Paid in Cherries

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“Done,” Gary said, relieved, as the printer whirred.

Beside him Joy tossed her long black hair back, stretched her arms above her head and leaned back on her chair. Her small pert breasts thrust up under her school girly white blouse and Gary caught his breath at the cuteness of her.

Joy yawned and Gary looked up at the clock. “Christ, it’s two o’ clock in the morning,” he said. “How are you getting home?”

“I’ll be all right,” she said softly but without conviction.

“I’d walk you back to the campus but I’m knackered,” Gary said. “You can kip on the sofa if you want. Then we can check this report in the morning before you hand it in.”

She accepted the offer and Gary found her an old quilt, closed the door and went to bed himself. But although he felt exhausted he couldn’t sleep. His mind, refusing to shut down, reviewed the evening.

Saturday night had meant the Nags Head for the usual disco. It had been a lively night from the moment he walked in with a big group of girls flirting and dancing with anyone and everyone. He joined in for a bit of fun and later on bought a round of drinks. Taking them to the table he found another girl sitting on her own minding the handbags. She was a Filipina, petite and strikingly pretty. But she wasn’t easy to chat up and clearly had something on her mind. In the end one of her friends said to her, “He looks brainy, why don’t you ask him to help you with your bloody paper then you can chill out?”

Joy shyly explained to Gary that they were all nursing students. The others had all passed their final assessments and were celebrating but she had failed a critical report part and had to resubmit by tomorrow.

More out of politeness than serious intent Gary offered to help. She jumped at it and Gary couldn’t back out, so they adjourned to his flat when the others went clubbing at eleven o’ clock.

It transpired that she had been recruited to the course by an agent using fake papers. When the tutors discovered that she lacked the necessary academic English level they had taken the money and simply abandoned her to get on with it as best she could by herself. After 5 years teaching in Asia, that was a familiar scenario. Gary’s anger was roused and he committed to do all he could to help Joy.

He soon discovered that she was older than she looked, around 21, and had a good brain. She knew the topic which was just as well because Gary’s background was history. But she had never been taught western writing skills; how to organise her ideas, use report format, reference or edit. There he could help.

Gary liked the way she didn’t leave it all to him but worked hard, listened to advice and wanted to learn. She stayed focused even when he accidentally spilled coffee on to her top and jeans. Three hours of hard work later a rough draft had been turned into a passable report. Sex hadn’t entered into it until that 2am glance.

He finally slept picturing the perfect oval of her face, her liquid, dark eyes offset with green eye shadow, shy mouth, lustrous hair and the perfect coffee coloured skin of her arms and shoulders.

She was standing beside his bed, a breakfast tray in her hand, when he came to. Blinking he looked at the alarm clock and marvelled at her powers of recovery. Eight thirty and he still felt groggy with a mouth that tasted like old boots. But she was fresh, smiling and bouncy. She put the tray on his bedside table, complete with coffee, boiled eggs and toast and marmalade and stepped back. He realised that she had appropriated his dressing gown from the back of the bathroom door. It was miles too big and looked absurd on her slender little frame.

Gary wanted to make a joke about it but was a bit taken aback by the speed with which she had made herself at home. But she read the ambiguity in his face and explained “I’m sorry. I’ve got no money to pay you, Gary. So this is just to say thank you.”

Not knowing what to say to this and needing the bathroom Gary excused himself. She had asked for it and he didn’t care if she was offended by seeing him in just his underpants. Then he found her white blouse, jeans and a cute white lace bra, sponged and drying in the airing cupboard. With a twinge of guilt he remembered the spilt coffee then realised that she had no change of clothes. What was she wearing under the dressing gown?

Wondering how innocent she really was he showered, finding his cock growing in his hand at the thought of her waiting for him.

“I’m starving,” she said on his return. “Let’s eat.”

She had respected him enough to wait to start her own breakfast until he was ready, so Gary joined her sitting on the edge of the bed. But he quickly found himself wanting to bite on something other than toast. His dressing gown gave up the struggle to cover her as she stretched to pick up her coffee. Her skin matched the colour of the Nescafe but was much richer, glowing with health and swelling into a small, perky breast topped with a chocolate nipple the size of a 10 pence piece.

She gave him several more glimpses during casino siteleri the meal and he also caught her taking quick peaks at him. He sensed that she was as shyly fascinated by his Caucasian body as he was by her Asian one. Eventually his underpants could contain his stiffness no more and the tip popped out above the elastic. She giggled and said “You like me, Gary?”

“God, you are beautiful,” was all he could say. But she didn’t seem to find his reply lame or clichéd. Instead she shrugged off the dressing gown and lay on the bed, one shoulder resting on a pillow, hair swept back, her left hand under her breast as if trying to push it up and enlarge it, her right breast pointing into the pillow, her legs a fraction open with the left one raised a little on the bunched quilt and the right one drawn up at 45 degrees. All she had on was a pair of simple thong panties, the colour of a tropical ocean, the tiny straps lying just below her hipbones and showing just a hint of the curve of her pussy. She was almost too beautiful, too young and too innocent to touch but her lips parted a little and her eyes had a come on look.

Gary kissed her slowly, gently and repeatedly. She kept her lips together at first but then opened a crack and let the tip of her tongue begin exploring. It was delicious to stroke her silky hair, cup her cheeks in his hands and let their tongues communicate. Soon it was a full French kiss and the pressure of his mounting desire rolled her onto her back. He was lying across her pressing down on her small hard breasts. She kicked her legs out.

Gary pushed his pants off with one hand and slid the other one out from under her back, gliding it over her breast and down the length of her belly reaching for her panties.

He had misread her signal. She broke the kiss. Gary felt intense disappointment. But that was not Joy’s intention. She turned round into a 69 position, her panties tucked under her body and her legs arching away from him. She guided his hand to her breast whilst her mouth found the tip of his cock. Shyly she explored, a little clumsily but oh so sweetly round his tip, down the shaft, round his balls and back. She didn’t take him into her mouth. She didn’t need to. Her tongue was an instrument of erotic torture, denying him her pussy and yet sending waves of throbbing pleasure all through his being.

He could feel her reactions. From shock at first as her nipple and body shrank from the unfamiliar contact, she got used to his size and hardness, and then her nipple became like a little rock thrusting between his squeezing fingers.

Finally she started to tickle him in time with her tongue and Gary retaliated, tickling the back of her neck and her ribs. She was good at it and squirming he fell off the bed and almost pulled her with him. But she recovered and knelt on the edge. Gary picked himself up off the floor and realised that he was still hard and pointing at the shallow valley between her boobies.

She gigged in that enticing, girlish way of hers and Gary saw a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. She took his cock and placed it vertically in her cleavage. Her gripped her two breasts firmly and closed them against his cock. At this she began to ululate up and down simulating a pussy, mewing like a kitten and panting.

Gary could contain himself no longer and coated her chest and neck in thick, white spunk. Visibly shocked and embarrassed she stood up and inspected herself in the dressing table mirror. Thankfully after a minute she seemed to find her reflection funny.

Gary put his arm round her, kissed her gently and reassured her that she had been great before going to the bathroom one at a time. Gary went first and when Joy came back she was carrying her clothes and turned her back to put them on. Whilst making the bed Gary got a worm’s eye view as she bent over to put her toes into her jeans. She needed a shave and her narrow thong showed that her black hairs were slicked to her skin with juice.

“So it’s not that you don’t want it,” Gary said in baffled frustration. She didn’t answer and shrugged the rest of her clothes on with ashamed haste before Gary drove her back to the university. They hardly spoke but she seemed to reflect and calm down on the way.

After getting out of the car Joy leaned in through the window and said quietly, “Thanks, Gary. If I get an A you can have my cherry.”

Then he understood and wished he had worked on her paper all night.


She was bubbling with excitement. “I’ve got an A,” Joy told Gary on her mobile phone a week later and gushed on about her future plans. He was pleased for her and flattered. He knew he had improved her final paper but didn’t think it was enough to go from D to A. All those years flogging his guts out trying to teach Asian students to write hadn’t been in vain.

Or had they? Joy hadn’t mentioned the promise she had made when he dropped her off at the tutor’s office to hand in the paper. Gary didn’t like to remind her. It was so important that he didn’t want her to feel under an obligation canlı casino to go through with it; unless she really wanted to, of course, when it would be his pleasure.

In the end she thanked her benefactor verbally and ended the call. Gary assumed that was it. He knew, somehow, that she wouldn’t be at the Nag’s Head. In any case the usual crowd of piss artists and slags no longer appealed. The memory of their first meeting there, when she was on handbag duty for her classmates, was too fresh. Was it really a week ago? He could remember every subsequent, intimate detail like it was five minutes since.

In the end Gary decided to loaf around at home. It was a hot summer’s night, so he changed into shorts, got a lager out of the fridge and settled down to watch a DVD. It was a historical drama with lots of cannon fire and he almost missed the knock at the door. Opening the door at night wasn’t always a good idea in that area so even then he ignored it. But the knock came again, too timid to be the local yobs or yet another double glazing salesman.

Suspiciously he went to the door and called “Who is it?”

A shy girl’s voice answered in a Filipina accent “It’s Joy. I come to keep my promise.”

Gary fumbled with the chain, mind racing. He had imagined many times how she might do it. Was his memory playing tricks or was she really perfect? Would she be passive and dutiful or eager?

When the door opened, he asked her in, hung up her blue summer jacket and took a good look at her, standing in the hallway. She was even more petite and delicately beautiful than he had remembered, barely 5ft tall and very slim. Her long black hair was brushed straight down her back, freshly washed and glowing with health. The style seemed designed to show big, round silver earrings. She had made up, plucking her eyebrows and using pink eye shadow. He knew she was twenty one but even with the make up and jewellery she looked younger. Her huge, dark liquid eyes and wide kissable mouth were still innocent.

More than anything Gary had wondered what she might wear for her big night. The jacket had presumably been chosen as camouflage on the bus because underneath she had just a little white crop top. The flimsy straps highlighted the gorgeous, coffee coloured skin of her shoulders. The body was very short and showed most of her bare, slender, toned belly. If she had a bra on it had to be strapless.

But she was giving out conflicting signals. A silver crucifix round her neck was presumably there to protect her from temptation. So were her hands because her response to his frank appraisal was to place them over the subtle swellings of her breasts.

His eyes moved down seeking clarification but, as last week, below the waist she was more inhibited. A stylish black and silver skirt came half way to her knees and gave nothing away.

Gary was in a quandary. He was used to experienced women who knew what they wanted and how to communicate their desires. But this chick was different. Her real feelings were hard to read. He had her in his power; of that he was well aware, and he could use her any way he chose. But her elfin beauty aroused something more than lust and he found himself with unaccustomed nerves.

Afterwards he could never remember who took the initiative but somehow they arrived in the living room. She had slept on the sofa when her report had taken until 2am to finish and many times since Gary had sat there trying to recall the scent of her body. He needn’t have bothered. Then she had been a girl with a girl’s natural scent. Now she was trying to be a woman and had applied perfume liberally. It didn’t succeed in making her seem grown up, just more confusing.

Gary settled for her company. They sat side by side, close but not touching, her legs nervously clamped together. She knew little about the period shown in the DVD but, shyly at first, began asking questions. History had been Gary’s subject at university so he was happy to answer. Pleased that she could interest him she began to relax.

When the film was finished Gary went to fetch another can of lager then thought better of it. If this went according to plan his cock would need to function later. But it was too hot for coffee. So Gary called to ask Joy what she wanted to drink. She responding by coming into the kitchen and began to fix refreshing lemon tea.

Amazed, again, by the contrast between her practicality in the kitchen and naivety about the ways of the world he broached the topic of her background. It turned out that her father was working on a building site in Bahrain and only came home occasionally, staying just long enough to give her another younger brother or sister before disappearing again for months or years. His remittances home were erratic and she had had to learn to run a home on next to nothing from a very early age. There had been no time for boy friends.

With the tea almost ready Joy grimaced as she showed Gary the only lemon in the fridge; covered in mould. Gary had little choice but to pop out to the 24hour Tesco kaçak casino Express and get another one. Whilst there, he couldn’t stop thinking about how to bring her to the boil instead of the tea leaves. Then he saw them; a cellophane wrapped pack of cherries.

Back in the kitchen they sipped the tea. There was only one stool so she sat on the work top and he fed her a cherry, holding the stalk as she bit it. She liked the idea and offered him one. “Not from your hand, Joy,” he told her. Surprised she leaned back and inspected her hand, afraid that it was dirty and had upset him. Gary ignored it and placed a cherry in the now near horizontal dish of her belly button. She giggled at its stickiness but let him nibble it slowly and finish the meal by licking round the rim of her navel.

Her sparkling eyes were asking if she dared do the same to him. He lay on the kitchen table to answer her but put the cherry in the valley of his chest. It was quite hairy but she didn’t seem to mind and covered it in little, girlish kisses; cute and exciting.

She didn’t resist as he lifted off her top. It was slightly padded inside and there was no bra. Her breasts were unbelievable, small but dusky, vibrant with health and with a perfectly proportioned, shallow, valley between them.

He took two cherries and held them up for her inspection, twirling them slowly in his fingers. She had guessed where they were going and touched her own mocha coloured, soft nipples in anticipation. They weren’t soft any more after he had finished eating the cherries.

Gary could see that she was counting the remaining cherries and looking puzzled. She hadn’t quite worked it out yet. In fact he placed the next two pieces of fruit on the button and zip of his shorts. With a little proactive squirming the button came undone as she ate. She got the message and pulled his zip down with her teeth after devouring the next cherry. But Gary had to let his own shorts fall.

She didn’t know what to do next but Gary gently rolled her onto her side on the worktop, skirt zip uppermost. He placed a cherry and began to nibble.

Even with the skirt zip undone he could see little. Disappointed Gary lay on the table ready for her next cherry. But Joy didn’t get off the work top and he wondered if she was going to back out as she had last week.

But she surprised him. “Only one cherry, Gary? That’s cheating.”

He passed her another one. She rolled onto her tummy, placed it inside her skirt and half spread her legs. It was dark inside and he couldn’t see the cherry. He moved up slowly feeling for it with his tongue and enjoying her warm, nubile thighs sliding past his bristly cheeks. The cherry was high enough that the musky, erotic scent of her panties mingled with the sugary aroma of the cherry, driving him crazy with desire.

Gary wanted desperately to see those panties. Did she have the little blue ones on? They had driven him wild last week but stayed stubbornly on. He had dreamt of taking revenge on them only last night.

He made to grab her skirt as she rolled off the worktop but she dodged his hands and let it fall slowly by itself. Maybe she wanted to signal a fresh start. In any case the blue thong was history and she had low rise briefs on, delicate pink and white checks with white lace trimmings and a little red bow at her navel. They were fresh and new, the elastic still tight enough to shape her little mound beautifully.

He placed the next cherry on the waistband of his underpants and feasted his eyes on her panties as she bit. When the cherry was gone he took her head lightly in his hands and guided her to pull his underpants down with her teeth. The feeling of her lips brushing down the rigid length of his cock on the way was sheer sensuality.

For his turn he needed to be between her legs and got her to lie on the table instead of the worktop. Placing that cherry on the mound cover of her panties he ate it oh so slowly, caressing her inner thigh tops with his finger tips at the same time. She wriggled which added to the effect as it meant that he lost his grip on the cherry. He was licking the soft cotton of her panties and tasting the aromatic girl juice they were absorbing. Finally he took the little bow in his teeth, closed his eyes and peeled her panties down.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to wait if he saw her pussy and she had to finish first. They changed places and he put a cherry on his cock tip for her. He was rigid and curving with his glands standing proud, foreskin right back and his tip purple with waiting sperm. She ate the cherry then hesitated. She was nervous of his size. But eyes clenched shut he willed her to try it. Finally she took half an inch into her mouth and tentatively ran her tongue round the tip. Bliss!

Point made he gave her only a few seconds then eased out. They rotated once more and he opened his eyes. Stunned he stared between her spread thighs. She had shaved! The skin of her pussy lps was like polished bronze, silky smooth and shining with juice seeping from her tight little crack. In went the last cherry until there was just enough showing to nibble. As he ate she instinctively pushed it out gradually with her pussy muscles. He would nibble a piece, go for a tour of her labia with his tongue, then come back for some more.

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