The John Holmes Model Ch. 03

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I came home early from my weekly golf league and I saw a brown wrapper in the recycling bin. I was curious due to the fact I didn’t order anything. The return label said A&E Hillboro NC. HMMM now I was very intrigued.

I opened the door and I heard a moan coming from upstairs…I crept up and peaked into the bedroom. I saw my wife in the throes of passion fucking the BIG GUY by herself…Her pussy was stretched and the walls of her womanhood were pulled in and out. I also heard a buzzing noise from a vibrator. This one was about an 8 inch version with a cock like texture on the outside. The vibe was very powerful as I could hear it halfway up the stairs. The thing that kind of shocked me was it was a black dildo/vibrator. She was sucking on it and rubbing her clit with it, switching every few seconds. Using the ‘Big Guy’ in her and rubbing her clit with the black vibe I could tell she was getting ready to cum.

I heard her moaning and crying out “OH Fuck, this feels so good!”

“Oh shit, oh shit,” Then there was a mumble as she swallowed casino siteleri the black dildo. I was getting a hard on. I couldn’t believe my wife was doing this to herself, and not waiting for me to “help her” with the Big Guy.

She was in such a state of sexual ecstasy she didn’t even hear me come up the stairs. I just stood there listening to her go on and on about how great this feels, and how it fills her cunt!

I was shocked at the sound of her saying the C word. I know how much the ladies hate that word.

She was moaning quite a bit. “Oh God that feels so good!” I love seeing her body squirm, and I love to see her getting so turned on. It was really turning me on knowing she was working up to a great orgasm. She was getting more and more into it, and had begun to moan more loudly. “Ohhhhh shit, its sooooooo thick”. Her pussy was getting stretched to the limit. She was just staring in the mirror at the huge cock sliding it in and out of her. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she was really loving it. I heard canlı casino her again utter “Oh fuck” as she had taken in at least nine inches of that giant.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I open the door all the way and she looked up at me with those lusty glazed blue eyes and said” I’m sorry honey. I wan’t to surprise YOU this time. I went out and bought another toy, it came in the mail today and I just HAD to try it out! I hope you aren’t and at me for starting with out you?”

“No I’m not mad at you. I enjoy seeing you have orgasms, and I know how much you like to cum as much as I do.

“Come here I want to suck your cock.” I quickly dropped my drawers and had my 6 inch average cock out and pointed it at her mouth. This really was a different side to her, she rarely sucked my cock. Now she couldn’t get enough of it. At first just started to lick it. Then she started sucking my cock like a straw as I started to push and pull on the big rubber cock in her pussy. She started moving her head up and down as I moved that dildo in and kaçak casino out of her. In a few seconds she was keeping time to my thrusts as I fucked her face. “mmph, mmmph” was all I heard from her and smile was on her face…

I was just about to have my own explosion of sperm, and I was ramming that rubber dick in and out faster and faster, and harder and harder. I gasped “Oh Shit” and let loose with a load of cum that I hadn’t had in a very long time. I must have let 8 or 9 shots go. As the first one erupted into her mouth she grabbed my ass and held on. She did something that she also has never done before. She swallowed my load. I yanked that 12 inch dildo out just as my last spurt let go, and she twitched with and enormous orgasm of her own. Her pussy juices were running down her legs as she finished draining my cock. She collapsed on the bed with such a smile on her face, her pussy was still twitching from the monster cock.

“I am really getting into these toys, honey. I hope you aren’t mad at me for getting an early start?”

“No. Not a bit just don’t get to like them so much you won’t want my cock.” I said.

“I won’t, I love you, just maybe we could use the toys a bit more often? They really make me cum and I get so horny.”

Hmmm I think I created a monster?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32