Sunday Afternoon Alone

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A Lazy Sunday Afternoon…

It was a cold and cloudy Sunday afternoon. She had been restless all morning and tried unsuccessfully to concentrate on reading a book and watching a movie. Subconsciously she knew what the problem was but she was hoping it would go away…NOT! Sexual gratification is a strong force, particularly with someone who felt things as intensely as she did.

Her appetite for sexual gratification had been increased recently, much to her surprise. Since her last relationship ended she hadn’t been sexually active and with the exception of an occasional session of masturbation with the shower massage, her feelings of passion had been dormant. Then, quite unexpectedly he came into her world and through his words alone had revived in her a need that at times was unbearable. With him, her orgasms were more intense than she ever remembered and she was delighted that she could please him too. Thoughts of those conversations were haunting her today and try as she might, she couldn’t put them out of her head.

She decided to try and take a nap…perhaps sleep would bring her peace. NOT! As soon as she fell casino oyna asleep she started to dream about him and the images were very graphic. Before she knew it she was fingering her pussy and woke up feeling the wetness on her fingers. There was no stopping now. Quickly she reached over to the night stand drawer and got out her dildo and vibrator. Her hands were trembling as she slipped the large pink colored cock into her dripping wet pussy. How she wished it was him and images of what he would be doing if he were there were flashing through her mind.

With the cock in her cunt she reached around and put her finger in her ass. It wasn’t the same as when he did it (NOTHING was that good!!!) but she was so horny she simply had to fuck herself as completely as possible. Her clit was so hard now that it was hurting so she touched it with the vibrator and almost instantly felt herself cumming. Her moans could wake the dead! It had been so long since she had done this that the climax went on for what seemed like hours. She pumped her hips and writhed on the bed in pleasure. But she still found herself wishing so much he were here..or canlı casino at least on the phone to cum with her.

She loved their phone conversations. They weren’t the “real thing” of course but masturbating together with him made her orgasms so much more pleasurable. Knowing he was listening to the sucking sound her pussy made when she pushed the dildo in and out, hearing him tell her what he would do if he were there, imagining how his cock looked as it was getting hard…all this was such a turn on. Usually he made sure she climaxed first and then she would work on giving him pleasure. She described in detail how she would slip her finger in his ass while she was sucking his dick and licking the tip while she caressed his full balls in her hand. She told him how hard her nipples were and explained how she would make them slippery with his pre cum and then squeeze his cock between them so he could fuck her tits. Each time he thrust his hard prick forward she would lick the end of it with her waiting tongue. After she heard his moans of pleasure she was so turned on that she usually had another orgasm. Even though he was exhausted kaçak casino he unselfishly talked to her while she fingered her pussy and had one last wave of ecstasy.

Thinking about their phone sex turned her on again. Her pussy was still very wet so she finger fucked herself and pretended he was watching. She knew how that turned him on and she loved to tease him. She turned over on her side and gently slipped the dildo in her ass…the feeling was overwhelming! (One of the things he did that turned her on the most was butt fuck her.) Then she put the vibrator on her clit and felt her body preparing for another round of intense pleasure. Her moans were not human…she was taken to another level where nothing mattered except the throbbing of her cunt.

How he would love this if he were here!

Finally she was exhausted…her pussy was actually sore from the stimulation. However, she wasn’t complaining. Her only complaint was that he wasn’t here to enjoy it and she knew that if he had been, everything would have been even more intense than it was. Could she have stood more??? She was willing to risk it…

As she drifted off into a very relaxed nap she wondered if he might have been thinking about her today…she hoped so and she also hoped it wouldn’t be long before they could give each other pleasure as they had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32