Payback Ch. 2

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Vince got out of the shower and dried himself off. He looked in the mirror and noticed that a scowl masked his dark good looks. Something bothered him terribly– what was it?

He had slept with one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen, the envy of any man. She had come to him for help after getting life’s royal screwing – just what she deserved. It’s so rare to see the high and mighty fall, and especially to see them fall at your feet, but that’s what he witnessed.

Then he had the opportunity not only to have sex with her, but also to tie her up and give her the fucking of her life – in every hole she had. She sucked his cock. She begged to suck it. He had this stunning thing purring like a kitten and cumming like a faucet. She would not soon forget his cock in her ass.

And yet still, it was not enough – why?

Something in his mind told Vince that Jenna had gotten the best of him. Not only did she secure a large loan from him, she seduced him and received the sexual release she so desperately needed as well. So in the final analysis, she won on both counts. She hadn’t even called him again after their coupling.

So that’s what was causing Vince to scowl. He realized – after the fact – that Jenna had really come out on top – again. She got just what she wanted – again. She used her beauty and overwhelming attractiveness to her advantage – again. Perhaps she was even laughing at Vince – again. A nice guy who finished last, again. Well, maybe not.

She still needed him, after all. He had paid her outstanding bills and given her a few thousand more to get on her feet, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough. He knew she’d have to turn to him again before it was all over. And he was right.

In truth, Jenna had taken advantage of Vince. But it wasn’t her fault, really. She wasn’t doing it out of spite or for fun, but out of necessity. Plus, it was just what she had been doing her entire life. What she had been trained to do from an early age – use your looks to get what you want from men.

She meant what she told Vince though, that she admired his hard work and success. She’d seen him change from a commercial real estate salesman a commercial property owner. From a man who made a nice living to a multi-millionaire. Not because he won the lottery, but because he made sound financial decisions, investing and reinvesting wisely. She was actually profoundly appreciative of what he had done for her. Deep down, she knew that she didn’t deserve it. She wanted to try and make it on her own, but she had no skills. She was also developing feelings for him, which she was doing her best to hide and deny. That’s why she hadn’t called him.

But the fact was, she still needed his help. After she had paid her bills, the remainder of the money hadn’t gone far and would soon run out completely. As much as she didn’t want to ask for his help again, she had to. And damn it, he was singe, available, and good looking. She was beautiful. Why should she let some other girl waltz in and grab such a prize?

“Vince,” she sang over the phone, “it’s your blindfolded hostage. How is my captor?”

“Oh, Jenna,” he replied flatly. “I was just thinking of you.” Damn, just hearing her voice gave him goosebumps. He pictured her face. Her long blonde hair and incredible blue eyes. Her perfect, chiseled facial structure. Her lips – my God, those lips.

“Well, that’s always nice to hear,” she laughed. “How’s everything in Vinceworld?”

Her flat stomach. Those perfectly shaped legs leading up to that magnificent blonde pussy – shaved, but with a perfect patch of blonde hair on top. “The world is not about Vince, Jenna. “he said dryly.

“Oh, I know,” she replied, wondering what was bothering him. “I was just asking how you were, that’s all.”

“I’m OK,” he said, purposely not asking how she was. He did want to know, but he knew his question would lead to a lengthy answer, probably ending in a request for more money. He loved to be needed, especially by her, but not being used – especially by her. She has to make it on her own eventually, he told himself.

Jenna was not so easy to shed. She was used to getting what she wanted.

“Vince, what are you doing this afternoon, I wanted to . . .”

“I have to go clothes shopping,” he interrupted. “I have a retirement party coming up, and I need a new suit.”

“Whose retirement?”

“A business associate. The party’s downtown in a high-rise hotel of some kind.”

“Do you have a date?”

“Well, no,” he realized. In fact, showing up with Jenna on his arm wasn’t a half bad idea. She was well spoken and spectacular looking. He wasn’t above being the envy of every guy there. He just didn’t want to ask her. He didn’t have to.

“Great!” she snapped back. “I’ll go with you. And I can help you with the suit, too. I happen to have great taste in clothes, and I’ll tell you what looks good on you.”

She was right, she did have good fashion sense, and he did want to make a good istanbul escort impression. “OK,” he said, “I’ll . . .”

“Pick me up in a half-hour, I’ll be waiting love, bye.” Click.

Love? She was a pip.

Vince swung by in the red Corvette ZR6 and Jenna was waiting on the steps. She was wearing a purple outfit and high heeled shoes. What a sight, he admitted. She hopped in the car and gave him a quick peck as they drove off. He couldn’t help but stare at her legs and hoped she didn’t notice, though she probably did. Jenna didn’t dress that way for nothing.

At the mall, she spotted a blue pinstriped suit by Valentino. Twelve hundred bucks – figures. But the darn suit looked fantastic. Vince was looking at it in the mirror of the large dressing room when the door opened suddenly and Jenna walked in, shutting the door behind her.

“Oh, Vince, it looks like it was made just for you,” she purred. She ran her hands along the arms of the suit. “Nice material,” she continued.

Jenna began to squat down as she examined the suit further. The pleated look was out, she explained to him, because the extra material made a heavy man look fatter and on a fit man, like Vince, didn’t accentuate his flat stomach. These pants fit just fine, enough room in the waistband to stick a thumb into.

As Jenna’s face neared his groin, Vince looked down to see her lovely blonde hair and couldn’t help but look down her cleavage, seeing most of her ample breasts. His cock responded almost instantly.

Noticing a bulge in his pants that was certainly not fabric, Jenna looked around, but saw no video camera. “I just want to check the fit here,” she mumbled.

Jenna pulled Vince’s cock out of his pants and, smiling up at him, held it softly and licked from the bottom to the top, circling the head with her warm tongue. Holding onto his ass cheeks with both hands, she proceeded to give him a no hands blowjob, bobbing her head up and down his now long, thick cock from the tip of the head and all the way down to his balls. Vince sighed deeply. Her mouth was incredibly wet and warm. It felt like soft velvet to his cock. The sight of her sumptuous lips bedding back as they enveloped his cock was awesome.

“That’s it, Jenna, suck my cock. Stick it all the way down your throat, you pretty bitch. Use your tongue, suck harder,” he instructed. “Lick all around the head. Stick your tongue in the hole. Now suck on it like it’s your favorite lollipop. Use that tongue!”

Vince’s dirty, passionate talk began to get Jenna fired up. With one hand, she stroked his cock as she sucked it far down her throat. With the other hand, she spread and massaged her wettening pussy lips, centering on her clit. Vince held the back of her head as she gobbled him, helping guide his cock as far in as it would go. Then he gathered her hair in his hand so that he was holding it out of her face as she inhaled his cock.

He noticed that her nipples were protruding like lipstick applicators from her flimsy shirt. He instinctively reached down with one hand and kneaded one nipple. Hearing her gulp, he put his finger to his tongue to wet it, then reached down and fondled the other nipple. The feeling made her legs go soft. Her breath started to become ragged as she responded immediately by blowing him with even greater ferocity.

“Vince,” she said passionately, looking at him while holding his cock up so she could suck on his balls, “I love your big, hard cock, I just love it. I love the way it tastes – the way it looks, how it makes me feel.”

As she rubbed her clit and resumed sucking on Vince’s pulsating hard-on, she used her other hand to hold Vince’s. Rather romantic, considering she was blowing him in a dressing room. Vince reached down with his free hand and gave her nipple another hard squeeze, sending chills through her from her breasts to her neck. Inexorably, Jenna began to cum. It was just a tingle and first, but it soon built to a crashing crescendo. She sucked harder and faster on his cock as the feeling overtook her.

“Oh, Vince,” she cried out as quietly as she could in the small room, “here I cum, baby, I’m . . . I’m . . . cuming . . .oh . . .oh God . . .mmmm” Her body shook and she went weak in the knees, just barely keeping her balance.

Vince, too, could no longer control himself. His body stiffened and his muscles became rigid. He shot streams of cum down Jenna’s throat and on her lips. “Here it comes, Jenna,” he moaned. “Here’s what you wanted.”

Jenna looked at him seductively and took all she could down her throat, swallowing while she sucked the last drops out, then licking the remaining cum off those gorgeous lips. They left the dressing room looking like two kids who managed to steal a candy bar without getting caught.

Suit, tie and shirt paid for, Vince left the mall with Jenna, $1,350 poorer, but outfitted with an exquisitely sewn and tailored Italian suit.

“Here’s $2,000, Jenna,” avcılar escort Vince said in the car, “buy yourself some nice clothes for the party. One thing though . . .” he cautioned.

“What’s that?”

“There are going to be a lot of wealthy people there. But you are going with me. If you misbehave, if you try to find a sugar daddy, if you do anything to embarrass or cause me to regret bringing you – I won’t forget it and I won’t be happy about it, to say the least.”

“You won’t regret bringing me,” she said earnestly. “You won’t regret anything you’ve done for me, Vince. I don’t forget favors, either.” She meant it.

Two weeks later Vince arrived to pick up Jenna. She was ready on time, which both surprised and delighted him. Most women he dated were on time, though for another time zone.

Gliding down the stairs, Jenna looked simply stunning in a black, sheer outfit – sheik and daring but still tasteful and stylish. It highlighted her natural blonde hair and complemented her perfect complexion. She even smelled great. Vince was going to be proud to show up with her. He was also dying to fuck her again – any man would be.

“You look wonderful, Jenna. It was money well spent on that outfit.” She neglected to say, of course, that she already owned it.

“You look great, too, Vince. That suit looks like it was made just for you. It really accentuates your physique – not that it needs it.”

The party was on the 40th floor, with a remarkable, panoramic view of the city. On the way up, the elevator inadvertently stopped on the 37th floor, where Vince and Jenna got out. A large room with white linen covered tables sat dark and empty. Realizing that they were on the wrong floor, they got back on the elevator and pushed 40.

The partygoers were surely impressed with the attractive couple that strolled off the elevator. Vince was handsome and classy in his new suit, looking like actor Chris Noth, “Mr. Big” from Sex and the City. He carried himself with an air of confidence and success, yet displayed humility as he warmly greeted those he knew with a handshake or hug and a kind word.

Jenna was indeed the perfect date. Years of acting the trophy wife had not been wasted on her. Introduced by Vince simply as Jenna, she smiled cordially, spoke and listened with charm and intelligence. Her captivating looks, though, were lost on no one. As she danced and partied with Vince, all eyes gravitated to the duet with the movie star looks and presence.

Vince was having a great time. He liked and admired many of the people at the party, and it was reciprocated. Spending the evening with Jenna was, he hated to admit it, a dream come true.

Jenna was truly enjoying herself as well. Vince treated her like a gentleman would. He was attentive without fawning over her. Unlike so many other men, he wasn’t overwhelmed into stupidity by her looks. He kept control. She noticed that he was the recipient of much female attention and it made her feel oddly jealous and possessive.

Underlying it all was the sexual magic they created. Vince was the best she’d ever had, and that was saying a lot. When he was done with her, she knew she’s been fucked. She never came so much with any man. He’d done different things to her – nasty things – and she loved every minute of it, Her entire body ached for his strong touch. With a few a few drinks in her system, she was having trouble containing herself.

She was so relieved when, after four hours, Vince smiled and whispered, “Let’s go.” He was truly grateful for her company and the grace with which she conducted herself. This was a girl you could easily fall in love with if you weren’t careful, he thought. The twinkle in her eye, though, betrayed something other than grace.

Which was why, upon entering the elevator, Jenna pushed the button for the 37th floor, while Vince was waving goodbye to someone.

When the elevator stopped on the dark floor, Vince exclaimed, “Jenna, this is the floor where we were before, there’s nothing . . .”

Jenna pulled Vince out of the elevator and pushed the down button, sending it on its way. Turning to hold Vince’s head with both hands, she forced her tongue into his mouth. It tasted of lust and Seagram’s.

Vince, too, was feeling the effects of the liquor and the excitement of being with such a magnificent woman, who so obviously wanted him. Her cool hands on his warm face, the smell of her perfume, the softness of her lips – they overwhelmed his senses as he kissed her back.

The moved together in a slow dance as they made their way, still kissing, into the adjoining empty room, filled with round tables covered with white linen. Vince easily lifted Jenna onto a table. She spread her legs to let him get closer, feeling the hardness of his cock make contact with her pelvis.

“This room is all ours,” she beamed, “Right now, there’s no one is the world but the two of us.” All pretenses were gone. Jenna was head over heels.

Vince şirinevler escort slowly raised Jenna’s shirt as they kissed. Her skin was smooth and smooth. He inhaled deeply at the sight of her breasts. Perfect – somewhere between a C and D he guessed. Cupping the bottom of a breast in each hand, he used his thumbs to rub her nipples. They grew in his hands until they were sticking out an inch or more. Then he lowered his head and took a nipple in his mouth while rubbing the other – switching every few seconds. Jenna breathed hard though her mouth as her head fell back, reveling in the sensation. It made her pussy tingle and get moist. He knew it would.

Vince laid Jenna down on the table and removed her skirt, admiring her black lace thong. He kissed down from her breasts, over her flat stomach and lingered a moment on her navel, which made Jenna giggle.

As he worked his tongue further down, the fragrance of her moistness coupled with the perfumed powder she used excited him unconsciously. He lifted her shapely legs in the air, holding them by her calves, and licked around the outer edges of her freshly shaved pussy.

“Vince,” she sighed, “you’re teasing me, baby. You know how bad I want it.”

Vince responded by lapping at her genitals with a flat tongue to hit as much area as possible. Jenna shivered. He licked her entire area from top to bottom, getting it good and wet. Licking her clit, he stuck his index finger an inch or two into her slit, curling his finger in a ‘come hear’ shape to hit her g-spot. When Jenna began to moan and writhe in ecstasy on the table, he knew he’d hit his mark. Time to change the plan.

With his finger still exciting her g-spot, Vince moved his tongue down and licked her ravishing bare asshole with just the tip. Jenna lifted her head up.

“Oh, Vince,” Jenna groaned, “What are you . . . I’ve never . . . my God, it feels so good, no one’s ever . . .”

Just then, Vince did two things. First, he began to rub her clit with his thumb while still hitting the g-spot with his index finger. Then he hardened his tongue and stuck the tip about a half-inch into Jenna’s asshole. The combination of pleasures began to wreak havoc on Jenna’s senses. Her breathing became sporadic as she neared orgasm. Her hips began to buck up and down on the table.

“Oh my God, what you’re doing . . . it’s . . .it feels . . .I’m coming . . . baby . . .I’m cuuuu . . . mmm . . .I’m cuuuu . . .mmmm”

Jenna arched her back. Her pussy was just streaming fluid onto Vince’s face as she came, hips bouncing violently up and down on the table. Vince held on and kept up his oral actions until it subsided. Then he bent down and wiped his face off with the edge of the white tablecloth.

Jenna sat up, shook her head to clear it a bit and kissed Vince enthusiastically.

“No-one has ever made me cum like you do, Vince,” she whispered.

“I’m not done yet,” was his reply.

Vince turned Jenna over on the table. She instinctively got on all fours, her fine ass high in the air. She didn’t know just what to expect, but in her exhilarated state, she didn’t care. But she didn’t expect:

Whack – whack – whack. Jenna wasn’t sure whether she heard it or felt it first – the sharp stings of him spanking her ass. She gasped.

Whack – whack – whack again. There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.

“Vince, what are you? . . .”

Whack – whack – whack. Strangely, it felt good to her. She’d never been into S&M, and none of the men she’d ever been with had dared to be anything but gentle with her. But Vince was not one of those men.

Whack – whack – whack. The bottom of her ass cheeks were getting red. And her pussy was starting to tingle again. One word escaped her mouth before she even knew what she was saying.

“More . . .”

Whack – whack – whack. Talk about payback. Vince had Jenna on all fours on the table, and was giving her ass the punishment it deserved. He didn’t expect her to love it so much, though.

Whack – whack – whack. Tears streamed down Jenna’s face. Not tears of pain, or joy, just tears.

With her ass bright red and stinging, enough was enough. Vince found himself with an enormous erection to satisfy. Dropping his pants, he quickly found the entrance to Jenna’s pussy and buried his cock in her.

“Oh, yes, Vince,” she blurted, “oh, yes.

Vince held tightly to her hips as he slammed his cock in and out, in and out. Jenna’s breasts, hanging as much as their firmness would allow, swung back and forth under her. He reached for her mouth. She took his finger in her sensual, pouty lips and sucked on it as if it were his cock.

He took his hand away and put both hands on her shoulders, enabling him to muster as much force into his strokes as possible. He was slamming into her like a piston machine. Jenna’s body dripped sweat onto the table.

“Fuck . . .me . . .fuck . . . me,” she chanted. “Give . . . me . . . everything you’ve got.”

He did, but perhaps not just where she wanted. Instead, he pulled his engorged cock and positioned in at the entrance to her magnificent flower shaped asshole.

“Vince, are you going to put . . .”

His answer was to thrust into her rectum, without the usual pleasantries. She cried out in surprise, pain – and pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32