Office Adventures Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

It was boring at work until 10:30am when this new temporary worker came from the agency. As she arrived and was introduced by the managers to the office as “Crystal” and I thought she’s gorgeous.

I’m a nice guy, dark skinned, brown eyes, sexy stylish designer glasses, 5″10 in height. She’s a brunette, brown eye, gorgeous pouting lips, curvy size 10 figure, and medium sized boobs with a J Lo ass. Her name was Crystal.

As the day progressed I became slightly bored at work and started to use the Instant messaging system on our PC to chat with workers in our office block.

This relieved the day a little and chatted with a few other mates about Crystal (the new temporary worker) and how fine she was and wondered how long she would last.

Our office managers treat the temporary workers like shit. I get along with most people and always defend the temporary workers, I mean there not on such a great pay scale at only £5.50 per hour when I get £20 per hour from the same job.

Lunchtime came and I took an hour to have a mega size pub lunch and a quick drink. Once I returned to the office I noticed Crystal was eating her sandwiches at her desk to I thought to ask how everything was going. “Everything is fine,” she said but “I get the feeling a few people don’t like me” is what came from them pouting lips. We continued to chat for a while and I noticed that she had a pierced tongue, which looked very sexy. She told me that she had just moved to bostancı escort London 2 weeks ago and didn’t know that many people and if I knew London well enough to show her around to a few places. Being the gentleman that I am I said sure I can show you around a few bars and places.

As the week progressed we continued to chat and flirt in the office and it made the day fly by much more enjoyable. Friday came and we went out to lunch at the pub. I bought chips and a chicken burger with a Rum and Coke to wash that down while I got for Crystal a Caesar Salad with Baileys.

She was a little worried about drinking alcohol whilst at work but I said “everyone does it on Friday”. We laughed, had a few more drinks and began to touch each other. My hand slid up her dress and felt her warm legs get even warmer the higher I went up. She seemed to love the caresses I was giving her sexual arousal glowed from her. During the caresses it was stopped short by her, because we went over our lunch hour, so we slipped back into the office without causing too much commotion.

After work we went for drinks, quite a large group of office workers and we continued to flirt. It was become quite late and most people had left the bar that we were at and moved onto either other bars to meet up with people or off to home. Crystal and me continued to chat and drew closer to each other. She guided my hand up her skirt and my fingers to her sancaktepe escort clitoris. I was amazed, this girl had no panties on and I whispered in her ear and she whispered back that she was extremely hot after our lunch that she needed to cool down.

My hands worked their magic and I caressed and stroked her clitoris and her pussy all the while, not being noticed by others within the bar. She held me close and we began to kiss quite deeply and passionately. Her tongue piercing gave me sensations not felt before on my tongue. We became more aroused, her nipples piercing through her white blouse and my fingers becoming stickier. We heard the bell ring for last orders and that awoke us from our horny state.

On the way home it was obvious that we needed to fuck each other’s brains out and fast. We walked quite fast down the street stopping and French kissing with her legs wrapped around me. We took a turn down a narrow street with a few cars parked up on the curb, there was no one around, its wasn’t brightly lit but we could see each others forms perfectly.

We French kissed, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouth and caressed each other’s body. Crystal broke away and got on her knees, unzipping my trousers and popping my cock out from my boxers. She licked and sucked the head and sent an immediate sensation from my toes directly to my head. It was awesome, her pierced tongue on my cock. She used lots of zeytinburnu escort saliva and gave me a blowjob I will never forget and always treasure. She continued with her tongue and gave my cock two steady wanks to ensure it was fully hard, and then she rose to her feet using the wall as leverage she wrapped her legs around me and guided my hard cock to her soaking pussy. She gasped as my cock slid all the way in and her pussy took a hold of my large cock.

We kissed and exchanged my pre cum still on her tongue then I started a pumping motion, sliding my cock deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. She cried out, her echoes rebounding off the wall as we proceeded to fuck each other deeper and harder. Her moans became louder and louder, our tongues danced in each other’s mouth and the waves of orgasms rocked through her body and erupted on my cock, coating it with thick white liquid. I started to fuck deeper and deeper and Crystal would hold onto my ass and push me deeper and deeper with every thrust. I was very orgasmic and sent out an echoing moan as I sent a load of cum deep into her pussy, I continued to fuck her harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper until I felt her heart beat even faster and heard her cry out my name “Dave” as she erupted an explosive orgasm on my cock, her legs shuddering and completely soaked. I proceeded to fuck her still, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster before I erupted for a second time flooding her with semen. We collapsed into each other’s arms, exhausted with cum dripping from her pussy and a thick coating covering my cock and balls.

We kissed each other deeply and straightened out our clothing as best we could before making our way home for some more fun.

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