Princess Ransom Ch. 05

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Sorry for the long delay in giving Elle the happy ending she so richly deserves. I thank the many readers who encouraged me to get off my butt and finish this adventure.


The following day, Elle felt an inner elation unlike even her most blissful previous hours of slavery. She performed fellatio on her beloved prince, very much aware that later this same day, Duchess Paulina would, quite possibly, do the same thing. For reasons that Elle did not even attempt to understand, she possessed no fear that the blonde radiant beauty would steal Adam away from her. Indeed, she very much wanted to share him with the fetching royal. Even as she brought her Master to climax, Elle was contemplating the trim, pale beauty of Duchess Paulina. She very much wanted to share the woman’s bed again, if the means to that ends was sharing her Master with her, so be it.

“Does not Master Adam share me with Roger Duken?” she explained to herself. “Is it then not more than fair that I share HIM?”

Elle swallowed Adam’s cum then hurried through her regular duties so that she could hasten to aid Duchess Paulina in arising and preparing for her day. Prince Adam was quite inclined to assist his slave on her way. He shaved her privates quickly and efficiently, rather than taking his usual prolonged and leisurely time. Still, he kissed and licked his slave’s secret place with relish. His mind filled with sudden curiosity as to what the alluring duchess looked like sans clothing. Was her pussy the same golden shade as the long locks tumbling past her shoulders? The duchess seemed to awake many new desires in Adam. The only woman he had ever encountered that approached her beauty, was his own devoted Elle. Her dark mane and Paulina’s golden nimbus were equally enchanting. But would the pampered duchess, be as nimble between the sheets as Elle? Adam pondered that question. The thought of training Paulina to do the same things as Elle was quite beguiling. If he could not do that, the young prince rationalized, he would have Elle perform the “dirty” stuff and Paulina the “clean” stuff. Prince Adam swelled with pride at the realization that he might be so doubly blessed. That was of course if the duchess would have him. With more pride than was good or him, Adam then asked himself, “Who would turn me down? I’m practically a king!”

With a smile, Elle strode into the lovely visitor’s chambers. The blonde duchess greeted the slave with a smile of her own. United in their conspiracy, Paulina and Elle chose a daring gown in Adam’s favorite color and selected a complementary shade of nail lacquer and lipstick. Elle provided the duchess with all of Prince Adam’s likes and dislikes which she was not already aware of. During all of this, the two women exchanged several deep and passionate kisses. Elle sought more but Paulina begged off.

“This day I am for Adam, Elle. We can exchange our gifts with each other at a later time. Yet, I will confess that I would enjoy nothing more than sharing my bed with you. However, we must BOTH keep our eyes focused on the prize!”

Prince Adam’s eyes lit up when he spied Paulina entering the dining room. The decolletage of her shimmering gown exposed an enchanting, yet tasteful, expanse of ivory toned bosom. Only later did he note Elle standing three paces behind and to the left of her. Elle marveled as she watched the young royal work her wiles on her Master. Elle knew that she could never match the confidence and subtlety of the duchess as she overwhelmed Prince Adam and was soon leading him about much like a groomsman did a pony. Winning Elle’s affections, even more, was the astonishing way in which Paulina included Elle in every conversation yet maintained all focus upon herself. Before very much time had passed at all, prince and duchess were exchanging deep lingering kisses.

Paulina later sang sweetly in her fine voice. Afterward, the three took a pleasant walk through the summer woods of the castle grounds. As they passed through a sylvan glade abutting a shimmering pond, Paulina stated quite sensually. “Perhaps, Adam, one day, we can go skinny dipping in this spot?”

A flummoxed Adam replied with a hearty, “Why wait?” and grasped the buttons of his tunic.

With a wave of her hand, the intriguing princess stopped the eager suitor.

“But darling Adam, such a thing cannot occur today. I have yet to receive a proper proposal and my ring finger is still quite naked. When it is dressed, WE shall undress!”

“That’s not fair!” cried Prince Adam petulantly

“Perhaps not, my dear Adam, but it is the way of royalty and is the proper way a gentleman deports himself.”

A completely besotted Adam fell to his knees on the spot and asked Paulina for her hand.

“Oh, my sweet, Adam, I would gladly have you, but your father must consult my father. A dowry must be agreed upon and an auspicious date for the nuptials chosen by the royal astrologers. Were that not the case, I would gladly allow you take me right here, under casino oyna the eyes of God.”

Duchess Paulina smiled, then, embraced Prince Adam and planted her most succulent kiss yet upon his lips. Once their lips parted Paulina whispered, “If it were permissible, I wish I could find some way to gift you with just a taste of my charms.”

The statement, which was not a question and not exactly an invitation, was left unanswered aside from a single nod on the part of Prince Adam. With twilight approaching, the trio made their way back to the castle. At the dinner tables, Adam only had eyes for Paulina, oblivious to all other events. To Elle, it seemed like her young prince was drunk but he had touched very little of his wine. The other guests at the table, King Julius, and the queen were quick to note the moonstruck condition of their son. He seemed incapable of much more than polite “yes” or “noes” to even the most detailed questions Duchess Paulina was quite aware of the importance of impressing Adam’s parents and was quick to regale them with stories and anecdotes that, she hoped, would endear herself to them. Certainly, having King Julius desirous of a match between the two blond royals would not hurt her case. Yet through it all, Paulina, with subtle touches and glances, kept Elle very much aware that the young duchess was just as infatuated with her as she was her Master.

Keeping the royal parents enthralled until late into the evening, Paulina made an impressive impact. Julius was absolutely sure that he wanted this fetching creature for his daughter-in-law and, if his son objected, he would insist upon the match. King Julius, however, though sometimes oblivious to his son’s emotional state, clearly discerned that he was as taken with the trim blonde woman as he was himself. It was very late indeed when Paulina made her excuses, held her hand out for Elle and announced,

“Sires, I don’t know when I have enjoyed myself more, however, it is time, I collect my beauty sleep. If you would assist me, Elle.”

Paulina then leaned over and planted a chaste kiss on Adam’s lips and whispered “Midnight” in his ear before rising and allowing Elle to lead her from the room. Once the two co-conspirators were out of earshot both giggled with delight and Duchess Paulina stated,

“What did you think of my performance, Pet?”

“I’ve known the prince for quite some time now and I have never seen him like THAT!”

“Men are such simple creatures, Pet.” stated Paulina, “I’ve had them eating out of my hands since I was thirteen but Adam is the only one I could imagine spending an entire lifetime with and a big reason for that is you, Elle! All day I’ve waited until the two of us could be alone. I’ll be taking you with me until the nuptials, you know.”

A flabbergasted Elle replied, “What?”

“Certainly. I am permitted to ask the loan of one gift as a promissory note guaranteeing that a betrothal is forthcoming. Adam values nothing more highly than you. Further, a period of celibacy will be good for the prince. It will also prevent him from fantasizing about ME when he is with You! After a proper period of living like a monk, Adam will be so grateful for my affections during the honeymoon, that I will forever be able to lead him like a blind man’s dog. He will also come into a new appreciation of you, Pet. I will make him treat you with even more kindness and, most importantly, under my parent’s roof the two of us can delight in each others company without having to share Prince Adam. It will be my honeymoon before my honeymoon!”

“But Mistress”, replied Elle, “is that not most unfair to my Master?”

“Oh, sweet sweet, Pet. This is a man’s world. Men practice duplicitous diplomacy, men stumble into war,” she looked meaningfully at Elle and continued, “men use innocent girls to ensure the peace for wars that never should have begun in the first place! What has all that maleness brought the world? Women should NEVER be ashamed to seek their own pleasures and their own peace in this man despoiled world. Prince Adam will retain his power everywhere, EXCEPT the bedchamber. I will be a dutiful bride, an engaging princess and, eventually the mother to kings. In exchange, should I not get what I want?”

“When you put it that way, Mistress, it sounds like a profound truth. But I was not raised that way.”

“From what you have told me about your past, Elle, it is clear that your parents, while well meaning, intentionally kept you ignorant of many things. You have learned much as a slave. I can teach you even more. The sad irony of your situation is that only now, after being reduced to chattel, gifted like a toy, and responding to the love of men and women, you are far more fit to be a princess than you ever were AS one! I want you not only as a lover but as a friend. Sharing Prince Adam should be a delight for both of us … and him! It is high time, however, that he learned the value of a woman’s passions!”

In the guest bedchamber, canlı casino Elle savored the satiny smoothness of Paulina’s skin as she undressed her. Paulina’s hands darted under Elle’s own camisole. They kissed deeply and Elle was soon as naked as the duchess as she bathed her. At one point, Elle stepped into the tub and lowered her shaven privates to the lips of the blonde duchess. Elle squealed with delight at an orgasm that had been bubbling just under the surface all day long finally released itself. Although it was risky, at the conclusion of her bath, Paulina brought out the double headed phallus once more. This time, Elle assumed the superior position. As primed as Elle had been a few moments before, the duchess was not long in coming herself.

From a secret compartment in her luggage, Paulina produced a bit of gossamer fabric. Once dressed in it, Elle noted that the fabric barely concealed the duchesses trim body, being just opaque at the nipples and crotch. The front overlapped and tied loosely with a silk obi.

“Think Adam will like it?” asked Paulina with a false air of innocence.

“If my Master does not swoon upon seeing you in that outfit, it will only be because he is a member of the living dead!” replied Elle.

“The midnight hour approaches, you must return to your Master.” warned Paulina.

Elle scurried down the hallway to Prince Adam’s chambers. She found the young prince in his silk boxers sporting a very firm erection. Elle went to kiss Adam and was about the perform fellatio on him when the prince begged off.

“Oh, Pet,” he said wistfully, ” Is fair Paulina truly desirous of rendezvousing with me this evening?”

Being cagey as instructed, Elle replied innocently, “I believe so, Master, but I cannot be sure.”

Elle made a second move to liberate Adam’s penis from his tenting boxers but the prince intercepted her.

“I want nothing to alter my current mood.” he stated simply

Elle embraced her Master. She was more than a bit amazed that her beloved prince had chosen not to progress further than a bit of passionate necking. Even this intimacy was interrupted by the besotted prince’s constant examination of the great clock in his chambers. At long last, the timepiece chimed softly twelve times. Instead of tarrying a moment, thus sending the message to the duchess that he could resist her charms, Prince Adam immediately sent Elle out ahead of him. It would be scandalous for the young prince to be caught trying to enter the duchess’s chambers. Such ungentlemanly behavior could even spark an international incident. Especially with him clad in little more than his robe. To achieve his ends, Adam needed the assistance of Elle. Slaves were permitted to roam the palace at all hours, by this point in her captivity sojourn, Elle was essentially invisible to the guards. The many sentry’s ways were also quite familiar to the young slave, she knew when the hallways were empty of every soul.

Even with Elle providing scouting information and running interference for her Master, it took more than a half hour to reach the wing of the palace containing the duchess. Elle, ever so gently, rapped upon the door which opened a minute crack, revealing one sapphire blue eye.

The duchess’s sleepy voice asked with feigned innocence, “Who is there?”

“‘Ti’s, I, Elle. I bring a visitor.”

“Enter after a moment.”

Elle waited until the beautiful woman had adjusted the lighting and slid back between the sheets. Adam entered to find Paulina seemingly startled at his arrival,

“My Prince! You should not be here.”

“But you whispered midnight to me!” replied the exasperated prince.

“I meant that I would think about you upon the midnight hour.” After a momentary cross look, her countenance brightened and she continued with, “However since the transgression has been made.”

With a dramatic reveal, Paulina slipped out of bed. The soft lighting of her chambers made it appear for a moment that the slim royal was in an unclothed state but the filmy, delicate nature of her attire was even more alluring than simple nudity. If Prince Adam had been smitten before, now he was hopelessly intoxicated. Paulina strode towards the prince, her stride parting the overlapping closure of her garment just enough for the young prince to catch the merest glimpse of her golden hued sex and a bit of areola. She embraced the prince and he felt every bit of her warm supple body upon his. After a frustratingly brief kiss, Paulina stated,

“The scandal, my prince if you are caught here will do both of us great harm, however, boldness such as yours deserves reward.”

Paulina fell to her knees before the prince and undid the tie to his robe. The size of the organ threatening to burst its silk enclosure at the seams, greatly pleased the duchess. In a moment Adam’s undershorts were on the floor and Paulina was gently kissing and licking the underside of his royal shaft. She gifted the prince a bit of heavenly royal kaçak casino fellatio before withdrawing her mouth and masturbating the prince to release. Adam was so primed that he was not very long in coming. As the Prince’s seed fell to the expensive carpet, Paulina returned to her feet, donned a sober expression and stated.

“Now, my prince, it is best that you depart. There will be no other encounter of this or any other kind until after a proper betrothal, my ring finger is no longer naked, and we are departed for our honeymoon!”

Sheepishly, Adam skulked his way back to his own bedchambers. Far from easing his desire, the clandestine visit to the duchess had inflamed them a thousand fold! Suddenly fully, painfully erect once more, Adam seized Elle in his strong arms and initiated passions that Elle had never encountered before. He eagerly dined on Elle’s bald kitty and then plunged his manhood deep inside her. Thrusting with a firmness and rhythm rare despite their many prior encounters, Adam came with a torrent and cried out “Paulina.” before he collapsed in a heap next to Elle and fell into a dead sleep. The stunned slave gently stroked the hair of her sleeping beguiled Master.

“But father, why can I not marry her now?”

King Julius suppressed his amusement with great difficulty. “While your enthusiasm for the duchess is admirable, both of you are royals and you are second in line for my throne. The two of you simply CANNOT run off to a justice of the peace like a pair of smitten farmer’s children. There is protocol to follow, rites to be performed. I must sit down with Paulina’s father, the Duke, and hash out a marriage contract. You may want to marry her now but you simply can’t because of who you both are. Now if you ask that inane question in my presence one more time, I’ll postpone the wedding for a year or more!”

“Why must she take Elle away with her, father?” asked Adam a bit later, his mood not lightened in the least.

“It is her right to ask for a valuable bit of property to ensure that marriage contract is completed. No other property that you possess is as expensive as Elle. They seem to have a nice rapport with each other and Elle knows all of the castle gossip and the likes and dislikes of every resident of Juliland Castle, she will prove invaluable in planning the wedding.”

“But what about my needs, father?”

An amused King Julius forced a sober expression on his face and replied, “Trust me son, no man ever died from lack of female intimacy, provided it is not too prolonged. Not having Elle around for the next few months won’t kill you.”

“That’s what YOU say!” returned the love-struck prince bitterly.

As Adam retreated from the royal throne room, the king smirked at his son’s retreating back. Privately he thought the beguiling duchess was playing his son’s emotions as finely as a violinist wields her bow. It would be, he felt, a good thing for Adam to endure a bit of privation. The duchess’s wisdom floored King Julius. He most assuredly wanted that intelligence and beauty in his bloodline. It pleased him greatly that his son had asked him to send a formal proposal to the Duke, as Paulina was by far the best match both politically and physically. Even now, Julius could picture how beautiful and wise the grandchildren that the newly engaged pair would grace him with. If his oldest son, Prince Rudolph continued to be such a titanic prick, King Julius thought, he could always alter the line of succession. In that happenstance, Paulina would prove to be an excellent queen who would be very popular with the people. The alluring duchess would make Adam a better man and a better prince but Adam, of course, could not see this now. “A fine woman makes a good man better and my son is blessed with two!” he stated to the now vacant room.

Duchess Paulina was scheduled to leave Jurliland Castle for her home country of Deusenstad, meaning that this would be last evening Prince Adam would be able to make love to Elle for half a year. For four months, she would be residing with Paulina prior to the nuptials, then, he and Paulina would depart for a three-month long honeymoon. Roger Duken would look after Elle once the wedding concluded but when they resumed their relationship, Prince Adam would be a married man and Elle would be, in one sense at least, something she had never been before. To have Elle taken from him for so long was an astonishing hardship for the young prince. He wondered how he would be able to sleep without the warmth of Elle beside him. He imagined the long months ahead with no sexual release at all. He knew he could hire professionals but Adam had always felt that only hopeless, homely men who could never attract a mate on their own utilized such women. Long nights of jerking off alone held no romance at all.

Elle was awed by her Master’s tenderness on this final night. He was even more gentle and solicitous than on the night when he had taken her maidenhead. She realized that she would miss the price even while savoring her much desired alone time with the duchess. “I love three now,” she told herself, “my Master, Roger Duken, and the duchess, My Mistress. I’m amazed there is enough of me to go around!”

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