That Brief Encounter Ch. 03

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My new girlfriend Kylie is absolutely gorgeous and hot. She was at one of our house parties, where we meet. To remind readers, my buddies Ben and Daniel have rented this large old house near the city and have been hosting regularly parties.

Kylie is honey blonde, petite and had an amazing figure. When I first her, I knew that physically she was my type of girl and once I got to know her more, I really liked her “girl next door” personality. She is down to earth and funny but mentally, spiritually and emotionally we had some connection on those levels as well. But she had come off a long term relationship a few months earlier, so she still was in that fragile state. Again I was the “knight in shining armor” that “saved” her.

We began having a sexual relationship a few weeks ago. I still remember our first encounter.

It was after a night in town and we end up in the backseat of my SUV. I have to say she was amazing. As it was her first sexual encounter since the breakup of her long-term relationship with this guy Brad, she was hesitant at first but offered, you got it, “hand relief” she called it.

Oh yeah, I remember how good she was. How she reluctantly but succumbed to my charms and ended up furiously masturbating me in the backseat of my car. It was just what I wanted, to be finished off by a beautiful girl “on the rebound.” The hot intimacy became extra hot when she described and talked about her sexual experiences with her ex boyfriends. It was something I encouraged her to talk about. But her openness surprised me. Although we haven’t had intercourse yet and she somewhat reluctant for me to touch her down there yet, she was like wow. Her handjob technique was not bad.. actually really good, as my mind wonders to that hot night. After a few weeks knowing each other, I wanted more, I wanted to f..k her. I wanted to know what she was like in bed. So it was on that beautiful night after dinner out, she took back to her place for the first time. I remember arriving at her place and going straight to her bedroom and her yelling out to her mum who was in another room of the large house, telling her she was home.

Her bedroom was quite large. Her family seen well off. I can tell by the decor. We lie on her bed talking. I was already feeling hot for her and I can tell she was the same with me. The hot thoughts of making out with her fills my mind as I stared into those beautiful eyes. She touches me intimately, stroking my arm as I become mesmerized by her presence. I was hoping this will the night of passionate lovemaking with this beautiful creature. Her perfume drifts into my nostrils seducing me. I just wanted to eat her, as I looked at her, my erection now full on. She leans towards me and we begin kissing. I begin touching her back, giving her a light massage. She responded and things begin to move quickly from that point. I can hear her excited quiet moans. My god she is making feeling so hot now. I move my hand down to her shorts, wanting to insert my hand down her shorts.

“Can I?” I nervously asked permission.

But she suddenly gets up. I thought I said something wrong but she pendik escort just goes to the door and places a piece of clothing beneath the door to I guess to muffle any “sounds” we make. Then she comes back, smiling at me. I embrace her and we passionately kiss.

We lay there, our legs intertwined kissing and I then try again, moving my left hand downwards until it rest between her legs. This time she lets me keep my hand there. Then I move down until my face was in her chest. The hot scent of her natural smell mesmerized me as I inhaled her heat. She was getting really aroused now. I feel on this occasion she will allow me complete access to her body. I can hear her quiet moans as I start to massage my left hand in circular motions. Then she moves her right hand to my crotch. I am fully erect, as she grips and rubs me through my pants.

“Can I see your breasts?” I asked nervously.

She obligingly takes off her t shirt, exposing her sexy lacy bra. I quickly help her take that off.

“My god you are beautiful.” As I cupped her breasts in my hands.

“Do you want to lick them?” She smiled at me.

“Oh yeah.” I replied instantly.

I held onto her right breast and proceeded to flick my tongue rapidly around her swollen red nipple. She lets out a hot moan. It causes me to throb excitedly. Then I changed position, getting on top of her and grabbed both of her breasts and tongued my way between both globes alternating between her nipples and creamy white skin. She moans continuously now. The sparks start to really fly as I enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her. Lust takes over as I slowly licked my way down to her most private part. I wanted to examine her there, to see this beautiful girl’s pussy. She doesn’t stop me, so I start to take her shorts off. She closes her eyes and let’s me do what I wanted and enjoy myself and I sure did. She wore sexy pink underwear. Her beautiful long legs become more apparent as I ran my trembling fingers over her lower body examining her attractive from. I feel myself throbbing uncontrollably with excitement. I couldn’t wait anymore. I wanted to know what she looked like, then go down on her. I wanted to enjoy what her ex boyfriend saw many times before.

Finally with held breath I slowly push her legs apart. Then repositioning myself, I laid both hands on either side of her thighs, pushing them wide. It elicits a hot erotic moan from her as she inevitably lets go allowing me to fulfill my desire. There she is, spreadeagled in front of me. A damp spot appears on the center of her lacy pink panties. I looked at the erotic sight of her then moved closer, until the faint smell of her pussy hits me.

“Oh my god…oh yeah.” I moaned in pure excitement.

“Ohhh yeahhh, ohh yeahh.” She moans upon hearing my excitement.

At this moment, I just wanted to sniff and taste her. I do just that and begin licking her through the moist fabric. I can taste that familiar musky taste of pussy. She starts moaning and squirming. I can tell she is half shaven beneath that sexy underwear. I quickly pull then off, exposing her pussy. My god, so hot, Kylie is maltepe escort indeed half shaven. I lick my lips anticipating more. Her pussy lips protruding through the pubic hairs. My heart pounds endlessly at the sight of her exposed to me.

Then I put my face into her small private part and inhaled her scent. She squeals delightfully as I massaged my face in her pubic hairs. Then I felt myself throbbing too much. I pull away and then spread her wide open exposing her vulva in its natural state. Her natural smell engulfs me. Her vulva moist and creamy, glistens in the light of the bedside lamp. It was arousing me too much looking at her that way, that I proceeded immediately to eat her. Her unfamiliar fishy taste fills my mouth as I flicked my tongue rapidly around her pussy. Then I expose her clitoris by pulling back the hood and just went for it. She goes crazy, cumming immediately. Her body convulses and her legs flexes involuntarily. The sounds of her moans as she orgasms nearly makes me cum in my pants. I pull away and begin taking my pants off. I want to f..k her real good.

I quickly put my trusted protection on and inserted myself and just went for it, missionary position. The feeling of myself in her, was incredible. She moans out of control. Watching her was highly erotic, as I banged her rapidly. Oh yeah, now I know what she’s like and what the ex saw when he did the same with her. I smirked at the dirty thoughts. I quickly changed position looking for the “special position” that gets this girl going. She comes on top of and I rapidly banged her, watching her cum again. Then I found it, as she sits up and begins riding me as I held her steady.

“Ohhh yeahhh, ohhhh, oh Jason this is my favourite position.” She smirked between moans.

Oh my god, she was starting to make me cum. I pull out of her quickly as I didn’t want to blow my load just yet. She immediately pull off my condom and starts sucking up and down. Oh yeah, she is absolutely fantastic as she licked and sucked me.

“Oh my god Kylie you making feel so good.” I groaned.

“Yeah, you like that. You want some hand relief? I know you want me to. Oh yeah, you’ll like it, just like in the car, yeah.” She smiled biting her lower lip.

She quickly laid back next to me and wasted no time, gripping me firmly. Her right hand suddenly starts stroking very fast and she starts to kiss me. Oh my god as I feel myself begin squirming in pleasure and pumping my pelvis up to meet her right hand. I let out a deep groan. Kylie immediately goes crazy, furiously masturbating me just like she did before. Her breathing becomes deep and fast. I start to explode in mind boggling spurts. My cum explodes out like an out of control hose. She squeals and moans excitedly as she finishes me. Oh my god she is incredible.

Kylie slows down, slowing stroking me. A beautiful smile appears on her pretty face.

“You like the feeling of a girls hand on your big hard cock, don’t you? I can tell.” She smirked while running her fingers slowly along my shaft.

Already I can feel myself getting hard again. Then in a sign of intimacy, kartal escort she wipes me clean. I really like when a beautiful woman does that. Then I kissed her embracing her before chilling with her. I told her how wonderful she was. And she told me it was going to happen at some point, why not now. We embraced again before I got the urge to go to the bathroom. She directs me and I put my underwear on and head to the door. She gives me a little wave as I open the door and go out. As I get outside and close the door behind me, I am suddenly confronted by this beautiful sexy looking woman standing there looking at me.

“You must be Jason?” She smiled. “I am Kylie’s mom.”

As she stretches her hand out.

“Yes…sorry I need to go to the bathroom.” I mumbled nervously after quickly shaking her hand.

The first thing I looked at was her beautiful slender hand, then that beautiful face. I try to move on, but already I can see her looking down where my hands were as I try to cover the bulge developing. I walked quickly away, awkwardly smiling at her as I went, giving her a nervous wave. I never been so embarrassed, being suddenly confronted by the mom after sleeping with her daughter.

When I came out of the bathroom, I am glad she wasn’t still there. I paused at the bedroom door and my minds wonders. My god I can see where Kylie got her looks from. She was a splitting image of her, except admittedly there something real hot about the mom. She was more sexy…hmmm, I think so but something was really appealing. I think it was because she was older, hence experienced and that makes me attracted to her and she looked wow exceptional. Then I pinched myself. I got to be kidding myself, I am dating her daughter. Then I remember Kylie telling me that her parents have separated a few months ago probably a few months before Kylie herself had broken up with her ex boyfriend. I didn’t want to stand there like a dummy, so I open the bedroom door and entered.

“You took your time.” Kylie smiles at me.

“Sorry, got to look good for my lady you know.” I replied quickly with a wicked smile.

I cuddled up to her and we talked and planned for the next day and weeks ahead. I told her that I had a fantastic day and night before I said my goodbyes, before heading back to my larger place shared with my buddies.

The following week, Kylie had already gone out with her friends and I am to meet her later tonight. But she calls saying she left something behind and wondered if I can pick it up from her house. She tells me her mom is at home, so no problems with entry and she will let mom know I am coming over. You guessed it, when she asked me to do that, I was both nervous and excited. I swallowed nervously at the thought of being alone in the house with her mom. But then…I needed to pick the piece of clothing Kylie needed. I can’t make an excuse on that…and… her mom’s pretty hot. I will tell myself that I am just going to go over and pickup what I need and then quickly leave as plan.

I arrive at her place and knocked on the front door. The door opens fairly quickly and there standing there is Kylie’s mom dressed only in her nightie. The instant scent of her perfume drifts into my nostrils. My heart thumps steadily in my chest, as I stood there like an idiot.

“So good to see you again Jason. Come on in.” She smiled mischievously…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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