On the Hunt Ch. 01

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Hi 🙂 My name is Lisa. First a few facts about me. My vitals are 26 years old White/Hispanic girl, 4’11”, 101 lbs, athletic build, dirty blonde hair, green eyes and 36d bust. I like to dominate girls and submit to boys, and I am an exhibitionist. I always do my homework. This will be important later.

I had just got out of a bad relationship with my ex-boyfriend and was feeling a bit frisky so I headed out to see what I could find. A girl friend of mine told me about a potential sub girl that worked at the local dress shop. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity to create a new relationship.

I put on my sexiest lace bra and my snug yellow sun dress with my white slingback kitten heals (no panties). Fixed my hair into a high pony and put on a light shade of smokey eye shadow and deep red lipstick with just a little blush for contrast. I grabbed my matching clutch and left for the store.

When I walked into the dress shop, I saw that there were only two salespeople working. One was an older woman in her early forties, who was the manager, and was attending to the only other customer besides myself. The other girl matched the description my friend gave me. She is 5′ 2″ tall, about 22/25 years old, deep brown eyes, full figured, reddish brown hair with purple highlights.

As I walked in, I went up to her and asked where my size formals were. Knowing full well that she would need to help me as formals are never a simple thing to find. She introduced herself as Karen and began her sales speech. The conversation was mundane for a little bit as she asked the usual questions, what size I was, where I was wearing this to and what colors I liked etc.

I told her about a wedding I was actually going to. She looked me over and said she had some ideas and pulled some things she thought I would like. She picked up some dresses and then escorted me to a dressing room.

Seeing no one else, or cameras, around I started to unzip my dress so I could start trying them on while she was with me. By time we got to the dressing room I already had my dress off so I could hand it to her. There I was just in my see through lace bra and heals. She just stood there, her eyes fixed upon by breasts, as I handed her my dress to hang. She politely ask me to step into the room to try the first dress. Her eyes never left my body as I went into the dressing room. I removed my bra, turned to her and asked innocently which dress she thought I should try first.

She mumbled casino siteleri something about the cream colored one, but I could tell I was turning her on. So I asked her to hand it to me and stepped toward her so that she would have to brush by me to retrieve the dress. As she did her arm bushed my breast and she began to apologize profusely. I took this opportunity to put my plan into action and gently placed her hand on my breast. I step into her a whispered “It’s alright” while I placed my other hand on her waist. I leaned in to kiss her sweet lips. She trembled as our lips met. We passionately kissed for a moment as I stood there completely naked in the dressing room. Her arms dropped to her side as I guided her down to her knees and offered her my now dripping wet pussy. Her tongue was well versed in the art of pleasing a woman. I came so hard I could barely remain standing. Holding her head in place to keep from collapsing onto the floor.

After I had calmed down I stood her up and removed her dress. Then retrieved my strap-on and ball gag from my purse. I removed her panties, then strapped the ball gag in place. The whole time assuring her I had her best interest in mind. I had her bend over so I could take her from behind. Her pussy was so wet it did not take any effort to side it all the way in. In just a few minutes she began to beg for me to do it harder, faster and deeper. I did my best to comply. I reached around a gave her nipples a good hard twist to which she moaned with pleasure. I made her cum twice this way. She then fell to the floor enjoying the waves of pleasure from the after shocks.

After a short rest and cuddle session we got dressed and I made plans with her for after work and told her I wanted her to be my sub, to which she agreed. I gave her a small thin collar to wear to show her obedience to me. She also agreed to wear the collar at all times when she was not at work. I told her to wait for me by the back door only wearing her dress, shoes and collar after work. She is to address me as Ms. Lisa when in public and Madam in private. She readily agreed to my terms.

I then picked up an emerald green dress she had picked out for me, tried it on for fit and bought it and left.

I went back to my place to cleaned up, take a shower, and get ready to pick my new sub from work. I decided to wear my form fitting black dress with the slit up the side with matching belt. (No bra or panties). Gold necklace and bracelet for canlı casino accessories. I also wore my 5″ black stilettos with my hair down to cover my now erect nipples. I also decided to pack an extra dress for my sub. I chose one I knew would be short on her as it hit me about 6″ above the knee. Plus it was loose and shear like a peasant dress which will restrict her movements less she expose herself.

I got there about 15 minutes early to find parking place so I could watch her come out. Right on time she came out the back door wearing her new collar. I was so happy. As I pulled up I could see she was indeed not wearing a bra, this made me smile. I had her get in a hand over her car keys. She did without question. I leaned over a gave her a passionate kiss and slid a small remote controlled dildo into her waiting pussy. The surprise in her eyes said it all. She had not expected that. I told her it was to remain there until I tell her she could remove it. She knew at this point I had some fun plans for her this evening. She then answered me with “Yes Madam, as you wish”. I decided to take her to an Italian restaurant about 20 minutes away. I chose it because it was dark and intimate with its dark wooden tables and floors. The only light were the electric candles on the tables. As we drove I intermittently turned the remote on just long enough to bring her to the edge of cumming. By the time we got to the restaurant she had soaked through her dress. All according to my plan.

I pulled into the gas station next to the restaurant, pretending I needed gas, handed her the “extra dress” and told her to go change. This station has the inside restrooms so she had to walk past everyone in the store. I could see her embarrassment as she was red from head to toe. I turned the vibrator on just as she got in the store and did not turn it off until I saw her enter the restroom. Now changed I realized her shoes did not match her outfit. Fortunately I know all the local shoe stores so supper would have to wait.

I took her to a nearby shoe store and we proceeded find some matching shoes. This was very intimidating for her as her dress barely covered her while standing. I told her not to expose herself or I would make her cum in the store in front of everyone. She said “Yes Madam” God I love it. As it turned out there was only us and the cashier, an obvious gay man who left us alone to shop, so there was no one to see her discomfort. After purchasing her shoes for her kaçak casino we left for the restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant it was crowded but there was not a wait to get in. I grabbed a small hand towel from my purse and place it on her chair. Then I had her hike up her dress so her bare ass was on the chair. I had her sit next to the wall and I sat next to the isle for maximum privacy. We decided on bread with dipping sauce as an appetizer. While we waited for it to arrive I reached over placed my hand on her hard nipple and gave it a squeeze. I took this opportunity to make sure she was good with everything so far as I wanted to make this a good experience for both of us. She admitted she was scared at first but was disappointed I did not make her expose herself . Cha-Ching! I found a fellow exhibitionist and she is a submissive. My head filled with all the possibilities.

I reached up and undid the top buttons so that if she leaned over it would expose her breasts. Then informed her she was to lean over the next time our waiter came by with our drinks. With a grin she replied with “Yes Madam”. This worked like a charm. Our waiter spilled our drinks when he saw Karen’s beautiful round breasts. My ice tea spilled all over Karen’s front making the material see through. She acted embarrassed, but did not cover them up. Another waitress ran over with a towel to help clean up and immediately saw Karen’s now exposed breasts. The waitress called for a dry towel and gave it to Karen. The Manager came over and apologized to us and tried to comp the meal. I insisted on paying for our meal stating its was an old dress and that accidents do happen. The bill came to 40 dollars and I left our unsuspecting waiter a 10 dollar tip. It was well worth the show.

After leaving the restaurant we headed back to the dress shop. I was pretty dark now and my windows are tinted so I made sub ride naked. I think it was more fun for her than me. The employee parking lot was empty now. I handed sub her car key and told her to drive to my place just as she was. I would be following her with her clothes. I turned on her vibrator and off we went. It did not take very long before I saw her start to swerve. I tried to turn it off but it did not have that much range. When we arrived at my place I opened the garage door allowing her to park inside. I let her take out the vibrator, but did not close the garage door until we were inside my home. I kept her nude for the rest of the evening. I had her wash her clothes, and mine, so she would have something to wear tomorrow at work. We made passionate love in the living room until the early hours of the morning. We fell asleep on the sofa both nude both in front of my open curtains.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32