She Doesn’t Pt. 03

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Chapter 4: Discovery

By now, I knew that she was totally love-starved, but I still wanted to move slowly to allow her the maximum opportunity to enjoy our time together. It also allowed me the chance to savor her even longer.

She was tight as a drum, so I just held her, and cuddled. Women always like to cuddle . . . It makes them feel loved and valued as a person. Gradually, she relaxed, and I suggested we have some ice cream. She asked if I had some hot-fudge. I did, so we got up and warmed the hot fudge in a pan of water.

We joked and laughed like a couple of kids preparing a special snack. We scooped the ice cream into bowls, both licking the scoop, and poured on the Hot Fudge along with some canned “whipped cream” from the refrigerator, a handful (a generous handful) of sprinkles and a cherry (how appropriate) on top.

She sat on her feet at the far end of the sofa and slowly devoured the Sundae. When she was finished, she put the bowl into the sink and ran water into it, and started roaming the room, looking at books, CDs, and videos. She squealed when she found “Snow White” and begged to watch it, so we put it on.

I couldn’t help but feel that she was doing whatever she could to postpone the time when we would start being affectionate again.

I was really hyper! I didn’t want to leave, but I was afraid that if he and I sat down on that sofa together, I didn’t know what would happen.

Ice cream was a nice break! But as I finished my serving, what was I going to do now?

The “Snow White” video was a godsend!

We put it on, then I sat next to him on the sofa, and took each of his hands in mine and sat with my back to him, leaning against him,and wrapping his arms around me. But I kept hold of his hands and snuggled, keeping his hands held in mine so that they couldn’t wander.

I held her in my arms for the entire movie. Admittedly, I had no choice, but it was a pleasant experience feeling her against me, even though she insisted on keeping my arms wrapped around her, virtually without moving, the entire length of the movie.

My mind raced throughout most of the video.

I tried to remember what I’ve heard other casino siteleri girls say about . . . men. How they’re all hands and they grab what they can, and they don’t seem to care if a girl gets hurt. But Barnabas wasn’t like anything they’ve described. He was willing to let me hold his arms. . . his hands.

Finally the video was over. He took one hand to the remote and turned off the video and set the VCR to rewind.

Then he put down the remote to rewind and set it down moving his hand to my face.

He caressed my cheek and it almost felt like he was prince charming in the movie. I almost melted into his arms, and he kissed my cheek again. Soon, our arms were entwined and our mouths were engaged with each other. We “made out” for a while before his hand made it’s way to my hip, and then to he lower edge of my skirt.

I tried to resist, but he was insistent and soon he was caressing me through my cotton panties. With a start, I remembered that the girdle wasn’t there. I melted at his touch! I don’t quite know when the panties got moved to the side and he was touching my bear flesh. Suddenly I realized his hand was parting the lips to my vagina, and I panicked, but I wasn’t sure what to do to stop him. Gradually, he ran his hand long me and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I caressed her femininity . . . and ran my finger along her slit, picking up her natural lubrication and spreading it. Then I found her opening and softly moved the tip of a finger into her. Before I could determine anything, she whimpered . . . and I froze.

I backed off, for a moment, then moved a finger into her again. Another whimper met my advances.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

Shyly, she nodded and I removed my finger and started my caresses her labia with gentle pressure on her clitoris. As I massaged her, she again rose to a higher peak, until finally she reached her climax a second time.

As she came down from her “high”, I allowed her panties to cover her and I touched her only through the cotton barrier!

I held her, cupping her lower regions with a finger almost at her opening.. Then I whispered into her ear, “I want you. I want all of you. canlı casino I want to make love to you!. I want you to give me your virginity!”

“Ooooohhh! What can I say to that. It’s not like he’s trying to take me, but he’s asking me! What do I do now?

She whimpered at my asking her for her virginity .. . . And I wasn’t touching her right then. And suddenly, her mind shifted into autopilot:

“Oh, no, I can’t. We can’t . . . have sex.” Please don’t ask me? “Why can’t we?” I asked

“Because we’re not married! I can’t make love to anyone I’m not married to! Sex is a marriage thing. We have to be married, before we can make love!” She blurted out.

I let my head drop. “You know that I was engaged up until a few months ago. When we broke up, it . . . wasn’t pretty!. I can’t talk about marriage right now. And in any case, I’m not ready to make any commitments. But I still want you. Oh, hold me . . please hold me tight!”

I held him tight! He took his hand from my panties and wrapped it around me, holding me also.

The evening had pretty much come to an end. We held each other and talked a little, and cuddled, but the action was finished for that evening. Eventually we found a reason to end the evening, and we took a cab to her place where I kissed her goodnight outside her door.

Chapter 5. – Interlude

Well, the cards were on the table. She knew what I wanted. Maybe she was inexperienced and shy . . . Yes, she probably was. She was still a virgin. But virgin or not, she knew what I wanted.

I waited until the following Wednesday, then sent her a mixed bouquet of flowers (with a single red rose) with a note telling her how much I had enjoyed our time together. But I let a weekend pass before I called her.

I really had mixed feelings.

My roommate finally sat me down and I had to talk with her. She was persistent, and gradually, the whole story came out. She accused Barnabas of “just wanting to get into my pants”!

Finally, as our discussion came to an end, she said, “You have a decision to make. But if you don’t make it, he may make it for you!”

It seems that I spent a lot of waking hours wondering about my kaçak casino “decision”. I really liked Barnabus. I craved spending time with him. But how far was I willing to go to keep him?

I called her on Tuesday. I had let ten days pass since our last date.

We talked small talk for a while, then I asked her out to a picnic on Saturday afternoon on a piece of property I own north of town. She accepted almost before I finished the invitation.

Chapter 6. The picnic

I picked her up at her place. She had a bulky sweater on and she wore a pleated dress that fell below her knees and sensible shoes with tube socks. We drove out to my property, a lovely wooded area with some wildlife. I took her to a nice, secluded clearing with a nice view where we put down a blanket and spread out our picnic. We shared a bottle of wine while we ate and made small talk.

We talked about what he would like in an ideal women. His response surprised me. He said he wanted a woman he could talk to and who enjoyed life. Someone who was creative and could have fun. After our last conversation, I felt I had to ask where sex fell into his equation. Barnabus said his ideal girl would be one who enjoyed sex, and who was eager to participate in sex.

I didn’t know if that included me or not. I was sure I would enjoy sex with the right man, and I expected I would be eager to participate in sex, but I just didn’t really know. I was a virgin . . . I didn’t know how eager I would be or how much I would enjoy it. I wanted to find out . . . but I was afraid.

After we finished our lunch, I lay back and looked at the clouds over us and started pointing out images I saw. Soon, Cathy had joined in the game, and we were comparing images and laughing at the silly suggestions we each came up with.

Suddenly, with very little warning, a dark thunderhead moved over us and rain began to fall. We quickly scrambled to pick up our basket and blanket and throw them in the back of the car as we jumped in to find shelter from the rain. Just as we closed the car doors, the heavens opened up in a real downpour.

Since the ground would certainly be wet for a while, I suggested that we could go to my cabin to continue our picnic. My cabin was down the road and right around the bend. She hesitated for a long time. Then, seeming to come to a decision, she agreed, and we drove the short distance to the cabin.

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