Sasha and Daddy

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Note: ‘Sasha and Daddy’ is the sequel to my previous work ‘Sasha’s Daddy’. I highly request you to read that before this.

** I would like to thank coygirl for editing this work **

Story so far: Phil and his daughter Natasha, or Sasha like Phil calls her, watched a horror film together. She while sitting in Phil’s lap started to grind her pussy with her daddy’s cock. Eventually both end up having the best orgasm of their life. Afterwards she returned to her room and Phil was left to come to terms with what happened.


‘I’m the worst.’

As Phil turned in his bed for the umpteenth time in the early morning, he couldn’t stop but think about what had happened yesterday.

‘How could I get seduced by my own daughter?’

Yesterday, as both dad and daughter were watching a film, things got a bit weird. Sasha, his daughter, used her plump ass to grind her father into orgasm.

Sasha didn’t look bothered by it later on during the day and it was driving him crazy.

Phil was no idiot. He knew it was Sasha’s intention to make him succumb to pleasure. She intentionally made him horny and grinded on his penis till both of them climaxed.

But Phil had a hard time coming to terms with it. He couldn’t believe his little princess had become capable of doing such a thing.

‘Man! What is up with her? She had been acting weird for s few months, but this clearly takes the cake,’ he thought.

‘I hope she is back to her senses.’

“Honey why are you still in bed?” Amy’s voice brought Phil back from his thoughts.

“Still tired from all the fun we had yesterday,” Phil lied.

“Well that’s funny because the way I remember it, I was the one who did all the work,” Amy said with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

“I’m sorry honey, I wasn’t feeling good yesterday,” the guilt of ejaculating due to his daughter’s grinding was unbearable. So he couldn’t make Amy satisfied like usual.

“As long as you make it up to me,” she said to which Phil nodded.

“Well I got to go now. See ya.”

“Bye honey,” Phil replied while giving her a wave of his hand.

As Amy walked out of the bedroom with her handbag and car keys, all Phil could do was hope that today would turn out to be normal as any other day.


Phil was eating his cereal when Sasha walked into the dining room. She was wearing her T-shirt which was a light shade of pink and a black soft pyjama shorts.

“Good morning Sasha,” he said.

“Morning dad,” she replied while giving Phil a tight hug from the back.

As she hugged Phil, he could feel her tits pressing against him.

‘Phew so far so good.’ Phil was worried about Sasha calling him daddy, but to his relief she didn’t.

“Dad I want to play a game with you today.”

“Wh-what?” He stuttered as her comment took him by surprise.

“You know something interesting.”

“You got anything specific in mind?” Phil asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” she replied with a smile.

“So, what is it?” Phil asked impatiently, curiosity getting the better of him.

“It’s a secret,” Sasha replied, maintaining the smile, albeit with a tinge of mischief.

‘Oh shit. There she goes again with her little games.’

Phil wasn’t very fond of playing anything with her after yesterday’s shenanigans, but he couldn’t turn her down. There was still a part of him which believed that his daughter was an innocent child.

“Meet me in my room after you finish eating,” she said in a way that made Phil’s nether regions react ever so slightly.

“Sure. Will do honey,” he replied half heartedly.


After finishing his breakfast Phil, wearing an old pair of jeans and a brown striped shirt, walked towards Sasha’s room. As he knocked on the door, he heard Sasha’s enthusiastic answer, “Come in.”

She was sitting in her bed with a smile plastered on her face. Her dress was the one she wore during breakfast. Her room looked like any other college student’s room, with a lot of stuff laying around carelessly, but the difference was that Sasha still hadn’t found the right college to join.

“So, what game do you have in mind,” Phil asked, as he sat on one of the chairs.

“Truth or dare,” she said, giving Phil a little wink.

“Oh. Is it the one where you ask the other person to either say a truth or do a dare?” Even though Phil had never played the game, he knew the basics.

“That’s the one,” she said while nodding.

“But there are some rules,” Sasha said and continued to explain them.

“Rule number 1: you should always do what you choose. That is, say truth if you choose truth or do the dare if you choose that.”

“Seems reasonable,” Phil said sarcastically.

“Rule number 2: you can never choose the same thing consecutively.”

“So each person should alternately choose truth and dare.”

“Yes.” Sasha said, nodding.

“And lastly, rule number 3: if anyone disobey rule number 1 or 2, the other person can give a task as a penalty which should be obeyed no matter czech casting porno what.”

Phil was quite surprised by the assertiveness with which Sasha explained the rules.

“These rules seems silly for a little game, isn’t it?” Phil asked.

“No. These are very important. So are you in?” Sasha was quite impatient to know Phil’s reply.


“Good,” she replied with a bright smile.

“Then you can start the game dad.”

“Well ok. So, truth or dare,” Phil asked while shifting his weight from one leg to the other.

“Dare,” Sasha replied eagerly.

“Dare right off the bat huh. Hmm what dare should I give you,” Phil said while striking a thinking pose.

“You don’t have to think so hard dad,” she replied while giggling.

“How about…..sing merry boy for me.”


Phil couldn’t contain his laughter and he burst out laughing. ‘Merry boy’ was a rhyme Sasha used to sing as a kid. As she grew older she thought it was a silly rhyme and the more reluctant she was to sing it. Phil knew this well and his dare made Sasha uncomfortable.

“That was a sick move dad,” she retorted after she finished singing her rhyme.

“At least I enjoyed it,” Phil laughed out loud, unable to contain his laughter, thoroughly enjoying his daughter’s embarrassment.

“Ok it’s my turn now. Truth or dare,” she asked regaining her composure.

“Truth.” Phil replied without a moment’s delay.

“Do you like to stay in home or go to work.” Sasha’s question was quite easy to answer.

“Stay at home of course. Nothing like the cosiness of the bed.”

“So true.” Sasha nodded in agreement.

“Now ask me a question. It’s my truth round,” she quickly added.

“Why do you slack off on finding a college to enrol?” Phil asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“That’s what you want to ask me?” she replied a bit disappointed with the question.


“Ok fine. I don’t want to join any college.”

“Why is that?” Phil asked not satisfied with the answer.

“You can’t ask another question. Now its your round now,” her sly reply left Phil with no other option.

“Sure. So, what is my dare?”

‘So far so good. She doesn’t seem like she is trying to pull anything funny,’ Phil thought a bit relieved at how things stayed ‘normal’.

“Well for asking me two questions I’m going to punish you,” Sasha said with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Take off your jeans!”

‘Or not,’ Phil face palmed in his mind.

“What? No way am I going to do that.”

Sasha’s antics yesterday were still very vivid in his mind and he didn’t want an encore.

She was giggling like a little kid after seeing her father’s reaction.

“It’s just jeans. It’s not like I am asking you to be naked. But I certainly do hope you wore something under your jeans,” Sasha said pointing her fingers towards my jeans.

“Yeah I have,” Phil retorted.

“Then off it goes,” Sasha was enjoying this to the full. Her voice and her smile couldn’t hide her excitement.

“Here goes nothing,” Phil sighed. He took off his jeans and placed it on the table.



“Now it’s your turn miss. Your last round was a truth round, so a dare this time. I dare you to endure five slaps from me,” Phil said, annoyed at the fact that he had to take off his jeans.

“Dare accepted.” Sasha happily got off the bed and positioned herself on Phil’s lap, with her ass facing his face.

Even before Phil could say something she was already in position.

“Go on,” the excitement in her words evident. Phil originally wanted to slap her shoulders or her palms, but the fact that she wanted to get slapped on her ass made Phil angry.

“You think I’ll go easy just because you are my daughter?”

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Each time Phil’s hand made contact with her butt cheeks, the sound became louder and louder.

When he finished slapping her, Sasha slowly got up from his lap and walked to the bed, her excitement clearly wiped off her face.

Her eyes were moistened, and her face was flushed. The image of his daughter on the verge of crying made Phil regret his decision.

“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to hit you so hard.”

“It’s okay daddy. This is part of the game,” she replied meekly.

Phil couldn’t say anything back, but her use of the word daddy instead of dad made him a little worried.

“Now it’s my turn to ask right?”

“Yes, it is.” Phil said.

“Ok good.” She sat there silently for a few seconds and asked, “So, did you like that daddy?”

“Like what sweetheart?” Phil asked a bit confused.

“Did you like slapping your little princess?” Sasha’s question was filled with excitement.

“Is that your question for this round?”

“Yes daddy. Now don’t lie to me.”

Phil was amazed at how easily she went from the point of crying to being excited.

She was regaining her composure and along with that her mischief too.

“No. Not at all,” Phil replied. czech couples porno But his reply seemed a bit rushed.

“Daddy is lying. And you know what the penalty is don’t you?” her grin was becoming more sinister by the minute.

“Honey I di-“


Sasha wasn’t ready to let it slide, “So what penalty shall I give you?”

“Oh, I know! For the rest of the game I’ll sit in your lap,” Sasha said not giving Phil any chance to protest.

“Urgh.” Phil only grunted.

He didn’t stop Sasha because he knew his reply wasn’t entirely true. A part of him did enjoy slapping her plump ass.

Sasha quickly got down from the bed and sat on Phil’s lap. But contrary to Phil’s expectations, she sat facing him with her arms around his neck. Her face was very close to his, with a few strands of her hair dangling in front of her.

‘God she is beautiful.’

Sasha was always beautiful. With her dark brown eyes and soft curves, she was a sexy woman.

But right now, beautiful was an understatement.

Her dazzling eyes were filled with excitement, her breathing a little heavy. She looked intently into Phil’s eyes.

“Daddy it’s my truth round. So, it’s your turn to ask,” only her words brought him back from his train of thoughts.

“Huh, ahh yes, the question,” Phil was finding it hard to process the information his senses were feeding him.

“Do you like sitting on my lap?”

Phil felt silly for asking such a lame question but that was all he could come up with.

“Of course, silly,” Sasha said while giving a little kiss on his cheek.

Phil didn’t hear what she said because all his attention was on that little kiss.

“Now it’s my turn to give you a dare daddy,” her words were smooth and seductive with a little stress on ‘daddy’.

“Aha,” was all Phil could reply.

“You are going to take off this shirt,” she said while pulling his shirt off of him. Phil only obliged letting her take his shirt off.

Sitting there almost naked with a sexy vixen, his daughter, on his lap was enticing beyond compare.

His penis had long since come out of its slumber. It was rock hard.

It was when Sasha got slapped, that his dick started to respond. It became fully erect when she sat in his lap. His penis never had a moment of respite from there on as her constant ‘daddy’ sent it into a frenzy.

Now that he was only wearing a boxer Sasha could easily make out the shape of her daddy’s cock. His large schlong had been poking her warm pussy for some time, which in turn made her face more and more flushed.

“Daddy, now it’s your turn to give me a dare,” Sasha whispered in Phil’s ears.

“I don’t know what dare to give,” Phil replied honestly.

He was having a hard time controlling himself to even think about a dare.

“How about asking me to take my clothes off?”

Sasha got her answer in the form of a twitch from his cock under her pussy.

“Ye-yes, do that,” Phil managed to say.

Sasha quickly got off from his lap and removed her pink t shirt and black pyjama shorts.

When she was done, she climbed back onto Phil’s lap, this time positioning her pussy right above his engorged cock.

Her red thong doing very little to hide the warmth of her pussy folds.

While Phil’s cock was enjoying the feel of the pussy, his eyes where moving back and forth between Sasha’s eyes and her breasts. The red lace bra covering her breast still left plenty of cleavage exposed, while her eyes where that of a woman in heat.

“Daddy it’s your turn to answer a question,” Sasha whispered into his ears.

“What is your favourite position during sex,” she asked, her face almost touching Phil’s.

Gulp. Phil swallowed a lump of saliva.

‘This is not going to end well.’

“My favourite position is the cowgirl,” Phil said, his eyes locked with Sasha’s.

“I love that position,” Sasha said.

“Now ask me a question,” she prompted Phil.

‘Ask about anything but sex positions,’ Phil was pleading with his own mind, but to no avail.

“How many positions have you tried,” Phil asked, a bit hesitantly.

Sasha chuckled a little at the question.

“Honestly, I don’t know, nor do I care. Because none of it was worthwhile,” her answer was very cryptic yet it made Phil a bit more aroused.

Even though Phil didn’t notice it, his rock-hard cock had been grinding with Sasha’s pussy ever since she climbed onto his lap. And every now and then she would let out a little moan, indicating how much she enjoyed that.

“Now for your dare, I want daddy to kiss me.”

“Honey but I-” Phil got cut off midway by the kiss. He was caught off-guard by Sasha’s sudden kiss.

She took Phil’s lower lip in her soft lips and was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow.

‘Fuck it.’

Phil couldn’t resist anymore; his inner walls was crumbling down. He started to kiss her back; her soft red lips tasted godly.

They kept sucking each other passionately for a while. Phil didn’t care who was in front of him czech estrogenolit porno anymore, all he wanted was a woman and that’s exactly what was sitting on his lap.

He held her head with both hands, caressing her or pulling her closer according to his need.

They kept their tempo for some time until Sasha broke off their kiss.

Her face was a deep shade of red while her thong started to get wet from her juices. Phil could feel the moistness through his boxers.

‘God, I want to fuck her brains out,’ Phil couldn’t help but think how good it would feel to fuck her balls deep.

‘She went this far, maybe she wants to go all in,’ he thought.

“So, it’s my turn to give you a dare right?” Phil asked eagerly.

Sasha only nodded her head, still dazed by the mild orgasm she just had.

“First let’s get on the bed.”

Sasha was not sure what Phil had in mind, but she was only eager to find out.

They walked to the bed, while Sasha sat on the edge, Phil climbed in and laid down. His back was resting on the headboard.

“Come here baby,” Phil said, inviting Sasha into the bed.

As Sasha got closer, Phil grabbed her by the waist and placed her on his waist. Once again Sasha’s pussy was resting on Phil’s cock.

Phil’s hands were holding her waist in position, while her hands were on the headboard, trying hard not to fall over Phil.

“We will continue in this position from now on. Your dare is to remain in this position until we are done with the game,” Phil said.

“Do you like the dare?”

“I love it daddy,” she said while grinding her pussy more and more on his cock.

Her breathing was uneven making her chest rise and fall in succession, which only accentuated the beauty of her breasts.

“Now it’s my turn to ask. What do you love the most about me,” Sasha asked a rather plain question.

‘Damn this feels like a trick question.’ Phil knew there was a catch to such questions. He racked his brain for a good answer.

“I like your personality the most,” Phil replied.

“Liar!” she said with a naughty smile on her face.

“It’s true baby,” Phil tried to reason with her.

“What you love the most is my body, isn’t it?” Sasha whispered seductively into Phil’s ears.

“Y-yes,” Phil couldn’t deny it.

He thought Sasha would be mad if he said it was her body that he loved the most, but clearly, he was wrong.

“Then as a penalty for lying I will give you a task to accomplish. And that task is for us both to not undress anymore!”

Phil was flabbergasted.

‘And here I thought she wanted me to fuck her. But she clearly cock-blocked me with this task.’

“Sure.” He said barely able to hide his disappointment.

“Now its your turn. My question to you is what do you love more, me or sex,” Phil asked.

‘Let’s see how you answer this,’ he was certain whatever answer she gave he could turn it against her.

Sasha was evidently caught off-guard, but she tried hard to hide it.

“I love daddy the most,” she answered diligently.

“That’s a lie,” Phil retorted.

He didn’t care if it was true or false, all he wanted was to give Sasha a task as a penalty.

“It’s true daddy. I really love you more than anything,” her plea fell on deaf ears.

“You only love to fuck and you know it. So, stop whining and do the penalty task,” Phil’s command didn’t leave any room for argument.

“As a penalty you will hop up and down 100 times without changing our position,” his mischievous smile was evident on his face.

‘If she doesn’t let me fuck her, I’ll have to take things into my own hands.’

“Ok daddy,” her eager reply only made his cock even more aroused.

Phil’s hands which where resting on her hips started to pull her up. When she raised her hips as far as she could he pulled them down, his cock and her pussy grinding against each other once more.

“That’s one. Ninety nine more to go,” Phil said.

She repeated the movement once more as Phil counted, “Two”.

As single digits made way to two digits, her breathing became more ragged. Her breasts, even though covered by the bra, where dangling in front of Phil and her plump ass was making contact with his lap every time she lowered her hips.

Phil was feeling good too. His cock, which was almost visible through his boxers, pulsing every time it came in contact with Sasha’s pussy.

“Twenty two, twenty three……” the counting went on.

Sasha’s red thong was drenched in her pussy juice and it was starting to stain Phil’s boxers.

“No need to stop the play honey. You can give me the next dare,” Phil said, while his eyes were feasting on the show in front of him.

“Yo-your next dare i-is to massage my breasts,” she said while panting heavily.

Phil only needed a moment to lift his hands towards her breast. Her soft boobs under her lace bra were quite a handful for Phil. All the movements were making them juggle in the air.

Phil caressed her breasts through her bra, pulling and pinching her nipples from time to time.

As Phil concentrated on her breasts, Sasha’s movement where becoming sluggish. In a few minutes instead of the up and down motion it got transformed into a to and fro motion.

She was grinding her pussy as strong as she could on Phil’s cock. Both their underwear were soaked in her juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32