Teal Green Taffeta Ch. 03

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The next few days were frustrating; mother was surprised at my reluctance, and became rather cold and distant. She is used to getting her own way, and doesn’t take well to resistance. She skipped “evening prayers” for several days and let me know I was unwelcome in her bed. I was able to take my sexual frustrations out on Rosalia, rather brutally.

I used all three of her holes on a daily basis, and treated her like a receptacle, until she cried. She could tolerate being whipped and sexually used but emotional rejection was too much. I really felt guilty about this, and gave her some pretty clothes, and spent some time on my knees, pleasuring her with my mouth. A slave girl expects little and she was very pleased with any sign of affection.

Mother finally summoned me, and said, “You know that I want this grandchild, and that I will get it one way or another. While I am alive and healthy I run this family! I know that you will comply with my wishes, and since like most men you are a pig and will enjoy doing it. Your prissy sister is another matter, she is staying at a hotel in town, sulking, and refusing to come here. I want you to go, and talk to her, because she can be seduced by you, or just comply, but one way or another she is going to spread her legs for you, and do her duty to me, and her family!”

There was no point in arguing so I drove into town, and stopped at the hotel. As angry as mother was she was keeping my sister, in a suite, in the nicest place in town.

Carolyn resembles mother, she is Blonde, but is built rather differently. She is two years younger than me, and is barely 5’2, and has small firm breasts. She is cute, as opposed to my mother’s elegance, and frankly I knew I would have no difficulty, doing what mother wanted. When she met me at the door, she was obviously furious, and had been crying.

She started immediately, “I don’t care what she says, she told me what you, and her do, and I think it’s disgusting, and even worse she says she lets you stick it into that fat pig Rosalia. Do you use a rubber or do you wash it with Lysol afterwards?”

This was terribly unfair, but I had to admit she always had a gift for expressing her feelings. She continued her rant, “When she came to LA, I just wanted some advice. I told her that, that pervert I married was sticking his business into everything but me, and her brilliant solution is to come up to the Bay Area, and do it with my brother! That bitch is crazy”.

She actually ranted like this for twenty minutes, but fortunately a small girl like her has only so much lung power, and she finally wound down.

“Can we talk now?” I said.

“Yeah go ahead”, she replied

“You know she isn’t going to back down. I am willing to do what she wants, but I won’t force you, even I have limits.

“Did she tell you that the settlement, that her shyster arranged, gives everything to Del the pervert. She arranged things so that all I have is my car, clothes, and Five Grand in the bank, she could cancel the credit card that I am paying the bill here with, any time.”

“She didn’t even use her own lawyer because this would be too sleazy even for that snake in an Armani suit. She got some bum that the Bar Association hasn’t caught up with yet. He probably does perverted stuff with Del. They’re both terrified of her, and god only knows what she’s got on them. In any case they don’t want to go to prison, and have to get married to the ice pick brothers, although they’d probably get to like it, the scumbags.”

I let her know that “I can’t be of any real help, as I am the lowest paid CEO that anyone ever heard of although my credit cards always get paid on schedule by mother’s personal accountant, so I live far better than my bank account would explain. Mother doesn’t encourage too much financial independence for me.”

“Do you have any suggestions?” I asked

She thought for a minute, and said, “I’m sorry about the rant I know this wasn’t your idea, I shouldn’t be yelling at you about it and actually what you do with mother and Rosalia, is your own business”.

Then she continued, “To persuade me, she actually told me that your penis was much larger than daddy’s, and of course I would know. You see about three months before kartal escort bayan my 18th birthday she took me to her Gynecologist to get me on the pill. It seems that I had responsibilities, because of an old family tradition. I had asked her to do this before, because I really liked this boy, and wanted him, but she had refused, and I never saw him again. You were in College at the time, and didn’t know about this. From then until my 18th birthday I was practically under house arrest. On my birthday daddy took me to a lovely dinner, and then to a hotel room where he relieved me of my virginity. I don t criticize him for this, because my attitude was ridiculous. Every time he had me after that I would protest, and beg him not to do it, then a few minutes later I would have my legs wrapped around him and telling him how big it was, letting him know what I wanted with every obscenity I could think of. It was obvious why he didn’t take me seriously and enjoyed me any time he wanted. Mother even watched us a few times. I’m amazed that she didn’t celebrate your 18th birthday that way, or did she?”

I told her “no”.

She continued, “I even asked about artificial insemination, but she said she wasn’t going to make you “jerk off” in a cup.” She actually said “jerk off.” She is determined that the child will be conceived in love or at least submission, and she is determined that it is to be a pleasurable experience at least for you. The old bag is really crazy and ought to be put in a nuthouse.”

Then I asked if she found me attractive and she said “If you weren’t my brother I’d have raped you years ago, but it just isn’t right, I really felt guilty about doing it with daddy even though I had no choice”.

I then had an idea, “What if we did things where there was no chance of you getting pregnant, maybe you could get used to my attentions, I told her about “evening prayers”, and she agreed to think about it.

When I returned to the house Mother was waiting, and said “Carolyn called and said she is moving here tomorrow, so apparently you made some progress.” She immediately dropped to her knees, and showed me her appreciation. Mother usually only allowed me this pleasure in bed almost never on her knees.

Carolyn was at dinner that night and she and mother were distant but polite and most of the conversation was about me. Carolyn told mother that she was going to look for a job, or volunteer for something. Mother agreed.

Over the next few weeks nothing was said about mothers “project”, and mother was so appreciative that she let me enjoy her on top. Of course periodically after evening prayers, she would be “too tired”, and send me away, where I would find Rosalia in my bed, and enjoy her plump charms.

Then one night at 10:00 I arrived for evening prayers, and found Carolyn sitting in the chair, in a black lace teddy and stay up thigh high stockings. She smiled and said “just prayers, I’m not ready for the whole thing yet.” She unsnapped the crotch of her teddy and threw her legs over the arms of the chair. Apparently her pretty little breasts were not on the evening’s menu, so I began. I began to lick her outer labia and moved slowly inward. She was tense at first but she became more relaxed by the time I got to her clitoris. She finally said “that feels good but I’m not going to make it tonight.”

I apologized, but she said “Don’t be sorry it was kind of nice and you were very gentle.” She kissed me on the mouth gently and said “Mother is in bed waiting for you.” Mother’s personality is totally dominant and demanding but she never fails to show her gratitude when she is pleased. She was very pleased at my efforts and showed her gratitude for over an hour.

It took three nights but Carolyn finally climaxed, and as she had promised mother she showed her appreciation on her knees. This went on for three weeks until I arrived for prayers one night and found mother in her customary position. She made no comment and when I finished she simply said “I won’t require you this evening”, and walked into her bedroom. This didn’t bother me and I began to think about any pleasures I hadn’t enjoyed with Rosalia lately.

When I got to my apartment I got a surprise that I should have expected. Carolyn escort maltepe was in my bed wearing black lace stockings and one of those little half bras that push the breasts up and expose the nipples. A very pretty package and different from what I was used to.

I took off my clothes and was already hard. Carolyn said “It really is bigger than Daddy’s. Be careful; remember I’m not stretched out like Mother and Rosalia. Do they have any trouble taking that thing?”

“Not in their pussies, but I think their bottoms would like it a little smaller.”

“You stick it in their asses!”

“And their mouths”

As I got into bed and kissed her she said “I don’t really want to do this, but I’m afraid that if daddy’s thing could make me in to a slut, that will turn me into a real $5 whore.” “I would go $10 for you anytime”

She laughed “That’s something at least.”

I kissed her lips and breasts then headed south. “After the waxing at that salon she made me throw all my pantyhose in the Salvation Army box. Some bag lady is going to strut her stuff in real silk.”

Before I got that far she said “just do it” Her slender body was a nice contrast to what I was used to, and I began to think of some athletic possibilities that my other ladies’ ages, and sizes rendered difficult or impossible. As expected she didn’t climax, but I did, filling her and hopefully satisfying mother’s wishes.

Of course she did climax eventually and for the next four months we were ordinary lovers, and she got my full attention, except for evening prayers with mother. She no longer complained about mother’s demands, and accepted my advances with enthusiasm.

Not having me was hard on mother, but she took pity on Rosalia, and made her a “fringe benefit” for Ed our chauffer and body guard. Ed used her on a regular basis and she enjoyed it. Rosalia appreciated anything that pleased her mistress. I did notice a large dildo in mother’s bedroom, and apparently Rosalia serviced her with it on a regular basis.

Unfortunately my seed was not getting planted, and mother summoned Carolyn and I and said “I am satisfied with the efforts you have made, but I have decided that we must take other measures beginning tomorrow. Carolyn will sleep alone tonight. I have denied myself my greatest pleasure for four months, and will enjoy it tonight and perhaps tomorrow night.”

After prayers she led me to her bedroom, and enjoyed me until I was exhausted.

I slept late the next day and didn’t go to work. Mother of course took the opportunity for more time with me.

After lunch she called me to her study, ordered me to undress and had Rosalia measure me in several places, with a tape measure, for a purpose she didn’t specify. Over the next month I alternated between Mother and Carolyn, and I even visited Rosalia twice.

Then after dinner one evening she produced a large box, and took out a Stainless Steel contraption that I realized was a chastity belt. I knew that they were still made, and had seen pictures, on the internet. (Check if you don’t believe me.)

She looked at me and said, “You will be wearing it for the next three weeks, and conserving your sperm. It will be removed once a day to be cleaned, and for you to shower. In the shower you will be handcuffed and bathed by Rosalia under my supervision, insuring that she doesn’t touch your private parts. You will then be handcuffed to the bed while Rosalia thoroughly cleans the device.

“The device is designed to allow your normal sanitary functions. For safety purposes I won’t lock you in the device but there will be a seal with a serial number, and I will know if it has been removed and replaced. If you should remove it for anything but a serious emergency, you will be punished severely. Take off your clothes and bend over that table!”

I knew there was no point in arguing and I did what she asked.

She called and handed Rosalia the whip she normally used on her.

“Twelve and if they aren’t hard enough you’ll get three for every one that isn’t. I want to see marks”

“One” The pain was worse than I expected

“Two” Even worse than the first

“Three “I suddenly had more respect for Rosalia” The last nine were excruciating, pendik escort one more and I would have screamed”

“That was twelve; imagine the 100 you will receive if you violate my trust. Now thank me”

“Thank you, mother.”

“And Rosalia.

“Thank you Rosalia.”

“Now kiss the whip”

She continued “I do regret the necessity of doing that, but not enough to deny myself this opportunity to use you for my pleasure. As I’m sure you found with Rosalia that a sore bottom makes a lover very responsive. I seldom availed myself of this pleasure with your father but it was very enjoyable when I did. I will put the device on you tomorrow. There is one more thing” She held up a rather large dildo and said “This attaches to the belt, and you will use it to serve me, Carolyn, and Rosalia on a daily basis. You will of course be stimulated, but will receive no pleasure from this.

“I could of course have you and Carolyn medically examined, and will if necessary but a good mother always provides loving discipline to her children and I feel that this will benefit you in the long run. The end of the three weeks corresponds to Carolyn’s most fertile period.” As usual it was pointless to argue. Mother did make relatively few demands on me but when she did they were never negotiable. I think Carolyn was amused by the whole thing.

Mother took me into the bedroom and mounted me, the pain was intense, forcing me to lift my hips to meet her, and delaying my orgasm. She was delighted with both things. She climaxed at least three times. I finally finished and mother said “You really are the great love of my life and you will always be my greatest source of pleasure, and this must always be foremost in your mind.

“When I die, or grow too old to enjoy you, this power will pass on to you. Your sister and any children will be subject to your discipline, and hopefully love.”

In the morning she put the belt on me observing that it was best quality available, and was less uncomfortable than I expected. At work of course I had to sit down in the bathroom like a girl. In fact I’m almost surprised that she didn’t expect me to wear women’s clothes for the extra inconvenience. She always said being a woman was worth the difficulties that it caused but men should be made to understand these difficulties.

Celibacy is never fun, and when a man is used to having women anytime he wants them it is especially difficult. But when you are expected to service three women on a daily basis, without any pleasure yourself, it is awful. The three weeks were the longest in my life. Mother simply said “Be patient, it’s necessary.”

Carolyn and Rosalia were sympathetic, but knew better than to interfere. Carolyn preferred the real thing, and Rosalia was already being used by Ed on a daily basis. But I serviced all three every night for the entire three weeks.

Rosalia bathed me every night under mother’s watchful eye, and had no opportunity to help me, which I think she would have done if possible. When the big night came Carolyn was in Rosalia’s pillory with her bottom raised. There was no question of love making, or foreplay. This was pure reproductive lust. I climaxed almost immediately and emptied what felt like gallons into her. As she had been advised Carolyn remained in this position for an hour to ensure that the sperm had the maximum opportunity to achieve its purpose.

I had Carolyn again that night and in the morning, putting a smile on her face both times. Mother’s scheme apparently worked as three weeks later Carolyn peed on a stick and it turned blue. The finest obstetrician in the Bay Area confirmed it one week later, and our household returned to normal.

That night mother and I celebrated in bed, and she made me aware of certain things that I hadn’t been aware of. “You may wonder why I didn’t enjoy you on your 18th birthday like your father and sister. I wanted to, but I promised your father that I wouldn’t while he was alive. I was always the moving force in our relationship, but there were a few things he insisted on and that was the most important. I’m afraid that I had begun planning your seduction before you arrived at the airport, for the funeral.

“You have been the greatest joy in my life but I will continue to insist on your devotion and obedience. Of course it is up to you whether you continue your relationship with your sister, and you may insist on her fidelity if you wish. Rosalia is of course still my slave and you may use her as you see fit.”

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