The Mega-Masturbator Ch. 01

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I don’t remember how she did it but somehow my girlfriend Anna convinced me to sign up. It paid $2,000 but in the end, I’d of paid that much. A live trial test for a new male jack-off machine was scheduled and I was the test subject. It was a demonstration in front of potential buyers in the sex toy business. To be honest, I always thought that there is nothing better than a hot wet pussy until I met up with the Ultra-masturbator for men. Anna offered me up to help her girlfriend Cindy who was trying to get her business off the ground but man, I tell you it’s a machine like I just can’t describe. So, I’ll start off with how it began.

Two beautiful well-endowed and stark naked women escorted me to a round mattress located in the center of a large dark room. The mattress had a single spot light shining down on it and I was now the center of attention for all to see. I was stark naked too. Because I was in the light, I couldn’t see anyone in the room. The two girls strapped me down to the bed. I later realized its not because of some sort of bondage show but because this thing is just that good. You have to be strapped down so as not to become disengaged from the machine as the orgasms hit you.

Anyway, I’m completely strapped down now. My wrists, my elbows, my ankles, my knees, and my hips. I can’t move period. Then, this masturbator type contraption was lowered from the ceiling and descended upon my hard-on that was now sticking straight up to meet it.

I was instructed not to cum for a period of seven days. That in itself was a feat. My GF is so dam hot and she teased me the entire 7 casino oyna days like you don’t know. Every day she worked my cock and edged me till I couldn’t take any more. By the second day of my no cum instructions, I had a case of blue balls like I hadn’t had since I was kid. By the end of the seven days I was just about delirious to let go.

Back to the test. The machine was so warm and wet when it contacted my cock that it easily engulfed it and kept slowly going down on me until it bottomed out on my flat stomach. It also wraps underneath your balls and up the crack of your ass. As it went passed my butt hole, something went right up my ass. It also had some kind of soft flexible tubing that gently worked its way into my urethra. This high-tech and state-of-the-art device somehow has glands that secret fluids that are identical in chemistry to female lubrication.

The machine not only moves up and down your cock but it also moves in all sorts of different directions that massaged my cock and balls at the same time. Then the machine starts to move up and down on my throbbing penis and within seconds I’m ready to explode. And I do. I start coming and pumping my load into this thing like there is no tomorrow. But, because I’m totally restrained, all I can do is thrust my hips maybe an inch or two as I cum.

As I’m cuming, the machine continued to work on my cock and as it did, it had a sucking feature that sucked the cum right from my cock and thru the see-thru tubing and deposited it into a glass jar.

After I finished expelling the last of my cum into this thing, I expected it to canlı casino stop but it kept on going as if it didn’t know I came. Of course not. It’s a machine it doesn’t know I came like I never had before so, it keeps on going. The machine was still moving around my cock and balls while also vibrating and doing something in my ass that was giving me sensations I can’t really explain. I was now lost in another world. I was moaning and writhing against the straps completely removed from the real world and totally forgot about the fact that I was naked and cuming in front of an audience.

So here was the picture. I was lying on my back. My arms stretched out to the sides and tied down with cuffs. So were my legs. My midsection was also tied down so I could barely move. I had a machine that continually stroked and sucked my cock even after I came.

I don’t know if was part of the show but the two girls laying next to me are so turned on by the sight of me being automatically jacked-off and cuming into a machine that they started making out with each other right there next to me.

As the two girls continued to make out, the machine was still at it on my cock. Even though my cock was sensitive as hell, this thing just continued to stroke, move and suck my cock until it was hard as rock again and ready to explode a second time. The machine kept going and I was screaming with both pleasure and pain as the machine continued to stroke, stroke, stroke my cock. Meanwhile the girls kept making out with each other and moved into a 69 position.

The machine kept going. I kept cuming. I came 4 times kaçak casino in about fifteen minutes and still Cindy did not turn off the machine. By my fifth cum, I was no longer shooting any sperm out my cock. I was dry cuming. I was in heaven. My cock was no longer sensitive between orgasms either so, I was really enjoying everything the machine was doing to me.

I came a few more times now. How long did Cindy plan on keeping this machine on me like this? But before I could think to myself for too long, bang! Again I came in a dry heave. My body spasming and writhing in pleasure against the restraints. I was now on I think my seventh cum and the machine kept on going. I finally lost my hard on but the machine kept going. I don’t know the science behind it but somehow the machine with all its features kept working on my cock and my ass and I just kept cuming. One orgasm after the other. I was now lost in a sexual daze. The machine kept going and I kept cuming. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. I couldn’t stop cuming and I didn’t want to stop cuming.

I finally, came back to reality about 5 minutes after Cindy had turned off the machine.

Cindy turned on the house lights and got on the microphone and announced, “So how did everyone like my Ultra-masturbator?” This machine is going to revolutionize the way men masturbate. I haven’t even demonstrated all of its features here tonight. Believe it or not, it can do more. Much much more. With that, everyone started to applause and Cindy went out into the crowd of buyers to discuss business. I was still too weak to get up so I just laid there on the bed with the two naked girls still making out next to me. Finally, Anna came walking out into the room completely naked. She bent over and gently kissed me on the lips and said, “You were so amazing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32