Shylo Morra Ch. 10

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Shylo Morra Ch.10

Justice and Shower Time

“We have them in custody, Shylo and the whole scheme is unraveling,” Detective Abrams assured me.

“I hope they didn’t hurt anyone else,” I replied.

“No, we were waiting for an opportunity to catch them in the act,” he informed me.

“We knew who they were targeting, but not the date.” “We got our break when we showed the profiles that your students came up with to other Detectives and one of them put together the guy with a limp, and a tattoo of a spider,” the big man revealed. “We got him to flip, and now all of the players are being exposed,” he finished with a smile of accomplishment.

“We would have gotten him in the end, but you guys made it so we didn’t have to wait, and risk a high end hooker in Boston being victimized.” “They had her routes timed, and we think they were changing things up, and they were going to take her for a longer time period.”

My Detective friend completed the picture for Carol, Sharon, Pam and myself.

His surprise visit to the Gingerbread House made it convenient for him, since everyone was there except Jimmy.

Jimmy had his hands full with the plumbing and tiling of our new showers!

It was going to be marvelous!

All high end materials, like granite floors and large ceramic tiles, from Mexico for the walls, depicting little cupids firing arrows and naked silhouettes both male and female .

They had special ‘no fog’ glass between the shower stalls and the new viewing rooms at the back of the Emerald Room.

I was thinking of the water fun we could have back here!

Even the HVAC had to be upgraded, to keep the temperatures stable and the moisture from spreading mold throughout the building.

Jimmy was spending less time working the night shift, and more time doing contract jobs with his Uncle Bob.

I’m sure his fiance was pleased with that.

No, I should not think that way of Andria, she was a good friend, and with her wide birthing hips, she would be a good wife and mom too!

They were both made for monogamy, and made for each other.

Ben offered to hold the whole shebang here, on a Sunday perhaps, when they were barely open anyway, but there was no way that Andria’s mother would want the party anywhere other than her own restaurant, and it would not be pizza, that’s for sure.

I actually got the news from Jimmy’s brother.

He called me up to invite me to the wedding!

“Hey, guess who’s prego?” was the start of the conversation.

“It’s not mine!” I assured him, “Okay, who?”

The wedding was going to be just before spring break, so I asked Jerry if he wanted to go with me to the Caribbean or Mexico after the epic event?

“We have property in Puerto Rico,” he responded, but why don’t you come down here to Panama for a week?” he asked, as I started dancing for joy.

They nearly had the showers complete, and Ben was taking his wife on a little trip up the East coast to see how other strip bars handled their ‘aqua entertainment’.

Ben’s wife Shannon had, of course, been a stripper!

Ben was working for his dad, and only 19 years old, when a new young girl caught his eye.

He had been around strippers all of his life! His mother had peeled, and his auntie too. So, it took more than a pretty face to grab Ben’s attention.

Shannon was one of my favorites.

She was a good mom to their twins, Issac and Sarah, but they were almost teenagers now, so they would stay with their Aunt Sue and Carol, while their parents had a little get-away with all expenses covered by the Gingerbread House.

When the condom had broken for Ben and Shannon, Ben’s dad, Sid had stepped in, and insisted that Shannon stop stripping, and set them up in their first apartment above the G.H.

Ben was in his 3rd year at the University, on his way to his MBA, and his dad insisted that he finish.

“I’ll be in a seniors home one day son, and I want it to be a nice one!” He famously told the couple, “…and we will need a sharp mind running this place and to send your sister to medical school!.

Obviously the Gingerbread House has done very well since then. Ben’s older sister was a plastic surgeon out in California, and the G.H. was paid for.

Colon, the long term deejay, would fill in for Ben.

I got a call from Colon on the Wednesday of the East Coast Tour.

“Hey, you made it two days,” I said while chuckling into the phone.

“Hi Shylo, it’s not a big deal, but we’re short waitstaff for tonight, any thoughts?” he finished, while obviously hoping that I could fill the bill.

“Let me get back to you stud,” I answered, “I’ll make a few calls.

Searching in my contacts I found the heading Whirling Dervish, and called Simone, my favorite Uber driver.

“Would you consider topless waitressing at the Gingerbread,” I asked, after my cheerful hello.

“Yes!” “You are my answer from heaven,” she proclaimed.

“Are you going to be able to handle it, do you have experience?” I wondered out loud.

“They canlı bahis just repossessed my car, so I will just have to fake it,” she said.

“You do know it’s topless right, pretty hard to fake it,” I answered, but I would not have called her if I didn’t think she could do it.

I called back Colon, to explain a possible solution, and he was not keen on the idea, with her lack of experience.

“I will work too, if it will convince you to give her a chance,” I cried.

“Well, we could always use another dancer I suppose…” he replied as my answer.

Bruno had to pick me up, and I asked him to swing by Simone’s place.

Of course Mini had the center spot, so Simone had to climb onto my lap.

When we got to the G, Simone thought she could just take off her T-shirt, and start, but her harem pants were a bit tattered.

I was too big, but Carol had a key to Sharon and Pam’s locker, and we found some bright pink low rider hot pants that we all thought would look great on the little vixen. I sent off a text to Sharon that we owe her.

We also had to trim her bush a little, since the front dipped down so low, and Carol had both sheers and a safety razor for that job.

“Lets just take it all,” Simone suggested, and I didn’t hesitate to run the shears through the entire patch.

We had her clean to the floor in no time, and I resisted the urge to put my tongue in a very warm place.

Carol added a starched white collar with a glittery bowtie, for a little class. If we had bunny ears and high heels, she would look like a Playboy Bunny, minus the honkers.

Colon had his nephew fill in for him at the microphone, which made it feel like we were at a splash and slide!

His voice was higher pitched, and breaking.

I saw the cheat sheet that Tytus was reading from, and I knew that we would have some laughs tonight.

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,” Tytus squeaked.

“Welcome to the Gingerbread House, where our beautiful ladies will dance for you at the low price of $10.”

His cadence was funny, and everything came out sounding like a question.

Colon came walking over.

“I’m glad he’s better at Calculus than I ever was,” he said, referring to his sister’s son. “He’ll be getting his Teaching Certificate after next semester, so, I don’t think he has to worry.

“Don’t let him catch sight of Sharan, or he might want your job, Colon,” I teased him.

“I have a professional coming in for Friday and Saturday, I just thought we could use him for the regulars,” he concluded.

“Could you just work with Simone, until it gets busy,” he asked.

“Sure boss,” I said, as I headed for the bar, where Simone was learning the software for ordering and paying for drinks.

I watched Simone from the other side of the bar, as I sipped on my fruit drink. She was concentrating intently on Kevin’s instruction.

Her cute young face pear shaped ass and nearly flat chest would certainly be appreciated by many of our patrons. I knew from experience that her nipples responded just like mine, so her success would depend on her effort.

I let her do the job, she’s a smart industrious girl, I just went along with her, and enjoyed introducing her to the patrons that I knew, that way I got to know more of them too.

She had to go back and forth to Kevin on a few of the orders, but soon she had the hang of entering the standard orders into the ipad, which gave our bar staff a jump on the orders, and started the billing process.

It was 10 o’clock before we were busy enough for me to dance, and I had to put my top back on to do it!

I was wearing a naughty school girl outfit made up of a short pleated black skirt, a white dress shirt, tied off above the belly button, with a black country style tie.

White knee highs topped with black ribbon and black high heels completed the picture.

The music started and I stepped up onto my platform. I didn’t know these men, which was not too unusual, but in these parts, it was customary to give your dancer a hand to step up and down off of our platforms.

I did my normal stuff, and removed the top early, so they could enjoy my bouncy boobs.

I pushed them together and presented them to my guests, but the man that invited me, was checking out his phone instead.

His rudeness was followed by the end of the song, so I stepped down again unaided, and I sat for a sip and the 2 minute interlude between the first two songs.

“That’s it?” the man said as he put away his cell phone.

“10 bucks just to see a couple bounces of your tits!” he raised his voice.

“You can most certainly have it back sir, if you were not happy with my performance,” I carefully bit out the words, feeling like telling him to get the fuck out, but that was not my place.

Colon came over and I could see one of the bouncers on alert, as he put his phone to his lips, no doubt letting the other staff know that there was a potential need for help.

“Is there a problem sir,” Colon asked politely.

“Well, bahis siteleri I just feel jipped,” the customer pleaded.

“She’s beautiful and all, but I got a few gyrations, a glimpse of her chest, and she wants her money!”

I said nothing.

The other men backed up the asshole, and Colon suggested that the second dance would be on him, and he pulled out his own wallet, and got a 10 and handed it to me.

“Hey, I come off looking like a jerk, and she says nothing!” the poor man lamented.

“I was trying to be polite sir,” I calmly informed him.

“Otherwise I would have confirmed with the Manager, what he already knows,” I concluded.

“And that is…” he snidely spit out.

“That you are an asshole,” I concluded.

I saw the phone go up to the bouncers face, no doubt to call in support, but five seconds later, the Prick’s two friends burst into laughter, and their bullshit game was exposed.

“Shall I show you my cunt now, you ignorant Son of a Bitch,” I snapped at him, but I was already smiling, as his buddies broke down laughing.

Just then Jimmy came tearing into the room, wearing dirty overalls, and holding a lit butane torch, Uncle Bob didn’t stop as fast and sent Jimmy flying an extra 6 feet into the frey.

“Everything is okay everyone, came the cracked voice from Tytus,”

“Now get out your wallets, you cock suckers and bastards, and let’s have some fun!”

He threw a switch and Donna Summers started belting out about Hot Stuff, so I jumped up to show them the hot stuff that I was made of.

Jimmy was such a dear, and his uncle was barely a step behind him. Then I noticed Simone, just looking at me.

She brought her hands together and gave me some silent applause.

Our newest regulars introduced themselves over the next hour, as I danced for each of them. The jabbermouth, Ken, owned a car repair and sales business not too far away, and he told me he was between wives right now, so he could get me a nice car, and he would gladly find some way, other than money, for me to pay for it.

I laughed, wondering how many offers that I had of cars, and trips. I even had one customer suggest that he could put in new windows, for some time between the sheets.

I know that many of my coworkers went to the Islands with one of their sugar daddies every year, and some paid their rent without cash, but I wasn’t playing any games that could jeopardize my Therapist License that I expected to get one day.

I thought about my new young friend, and how she had her car repossessed, so I told them about her circumstances without pointing her out.

“I get repos all of the time!” Ken announced, I may even have her ride on my lot right now!

“Send her over, and I can set it up so we both have a nice ride, if you know what I mean,” he said, and I did, but he winked lavishly to make sure I did.

“Well, she’s strictly lesbian Ken, and she’s not a peeler.” I replied, “but she deserves a break.”

As the evening progressed I had a chance to tell Simone about Ken, and I got more details on her car.

“It was a silver Pontiac Cruze, two years old,” I let him know during another dance.

He got on his phone, and ten minutes later he asked me if it had a dent in the lower right of the driver’s door, and we knew we had a match.

“Yeah, I didn’t have it, but I do now!” he declared with triumph. “Now who gets to show me their appreciation!”

I skipped a song, as I sat to negotiate with Ken.

He showed me his phone and the transfer from a dealership in Jersey, including the price that Ken paid for it. Simone told me that she still owed $8000, but Ken had purchased it for only $6,000!

“She will give you the full price Ken, and I will cover the transfer and taxes,” I suggested.

“Wow,” he said sarcastically, “What’s in this for me?”

I leaned in, for a little private talk.

“You will have my friendship, and that is the best offer you’re going to get this week,” I whispered in his ear, confidentially and seductively.

The other men did not hear the last bit, and the grins on their face led me to believe that they thought I had offered sex.

“Done,” Ken loudly offered for all to hear, and I left him to get Simone.

“You’re going to get your car back girl,” I declared, when I finally got a chance.

I explained the details and told her that I would only be guaranteeing the loan, not buying her a car.

Simone looked a little pissed, but she went over to Ken at her break, and with Colon’s permission, they went into Ben’s office for a private talk.

They were in there for way too long.

I wondered what sex act poor Simone was being put through.

When they came out, Ken looked a bit dazed, she must have been good I thought, but Simone looked happy, so I doubted that my lesbian friend had given him a hummer.

Ken came back to his table, and by the time he got there, he had his mojo back.

“She’s good,” he said, still looking a bit dazed.

“What did you get her into,” I bahis şirketleri asked, with an edge to my voice.

“She will pay $50, cash every week for two years,” he said, “…and no tax or transfer from you.”

I did the math, and though I’m not too good at it, I could see that he was losing more than a grand in the deal!

“I thought you were a successful car guy,” I spouted, but then realized from his look that there was more.

“The kicker is, the penalty for non-payment,” he wickedly replied, “You, are the prize if she doesn’t pay!”

I looked over at my sly friend, and she was smiling with the same wicked smile as Ken.

Friday after class, I headed for the Drama Department. They were working on a Valentines outfit, with hearts covering my breasts, and little cupids shooting arrows on the panties. We were still thinking about other details of romance to include. I suggested a ball gag, but Karen didn’t think it was romantic enough.

We settled on a gem encrusted tiara, a wedding veil flowing half way down my back, and thigh length white stockings and a pink garter belt.

Simone picked me up at my dorm at 7 in her sparkling new ride!

“He gave me a full tank, and pulled out that dent,” Simone reported, beaming with delight!

“He tried to hire me too Shylo, but I really like the action and the people at the G, so I’m going to try out the waitress thing for a while,” she concluded.

Gena was working tonight, so I introduced her to Simone, and hoped that they would be friends.

I needn’t have worried.

They were thick as thieves in minutes, as Gena shared some secrets about the drink menu software, and Simone asked about the glitter that Gena puts on her breasts to draw more attention, as if she needed it!

Gena pulled out her makeup pouch, and used a brush to put some shadows on Simone’s breasts that defined them better, and made them look a bit larger. Then, she pulled out her accessory box, and found a few colourful and sparkly stars, that she licked, and then pressed firmly into Simones breast, at the 4 o’clock position on her right tit, and the one o’clock of the left.

It drew your eye, like a beauty mark.

Jimmy was actually working tonight, but he had been finishing up the shower instal during the day, and now he was on security.

I had introduced him to Simone, and he expressed his gratitude for picking me up.

Colon came by, as I sat between dances and he thanked me for finding Simone. We both watched as she hustled a large order over to a double table of guys.

“She has confidence in herself,” Colon remarked, “I think that makes all the difference, but we will see what she does when someone grabs her ass.”

“Hey, have we heard from our fearless leader,” I asked, thinking Ben might have called in by now to check on his meal ticket.

“He calls once a day, but each time he assures me that I can call any time there’s a problem,” he replied. “They are up in Boston now, I know he’s taking notes and talking to other Managers.”

“Well I hope he has some fun, he works too many hours,” I argued, to Colon’s nodding head.

“I have suggested that I could take on his Saturdays, but he is stubborn,” Colon said in agreement.

Jimmy came up to me during my break. We no longer got to do the horizontal dance, but we still talked like friends, and I hoped we always would.

“Hey Shylo, we finally got the plumbing all working, if anyone wants to use the showers tonight, they are all set,” he informed me. “The viewing section is not ready yet, but the ventilation, lighting, and in-floor heating have all passed inspection.”

That could be a nice feature, especially when we are going to after parties, which happened almost every Saturday, and often on Friday too.

We danced all of the way to 3, with a rambunctious group of Baseball players from an Investment Firm.

The Dom Perignon was flowing, so I couldn’t water it down like our fruit juices. Pam and Sharon shared the bigger room with me, so I was getting horny too.

Some of our ball players were younger, and in fair shape, but two thirds of them were weekend warriors, with round bellies and balding heads. Yet it still made me wet just because they wanted me.

There was also a well put together woman, in her late 40’s.

We were enjoying an easy night, fair tips and a controllable crowd. The few touches had been brief, and the tips made them quite acceptable.

When someone asked me to give Gene a personal dance, I was certainly happy to oblige.

She had a group of the younger men around her, like she was one of the ‘Jocks’.

They put me in tight to her thighs, and being completely naked, I was ready for a little touching and even cupping of a breast or butt cheek.

This room had a pole in the middle too and Sharon was our pole princess. She did some great splits while spinning on that pole!

Gene was watching me intently as I gyrated around the platform, offering her and others around her, the closest views of my breasts, butt and pussy.

The first touch was from her, so I ignored it, even though it was a cupped hand on my ass. Then she brushed across my labia, with her finger tips, while I bent to pinch my nipples in the face of her teammate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32