Steve , Susan went Skinny-Dipping

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Bachelorette Party

A couple of years ago, after a very satisfying night of making love with Susan, who was a relatively new lady friend at the time, she asked me if I ever brought another man with me to a sex party. Thinking she was about to suggest that I bring another guy the next time, and that we would team up on her, I replied in the affirmative. Susan wasn’t thinking about herself, though. She suggested I might take her younger brother, Steve, with me some time, and she showed me a photo of the two of them.

The picture showed a strong family resemblance. He was tall, almost a foot taller than she, but with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes as Susan has, and quite handsome but, because of his complete lack of experience, I was reluctant to do what she was asking. I took his telephone number and promised to keep him in mind, but I doubted at the time that I would ever contact him. However, shortly afterward, I needed another man to replace those who cancelled out at the last minute, and I called on him as a last resort.

It wasn’t really a decision that I made, but it worked out so well that I usually tell people it was. Stacy and June, the two women at the party, were quite taken with the studly young man, partly because of his youth — he was only 18 years old at the time – and partly because of his six and a half feet of height and his good looks and athletic physique. Mostly, though, it was his huge cock that fascinated them and gave them tremendous pleasure. Later, after we were all sexed out, they were quite surprised, and gratified, to learn that they were the first two women to have been pleasured by the young man’s massive organ. Stacy, in particular, was highly appreciative, after enjoying three thunderous orgasms from fucking Steve, besides savoring and swallowing a big mouthful of his semen.

They were definitely not the last women, because Steve became a regular, and a big hit at some other sex parties I took him to. Most of the women on these occasions wanted to get that big cock into their pussies, their mouths, or even their asses. However, it just happened that Susan and he were never at the same party, until a group of us went out Christmas caroling, followed by a sex orgy, in 2003. Susan had seen him many times in trunks when he was a member of his high school swim team, but she hadn’t seen him naked since the last time she watched their mother change his diapers.

He had seen her naked much more recently, when he spied on her in the shower or while she was entertaining her boyfriends, but those times had been when she was still living at home. Since that time, her body had filled out quite sexily. Fashion designers might have described her as fat, but most straight men, including myself and the others at the orgy, would lovingly describe her as sexy or having womanly curves, besides having a very pretty face.

After the party, Susan contacted me and told me about her fascination with her brother. She wanted to get together with him and, when I contacted Steve, he was just as eager. The three of us got together at my house, and we all had a great time. Steve ate his sister’s pussy, the first time he ever did that with anybody, and he loved it so much he now does it regularly with other women too. Susan got the biggest cock of her life in her pussy, and had a memorable orgasm from it. A few months later, he moved into her apartment, and they have lived together since then, fucking and sucking and eating each other and having a ball. Their parents, who seem to be pretty much clueless, think it’s great that their two offspring should share an apartment, saving money and watching out for each other.

Of course, they don’t spend all their leisure time going to sex parties with me or fucking each other at home. Sometimes they spend a weekend together in a friend’s vacation cabin by a secluded lake in the mountains, and have a pleasant and erotic interlude together. The last time they did that was the weekend of July 14. Since it coincided with National Nude Day, they decided to celebrate the occasion by not taking any clothing with them, except what they needed to travel there and return. Since they both enjoy swimming, they spent a lot of their time, especially in the early evenings, skinny dipping in the lake. Steve and I both consider him to be something of a protégé and, after they returned, he happily described the weekend to me in considerable detail.

It was a fairly short trip from where they live and, when they arrived, it was still daylight. That was a good thing, because the place is quite remote. They followed a gravel road with no streetlights to a dirt driveway that leads to the cabin that is hidden among the trees. They were both glad to arrive. For the last few miles, Susan’s hand had been inside her brother’s pants, and it was quite a distraction from his driving. Even more important, they both knew of much better places for his cock than in her hand.

After unloading canlı bahis the very small amount of luggage they had brought, and removing every stitch of their clothing, Steve was eager to put his cock in one of those places. Susan, however, wasn’t ready just yet. She took a small bottle from the overnight bag and showed it to Steve, while smiling lasciviously at him. Clutching the bottle in her hand, she skipped away from his long arms, stuck out her tongue, chanted “Nyah, nyah, nyah, can’t catch me,” and ran out the back door.

Gleefully, he ran after her, his huge, erect cock leading the way. The back door is only a few feet from the boat dock, and Susan ran to the end and jumped into the cool lake. Steve was right behind, and that’s where the chase ended. Standing in water up to his waist, they embraced and kissed, their mouths open wide and their tongues finally having a chance to properly greet each other. They kissed many more times before Susan reached down to again hold her brother’s rigid cock, this time in both hands.

Like all attendees, Susan and Steve always practice safe sex at sex parties, partly to prevent disease and partly to prevent pregnancy. In their own apartment they also use condoms to prevent pregnancy. On this occasion, in honor of National Nude Day, they decided to go all out, and even fuck with his cock nude. All during the drive, in anticipation of the great sex they were going to have, Susan’s pussy had been dripping wet, but the lake water washed all the juices away as soon as she jumped in. They were both aware this would happen, and Susan again brandished the bottle, containing Wet Strawberry-Flavored Lubricant, which had been bought specifically for that weekend. Steve placed his hands on the dock and lifted his body until he was sitting on the end, his big hard cock sticking up from his lap like a Louisville slugger.

Susan generously applied the Wet, paying special attention to the head of her brother’s cock. Steve enjoyed the scent, and he knew both he and his sister would enjoy the flavor later. When she was done applying the Wet, she capped the bottle and walked over to set it on a corner of the dock, away from where they were. With his cock heavily coated with the water resistant lubricant, Steve slid back into the lake and leaned his shoulders against the edge of the dock. Standing solidly on the sandy bottom, he reached out to put his hands under his sister’s arms, raise her high, and pull her toward himself. Susan wrapped her legs around Steve’s waist, and one of her hands guided his cock until the head was pressed against the opening to her pussy. She rubbed the tip all over the waiting hole to spread the lube, and held her pussy lips open with her other hand. When they were both ready, Susan nodded her head and smiled, even more lewdly and happily than she had earlier.

Very slowly, Steve lowered her. She wiggled his cock slightly, until the head wedged inside her pussy. “Oooooo,” Susan murmured at the familiar feel of her brother’s big cock stretching her pussy open. With his strength, and with much of her body submerged in the water, he was able to hold her in the same place and let both of them revel in the wonderful sensations. He described to me the pleasure that throbbed through his body from where his cock was being squeezed, and how his sister closed her eyes in bliss at the way her pussy was stretched. They were both already approaching ecstasy, and their first fucking of the weekend had just started.

It got much better for both of them. Susan was still guiding his cock and holding her pussy lips open, and he once again let a little more of her body become submerged in the lake. Her own weight, even though it was buoyed by the water, imbedded almost two more inches of his thick cock in her pussy, and she moaned in delight as more and stronger waves of pleasure swept over her body. Steve enjoyed it too, of course, because that much more of his cock was being massaged by the very skillful muscles in his sister’s pussy. After pausing for a few seconds, both of them relishing all the familiar sensations they were feeling, he let Susan’s body down farther, thrusting another two inches of his cock into her pussy.

Steve’s shaft was far enough inside her that Susan no longer needed to guide it or hold her pussy lips apart, so she reached out and placed her hands affectionately on his shoulders. He leaned forward and she turned her face up to meet him, and they kissed, long and lovingly, their tongues saying hello again. During the kiss, he relaxed enough to lower Susan again, and more of his cock squeezed into the place where it was so very welcome.

She broke off the kiss and moaned, her eyes closed in bliss and her body inundated with pleasure. The lube was still working perfectly, and the horny siblings were glad they had found it on the internet. A few years earlier, with her boy friend of the time, Susan had attempted sex in a hot tub but, although bahis siteleri she was highly aroused, with her pussy dripping when she got into the tub, all her juices were immediately washed away by the turbulent water. She hadn’t been able to get the man’s cock into her pussy. That one had been only half the size of Steven’s monster, and they knew they would need to find some artificial lubrication if they intended to fuck in the water, which they very much wanted to do. Some online research had led them to the discovery of the Wet brand and, so far at least, it was doing the job perfectly.

Certainly, Susan couldn’t complain when her brother once again lowered her and her pussy was impaled farther on his big, hard cock. He could hardly complain either. More than half of his shaft was inside one of the nicest and most affectionate pussies it had ever known, and it was being made welcome by the muscles in there as they massaged him, while waiting for more.

They were about to get more. There was really no need to whisper, but Susan liked to add to the romance of the occasion. She leaned forward and put her lips next to Steven’s ear: “Put your hands on my ass,” she told him. “You know how much I like it when you play with me there.”

He did know, and he knew how much he liked it too, so he reached down and gently squeezed the succulent cheeks of her big, sexy ass, pulling them apart, and aiding the penetration of his cock. Susan, buoyed by the water, was easily able to support her own weight on her arms and legs that she had wrapped around him, so she took over impaling herself on her brother’s cock. She let her body slowly submerge farther in the water, while Steve thrust his cock up, imbedding most of the rest of his shaft in her pussy.

She moaned from the incredible pleasure that rushed out from where the thick cylinder was spreading the entrance to her love channel and stretching open the channel itself. As often as it had been in her pussy, it never failed to feel wonderful, and the best part was that she knew it would feel better and better as they fucked in the water. Flexing her arms and legs, she raised her body until just the tip of Steve’s cock was still inside her, paused, and let her body lower itself again. Steve felt her pussy enveloping his cock again, and thrust upward, imbedding it so deeply that he could feel her lips being tickled by his pubic hair.

They both moaned blissfully from their first full stroke, and Susan raised and lowered herself again and again and again, repeatedly taking Steve’s cock all the way into her pussy. He thrust upward to meet her, and their fucking flooded both bodies with huge waves, almost tsunamis, of pleasure. Steve’s hands were still gently squeezing his sister’s succulent ass cheeks, but he knew what else he wanted to do with one of them. While his left hand stayed where it was, his right hand traveled over the delectable soft and smooth expanse of her ass. Although he couldn’t see Susan’s cute pink rosebud, which was the objective of his exploring hand, the route there was well known.

When he found it, Steve rubbed the pad of the middle finger against the delightful puckered opening and, when his sister raised her pussy from his cock for another stroke, he thrust his finger deep inside her ass. She smiled, happy at the intrusion. Susan likes nothing better than having her pussy fucked by her brother’s huge cock but, at sex parties, she is almost as fond of getting her ass fucked by other men. Eventually, she expects to grease up her rear pleasure hole and lie face down, holding her cheeks open and take Steve’s cock there, but so far she has been afraid that it is just too big.

But his finger was just the right size, especially when he started thrusting it into her ass simultaneously with her impaling her pussy on his cock. She already knew she was getting close to her climax, and the double penetration would bring it about even faster. “That’s good, Steve,” she encouraged him. “You’re really gonna make me cum tonight.”

That was good news to Steve because had been feeling his own climax growing closer and, as I had always told him, the best thing about fucking with a woman is cumming, but a very strong second is having her cum. He continued thrusting his cock into his sister’s pussy and his finger into her ass every time her body dipped into the water to meet them.

As they continued, Susan’s movements became more and more erratic. Especially on her strokes down, when Steve’s cock and finger drove into her, her body writhed from the incredible pleasure her pussy and ass were getting. She whimpered blissfully and Steve knew, from many acts of sex between them, that she was on the verge of cumming. “Faster, she whispered. “I wanna fuck faster.”

She started doing just that, raising and lowering her body at a faster rate, still taking her brother’s big, thick shaft all the way into her pussy. Steve responded, standing flat-footed bahis şirketleri on the lake bottom when she raised herself, but almost rising up on tiptoes to drive his cock all the way back into her.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Susan whimpered, in time with the strong thrusts of Steve’s cock into her pussy. “Oh! Oh!” she cried out, ecstatically, her legs squeezing his waist as she started cumming.

Steve knows well how his sister loses much of her control when she is in the throes of cumming, and he wanted to make sure she was safe and enjoyed it as much as possible. He kept his finger in her ass; her muscles had clamped down on it, and he couldn’t move it anyhow. His other strong arm wrapped around her back, hugging her to his chest, but not so tightly that she couldn’t keep moving up and down while she enveloped and released his cock.

She kept moving, and shouting joyfully how great his cock felt, as he rammed it into her every time she dipped her body down to envelop it. Abruptly, all of Susan’s muscles clenched, as she climaxed. She completely relaxed after her orgasm, but Steve kept his arm around her back and his finger in her ass, and his cock didn’t slow down. He continued driving it in and out of her pussy as fast and as hard as he could. A great fountain of intense pleasure, one that had been building for a long time, welled up inside of him, and he climaxed, ejaculating a big gusher of cum directly into his sister’s pussy. He needed to lean most of his and Susan’s combined weight against the edge of the dock, but he kept driving his cock in and out, and spurted three more jets of semen into her, before finally stopping.

After their great mutual climaxes, Susan and Steve had to stay where they were, leaning against the dock, and let the water support them while they caught their breaths. After a few minutes, his sister’s legs let go of his waist, although her hands still held his shoulders. Steve turned around, so the dock was behind Susan’s back, and put his big hands under her armpits to slowly lift her from the water. As he did, her pussy came loose from his cock and the water that rushed in to replace it washed out all his semen. He placed his sister in a sitting position on the end of the wooden dock. Knowing what was going to happen next, she lay on her back and scooted forward, careful to avoid splinters, until her ass was on the edge of the boards, and she could rest her thighs on her brother’s shoulders. He stepped close to the dock and leaned forward, placing his face just inches from her eager pussy.

Normally, as I have always taught him, Steve will take his time about starting to eat a pussy, his sister’s or anybody else’s. He will admire the beauty and aroma, and gently lick up some drops of her juices to relish their flavor and whet his appetite for more. On that night, however, there was no moon except for a tiny sliver, and it was too dark to see her pussy. All her juices had been washed away by the lake water that had also rinsed out his semen, so there was nothing to smell or taste except the strawberry-flavored Wet lubricant that had rubbed off his cock.

However, the best part about eating a pussy, at least up to the woman’s climax, is the way her skin and lips and the other parts feel to his mouth. His sister’s pussy is no exception to this rule, and it would even feel better than most because he had helped her shave herself there just before starting the trip. His tongue and lips are intimately familiar with all parts of Susan’s body, and he didn’t need any light for his tongue to find its way to any place he wanted it to go. He leaned in even closer, and started licking her crotch, moving his tongue slowly upward and forward until he was caressing the enticing soft and smooth area of her clean-shaven outer lip.

Very slowly, he licked all the way to her mons, covering the entire area very thoroughly. All of Susan’s pussy is sensitive, and by the time he reached the end of the lip, she was squirming under his face. Steve treated the other outer lip the same way, moving slowly and spending a long time on the whole expanse. This time, by the time he reached her mons, he could smell the faint, but unmistakable, aroma of his sister’s fresh pussy juice.

There wasn’t enough for it to start dripping out of her pussy and please his taste buds as it was pleasing his nose, but he knew his tongue and lips would evoke it sooner, rather than later. Once again, he started below her love hole, but this time he started licking the tiny exquisite area between an inner and outer lip. When he reached the point where the lips are close together, he turned his face slightly, so his tongue could probe into the seam between them. He could faintly taste the strawberry flavor of the lubrication. It was pleasant enough, but the reason for that flavor, instead of one more robust, was that it wouldn’t interfere with the flavor of Susan’s truly delicious pussy juices, once they began flowing freely. By the time he reached the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip to form Susan’s clit hood, he could feel her body squirming under his face, even though it was too dark to see her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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