The Banning Family Court

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This narrative is certainly not an original concept. The inspiration was from a story that a I read a long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away. I do not remember the author or even where I read it. So, to that long forgotten author, I thank you. This story contains BDSM, humiliation, and bisexuality. It also contains elements of incest. If this upsets your sensitivities, please read something else. But, if not, read on and enjoy. Your comments and your votes are important. If asked, I do respond to comments. Thank you.


It was the third Sunday of the month. The Banning family, all four of them, were driving to their father’s parents house. Robert, the father was driving. His wife, Denise, was sitting next to him.

“It seems like we were here a week ago.” Denise said.

“Mom, you know it wasn’t last week. It’s always the third Sunday of the month, except during Christmas.” The youngest Banning daughter, Gabriella, who was eighteen, corrected her mother.

“I know Gabby. It just seems like it was sooner than a month ago.”

The eldest daughter, Taylor, laughed.

“That’s when Michael really got it.” Taylor offered. “Grandma really tied his cock and balls tight and he had to leave it like that all afternoon.”

“Don’t forget what his Aunt Mallory put in his butt, girls.” Denise reminded them.

“You now know what could happen to you ever get in trouble.” Robert cautioned.

“How long did that dildo stay in his asshole, dad?” Taylor asked.

“I think until we all left at five, so about four hours. I don’t ever remember Grandpa being that angry.” Robert replied.

It was not unusual, at least among themselves, for the family’s conversations to be as graphic as they were. The Banning daughters were taught as soon as they were eighteen, what a family punishment was. They had been taught, as Robert had been taught when he was a boy, that bringing dishonor or disgrace upon yourself, was to bring honor and disgrace on the entire Banning clan. Those marrying into the family, like Denise, were made aware of the practice and if they refused to be part of the proceedings, then there was no marriage. At the age of eighteen, children were made aware of the proceedings of the Banning Family Court.

The Banning family was quite influential. They had acquired a large fortune in the transportation industry and shrewd investments and a strong business acumen, had brought the net worth of the family into the high ten figures. Robert, as the eldest son, will inherit the bulk of the fortune and responsibility when his father, the girl’s grandfather dies. It will also mean that Robert will become head of the family court when both his parents pass away.

“So, who’s in trouble today, dad?” Taylor asked.

Robert looked at Denise and said, “Don’t know, honey. All the misdeeds of family members go to your grandfather and he decides, with input from your grandmother. If he believes someone should be punished, he asks everyone what would be a suitable punishment. If no one suggests a punishment that he likes, he decides what will happen.”

“The only people who know who’s going to be punished are the person and their family.” Denise said then added, “Gabby, you’re 18 now, so you can be punished in front of everyone as well as take part in the punishment or humiliation of someone.”

Gabriella, who had turned 18 just two weeks ago, was deep in thought. She and Taylor we’re both raised very openly. There was never any attempt on her parents part to keep them hidden from what transpired at the large home of their grandparents. Gabriella was thinking about the other tradition of being “presented to the family.” This meant that Gabby would have to walk into the large sitting room and be stripped naked by her family. She would then walk and stand in front of everyone and let them see her close up. Since she wasn’t eighteen at the time, Gabby never witnessed a “Presentation.” Her sister sometimes told her about the events of the Court, but it was her cousin Elizabeth, Lizzy for short, who really told her all the details. Gabby and Lizzy were more best friends than cousins.

A short time later, Robert pulled the car into the long driveway leading to his parents large home. Robert stopped in front of the house and let everyone out. He looked at the three women who would wait for him on the steps and thought that he was a very lucky man. Denise was 42, but looked far younger. She had reddish brown hair, nice tits that had just the tiniest bit of sag and a very firm ass. Taylor, his oldest, was as tall as her mother, and though her chest was not as developed as her mother or sister, she made up for it with great legs and ass, a trait, Robert thought, that Taylor had inherited from her mother. Gabriella had short brown hair, tits and ass like her mother. He knew that soon everyone would be looking at those tits and tight ass.

Robert parked the car and walked up the steps to where his family was waiting. Robert and Denise never hid what went on during these canlı bahis monthly gatherings. They talked openly about them. All the family knew what misbehavior would cost. First, would be a review of why someone was brought before the Banning Family Court. Second, If guilty, and they always were, would be the stripping and punishment. That would be followed, in some cases, by the miscreant having to service sexually, various family members. That last part was kept from the girls. Robert didn’t know that Elizabeth had told Gabby about this part of Banning Family Court.

Once inside, the four of them were greeted by Robert’s father and mother, John and Doris, who hugged the girls and Denise.

“Anybody else here?” Robert asked his father.

“Your brother Marcus, Sue and Lizzy are here. Your sister, Catherine, just got here with Max and the kids. My brother Neal and his wife and kids are here. The others haven’t arrived. How is Gabriella feeling?”

“If she is nervous or scared about being naked in front of the entire family, she certainly isn’t showing it.”

“I think that if she could, Gabriella would be naked all the time. She is truly an exhibitionist.” Denise offered.

“Ha, takes after her grandmother.” Robert’s father, John, said.

“And her mother!” Robert laughed. “I really should start having the girls go naked at home.”

“Everybody’s out on the patio. Why don’t you go on out there and I’ll wait for the others to arrive.”

“Dad, anyone going to get it today?” Robert asked.

“Just one. I think you will enjoy it. I am really going to put her through the ringer for what she did.” John replied.

“Can’t wait. I’m in the mood.” Robert said as he shooed the family toward the patio.

Once they were on the patio, Lizzy came running up to Gabriella. The two girls hugged and Lizzy led Gabriella toward the side of the patio where they could not be heard.

“Are you freaking out about having to get naked?” Lizzy asked. “I mean, I was when I had to do it. God, in front of all those people. But it was kind of nice. I liked it when your father made me spread my asscheeks. I told daddy to do that to you.”

“You bitch,” Gabby laughed. “You know I like being naked. I hope I can be naked all day.”

“Well, I’ll ask Grandma if you can be. So, do you know who is going before the court? I do.”

“Oh, tell me!” Gabby pleaded.

“It’s Mallory. And it’s really bad. She got busted for a DUI.”

“But she doesn’t drink.” Gabby said.

“Yeah, I know, but she likes a little toke every once in a while. Her husband, Alex, was furious.”

“I bet he was. But how did you find out?”

“My dad. Told us at dinner last night. He said that Alex asked Grandpa for the boys to be involved in the punishment.” Lizzy giggled

“Logan and Peter? God, I hope they spank her. That will be so awesome!”

“Maybe,” Lizzy whispered, “they’ll get to do more.”

Both girls giggled as the rest of the family arrived.

The rest of the family came out onto the patio as soon as they arrived. Robert’s brother, Paul and his wife, Cheryl. Robert thought that Cheryl was the best-looking woman in the family. He fantasized that she would one day be brought before the Banning Family Court. However, Robert was disappointed because Cheryl was never brought before the court. Michael, their son had been punished by the court last month and Debbie, their daughter had only experienced being presented.

Last to arrive was Mallory and her family. Mallory was the daughter of John’s deceased brother. She was a bit younger than Robert. She had married Alex and they had two boys, Peter and Logan. Peter was twenty, almost twenty one, and Logan just turned nineteen. Mallory looked nervous.

After a few moments, Doris, Robert’s mother, announced it was time. The family members all stood, put down their glasses of lemonade or ice tea, and followed Doris into the house and through to the large library. The library was set with a long table where John and Doris sat. Chairs extended down from the table at each end so that the configuration looked like an upside-down letter U.

“Once you’re done with your presentation, sit by me. I’ll save you a seat.” Lizzy said to Gabby. Gabby agreed and went to stand by her parents and Taylor.

The different families sat together along one row or the other. When they were all seated, John announced that the Banning Family Court was now in session and, looking at his watch said, “It’s just past 1:00,” then while looking at Mallory continued, “and we will end at 5:00. We have one incident to review and one of our family has attained her 18th birthday. Robert, Denise, and Taylor, would you please bring Gabriella forward.”

They all rose and there was no hesitancy on Gabby’s part. Her mother took her hand and Robert the other as they led Gabby in front of the table where her grandparents sat. Taylor stood behind Gabby.

“You are now an adult in the eyes of the Banning family. You will now present yourself to bahis siteleri each member of the family. You will stand in front of each adult family member with your hands behind your head. You will turn so that each member can see your front and back. Then, you will bend and pull your ass cheeks apart so that the family member can see your pussy and asshole. This now means that you are subject to the discipline and humiliation of the family if you do anything that brings shame to yourself or this family. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” Gabby replied.

John nodded at Robert and Denise and they let go of Gabby’s hands. Gabby wore a sundress which Denise untied at Gabby’s shoulders. The garment slipped down Gabby’s body to the floor and she stepped out of the garment. Robert reached behind his daughter and undid her bra, pulling the garment away and freeing Gabby’s full tits to view. Denise knelt and slipped off Gabby’s sandals.

Robert nodded at Taylor and she reached for the waist band of her sister’s panties. She slid the panties down Gabby’s legs and lifted Gabby’s feet one at a time in order to have her step out of her panties. When she was finished, she patted her sister’s ass. Once Gabby was nude, Robert, Denise and Taylor sat down. Gabby, as instructed, placed her hands behind her head and spread her feet apart. John’s eyes traveled over the body of his granddaughter. He saw her nice sized breasts and a pussy that was neatly trimmed but did not hide the slight parting of Gabby’s pussy lips.

Gabby felt no discomfort or embarrassment. She remembered back a few months when her cousin Lizzy underwent the same ceremony without any hesitation or embarrassment. She was determined to equal, if not better, Lizzy’s performance.

Gabby turned to present her ass to her grandparents and then, bending at the waist, reached behind to pull her ass cheeks apart. She had thought a few days before this ceremony, that she would hold this pose for 10 seconds before rising and continuing to the next family member. She silently counted the seconds to herself and then rose. She walked to one side of the room and stood in front of her Uncle Paul and his family.

Gabby stood in front of her uncle with her legs spread. Then she turned so he could look at her ass. She bent and pulled her cheeks apart.

“Very nice.” Paul commented. “Now show your Aunt Cheryl.”

Gabby stood and moved in front of her aunt. She glanced at their son Michael, who was the subject of last month’s gathering, and could see the lecherous grin on his face. Gabby silently thought that he would never get to see her with a dildo up her ass. She was now bent at the waist, pulling her ass cheeks apart so that Cheryl could see all of her charms.

“Quite lovely, dear.” Cheryl remarked and Gabby moved in front of Michael. She counted to ten and then turned, knowing that all Michael looked at was her pussy. She bent and pulled her cheeks apart. Michael said nothing and Gabby moved in front of Michael’s sister, Debbie. Gabby repeated her posing in front of Debbie. Debbie was two years older than Gabby. When Gabby bent over and pulled her cheeks apart, she heard Debbie whisper, “I hope you get in trouble soon. I know what I would do to that ass of yours.” Gabby straightened up after ten seconds had passed and looked back at Debbie with a small grin on her face.

Gabby was now in front of her Aunt Catherine and her family. She completed her posing in front of her aunt and her husband, Max, and moved in front of their three daughters, Barbara, Ellen and Dylan. Dylan was the youngest of the three but Gabby only knew that Dylan was about Taylor’s age. Dylan giggled when Gabby exposed her pussy and asshole to her. Gabby did her mental countdown and moved across to the other side.

Gabby repeated her presentation to the eight relatives sitting on the other side. She felt no shame in exposing herself to her aunts, uncles and cousins. Gabby took pleasure when she had to spread her ass cheeks in front of her male cousins. Especially William, who was single and in his thirties. He was the son of John and Doris’ brother, Neal and his wife, Kendra.

When she had finished with the family members, she stood in front of her parents. Gabby presented herself to each of them and then returned to stand in front of her grandparents with her hands, once again, behind her head. Doris stood up and moved behind Gabby.

“You did very well, Gabriella. But, before you are finished, one more test. Put your hands down and lean over the table. Reach your hands across the table.” Doris said in a firm voice.

Gabby complied. Her grandfather took hold of Gabby’s hands.

“Spread your legs as wide as you can, Gabriella. That’s good.”

Gabby felt her pussy lips being spread and two fingers probed inside her pussy. Doris’s fingers rotated inside Gabby and she sucked her breath in as Doris ran her fingers over Gabby’s slit as she removed them.

“You’re wet, Gabriella. Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, grandmother.”

There bahis şirketleri were giggles and laughter around the room.

“One last thing, Gabriella. How long ago did you lose your virginity?”

“Last year.”

“Did you tell anyone?”

“Just Lizzy, I mean Elizabeth.”

“Are you on the pill?”

“No. He used a condom.”

“You can stand up now.” Doris said.

“One last question. Do you want to stay naked for the rest of the afternoon?”

“I would like to, if that’s alright.”

“It’s more than alright.” John said.

Doris picked up Gabby’s clothes and removed them from the room.

Gabby returned to her seat next to Lizzy, who patted her cousin on the thigh.

The two held hands as John announced, “Now, on to important matters. Mallory!” John shouted. “Come stand in front of the table!”

Mallory stood and walked to the table. She looked every bit the professional business woman in a white blouse, over a camisole and bra, a blue skirt that stopped just above the knee and black heels. This, plus a matching jacket, would be what she would wear to work at Banning Industries, where she was Comptroller.

Mallory was trembling as she stood in front of John and Doris. John spoke first.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you Mallory?”

“Yes, Uncle John, I do.”

“Tell everyone what you’ve done to warrant standing in front of us, today.”

“I was arrested for driving under the influence.”

“Alcohol?” Doris asked.

“No, Aunt Doris. It was pot.”

“Narcotics?” Doris asked in amazement, but she already was well aware of the circumstances of Mallory’s arrest.

John continued the interrogation. “You were bailed out by your husband, Alex?” John knew the answer to his question, but he wanted Mallory to tell everyone who baled her out.

“No, Alex was out of town on business. It was Peter and Logan.”

“Your sons?” Doris yelled.

“Yes, Aunt Doris. It was my two sons.”

John now looked at the family members before speaking. “I will allow for any family member to take a moment to think of an appropriate punishment. There are pens and paper in the back of the room. Write down your punishment idea and put it in the box. Put your name on it if you wish.”

“In the meantime, Mallory will now strip naked.” Doris announced. When Doris told Mallory to strip, Gabby grabbed Lizzy’s hand.

“What do you think they’ll do to her?” Gabby asked.

“I’m pretty sure her ass is going to be very red. They have lots of implements and they have benches to put you over.” Lizzy whispered.

“How do you know this, Lizzy?” Gabby asked her cousin.

“My family talks more about the monthly meetings than yours does, Gabby. My mom is pretty open with me. How you doing sitting here naked? I see some of the guys looking at you.”

“I’m really getting turned on. I’d like to uh…” Gabby hesitated but Lizzy knew what her cousin was thinking.

“You’d like to get off, wouldn’t you?” Lizzy asked.

Gabby just nodded as she watched Mallory hand her shoes to Doris and began to unbutton her blouse. Doris took the blouse from Mallory and folded it neatly before placing it on top of the shoes. She lifted the camisole off next and then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She bent to pick it up and handed it to Doris, who folded the skirt and placed it on top of the camisole.

Gabby was so transfixed watching Mallory undress, that she didn’t notice that two of the family members had gotten up to write down a punishment scenario. Gabby continued watching as Mallory reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She slid the garment off her shoulders and handed it to Doris. Gabby saw Mallory take a deep breath and slide her fingers inside her panties and push them down and off. Mallory bent to pick them up and handed her panties to Doris. Doris felt the crotch and then folded them. Doris picked up the pile of Mallory’s clothes and left the room. Mallory was naked and John told Mallory to put her hands behind her head.

“Mallory, turn around so everyone in the family can see you.” John ordered.

Mallory turned around and looked at her husband and sons. There were tears in Mallory’s eyes. John asked Gabby to fetch the slips of paper from the back of the room. Gabby was staring at Mallory and surveying her body. She was in her early to mid forties. Her tits were medium sized and had just a trace of sag. Gabby thought she was a 34B. Her stomach was flat and her pubic hair was trimmed, but rather full.

Doris returned to the room, after putting Mallory’s clothes away where Mallory could not find them. John prompted Gabby a second time and she got up and walked to the back of the room to fetch the papers. She gathered them up and walked toward the table, looking at Mallory all the way to her Grandfather. John took the slips and thanked Gabby. Gabby returned to her seat next to Lizzy. Gabby knew all eyes were on her as she walked back to her chair.

John looked through the papers and was silent for a minute. Normally, he set the punishment and any sexual submission that followed punishment. If a male was to be punished and humiliated, then Doris would be the deciding “judge.”

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