She Was Ready

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I was 20 yrs. old and very frustrated as I STILL had never been with a woman. Then I met a sexy first-yr. student at school. She was very aggressive and asked me for a date.

We had dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant that has since gone yuppie. I was a bit disappointed when she said that she wanted to return to her place so she could watch “The Last of the Mohicans”, which is a terrible movie. I thought that she was trying to get rid of me.

After the movie, she changed into more comfortable (and revealing) clothing. Her shirt, in particular, was buttoned only about halfway. I don’t remember exactly how, but soon I was giving her a backrub.

She said that she thought that massages were generally pretenses for sex, but I disagreed. I was so clueless, that I didn’t realize that she was coming on to me.

Shortly thereafter, her roommate left. I asked her if we could retire to her room so that we could have some privacy, and I still wasn’t really thinking about sex at this point. After giving me the obligatory tour, I asked her if she wanted me to continue massaging her. She simply shook her head.

She played some music from her collection for me. Although our musical tastes were different, I was impressed by her eclectic casino siteleri collection. By this time, it was late, but I wasn’t at all tired. I was growing increasingly excited and wanted her more with every passing moment. During a lull in the conversation, I looked into her eyes. She really was beautiful, I told myself. I hadn’t quite noticed until then.

She had beautiful black eyes, big and inquisitive; lovely long, straight, black hair that framed her face; and full, pouting lips. It was those lips that I desperately wanted to kiss. But I was afraid. I hadn’t kissed a woman in about four years. I was so nervous and excited at the same time that my heart was in my throat.

I felt my pulse in the arteries of my face. My breathing was rapid and shallow. I don’t know for how long I stared into her eyes, but it felt like an hour. Finally, though it felt like it weighed forty pounds, I placed my trembling hand gently upon hers.

My gaze continued. After what felt like only forty-five minutes this time, I moved by head slowly toward hers. I expected her to close her eyes, but she, like myself, preferred to kiss with her eyes open.

We kissed slowly and delicately. For a woman who was so aggressive in getting a date with me, she canlı casino sure was being passive now, I thought. As I gained confidence both in myself and in the notion that she was genuinely interested in me, I began to kiss her more forcefully, more passionately. Soon, our hands were exploring each other’s bodies.

I was on top her, kissing and caressing her, when I told her that I was hot and that I would open the window. She said that she wanted the window closed and suggested that I take off my shirt. I did. Only a few minutes later (I had grown even more confident by now) I removed her shirt and kissed her neck, her shoulders, her arms, and her belly. I asked her if I could remove her bra.

She consented. My hands trembling again, I gently explored the texture of her small and beautiful breasts. I kissed them delicately. This was the most intimate I had ever been with a woman. I was expecting her to tell me to stop at any minute. But she didn’t. She encouraged my every move with a seductive look. I removed my pants and she stroked my penis through my underwear. I asked her if I could take off her shorts. She agreed, of course, and I ran my hands along her beautiful, toned legs.

After the tension she was building became close kaçak casino to unbearable, I began to cautiously rub her vagina through her panties. She asked me to remove them. I was only to happy to oblige. I positioned myself for her to remove my underwear. I reveled in the feel of her cool skin against my (practically) blazing penis.

She turned and reached for something. When I saw that it was a condom, I was honestly surprised. Although I was deathly afraid that I would spoil the mood, I told her that I had never had sex. She responded by saying that she was curious about having sex with a virgin. O joyous day! She unwrapped the condom package and slowly, expertly rolled it down the length of my penis. She then guided me into her waiting vagina. She was ready.

I slid in with no trouble whatsoever. I had been under the impression that women didn’t like hard and fast sex; that only men enjoyed that. So despite her suggestions to the contrary, I made love to her slowly and gently. Her vagina was so short, that I couldn’t fit entirely inside her. I pushed against her cervix with every thrust. It was not entirely pleasant, delaying my orgasm for TWO HOURS, a performance, which sadly, I have never been able to repeat.

It was rather encouraging, though, when, with a smile on her face, she moaned, “Matt the Unstoppable Sex Machine!” We made love again just two hours later, and again immediately upon waking up.

We are no longer dating and I miss her sexual apetite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32