The Barnet Sisters

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Judy Barnet wandered around the old fraternity house. The Saturday night party was just getting underway. She was looking for one particular guy and hoped to catch him early and alone. She had her bait on display as much as she thought she could get away with. Her flared skirt was short, above mid thigh, with a small thong on under it. The strap up the crack of her ass kept her mind on the fact that her ass was basically naked.

A bright lime green tube top just barely covered her nipples with breast showing above it and below. The short bolero styles jacket had long sleeves but left her belly bare. It was her only effort at modesty with the outfit. If this outfit didn’t get his attention completely, nothing would.

She grinned as she saw him standing alone in the doorway leading to the game room. She turned that way and walked directly up to him. He was alone. “Are you Mike Howard?” She asked as she stopped a foot behind him.

He turned and almost bumped into her breasts. He looked down at her with a confused look. “Uh, do I know you?”

“Not yet,” she replied and then asked, “Are you the Mike Howard that is said to have a long, long dick?”

“Uh… yeah, some people say that.”

“What would you say if I said I wanted to take it for a test drive, so to speak.”

He looked her up and down for a second and grinned. “Only an idiot would say no to that. Where and when?”

“How about your place and as soon as we can get there.”

“We haven’t left yet?” Mike asked, still grinning.


Mike led the way to the side door off the kitchen and held the screen as Judy went outside. He followed her out and put his arm around her waist as they went down the steps off the porch to the driveway. He turned them right, toward the street. “My car is out this way.”

Judy put her arm around his waist and rested her hand on the top of his hip as they walked down the dark driveway. His hand slowly moved down her hip and then up under her skirt. His big warm hand on her bare ass made Judy shiver. She moved her hand down to his Levi covered ass and rubbed it. Mike got the idea and did the same to hers.

“You’re certainly not shy,” he said a moment later.

“When I see something I want, why should I be shy about it?” Judy replied.

“More young women should have that attitude,” Mike said as they reached the street and turned left along the sidewalk. His big hand moved around to the side of her hip and he held it there, his fingertips just short of touching the edge of her panties.

“And more young men should have very big dicks,” Judy said with a grin.

“So, you like big dicks?” He asked.

“Sometimes,” Judy replied as they stopped next to a big black SUV.

Mike hit the button on his key and the horn beeped as the doors unlocked. He opened the door and waited for Judy to get in. She turned toward him and ran her hands over the front of his jeans. She could feel his big hard dick where it was angled upward toward the wide leather belt he had on. It felt warm through the thick material.

“Yes, I think that will do nicely,” she whispered as she turned and got in the truck. She made sure that he got an eye full of her long legs and shear white panties as she did.

“Nice,” Mike whispered as he stepped back and closed the door.

When he opened the driver’s door, he grinned and nodded. “Very nice.”

Judy was sitting in the corner made by the seat back and the door. Her right foot was on the floor and her left knee was against the back of the seat. Her knees were spread wide in this position, the dress pulled up high. Her sheer panties were showing again, only more so this time, as the interior light was in front of her.

As he got in, he also noticed that the green tube top was now a belt around the top of her skirt. The jacket hid her breasts but he knew she was naked under it. That made his dick twitch as he started the SUV. He turned the headlights on and the interior light went out. He reached up to the overhead console and flipped on the reading light on her side. She was spotlighted by it.

“I hope your windows are darkly tinted,” Judy said and he laughed.

As he pulled away from the curb, he said, “Would it matter if they were not?”

“If they aren’t then I don’t open my jacket.”

“Ah, a method to your madness,” he said and then nodded. “Yes, they are as dark as the law allows and then just a little more.”

Judy folded the center edges of the jacket inward and tucked them inside the sides of the jacket under her arms. Now her breasts were bare to his gaze. They were smallish but fit her frame well. The nipples were hard and set higher than center on each one. There was a twisted gold ring through the base of each nipple.

“Beautiful,” Mike whispered as he kept glancing her way as he drove. He stopped at the stop sign at the end of the street and spent a moment looking at her breasts. “Yes, very beautiful.”

He grinned as he looked both ways and drove ahead. “You do know how to get and keep pendik escort a guys attention.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Judy whispered. She knew they only had a few blocks to go to his house but his eyes and her wanton display had her pussy clamping down and relaxing. Little waves of pleasure radiated outward from her sex as she thought about what was going to happen once they got to his house.

“All that’s left is that sweet pussy of yours and the whole you with nothing on but those high heels,” Mike said as he made a right turn into the street where he lived.

As he turned into his driveway, Judy whispered, “How about two of me?”

About then a car pulled into the driveway behind them. “What the fuck?” Mike said nervously.

“That would be my twin sister. She didn’t want me to have all the fun,” Judy said with a chuckle.

“Twin sister? There are two of you?” Mike asked, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got a carbon copy. I’m the oldest by three minutes.”

Mike’s eyes narrowed. “And just how old are you two really?”

“Twenty in two months,” Judy replied. “I have my driver’s license, if you really need to see it.”

A tap at the driver’s window made Mike jump. He looked that way and rolled the window down an inch or so. A face exactly like Judy’s peeked in at him. “Hi, I Trudy, the cute one of the family.”

Mike rolled the window down another couple of inches and Trudy grinned. “I see sis is showing our goodies off.”

“Uh, yeah and mighty fine goodies they are,” Mike said as he rolled the window back up. As it closed, he opened his door and got out. Trudy had backed up to give him room. A moment later, Judy got out behind him, her jacket was closed but not buttoned.

“Does anyone live here besides you,” Trudy asked.

“No, just me. I had a roommate but he didn’t return to school this year,” Mike said as he locked his truck.

“That must make it tough with the rent,” Judy said as they walked toward the front porch.

“Not really, I own the place. It was my mother’s after my dad died and with her gone, it’s mine.”

“Sorry to hear about your parents,” Trudy said. “We lost our dad about three years ago. Mom has been alone since then.”

“That was the way mom was. I think she died because she missed dad so much,” Mike said as he opened the screen door and unlocked the wooden one.

Trudy glanced at her sister behind Mike’s back and said, “We have the same problem with mom.”

Mike flipped on a light, stepped aside, and held the screen door as the two young women enter the living room. The furniture was old and had seen better days in some cases but it was neat and clean. Cleaner than either of them expected.

Trudy unbuttoned the crop top she was wearing and turned to face Mike. It showed bare skin where it hung open but covered her breasts. “I couldn’t do that outside, the wind would have put on more of a show than I would have wanted.”

“Are you pierced also?” Mike asked as his eyes went from the front of Trudy’s blouse to the front of Judy’s jacket.

“Yes, but I wear barbells instead of rings. It’s one of the few ways we are different,” Trudy replied and shrugged her blouse off her shoulders. It fell away and went to the floor. A moment later, Judy’s jacket joined it.

Mike’s head and eyes swiveled back and forth comparing the two young women. Other than jewelry, they were identical. Even a small dark spot on their collarbones were mirrored. Both had small gold pendants through the top of their navels. “You both are gorgeous,” he whispered a moment later.

“Since we’re almost identical—” Judy started to say.

“You like to suck dick more than I do,” Trudy said.

“And you love anal sex more than I do,” Judy replied with a grin. “But not much more.”

Mike moaned softly at their exchange and they both grinned at him. “Was it the sucking dick or the anal sex that made you moan?” Judy asked.

“Uh, both,” Mike replied.

“Then get that shirt off and join the half naked party,” Trudy said with a laugh. “We promise not to break anything. Nothing important anyway.”

Mike almost dislocated his shoulder getting his over shirt and t-shirt off. After that he had a set of breasts against each of his sides as the two girls surrounded him. Two hands on the front of his jeans had him groaning as he kissed first one of them and then the other.

A few minutes later, Judy dropped to her knees and worked at his belt and the snap on his pants. Trudy was kissing him passionately. As Judy pulled his pants down her eyes got big and she groaned softly. “Oh, hell yes,” she whispered as his dick jumped up to stand against his belly.

Trudy broke the kiss and leaned forward to look down at his hard rampant dick. “Bingo! I think we have a winner,” she said with a laugh.

“Just what the doctor ordered, if he knows how to use it and is willing,” Judy added.

“He’ll be more than willing after we get through with him,” Trudy whispered as she went to her knees maltepe escort next to her sister.

Mike groaned and then moaned. One hot tongue made a sweep from the top of his balls to the spongy head of his dick. It was followed instantly by a second lick and then two sets of lips were working on the head. His dick was between their kiss, two tongues flicking and licking the sensitive flesh. When one of them swallowed him halfway, his hips jerked, and he groaned even louder than before.

That head came up. He saw it was Trudy and then Judy’s head went down. She swallowed just a little more than her sister. Her tongue did wonderful things to his shaft as her head came back up. She definitely could suck a dick, Mike thought as she continued to work magic on his dick.

Trudy stood up and kissed him deeply. When she broke the kiss, she asked, “Do you eat pussy?”

“Oh yeah,” Mike said enthusiastically.

“Why don’t we find out,” Trudy said as she stepped back and wiggled out of her tight shorts. She didn’t have underwear on and there wasn’t a sign of hair anywhere.

Trudy tapped her sister on the top of the head. When Judy looked up, Trudy said, “Let’s take this party somewhere more comfortable. I’m in the mood for a little face sitting.”

Judy lifted her head and took his dick out of her mouth. “His face or mine?”

“His at the moment. I want to see how well he eats pussy. Later, you can plant your face on me while he fucks me from behind.”

“How about a sixty nine? That way I can see just how well he can use this big thing,” Judy said with a grin.

“Greedy,” Trudy said with a laugh.

“It never hurts to try,” Judy said as she came to her feet.

“Which way is the bedroom?” Trudy asked Mike and he pointed to a hallway across the room.

With two hands on his dick, Mike was led across the room. They stepped to each side at the door and indicated for him to lead the way. From there to the bedroom door was a line of Judy’s skirt, tube top, and thong. Trudy’s sneakers and socks were mixed in. When Mike flipped the light on and turned around next to the bed, he was seeing double.

“Wow!” he said sharply and grinned. Judy still had the heels on which made her look taller. Other than that and the nipple jewelry, they were identical.

The next thing he knew, he was flat on his back on the bed with Trudy straddling his chest and Judy was between his knees with an arm over each thigh, his dick deep in her mouth. Trudy knee walked up over his shoulders and positioned her sex right above his face. She spread her knees a little wider and grinned down at him as she slowly lowered her wet looking sex toward his mouth.

As she got closer, his tongue made a swipe from her asshole to her clit and back again. She groaned softly and then gasped as the biggest tongue she had ever felt snaked its way up inside her vagina. She was shaking hard and gasping for breath by the time it stopped going deeper. When his hands came up and gripped her hips, pulling her down more, the tongue went even deeper.

“Oh. My. God,” Trudy said loudly and then moaned long and loud as he swirled his tongue around inside her pussy.

A minute or so later, Mike pushed her up and then dropped her back down. Trudy gasped loudly and wiggled her ass as the tongue exited and then reentered her. A moment later, she heard her sister whisper, “Holy shit, is that thing for real.”

“Oh yeah,” Trudy said loudly as the tongue snaked its way out and then back into her spasming pussy. Her pussy kept trying to grip the slippery intruder but wasn’t having any luck at all. It just kept on wiggling and swirling around, touching places a tongue had never touched before.

It wasn’t very long before Trudy gave out with a sharp yell and tried to get away from Mike’s tongue. He still had a grip on her thighs and held her in place as she tried to move away. Her orgasm was in full bloom and jumped up to an even higher plain when he started to tongue fuck her with long, very deep strokes. She couldn’t catch her breath for nearly a minute or so.

Mike relaxed his grip and Trudy moved up and off of his tongue, only to be pulled back down so that he could reach her swollen clit. That set her off again with a loud yell and a fast flexing of her hips. She was shaking all over by the time he released her thighs and she fell forward onto her hands and knees.

She groaned softly and looked down between her breasts to see Mike licking his lips and then the end of his nose. With a whimpering moan, she quickly moved to the side, laid down on the bed, and rolled over onto her back. “Holy shit!” she said softly and then sighed deeply.

“So I guess that means he knows how to eat pussy,” Judy said with a big grin.

“I’ve been fucked with dicks smaller than his tongue,” Trudy got out between ragged breaths.

“This I’ve got to try,” Judy said standing up.

“What… what about his dick?” Trudy asked quickly.

“That’s what I was talking about,” Judy replied with a kartal escort grin. “I’m not crazy.”

Mike had lain there turning his head back and forth as he followed the conversation between the twins. “You could turn around and 69 with me for a little bit before you go for a ride. It would kind of lube you up and get you ready, so to speak.”

Judy grinned and said, “Darling, I’m lube up down to my knees from sucking on that dick of yours and watching my sister get the tongue ride from hell. I’m about as ready as I’ll ever be.”

With that said, Judy climbed on the bed and straddled Mike’s thighs. She lowered her hips until she was sitting on his long thick dick. She shifted her hips back and forth and then wiggled from side to side. Her sex slid easily along the under side of his dick and settle even more around it as she wiggled.

Mike groaned softly as her hot wet opening came in contact with his shaft. “Yeah, you’re plenty hot and wet,” he whispered as he flexed his hips up and down slowly.

Judy was moving her slit up and down along his length when he lifted his hips and her clit came in contact with his shaft. She made a soft whimpering moaning sound and moved her hips a little faster. A moment later, she slowed back down and lengthened the stroke back and forth over his shaft. It was getting slipper by the second.

As she continued to work her hips back and forth, she groaned deeply and whispered, “A girl could get off just rubbing on this thing.” Then she whimpered and lifted her pussy up off him. “I think we’re both pretty lubed up by now.”

Mike grinned at her and nodded. “This is going to be fun,” he whispered as she reached down and lifted his dick until it was pointing straight up at her sex.

Her aim was pretty good as the large spongy head pressed against her hot opening as she lowered her upper body. “Oh yeah,” she whispered as she added a little weight to the connection and the head squeezed inside. “Oh, hell yeah,” She whispered a moment later as part of the shaft followed the head. Her pussy felt very full, very quickly.

Rotating her hips in a tight circle, she added more weight and slowly slid down his pole. They both groaned the whole time she was moving. When she stopped moving but wasn’t sitting on his hips, she groaned as she lifted her body several inches and then tried to sit down again. The head of his dick was in virgin territory by then and almost hurt as it stretched her pussy.

They were both groaning again and when Mike lifted his hips they touched Judy’s ass cheeks. She gasped loudly as he moved and then moaned long and loud as she sat down solidly on his hips. She sat there with a wide eyed look and whimpered. Just breathing was enough to move his big dick inside her.

“Houston, we have landing,” Trudy said with a laugh.

Judy groaned and shook her head. “Landing was good but liftoff might kill me. I’ve never been anywhere near this full.”

Mike looked at Judy with a big grin on his face. “It’s been a while since anyone has sat all the way down on me from the get go. It usually takes a few times to… uh… loosen things up.”

Judy shivered and whispered, “Right now, things are plenty tight. Give me a minute or two to adjust, if you don’t mind.”

Mike sighed deeply and replied, “I don’t mind at all. I can feel you all along the shaft and the head feels like it’s getting hotter and hotter.”

Judy nodded. “Just breathing is almost enough to set me off.”

“Then hurry up and get off, I want to try that thing from behind,” Trudy said with a big grin.

Judy groaned as she made a little experimental bounce and lifted up a couple of inches. That went pretty good but when she sat back down, her clit got trapped against his shaft and her eyes got big as it rubbed against it. It felt like his shaft was trying to push her clit inside with it. She rocked her hips trying to get her clit away from his shaft but nothing was working.

Mike reached up and pulled her forward as he rolled over. Judy found herself on her back with Mike between her legs. After that it was all one big blur of orgasms as he slowly fucked her with long full deep strokes. At first, she couldn’t get her breath as her pussy emptied and then filled to the brim. Then she was yelling at the top of her lungs as his shaft rubbed her clit to the point it felt pinched.

Trudy sat there, watched her sister getting fuck, and groaned deeply. She could not believe that big dick would all fit inside her twin’s pussy. Then she realized that it would all fit in hers as well. Then she groaned as she watched expression after expression cross Judy’s face. Pleasure chased pain, followed closely by a little fear, and then pure ecstasy. Then her face went kind of slack.

Mike made a couple more strokes and then stopped. He looked down at Judy and then glanced at Trudy. Trudy groaned and reached over to check the pulse at Judy’s neck. It was rapid and strong. “You just knocked her socks slam off.”

With a sigh of relief, Mike lifted his hips and pulled his big dick out of the small woman. When he looked up, he was staring straight at Trudy’s ass and pussy. She was looking at him over her shoulder. She wiggled her ass from side to side and grinned. “Fill her up,” she said and then giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32