The Birthday Boy Ch. 05

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“Happy birthday sleepy head, did we wake you”

“Well yeah, but its about time I got out of bed anyways” I replied, just now realizing that its my grandparents on the other end of the phone.

“So birthday boy, got any big celebration plans for your big day today?” I heard my Papa ask, now realizing that their both on the phone.

“Well, the guys are taking me out for lunch today, and then mom and I are going out for dinner tonight, she got us reservations two weeks ago, at this little Italian place, but only told me about them yesterday”

“Oh so your taking our daughter out on a date are you? Well young man, you are to have her home by midnight, and you better act like a gentleman, you hear me? Don’t you go trying to put the moves on our daughter, cause we’ll surely hear about if afterwards, got that?” my Nana stated, trying to act serious, but I knew she was only kidding cause I could hear them both trying to suppress their laughter.

“Okay then, I’ll wont put the moves on your daughter, I promise” I replied, canlı bahis playing along with their little game, I could tell they understood this as I heard them howl with laughter on their end of the phone line”

“Well, we’ll let you get ready for day out with the guys, have a happy birthday hun, we love you” she added

“I love you both too, bye”


Rolling over in my bed I looked at the clock,

“Ten Thirty! Shit the guys will be here any minute to pick me up”

Throwing off the sheets and rolling out of bed, I made for the bathroom in my boxers to grab a quick shower before the guys showed up, as I was just about to open the bathroom door, it opened from the other side, revealing my mom, dressed in nothing but a towel wrapped around her body that barely kept her modest, and another one wrapped around the top of her hair. Obviously she had just come from a shower of her own. Since it was the only bathroom in the house and we both had to share, seeing mom like this wasn’t a rare occurrence, but for some reason, today was different.

“Morning Birthday Boy” bahis siteleri she chimed

“Morning mom” I replied, trying desperately to keep eye contact with her and not stare at her wonderful cleavage created by the towel just barely hanging onto her body.

“Come here and let your mommy give you your birthday kiss” she continued as she came towards me, the towel swaying slightly around her hips, as she reached her arms out to wrap them around me and pull me to her, embracing me in one of the tightest hugs she’s ever given me, then tilting her head slightly, placing her warm, soft, full lips on mine, her kiss seemed to be more then just a motherly kiss to say happy birthday to her son, and as I prayed that she couldn’t feel the growing erection in my boxers as a result of feeling her breasts squashed against my chest, concealed just by the towel around them, and I swear I felt her tongue brush against my lips, but before I could think about it anymore, she pulled away from me.

“Your friends called earlier, they said they wouldn’t be here until eleven, so hurry up and jump in the shower, bahis şirketleri I’ll just go throw something on and start on your birthday breakfast”

“Perfect, now I don’t have any reason to rush myself, thanks mom” I said as I grabbed a towel from the small closet outside the washroom and went inside.

“No, thank you baby” I thought I heard her say

Grabbing a quick shower, I got ready for my day out with the guys, coming out of the washroom, I could smell what seemed to be the best cooked scrambled eggs and bacon ever made, walking into the kitchen, it was confirmed that indeed it was scrambled eggs and bacon I smelled as I saw mom shoveling pieces of bacon onto a plate with eggs already on it.

“Wow mom, that smells great” I said, coming up from behind her and hugging her in thanks for making my favorite breakfast.

“Anything for my boy on his special day, although it seems like your not a boy anymore” she replied, snuggling back into me, catching me offguard.

“Now eat your breakfast while you still can, your friends will be here soon”

Passing me a fork as I sat down, I dove into the plate of bacon and eggs like a man starved for three days. As I had just about cleared my plate, the guys showed up to pick me up for the day, and with a kiss goodbye for mom, I was off.

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