Hayden purred.

Mike was bigger than average and quite happy with his size. He shuddered as his girlfriend pulled his cock out of its confinement and shuddered again an instant later when he felt the heat of her breath tickling his skin.

And then the incredible happened: Hayden’s soft pink tongue, sadly unseen in the pitch black of the room, flicked around the bottom side of Mike’s shaft like a hummingbird at the feeder. It was rare for her to give blowjobs (she preferred to receive) and he relished bahis şirketleri every opportunity. He wondered briefly just what had caused this excellent situation, but then her mouth on his loins drew his thoughts away.

Mike groaned, and Hayden responded by planting a wet kiss right on the engorged head. He very nearly came right there; these were moments he fantasized about all the time. The only problem was that he could not see her sucking his cock.

But he could certainly feel it.

Hayden’s fingertips caressed the length of him even as her tongue continued to tease, and it was obvious she was very enthusiastic about this particular session, which was again peculiar, but again pushed quickly from Mike’s mind.

He was determined to enjoy himself to the fullest. He dropped his hands to the sides of Hayden’s head and grabbed a good handful of her silken blonde hair, and guided his hips forward toward where he guessed her mouth was.

Hayden was drunk, yes, and also a little anti-blowjob, but she easily took the hint and allowed what was happening to happen. Mike’s cock slipped easily into her warm and suddenly willing mouth and instantly began to suckle him. Her tongue flittered over his shaft in a swirling motion as her luscious lips wrapped around the head.

Mike was in absolute heaven. Inch after fantastic inch pushed its way into her lovely mouth as Hayden worked farther and farther down the length of his shaft. Despite not liking to do it much, the woman certainly knew how to handle a cock.

Mike loved the slurping and sucking sounds she made as her tongue and lips slid up and down his shaft, and without the luxury of visuals in the darkness of the room, the soft sound of Hayden whimpering and cooing and moaning was hotter than he had ever thought it could be.

And then, astonishingly, Hayden went for the bottom; he felt her lips almost complete the journey to the base of his shaft, which he kept very neatly trimmed. She did not make it all the way there, however: she gagged and had to pull back just a bit.

As stated, Mike was by no means the longest man on the block, but his cock was nothing to cry about and no woman had ever accomplished the feat of deep-throating him. But Mike was very grateful for the attempt and would work that much harder when he had opportunity to return the favor, which was something he very much loved to do.

Hayden recovered and suckled him harder around the head, and bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock as her tongue swirled and flicked wildly across the thick veins upon it.

Every now and again she would stop and lavish a few delicate kisses on the mushroomed head, varying the type of pleasure. Her tongue licked a slimy, languorous trail from the base of his shaft to the tip and Mike lay rigid, hardly thinking, hardly breathing. Her pink tongue lashed out and flicked the tip of his engorged penis.

“Ahhhh,” he sighed as she engulfed his member once again, and this time there was a different kind of intensity. It felt like a vacuum had swallowed his cock.

Mike’s head fell back and he growled loudly as waves and waves of pleasure coursed through his body from the exquisite pleasure the sultry hot woman was bestowing upon him, and he could feel himself starting to lose control. Then her tongue lashed out again and swirled the head of his cock, while at the same time one of her hands tickled its nails over the wrinkled skin of his scrotum, and that was the end of him.

He cringed as white-hot liquid exploded from his swollen penis in thick, ropy waves. Hayden knew it was coming and angled his shaft away from her, letting the pearly juice erupt from the tip to land harmlessly somewhere off to the right. He came, and kept coming for well near ten seconds as the beautiful blonde sat frozen and still unseen before him, milking his cock with gentle strokes until he was spent. And when the barrage ended, Mike’s body melted further into the leather of the chair, drained completely.

“Mmmm,” Hayden sighed. He heard rustling as she rose to her feet, standing over him, and she said in a soft voice, “My present to you, baby. No reciprocation needed.”

“Thanks, love,” he said with an unseen smile. “Why all the attention?”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love you, that’s all,” she told him, and now she was father away.

The light in the hallway flickered on and he saw her standing there again, only this time he had a wonderful view of the sleek track of her spine and her taut little ass covered in tiny silk panties. It was incredibly sexy.

“Come to bed, baby,” she said with a soft smile thrown over her shoulder.

Mike was ready to do just that. He rose from the leather chair, his cock drained and deflating, and followed his beautiful girlfriend into the bedroom.

* * *

The routine of Andrea Tinsley on school mornings was simple: roll out of bed and into the shower at seven, yogurt and a banana as she scanned the newspaper at seven-thirty, out the door by seven-forty-five, a stop at Coffee Bean on her way in and arrival at the school just after eight o’clock. It was a routine perfected over three years working at West Mountain, a prestigious private high school in West Los Angeles.

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