Summer Switch Ch. 05b

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Continued from Chapter 5A

* All sexual activity is between people who are at least 18 years old.

“What next, Cam?” Nolan wanted to know. He gazed hungrily up the two friends towering above he and Cam’s kneeling poses. As Cole shifted to stand beside Jake rather than behind him, Nolan couldn’t help but focus Cole’s heavy cock, still thick and stiff with arousal. It looked so huge, especially compared to Jake’s dick, which was softening now that he had come.

Cam looked at up at Jake and Cole, then sideways to look at Nolan, considering. Her guys looked so unbelievably hot, Jake looking all dishevelled, still catching his breath, Cole looking slightly nervous but incredibly turned on and patiently waiting for her next set of “orders”. Her mind busily flipped through all the possibilities and finally, she settled on one of the plans she had already prepared for.

“Well, we’ll need to get Jake’s cock ready again. And we’ll need to get Nolan’s ass ready for Jake’s cock!” As she spoke, Cam gave Nolan an affectionate smack on the butt and he gave a cute little yelp. “But I think before that, I think Cole could use some attention… Anyone want to help me? I’ve got some really good ideas.”

There was no hesitation on Nolan’s part; he nodded excitedly. Jake replied with an easy-going “Sure why not!”; he came to stand beside Nolan but decided to wait for Cam’s instructions and Cole’s acceptance before getting to the floor. He was following Cam’s lead of keeping things light and casual, reminding Cole that he was with trusted friends, people he felt safe with. This was something Cole had noticed and appreciated. He knew they wouldn’t judge him if he used his safe words or even if he put a halt to these explorations. But Cole also knew that deep down, he wouldn’t be doing that. He was curious, tempted, aroused, interested, even as he was equal parts terrified about all these feelings. He licked his lips nervously.

“Yes… green.” Cole indicated his agreement and slowly stepped closer to his friends, a bit surprised when Cam jumped to her feet. Instead of initiating something from her current spot on the floor (something his dick twitched eagerly when he thought about!), she led him by the hand to the foot of the bed. He allowed her to pose him, standing up and facing the bed. Jake had helped Nolan up off the floor and the two stood close together, Jake’s arms wrapped loosely around Nolan’s waist from behind. Not getting too into anything, just enjoying each other’s casual touches. Cole felt their eyes on his, chocolate brown and sky blue.

Cam turned first to Jake and then Nolan, whispering directions into their ears. They nodded eagerly in agreement with her plans and turned towards him, their eager expressions clearly demonstrating their arousal. As Cam once again fussed with items in the dresser drawers, Jake refilled Cole’s glass and brought it to him.

“You’re gonna love this, man,” he reassured Cole, “we’re gonna take really good care of you, promise.” Cole nodded nervously, sipping at his whiskey and enjoying the burn as he swallowed. “Then it’ll be Nolan’s turn and you’ll get to watch me make him squirm.” Jake turned his grin towards Nolan and enjoyed seeing the other man’s noticeable blush. “And beg.” The gaze between the two men was now intense as they locked eyes. Nolan looked slightly nervous but also like he wanted to be the centre of Jake’s attention like this more than anything. “And scream.” Nolan’s eyes widened slightly but he still looked more aroused than genuinely fearful.

Cole looked away, leaving his two friends to their moment. He focused on Cam, who had left several items on the dresser and was now approaching him with a length of fabric. She still wore her harness and her silicone dick bobbed in front of her. It looked strange to Cole, but also somehow fitting. He was sure she had looked like this many times for her girlfriends and lovers, and he was enjoying being one of the first guys to see her like this (and possibly one of the three guys who ever would).

When she held up the blindfold in front of Cole’s face, he nodded his agreement, as well as verbally telling her “green” with a hoarse voice. In a way, it seemed to help when he had his eyes closed. Then he could focus on the physical sensations, on enjoying them, not worrying about the gender of the person providing them. He suspected Cam eryaman genç escort knew this well and that this was her intention. Next, she held up a set of padded wrist cuffs. Again he agreed. He allowed her to tie the blindfold securely around his head and confirmed that he couldn’t see anything. Then he felt his hands being brought together behind him. The padded cuffs circled each wrist but then were also clipped together so that his hands stayed put at his low back.

He felt Cam slowly turning him in place as his three friends shifted places. He heard the bed springs creaking beside him, now behind him, now beside him again, but couldn’t tell who had moved where. He was sent on a few spins in the opposite direction and then was stopped, with hands holding onto his shoulders as he regained his balance. He felt hands smack his inner thighs and he widened his stance.

Cole waited in anticipation for what felt like an hour but was probably only one minute. His brain was fizzing with a million thoughts – what would Cam do? What had she asked Jake and Nolan to do? Would he like it? What did it mean if he did? He kept breathing, calming himself, and when he felt the first physical touch, a fingernail at his sternum which started to trace his pecs, collarbone, shoulders, nipples, jaw, and so on, he surrendered to the moment, focusing in on just the physical world.

He soon felt another hand join the first, tracing random patterns across his skin, then another and another until he knew three pairs of hands were on him. Even though there was no direct contact with his cock, he felt himself grow harder again in anticipation. The light caresses made him shiver and were almost ticklish, but soon the fingers and hands became more firm. Hands were moved in parallel along his outer thighs, stroking his butt cheeks as well. Another pair was near his waist, running across his abdomen, around his waist, and pressing upwards to his chest. The third set was higher, gently massaging his shoulders and neck. He thought that highest set was Cam, but couldn’t be sure yet.

His suspicions were confirmed when those same hands grabbed his face and brought him in for a kiss. Those lips were familiar to him, definitely Cam’s. For the first time, he wished his hands were free so he could touch her in return, but there was also something so freeing about leaving control behind. Although he knew he was able to utter a safe word at any time, he could also pretend that he had no choice, that he was being dragged along for the ride against his will. He knew this psychological game was a bit strange, but theorized it might help him accept his desires.

Cole gave in to the kiss with Cam, allowing her to lead, to plunder his mouth with her tongue, to bite his lips and to roughly control the movements of his head. He was grateful Cam had no qualms about giving him the force he craved, unlike most of his partners who expected him to take control and to always be the aggressor. As the kiss continued, he felt the magic pairs of hands continuing their dance. It was only six hands total but somehow it felt like sixteen with the way they flitted across his skin in random ways.

Soon, the hands that were rubbing his thighs gripped Cole’s hips firmly and pushed him forward until his knees were touching the mattress that rested on a low bed frame. The hands stroking his chest immediately began to circle with more intention towards his groin, with downward smoothing motions ending lower and lower until they were skimming down the tops of his meaty thighs. The lowest set of hands were now giving his calf muscles firm massages and he realized one of his friends must be on the floor behind him. Although this made him anxious on some level he was slowly becoming less aware of, he was too distracted by all the pleasurable feelings zinging through the nerve endings all over his body to give it much attention. He continued to enjoy Cam’s kisses. Now that he was closer to the bed, she alternated her attention between his lips and face and his neck and collarbone, nuzzling and licking underneath his jaw. His moans were becoming more constant and less restrained the more time went on.

Cole sighed with relief when the middle set of hands completed their teasing dance, seeming to travel everywhere except his cock, until they finally came into contact with it. The hands gripped his ankara escort bayan thick cock firmly, working together to stroke from top to bottom, moving his loose foreskin to cover his cockhead and re-expose it to the cool air. And – something else – not just air but was that breath as well? “Ah, fuck…”. He hissed as someone repeated the motion, exposing his glans and blowing across the tip, cooling the pre-cum that had gathered there. Cam must have passed along his preference for a tight grip, he observed as the hands continued to stroke him just the way he loved to jerk himself.

Before too long, the sensation of cool air turned into the amazing sensation of a wet and warm mouth, and Cole’s groans were long and low, rumbling through his chest. He was vaguely aware that the lowest set of hands were increasing their range of motion, coming up to squeeze and massage the muscles of his ass.

Some part of his conscious brain did the math: if Cam was still kissing him, and she was, then it was either Jake or Nolan sucking his cock and the other was giving his ass some attention! He tried to ignore the thoughts that were bothering him, telling him how he “should” be, knowing they didn’t reflect his own true feelings. Instead, he focused instead on how amazing it felt, even stating this out loud in defiance. “Yes! Feels so good.”

Cam moaned in reply, feeling proud he was able to claim this experience. “Fuck, Cole, your cock looks so good right now. Soo thick and tasty…”. She paused and he felt the top of her head skim his chest as though she were bending over to watch. “Yes, take that cock.” Cole felt his cock sliding deeper into someone’s mouth and was impressed they could fit their lips around his girth. He wasn’t that long, probably 7″ or less, but he knew he was very thick. Yet Cam had taken him into her throat last night so it was possible his other friend, whoever they were, could too. He allowed his own noises of ecstasy to be unrestrained.

As Cam returned to making out with him, nibbling at his earlobes and licking at his jaw, Cole felt a new sensation elsewhere on his body. Another mouth was blowing a cool air stream, but this time it wasn’t across the tip of his dick, it was over his asshole. The massaging hands pulled his cheeks apart each time before blowing over his skin. Before long, he had a third mouth traversing his body, delicately licking the sensitive skin around his entrance. It was a heady feeling, knowing that all three of his friends were focused only on pleasing him. His skin felt too tight everywhere, super-heated and sensitive, his body too full of sensations to ever bear it. He felt his hips moving involuntarily, although he couldn’t tell if he was trying to escape the overwhelming pleasure or chase it; was he trying to chase the tongue that rimmed him with enthusiasm or trying to thrust forward to get his dick deeper in the mouth that sucked him? Maybe it was a little of each.

The lowest set of hands continued to massage Cole’s ass cheeks, pushing them apart before using a talented tongue to push inside the tight muscle of his sphincter. Jesus, he had not realized the skin in that area was so damn sensitive, that he could enjoy it this much. He felt like all these feelings were slowly turning him inside-out, his heart was beating so quickly now, and he felt like he was having to fight off the orgasm that was quickly building. The person sucking his cock was now accepting it into their throat, their hands gripping the base and sometimes reaching down to grasp and fondle Cole’s balls.

Cole’s moans were continuous and much louder than they’d previously been. His friends caught on to his frantic energy, working to build him closer to his orgasm instead of trying to calm him. Cam licked at the hollow of his throat where his pulse beat frantically, her hands gripping his pecs and flicking at his nipples with her nails, or pulling gently on his thick chest hair. The person behind him gripped his ass cheeks firmly, keeping them apart and lifted so they could continue to rim him, pressing a mobile and strong tongue into his hole again and again without hesitation.

Meanwhile, his cock was being shoved into someone’s mouth again and again, with what felt like a hungry desperation for his cum. It made Cole want to let go and give it to them, and he stopped holding back as he felt tight throat sincan escort muscles swallowing around his thick shaft again and again. He wished he had his hands free to be able to reach around and grasp their head, but had to be content with shifting his hips, meeting his friend’s mouth as they took all of him into their body. His curious mind kept feeding him possibilities of what was happening behind the blindfold. If he was free to see and to touch, would he be grasping Nolan’s short and spiky blond hair? Or would he be pulling on Jake’s long dark hair?

“Oh fuck, you guys, I’m gonna come…” Cole just managed to shout out a warning before his cock started jerking with his orgasm. The person on the floor behind him continued to lick his hole as he came, providing that extra stimulation to milk out every drop and make it feel unbelievably good. The person sucking his cock pulled back until they held just the head in their mouth to taste him. They simultaneously brought their hands up to firmly stroke his shaft in a way that wrung out extra spurts onto their waiting tongue. Everything felt so good, Cole doubted he’d ever come so hard in his life, with the possible exception of Cam’s amazing blow job the night before.

His chest heaved as he caught his breath, feeling as though he’d run a marathon. Cam’s kisses remained, calming and gentle, but he could hear his other two friends pull back and head for the bathroom for their own recovery. He wondered if that meant their identities would remain a secret. Cam lifted off the blindfold and he met her eyes, deep blue and full of a heavy combination of emotions – worry, pride, satisfaction, caring, concern.

“Hey, how are you doing?” she asked. He gave her a huge grin and she looked relieved to see he wasn’t beating himself up now that hormones weren’t blocking him from thinking. She released him from the wrist cuffs and chaffed his arms to get rid of any numbness.

“I’m great. That was so great.” He shook his head, chuckling at himself. “The blindfold helped me get started, I’ll admit, but by the end I didn’t need it. It was all too good to agonize over.” He rolled his shoulders, stretching and moving his body. Although his arms felt slightly sore, the rest of his muscles felt loose and satisfied. He was riding the high.

Nolan and Jake came back into the room and he turned to face them. The men went to the dresser, pouring themselves another drink and downing them quickly before meeting his gaze. They looked freshly washed, a rosy tinge to both their faces. Nolan’s shorter hair was even sticking up at the front in damp tufts. They had that weary, loose-limbed satisfied-from-great-sex look but their expressions were also tinged by worry. Cole could tell they seemed afraid that he would have regrets, would be angry, would blame them, or would feel tricked. But he felt none of those things, and rushed to reassure them.

“Fuck, you guys are waaaaay too talented! You sure you haven’t been living a secret life for like, half of high school?”. Cole knew his lighthearted teasing would go a long way towards setting their minds at ease. He headed for them and wrapped them into a hug, stretching his huge arms around both of their smaller frames. They laughed happily, showing their relief and joy, as well as acceptance. They horsed around a bit together, getting their energy out, and finally turned back to look at Cam, who still knelt on the mattress, watching them and smiling.

“Hey, Cam, do I get to know who was who?” Cole had one arm around each friend, Nolan to his right and Jake to his left. He used his extra height to his advantage. “I, uh, I could tell you were the one kissing me.” She considered his request, looking at each of their faces. They all looked a little nervous, but she got the sense that it would be all right for him to know.

“OK, sure, as long as that’s fine with Jake and Nolan?” The two men in question nodded their assent and she smiled and asked for a drum roll. They enjoyed hamming it up, quickly drumming their fingers along the edge of the dresser. “Your talented cocksucker was in fact…” Cam paused dramatically before pointing at Jake. “Jake! Which means the rimming was coming from Nolan’s extremely talented tongue.”

Cole pulled Jake into a full hug, kissing the top of his head and telling him “Thanks, dude, you were awesome” before repeating the motion with Nolan. He was extremely aware of all the places their naked bodies came together but it didn’t feel awkward any more, it just felt amazing.

“You can thank Nolan by giving him his turn, finally. Sorry to keep you waiting but I know this is gonna be so hot.”

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