The Jackson Family Ch. 2

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The next day was utterly calm. Twenty inches of snow covered the country, deadening all sound. But there was a roar of turmoil in Mary Jackson’s mind. Everything had become dreamlike. The beautiful snow outside which had transformed the ugly mud had also led to events which she could barely believe had happened.

She remembered with nightmare clarity masturbating her darling Tommy, and the cum burning into her flesh. She remembered drying him and tucking him into bed and kissing him one last time.

More dreamlike was afterwards when she realised his drying cum was on her breasts and face and arm, and how she had scooped it up and licked it hungrily, and then stood in the middle of the hallway masturbating herself outside Tommy’s room, whimpering like an animal and having a shattering orgasm which brought her to her knees.

What had gotten into her? My god, Mary, she upbraided herself, Tommy is your son! And she thought again of his firm strong body and his bright liquid eyes and his long hard cock, and again her knees went weak.

Mary heard Tommy moving about, and braced herself. Breakfast was ready. She tried to calm herself, even hummed a little. Tommy came out of his room, dressed in the pajamas she had dressed him in the night before. A flash of memory: how she had reached into his fly and stroked his lengthening cock one more time, and tongue-kissing him quickly before sending him off to sleep. Was I drugged? she thought. Am I so sex-starved I have gone mad? She smiled cheerfully at Tommy, only the slightest tremor in her voice.

“Good morning darling! Did you sleep well?”

“Yes Mom,” Tommy said running his fingers through his tusselled hair. His voice was neutral, but he didn’t look at his mother.

“Sit down Tommy, I have bacon and eggs for you on this cold and snowy morning.”

Tommy sat down and stared fixedly at the tablecloth, suddenly finding an interest in the checkered pattern. Mary quickly served his breakfast, wishing she had fully dressed. But it was Sunday morning, and she always threw on her flimsy gown over her nightie on Sundays. This morning wasn’t a special morning, was it? She leant over the table and gave Tommy his food. He lifted his head and his eyes disappeared down Mary’s deep cleavage. Flustered, she covered up. Tommy ate his breakfast silently.

Mary watched him. He really was a beautiful boy with broad shoulders and strong hands. Every now and then Tommy glanced up. Agonisingly for him, his mother’s gown had fallen open again, and he could easily see her heavy breasts swing each time she moved.

When he had finished he handed his mother the empty plate.

“What? Am I your slave darling?” she chuckled, but her throat caught. Sex slave you mean, said a voice somewhere in the recesses of her soul.

“You know you put away your own dirty dishes. House rules.”

Tommy’s face turned bright red. His hand disappeared beneath the table as he stood up, holding his plate in one hand, clutching his pajama pants in a bunch with the other. Mary handed him his empty milk glass. “And this.” Without thinking Tommy reached for the glass and as he did so his loosened his grip on his pajamas. His long turgid cock sprang out in full view.

The world stopped as Mary stared at his penis swaying slightly. Blood drained from Tommy’s face and seemingly went straight to his cock, even as he stood there, rooted to the floor, it swelled and grew hard and straight and waved cheekily at Mary.

Mary was transfixed. The only thing that went through her head was how beautiful it looked, how perfectly formed was her son’s cock.

Tommy made a gurgling noise and put the dishes in the sink and stood there, with his back to Mary, desperately trying to adjust himself. After a long silence, Mary said, “I think we need to talk.” She had no idea what she was going to say. “Come into the lounge darling,” and she padded out to the sofa.

Tommy came in, despair written all over his face. Mary’s heart melted. The poor boy is in agony, she realised. She patted the seat next to her, and Tommy sat down, looking at the floor.

“About last night,” Mary began gently. Tommy made the gurgling noise again. “It was wonderful,” she heard herself say.

Tommy froze. “Look at me darling,” said Mary, taking his face in her hands. Her gown fell open again. Tommy could smell her sweet perfume. “I thought you were going to die Tommy. You were frozen and Mommy had to warm you up. Any way possible. And I did that didn’t I?” She gave him her friendliest and broadest smile.

Tommy grinned and nodded.

“There, that’s my boy. Mommy isn’t going to eat you!” A lascivious thought flittered across her mind. “You are well again, and everything is the same as it always was, and I am a very, very happy Mommy. Are you happy, Tommy?”

“Yes Mom, I am.”

“Good boy,” and she smiled again. Then for no apparent reason, she pulled him towards her and hugged him tightly. Tommy’s face was crushed to her breasts, and his arms went around his mother. Once again his cock flew out of his pajamas.

“You …umm…when bostancı escort you…”, Tommy stammered,” …last night…when you…with your hand…”

“I masturbated you, Tommy.” Mary tried to sound clinical and in control. “Any mother would have done the same.”

There was pause while Tommy weighed this. “When you masturb…mastur….”

“Masturbated you.”

“Yes. It was because I was so cold?”

“That’s right darling”

“I understand,” said Tommy and smiled.

“There, now. That’s all cleared up.”


“Yes dear?”

“I liked it a lot,” mumbled Tommy.

Mary couldn’t help but giggle, “And I’ll tell you a secret dear, so did Mommy”

And they both chuckled. Mary was so suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of love for her son that she leant across and kissed him on the lips. Their kiss lingered a little too long, their lips were a little too parted. There was a little too much electricity.

“Well,” Mary said somewhat breathlessly, “I have work to do. Off you go now.” She patted him on the knee, her wrist just brushing his softening cock.

She walked back to the kitchen, and poured herself a cup of coffee. She heard Tommy moving in the lounge. Outwardly she seemed placid. A family crisis solved. But her heart was strangely empty. Her body remembered too well his kisses, and her nipples tingled, and her cunt throbbed as images of his spurting cum intruded. Mary sighed, oh well, Greg will be home in a few days, and Jenny will be back from college too. Soon the house will be full of laughter and cleaning jobs and bickering, just like normal. But she sighed again and she sipped her coffee.

It was then that she realised that Tommy had not gone to his room. He must still be in the lounge. Frowning she left the table and looked into the room. It was empty. She walked around the furniture thinking perhaps Tommy was lying down or was hiding. “Tommy?” She glanced at the french windows, at the deep snow outside. And there was Tommy, stark naked, standing in his father’s over-sized work boots in the middle of the garden. He was smiling at her, and as she approached the doors and opened them. She could hear Tommy giggling.

“Tommy! What on earth are you doing? Get inside immediately. It’s freezing out here.” She looked around, hoping none of the neighbors were watching. “What’s wrong with you?”

Tommy smiled, “I’m trying to get cold again,” and laughed.

Mary squealed and laughed too, and ran outside in her night wear. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back. Both were chuckling, near hysterically. Twice they fell in the soft snow.

“Oooh! We’re both cold now, Mommy!”

“You rascal,” laughed Mary, “get inside immediately.”

They fell through the doors, slamming them shut against the cold air pouring in. Tommy ran to the sofa and flung himself down full-length on his back. His pajamas lay crumpled on the table. Mary smiled broadly and sat down next to him, looking lovingly at her naughty boy. She stroked his face tenderly. Her hand rested on his chest, gently circling. Her fingers absent-mindedly played with his cold-hard nipples.

“You really must be careful darling. You can catch pneumonia like that you know.”

Tommy lay back, watching her. His eyes roving over her bosom. Mary was not brave enough to look down to see what his penis was doing. There was an awkward silence.


“Yes dear?”

“About last night. There’s something I don’t understand.”

Mary swallowed.

“After you put me to bed last night….”


“In the hallway….” Tommy sat up, his arms snaking around his mother’s waist. Brazenly, a hand slipped inside her gown and cupped his mother’s breast. It seemed so natural, and he did it so confidently Mary didn’t think to object.

“The door swung open and I watched you….”

Mary looked at him numbly.

“Your fingers were massaging your ….. your….”, his voice trailed away. Mary couldn’t respond. “Why did you do that?”

Mary smiled at him, and then seemed to realise for the first time that he was caressing her nipple, so gently, so expertly. She meant to remove his hand, but instead she just pressed it harder against her breast.

She cleared her throat, “Well, you know how excited you got in the bath?”


“Well Mommy got excited too.”

“Because you were feeling me?”


Tommy gently took his mother’s hand and put it on his cock. It was bone-hard again. A little whimper escaped from Mary. Tommy closed her fingers around his thick shaft.

“Oh Tommy, I….”

But she couldn’t finish. Tommy kissed her full on the lips, very softly easing her lips apart with his. She closed her eyes as she felt his tongue glide into her mouth, and her cunt throbbed in unison with Tommy’s pulsating cock. She desperately tried to stay still, hoping the madness would pass. Her lips betrayed her as they hungrily sucked on Tommy’s tongue. He was now using it like a cock, fucking her mouth. With each insistent thrust of his tongue, Mary’s hand slid ümraniye escort bayan on his fattening cock. Tommy began squeezing her breast again, playing with her hardening nipples. “Mummmfent…”, she mumbled into his mouth. She was trying to say ‘mustn’t’, but even as she said that Tommy’s hand slid between her thighs and his fingers probed her moistening cunt.

“Tommy, no!”

But her protests were unconvincing. Not only were her fingers tightening around Tommy’s cock, her thighs parted slightly to let his fingers delve.

The dream-like quality of last night had returned. Tommy pressed his face against her breasts, trying to get at her nipples, pulling urgently at the fabric, threatening to rip it.

Mary firmly and gently pushing his face away. There was a look of abject disappointment on Tommy’s face. Sighing, Mary stood up, and shucked off her gown. Then paused, looking at Tommy, and clasped the hem of her nightie in her hands, pulling it over her head.

His mother was standing completely naked in front of him.

He trembled and groaned. He had never seen anything so beautiful. Her full breasts and hard pink nipples glowed. Her stomach curved into her lightly trimmed cunt. A tiny part of Mary’s brain cried ‘madness’ but her senses were focused on the warm air of the lounge, and the slim body beneath her, and the swaying cock, as hard as ever.

Tommy lunged clumsily at her, not knowing which delicious treasure to touch, to feel, to lick, to kiss. Mary laughed gently. “Lay back darling let Mommy do it.” Tommy was trembling with excitement. His entire being was sexual electricity. Mary kissed him passionately, her tongue deep in his mouth. “Everything’s just fine darling, you’ll see,” she said.

She slid down his chest and gently bit his nipples. Tommy sobbed. Further down she slid, until she was poised over his quivering cock. She saw pre-cum ooze from the slit and with the tip of her tongue dipped into it. Without taking her eyes off Tommy’s she opened her mouth and plunged, engulfing his cock. Her hand cupped his balls, feeling the weight of them. Her middle finger teased his sphincter, prodding it gently. Tommy was beside himself. Groans welled up from deep within. He squirmed and tossed. Never had he known such pleasure. And the pleasure doubled and tripled each time his mind registered that it was his own mother sucking his cock.

One of Mary’s hands disappeared between her legs and she rubbed her clitoris, flicking and pinching it until she could feel her own orgasm approaching. Deeper her mouth plunged until his long thick cock was thumping against the back of her throat. She willed her gullet open and took him even further, trying not to gag, and her nose was hard-pressed on his wiry pubic hair. She was deep-throating her own son, and she held him there while her finger pressed Tommy’s ass, pushing hard against his resistance until he relaxed and let her in. Her finger eased itself deep within his bowels Another followed. Tommy’s ass was being fucked by his own mother.

He shook uncontrollably. Cum welled up from his balls. Mary fucked his ass roughly, deeply, sucked hard on his cock, bit deeply into his hard rubbery shaft. Tears streamed down Tommy’s cheeks as he writhed helplessly on the sofa. Their orgasms hit them almost simultaneously. From some reservoir within Tommy, great spurts of cum erupted into Mary’s mouth and throat. Her own orgasm hit her hard and shattered her. She gagged on her son’s cum which streamed and gushed and filled her mouth and spilled from her lips and smeared her chin. Her cunt spasmed and kicked and shuddered.

Tommy’s cock dribbled his last into her mouth, it was creamed with his cum, and her tongue sloshed it around and laved it and she sucked it down into her belly. She was swallowing her own son’s sperm. Tommy’s cock stayed firm as she eased it out of her mouth.

She sat on the floor, head sunk on her chest, breathing heavily, sucking in air. Her finger was now buried in her cunt, teasing out little shocks of orgasm. Tommy lay back, his chest heaving, sobs and gasps breaking the silence. Mary was exhausted. She could barely move. She could not remember such a powerful orgasm, and from a little boy. Her son. Sweat dribbled between her breasts and dripped onto her tight belly. Her fingers trembled.

Vaguely she could feel Tommy pulling her up onto the sofa, and laying her down gently. Somewhere in her befuddled head she was surprised how strong he was. She closed her eyes and lay back in luxurious languor. Then she felt Tommy’s weight on her.

He had completely succumbed to sexual instincts. His mother was stretched out on the sofa, face flushed, her magnificent breasts gleaming with sweat, her legs were slightly apart so he could see her soft and welcoming slit still reddened and swollen. Tommy’s youthful cock pumped itself into full erection again, so much so it slapped on his belly as he stood over her. Some kind of primeval urgency took control of him and he lay down on her pneumatic softness.

His mother’s legs were just far enough apart for his kartal escort cock to nestle perfectly along the deep groove of her cunt, its shaft rested directly on her hyper-sensitive clitoris. Immediately the muscles of his back and ass started to spasm. He rocked and heaved and thrusted in a fucking motion against his mother. Every part of him was focused on cumming again. Mary immediately knew what was happening. Her son was trying to fuck her.

“No! No, darling, you mustn’t,” she cried weakly, “Don’t sweetheart, we’ve done enough.”

But his turgid cock was positioned just right, so beautifully along her cunt groove. It felt so perfect, so natural.

“Tommy, please…”, she hissed. Her arms curled around his back. She could feel his powerful hard muscles bulging and heaving.

“Darling heart, I am your mother. We really must not be doing this.”

And her mind was saying perhaps if we let him come again it will be okay.

Tommy buried his face into her neck, breathing in her perfume and her sweat, and his hips humped on her pubic mound.

“Precious Tommy. Don’t make Mommy cross with you. You have to get off now.” But his hands curled under her shoulders for a better grip as he heaved onto her. “Tommy! Enough is enough, darling.”

But her cunt started to buzz with the friction from Tommy’s rigid cock. If she opened her legs just a little more, it would feel so much better. Mary frowned and tried to look angry, but she was looking over Tommy’s shoulder, and he couldn’t see her face. Her legs opened just a little more.

“Tommy, stop at once darling. This has gone on far enough.”

The head of Tommy’s engorged member dipped into her cunt, once, twice, and slipped out again.

“Aaaah! Tommy, no darling, I am your Mommy sweetheart, you mustn’t fuck your mommy”.

Tommy was pistoning now, his breath rasping. The head disappeared into her wet, eager cunt again.

“Okay darling, a little bit…. just a little bit into Mommy….no further or it will be….incest…….sweetheart, and that’s very very bad.”

She was starting to lose control again, her hips were beginning to meet Tommy’s thrusts. Oh if only he would cum, it would be all over. If only she would cum said another part of her brain. Mary’s legs were straight out and Tommy’s cock was trying to bury itself deep into her cunt. One inch, two inches. At that angle it hurt a little bit. Ease the discomfort by lifting your knees said something. She did. Her cunt became more accessible to Tommy’s swollen rod. A thrust, just so, and he was buried deep into her hot, wet cunt. Simultaneously they both cried out.

“Oooh Mom!”

“Aaaargh! Oh Tommy, what have you done? What are you doing?”

“Oh Mommy, oh mommy, thankyou,” said Tommy, and he pushed himself up on his hands.

Their eyes locked while his hips kept thrusting deeper and harder into his mother. Mary was meeting his thrusts now. Mary was fucking her son. Their eyes explored each other’s, seeking approval, seeking love, seeing animal lust.

“Uuh…uuh…unnnnah…..ah…”, grunted Mary. “Oh Tommy, you’re such a naughty, nasty, precious little boy.”

“Am I doing good, Mom?” pleaded Tommy. “Am I fucking right?” “Oh darling heart, you are doing just fine. You’re fucking Mommy just fine.” Tears welled up in her eyes, she didn’t know why.

“Oh Mommy it feels so good.”

“Yes, darling,” smiled Mary proudly, and then heard herself say, “I want you to cum inside Mommy dearest, fill me with your delicious cum.”

As soon as she heard those words, a bolt struck her cunt. Each nerve exploded. Her nails dug into Tommy’s back and her back arched convulsively. She had asked her own son to cum inside her. Incest! Every fibre was sensitive to his thrusting cock.

“Aargh! Cum…cumming….Mommy’s cumming on her son’s big cock. Big thick cock…in my cunt…” She ground her teeth and couldn’t breath for a moment, then a rush of air in her lungs. “Aaarhhhh! ….Oh….oh…no…no…no….incest…my son…” And still her hips buckled and heaved under Tommy. She bit hard into his shoulder. “Can’t stop….cumming….can’t stop…” Wave after wave of tremors shook her body. Sweat poured from her.

“Mom! It’s happening again! AAAAH!” bellowed Tommy, “I am exploding in you Mommy…cumming again….”

“Oh YES darling, YES, cum in Mommy….fill me with your beautiful cream….fill Mommy’s belly with your sperm….my son’s sperm……incest sperm……horrible….wonderful…fuck me….CUM DARLING…FUCK MOMMY!”

And she felt Tommy’s cock jump and writhe and spasm and then erupt in his own orgasm, spurting liquid fire into her womb. Tommy no longer had any rhythm, he was jerking uncontrollably on top of her as he came, flooding her cunt with his jism. His ass muscles clenched and tight. He buried his cock as far inside her as possible. His mouth sought hers and his tongue washed around her mouth, bubbles of saliva spilling onto her lips and chin. Slowly the orgasm passed, gradually the ecstasy faded.

When the tidal wave had subsided, little shocks still coursed through their bodies. Little cobalt-blue bolts made them both jump and cry out and whimper. Mary could feel his cum soak into her, could feel his sperm swimming inside her. Incest sperm, she said again to herself. But she smiled and held him even more tightly to her heaving chest.

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