Sister Mary

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“Reverend mother, do you think Sister Mary is the right one to teach the boys in that class?” Sister Teresa asked.

“If you mean is she qualified, the answer would have to be no. Did you have anyone else in mind?” Reverend mother asked.

“I just thought she is rather young and naive to be teaching sex education, that’s all. She’s only a novice and not qualified to teach,” Sister Teresa added.

“I agree, she has no experience of the outside world at all. She was a foundling and grew up here. I keep meaning to send her out into the world on a mission, perhaps to Africa, but never got around to it. Besides, I’m fond of her, and so are our boys. I was right about them not giving her a hard time over such a difficult subject,” she lectured.

She was gazing out of the window, at a rough sea hitting the rocks below the convent school. Staring out of the window, rather than listening to another of Sister Teresa’s complaints, seemed preferable.

“What exactly does she teach them? There doesn’t seem to be a prospectus for that class,” Sister Teresa persisted.

“It’s the usual nonsense about birds and bees. I know you’re fond of strict organisation, so perhaps you could take the classes for a term,” she added, looking the sister coldly in the eye.

“No reverend mother, I am sure she is doing a good job, it’s just that some record of progress would be advisable,” Sister Teresa suggested.

“All I care about is the boys, and they seem to have calmed down since the class was started last month. We’ve had no complaints from the village over rowdy behaviour, and they seem to have settled down to their studies. Reports from other teachers are all very encouraging. My father used to say, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it,” Mother Teresa quipped.

She ushered the bothersome sister from her office, saying she had work to do. She made a note to ask Sister Mary to provide a summary of class progress, and conveniently forgot about it.


Two weeks ago the first class had finished. The boys, eighteen year olds, had giggled and asked awkward questions, as expected. Though on the whole Sister Mary thought the hour went well.

“Young man, I want a word with you,” Sister Mary announced. She tried to put a harsh determined tone into her voice, though a soft country lilt masked the attempt.

James stood at her desk waiting patiently after the others had left. He was worried he might be in trouble, by going too far this time. He had a rebellious streak, and tried to behave in Sister Mary’s class. Everyone liked her as she was easy going and fair, unlike the others.

They all asked questions, and she was obviously way out of her depth, only able to mumble a generalised reply. She wasn’t a member of the teaching staff, therefore only assigned this class because she was the acting matron.

Her duties involved organising the laundry, tending to cuts and bruises, as well as comforting those missing their mothers. Everyone liked her, and some adored her as a surrogate mother. Some of the boys had a crush on her. She probably had a good figure under the black bat cape; as they called it.

“That picture being passed around, show me,” she demanded.

There was only a few weeks to end of term, when they would be free of school. He didn’t want to spend the time in detention, instead of having fun with his friends. There was no way around it, he had to hand it over. There was also something naughty and compelling about showing her.

“This is rude. Why did you pass it around James?” she asked, again trying to sound cross.

It was just like Sister Mary, to give him a chance to explain, rather than just issuing a punishment.

“I, err, well you see. The diagrams are confusing miss, I mean sister. This is just clearer that’s all,” he said.

“So why did it have to be passed around furtively?” she asked, trying to catch him out.

He had to think quickly now. “Well, I thought maybe you might be embarrassed, Sister Mary,” he said. He was putting on his angelic face, with the most innocent tone he could manage.

“Oh? Do you think this is appropriate in class?” She asked.

Inside he whooped, for she seemed to be buying it.

“We have been discussing sexual organs, Sister, and this is an accurate picture, don’t you think?” he asked. His eyes blinked rapidly, wondering if he had typically gone too far.

“Well, I suppose so. I’m not sure this is entirely appropriate. What did the other boys think?” she asked.

James almost smiled, but managed to keep an earnest expression on his face. “They thought it easier to understand Sister. It’s clearer than those diagrams, and more real,” he suggested, trying to push her into letting him off.

“Well, perhaps. Do you have any more of these things?” she asked.

“Yes Sister,” he blurted out. Damn, she had caught him out!

“Well, in that case, bring them to me, and I’ll consider whether to use them in the next class,” she told him.

Phew! He had gotten away with it. She obviously wouldn’t use them, she casino oyna was being nice about confiscating them. Wait till he told the others he had gotten away with something, yet again.


The guys looked spooked, when Sister Mary asked James to give out the pictures, cut from a magazine. Most of them had red faces as the pictures were passed from one to another.

James had seen her with them, thinking she was about to ask if any of the others had such bad pictures concealed in their rooms. Instead she asked him to dish them out to the class. He shrugged his shoulders to the enquiring looks.

“James has pointed out that the diagrams, and flowery examples of the process, were confusing. You will not show these to the younger boys in school, is that clear?” she asked.

“No Sister,” was the unanimous reply.

“Good! Well. We can go over last week’s subject matter using these examples. As you can see, the pictures display female genitals,” she began.

“Sorry to interrupt Sister Mary. Do we have to go over old ground? Could you instead explain what all the bits are?” James asked.

The rest of the class hushed their murmuring, awaiting an expected explosion.

“Well, err, I’m not sure I can,” she mumbled.

The reverend Mother had told her the import thing was to keep control of the class, as everything else, the subject itself, wasn’t important. This opportunity to teach left her feeling it was her duty to make it work. Her lack of knowledge had now been revealed.

“If you are so clever James, perhaps you could explain it to the class,” she said. It was a phrase she heard teachers use to put students in their place, though it didn’t work for her.

“OK. I think I know some of it,” he smiled at her.

Sister Mary was wondering if she would learn something herself. The class seemed attentive, for which she was grateful. He came to a halt after a brief and sketchy explanation. She wasn’t so sure he knew what he was talking about.

“Are you sure, James?” Sister Mary asked.

“Well, I think so,” he thoughtfully replied. “Does that happen to you?” he asked, and immediately regretted the rude question.

He had been going so well, sounding confident, as though he had some experience. The guys had bought it, confirming his bragging about a cousin. He had recounted an experience during the summer break, which in truth was nothing more than a quick fumble.

Why the hell did he have to ask her that? She looked so embarrassed, she was likely to stop the whole lesson.

“I really can’t say. I’m afraid I’ve lived here all my life and never, err, experienced anything like that,” she said, while squirming self-consciously.

Her embarrassment was more from having to admit a lack of knowledge, rather than what was a very personal question. The boys were all looking at her, with sympathetic looks. It was reassuring, though perhaps it shouldn’t have been.

“Are you sure a male actually does that to a female?” she asked, from curiosity and surprise.

“Oh yes! It’s very necessary, otherwise the err, vagina won’t be ready,” he explained. He tried to sound confident, though his school tie seemed to be strangling him. it was tightening around his throat, making it difficult to speak.

“You said, it has to be rubbed, to grow large enough. Is that what has happened in some of those pictures?” she asked.

The whole class hung on her question, staring at James, wondering how he was going to answer. For the last ten minutes they had been sitting their dumbfounded. How in hell had he got away with such rude statements. They wondered why Sister Mary hadn’t put a stop to it.

“I think so,” he said, having never thought about it before. “When the clitoris, that little bump, is rubbed the, err, vagina gets bigger,” he repeated the earlier explanation.

“Why though? Surely it has been correctly designed to take the male parts,” Sister Mary asked. She wore the familiar frown of consternation, that often replaced the pleasant happy smile everyone loved.

She had left out that God would have designed everything to fit properly. It didn’t seem right to mention HIM at that moment. Her curiosity was getting the better of her, overruling a better judgement.

“It’s usually too small, to err fit,” he said, unsure why, though it seemed a vital point. Especially when he had been rubbing June, his cousin. She hadn’t explained anything, though her reaction had been a marvel to behold. Certainly more interesting than the ‘marvels to behold’, recounted in bible classes.

“The ones I have seen have been small enough to fit. Aren’t they all the same size?” she asked.

The boys glanced at each other, sharing smirks.

“No Sister Mary, I guess that’s the reason why. Oh! I guess maybe something else has to be considered,” he said, and flushed for the second time.

“That is?” she asked.

“Well. Err, to work properly, err, they have to be, erect. They grow bigger and harder, so as to go inside,” James quietly said.

“Are you making this up canlı casino as you go along, James,” she crossly asked.

“No Sister, honest,” he earnestly replied, looking at his friends for backup. They slowly nodded their heads, in confirmation.

“It all sounds so complicated. The last lesson didn’t explain any of this properly. I’m grateful to you James. So, the female vagina grows larger from stimulation of the clitoris. How does the male penis grow larger?” she asked.

James couldn’t look at Sister Mary. “By touching it. Differently to the female,” he quietly stated.

All the guys were looking from him to Sister Mary, wondering what she was going to say next. They all knew the answer to this one. They just hoped Billy didn’t pipe up with a rude answer. He was the champion flogger for their year; even breaking a long standing record.

In answer to Sister Mary’s quizzical look he tried to explain. “When the female touches it and strokes it, it grows larger,” he clearly stated. He looked across to Billy with a grimace, warning him not to interrupt.

Billy couldn’t help it. “Sister Mary, I can do it too. I’m a champion, for keeping it up for over two hours,” he beamed out with pride.

The class groaned in agony. Would this spoil the atmosphere, to bring this outrageous class to an end? Sister Mary was the only one who would tolerate such a discussion. The others would have called it evil and send them to father Brown for confession.

“I’m not sure how that works, but well done, William,” she smiled back at him.

“I can show you if you like, Sister Mary,” he said.

The class thought she was being subtly sarcastic. Everyone made allowances for Billy, though this was too outrageous. Everyone held their breath, waiting for an explosion of anger.

Trust Billy to spoil everything, by bringing Sister Mary back to normality. James had carried it off, as only he could, so far. Even he couldn’t talk his way out of this.

“We have another half hour to go, so a short demonstration would suffice,” Sister Mary smiled.

The explosion of air would have knocked a bishops hat off. Everyone looked at each other with shocked looks, brightening their faces. Dare they let him? Sister Mary had seen them in the showers, but here in the classroom? No one was willing to stand up to protect Sister Mary.

Hell! If this got out they would all be expelled. James knew how gullible Sister Mary could be, but this was pushing it too far. Before he could think of anything to stop it, Billy eagerly skipped to the front of the class, right in front of Sister Mary’s desk.

He got out his already erect cock, stimulated from the discussion, the lewd pictures, and his furtive fiddling under the desk.

“My! That is big, William. It’s swollen and red, does it hurt?” she asked, sounding concerned.

James realised she had never seen an erect cock before. The small ones she had glimpsed in the cold showers were nothing compared to Billy’s. The guys had often walked out of the shower, when she came by to hurry them up. It had been a dare to show themselves off to her.

“No, not at all. This is how it’s done,” he said, and began to fist his cock.

More than a few joined in, with a discreet rub to their trousers under the desk.

“You were right James. I’m sorry I questioned your knowledge,” Sister Mary stated. There was something here that rang a bell. Something the sisters had said, about lights out and naughty boys. The sight of him doing such an odd thing, had all of her attention.

“May I have a look?” she asked.

She moved around from behind her desk, closer to Billy. “James, you said the female touches it. Like William did?” she asked.

“Yes. Well, sometimes, not always like that,” he nervously spoke.

“It’s fascinating, I had no idea. You were right about the material I was using. It wasn’t accurate at all. May I touch it?” she asked Billy, who was just standing there.

He nodded, with a slack jaw. It was dawning on him what he had been doing, in front of one of the nuns.

Sister Mary touched the swollen penis. It was warm and hard, seeming to throb with energy.

Billy had never had anyone touch him before, and she was a woman. Still a very naive girl, if he had thought about it. His mind was on other things at that moment. He didn’t hear the heavy breathing and quiet gasps behind him, from his friends.

Sister Mary reflexively wiped her hands on the bat cape she wore.

“That was fascinating and very informative. Next week we shall continue, though I’m unsure how,” Sister Mary said. Dismissing the class she sat with a look of puzzlement on her face.

James felt some repair work was needed. It was imperative she not tell anyone about this, or there would be hell to pay. He cleared his throat to get her attention, though she spoke first.

“James. These pictures. The vagina doesn’t look big enough. Does everyone have such a large penis as William’s? I’m concerned he might need some kind of treatment. It looks far too big to fit,” kaçak casino she said, with a concerned look on her face.

“His is about average, Sister Mary,” James replied.

“So yours is as big as that?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said. It certainly was, he knew for sure, because they had all measured up some time ago. Her look of concern made him explain.

“That’s why the vagina needs to be stimulated. It becomes lubricated, so the penis fits,” he told her. He was getting used to this. Earlier he had nervously spoken, expecting to be cut short at any moment.

“I see. You said the penis goes inside. Looking at those pictures I thought it just pressed against the vagina, and well, dribbled in the seed,” she said, with a worried look on her face.

“It goes all the way in,” he told her.

“Really? Oh dear. There seems a lot to discuss next week. I hope you can enlighten us all, James. It seems I have a lot to learn too,” she weakly smiled at him.

He left her sitting at the desk, deep in thought. He too had a lot to think about. If she decided to discuss the class with the proper nuns, he would be dead. Some of them could kill at a thousand yards with a demonic stare. Perhaps demonic wasn’t the appropriate word, but neither was angelic.

All next day James worried that at any moment he would be summoned before the Reverend Mother. Instead Sister Mary summoned him. Perhaps she was about to soften the blow of expulsion from school.

He walked into the small room Sister Mary used to comfort the younger boys. The older ones fondly remembered having their faces pressed against those large breasts. It had been just a natural thing for her to do, as a comfort for those missing their mothers.

“I need your advice James,” she stated.

With relief flooding through him, he nodded.

“You will have to be discreet. Good. I was trying out something you mentioned yesterday. Though I didn’t have much success,” she began, with a frown of worry creasing her brow. This was so different from her usual happy expression. She was always ready with a comforting smile for the boys.

“You look worried. How can I help,” he said.

“It is important to get the lessons right, but it doesn’t seem to work. Sorry, let me explain. The female clitoris is rubbed, so the vagina can open up, right? Mine doesn’t seem to work. Could you explain to me what to do, what I’m doing wrong?” she asked.

James didn’t know what to say. His experience was hardly anything at all. A fumble with his cousin in the dark didn’t amount to much. “I don’t know, I’m not sure,” he stammered. “They’re all different,” he blurted out.

“Yes. I saw that from the pictures. I guess it’s difficult to give instructions, without seeing it. Oh! I didn’t mean, sorry, James,” she blushed.

“That’s alright I don’t mind,” he said. Meaning he didn’t mind her talking like this.

“I didn’t mean for you to, well, look at it. Perhaps. Well, I suppose for me to know how. I need to teach the class,” she mumbled.

“If you want me to, I could take a look,” he quietly spoke.

Bloody hell! James glanced at the door, knowing it wasn’t locked. He was feeling hot and bothered in the small room. The thought of seeing what she had under that long black garment was terrifying. He was willing to bluff it out though. Something was driving him on, overcoming his fear.

“If you don’t mind. I’m a little concerned. You can’t tell anyone, promise?” she asked.

“It’s not like those in the pictures. I’ve got hair down there,” she whispered, as though it were shameful.

“Ah! That’s all right, they shave,” he blurted out.

“I should have thought of that. A sensible action, as it would be much cleaner,” she mused.

She lifted the baggy garment around her waist, and sat on the edge of the cot.

“Sorry about this. It can’t be pleasant for you to look at,” she said.

“It’s OK, really,” he assured her.

“I was finding it difficult to find the clitoris. I can’t see down there, so had to just rummage around,” she explained. “Could you guide my finger?” she asked.

James felt the room closing in on him. Her naked bottom half was on view, which was a sight every boy in school would die for. He was nervous, as his shaking hand revealed. A thought crawled into his mind that she had removed her underwear. They had all wondered if the nuns wore old fashioned knickers.

“Can you see it?” she asked.

The matter of fact question steadied him. He thought about what he had read in the magazines, and how his cousin had guided him.

“It’s in these, err, folds. You need to gently play with them, so as to get it ready,” he cited, not precisely, but near enough.

“Perhaps you could do it, if you don’t mind,” she quietly suggested.

His finger touched a lip. It was drier than his cousin had been. He wondered if she had already been playing with herself, before sliding into bed with him. Under the covers she had guided his fingers. He remembered at the time wishing he had a torch.

Sister Mary had wisps of blonde hair in the way. As he clumsily fiddled with her lips, he watched them unfold. They seemed to be swelling up. He remembered her comments about Billy looking swollen and sore, which gave him confidence.

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