Notty High – For Naughty Teens Ch. 03

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(Thanks to Drewau for editing. Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. This story will make more sense if you start from the beginning, but hopefully, you can enjoy it anyways. All characters are 18+)

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully. Relatively speaking. As the day progressed, more and more people wanted to talk to me. I was suddenly the most popular and liked guy in the school. I wasn’t exactly unpopular at my last school, it was more a matter of no one knowing I existed. It was honestly exhausting trying to hold a conversation with everyone.

The final bell rang and I met Harley out front of the school. The Harley Quinn hair and cosmetics was enough to get my heart thumping by itself. But her short flowy skirt and thin white tee made blood rush to my balls. Then, the sunlight hit her shirt just right to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts weren’t big, but the imprint of her hard nipples against the fabric made my mouth water.

The scientific part of my brain would have wondered if that was an evolutionary trait left over from breastfeeding. But that part of my brain wasn’t the part getting blood flow at the moment. “You ready to go?” She asked.

“Um, yea. Do you want to follow me back to my place in your car?”

“I don’t have a car. Well, I do, but my parents took it away from me because I kept using it to sneak off and have sex in it.”

I laughed nervously, thinking she was joking. She was not, and the confused expression on her face told me that. “I’m sorry, I thought you were kidding.”

“Why would I joke about something like that?”

“I… I… I don’t know. It just felt like a strange thing to just randomly say to someone you barely know.”

That Harley laughed at. “You’re at a high school for the bad kids, the teenagers that broke so many rules that they were no longer welcome at normal schools. What do you think is the number one rule that the people here broke?”

“Smoking?” I asked, genuinely clueless as we walked towards my car.

“Eww, no, what are we in the 50’s. The only kind of smoking people at this school do comes from Spider-Man’s girlfriend.”

“I don’t remember Mary Jane ever smoking in the comic books?”

Harley rolled her eyes and pressed on. “No, sex. You won’t find a virgin in this school. I mean, didn’t you notice a quarter of the female students were pregnant?”

“That can’t be true. I mean, I know teenagers are known for their sex hormone’s being in overdrive, but I think you are exagerating a little.”

We reached my car and she spun me around to face the students walking to their cars. She started pointing out people and couples and listing sex facts about them. “He likes for you to suck on his nipples. She gets depressed if she doesn’t screw at least one guy at school a day. She’s way too into anal than could possibly be psychologically healthy. He was sent here after an orgy where he got the twelve girls pregnant in one night. Those two women finger each other in the gym showers every day. She likes to be spit roasted. And Jennifer over there has a nice little short film on xvideos where she took on the entire football team after a game.”

“Two questions. What is spit roasting? And how do you know all of this?”

Harely went back through everyone she named off. “Done him. She’s a good friend. When she couldn’t find a guy, she asked me to peg her. He has the baby pictures of all twelve of his kids in his wallet. I’ve actually joined them once or twice in the shower. Spit roasting is when a woman is stuffed from both ends at the same time. And I’ve watched Jennifer’s short film a time or two. I’m a bit of a patron of the arts.” Harley had a sarcastic grin on her face for the last statement.

I was speechless. Harley smiled and climbed into the passenger seat of my car. I climbed into the driver’s seat and headed home. “Did I fry your innocent little mind?” She finally asked after several minutes of silence.

“Yea. Kind of.”

“Do you not have any kinks?”


“Yeah, kinky sex fantasies.”

“Um… I, haven’t really ever had sex before.”

Harley looked at me like I was an interesting looking alien. “You’re a virgin?” She asked excitedly.

“Kind of. I mean, I’m sure you canlı bahis heard about what happened at my previous school, and then this morning in Ms. Maven’s class.” I was not comfortable disclosing what happened in the nurse’s office just yet. Not to mention I didn’t want Nurse Bolton to get fired.

“No, those don’t count.” There was silence for a second. Then she shifted her body to face me. “Do you want to know what my kink is?”

I felt my throat and pants tightening up with the question. “What?” I croaked out.

“Corrupting virgins.” I tried not to look at the lascivious smile on her face. But her hand on my leg was hard to ignore. Especially once it slid inward and she began holding my third leg.

I gasped and asked, “Could you not do that while I’m driving please. I’m already having enough trouble focusing on the road.”

Harley groaned in disappointment, but she removed it. “I guess you’re right. I don’t want you dying a virgin.”

Conversation turned to much more munday topics. For the rest of the drive. When we got back to my house, we set up shop in the living room. We were sitting next to each other on the couch when mom called saying that she had to work late and that dad was out of town.

“You’re picking all of this up quite well.” I complimented her.

“Yeah, I’m not stupid. It’s just Mr. Jefferson has the driest most boring voice on the planet. It’s impossible for me to pay attention in his class. That being said, can we take a break. My eyes are starting to cross looking at all of these numbers.”

“Sure. Do you want a drink?”

“Absolutely! Do you have any Jack Daniels?”

I laughed, but then I realised she was serious. “No, we don’t. You realise we’re not old enough to drink right?”

“Pfff! I’ve been breaking into my parents liquor cabinet for years.”

“Well, I’m afraid my parents don’t drink. We have water and tea.”

Harley sighed and said, “Tea I guess.”

I went to the kitchen and poured us both a glass. When I came back in, Harley was on her phone. She had a big smile on her face. I sat the drinks down and asked. “What are you smiling about?”

“Margot Robie liked my cosplay photo on instagram.”

“Really. That’s awesome. Can I see the photo?”

I sat down right next to Harley and she snuggled up close to me so that she could show me the pictures on her phone. She began showing me some of her best Instagram pictures. “If you want to see the ones I’m really proud of, we have to get off of instagram though.”

Harley exited out of the app and went to her camera roll. That was when they really started getting racy. She had one where she was Tracer from Overwatch, except it looked like it was purely body paint with stickers over her naughty bits. Then there was one of her in a tiny sports bra, short shorts that rode exceptionally high up her crack, and pistols on her legs. Lara Croft had nothing on her. In the next, she was dressed as a female Link, except she was topless. The only thing covering her breasts was the sword she was strategically holding in both hands.

Then she got to Cortana. That was the most impressive, but it was also the one that made it hard to think straight as it was nothing but body paint. She didn’t even have the stickers to hide her privates. The paint did a good job of covering her up, but if you looked close enough, you could just make out her nipples.

My breathing became labored and my mouth went dry. “Are… Are you naked there?”

Harley feigned a silly seductive breathy voice just to mess with me further. “Why, yes I am. Does that make you hot?”

I stammered and hemmed and hawed for a few seconds until I noticed Harley staring at me with a sweet bright look in her eye’s. She was looking at me like she just found the most adorable puppy dog in the world. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

She grinned, shook her head, and looked down. “I just realised that you are every bit as innocent as you seem. I’ve never met someone so pure.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that. It turned out that I didn’t need to say anything at all. Harley looked up and tenderly kissed my lips. It didn’t involve any tongue like in the movies. But it was one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences of my life. bahis siteleri And that’s including the events of earlier today.

What happened in class and in the nurse’s office was hot and incredibly pleasurable. But this kiss felt so much more intimate than those. It wasn’t a passion fueled race to an orgasm. It felt so much more emotional than that.

We paused there, nose to nose with only an inch between our lips. Breathing each other’s air, feeling the presence of each other. I knew I needed another kiss. I had no clue what I was supposed to do after that, I just knew that another kiss was required.

So, I pressed my lips into hers for another. This time our mouths were slightly opened and I felt the tip of her tongue graze against my upper lip. Our flesh separated again, but briefer than the first pause.

I kissed her once again. This time my tongue explored her mouth slightly. As she sucked on my tongue, my entire body felt like it was being pulled towards her. She layed back on the couch as I stretched out above her. This time our kissing didn’t stop. We took turns sucking on each other’s tongues and lips. Once she gently bit my lower lip. Not enough to hurt, but enough to send an erotic zing to my gut.

We were perfectly horizontal now as we kissed. I tried to not let too much of my body weight rest on her for fear of crushing her. But I was also very aware of every point our bodies connected. My chest to hers, my shirt rode up enough that our belly buttons might as well have been kissing. And to top it all off, our groins were flexing and pivoting against each other. Just a few layers of fabric were keeping us from connecting more intimately.

I felt Harley’s hands running through my hair. My left hand caressed the side of her face affectionately. My right hand rested on her breast. It was small, but still felt amazing, especially the pebble of her nipple against my palm. I had no thought in my mind except, more. I wanted more of her. I wanted to be closer to her. If we could have phased into one being it would not have been close enough for me.

I began kissing her cheek back to her ear. The sound of her breath in my ear quickened my own. My kisses then followed a route down her neck to her collar bone. My hands reached for the hem of her shirt and raised it slowly. As the shirt revealed her pert breasts like a prize behind a curtain, I leaned back and just stared at them. They were beautiful.

I swallowed as I looked at them, as if they were going to quench an unbeforeknown thirst. But, I felt some hesitance in myself. Was I really allowed to do this. I had always been taught to value knowledge above all else. Sex was a distraction. Even more I had been taught that teen guys were known for trying to pressure girls into sex. I never wanted to be that kind of guy. But the call of these beautiful mounds were so hard to resist.

I glanced up at Harley’s kind face. She nodded and whispered, “It’s ok.”

With her blessing, I leaned in and suckled a nipple into my mouth. I heard Harley moan in pleasure. The combination of the two brought my already hard member to full attention. The side buttons on my break away pants were beginning to pop open as my head attempted to reach upward to her moistening cleft.

She apparently could feel my erection digging into her pelvis, as she was grinding back into me. Her hands reached around my back and slid down to the waistband of my pants. She slid them down as far as she could get them, before coming back up to grope my glutes.

Now the bottom of my shaft was rubbing against the soft fabric of her skirt. I was too preoccupied with my mouth and hands on her breasts and stomach to think about what needed to come next. Thankfully, Harley was more experienced and knew what needed to happen next.

She raised her hips, reached beneath her skirt, and slid her thong down her legs. Her left hand gently cupped my balls before sliding up to tease my huge shaft. Harley then lifted her skirt and guided me in. As soon as her warm wet lips touched my tip, I gasped. This sensation was too amazing to turn back now.

My face moved back to level with hers. We stared into each other’s eyes as she guided me into herself. I imagine my face mirrored hers as my monster stretched bahis şirketleri her pussy to new sizes she had never experienced before before.

I had once heard some classmates talking about a video series called Beautiful Agony. Where the camera focused on a woman’s face as she orgasmed. Now I understood why that was considered beautiful.

As I pressed further and further in, her canal hugged me tight. And the feeling was exquisite. I bottomed out in her after only about half of my shaft made it in. With her hands on my hips, she began guiding me in and out. Slowly at first. But as I caught the rhythm, my speed increased. Not to a breakneck pace, but a steady flow. In and out, in and out, like the pistons in an engine.

We began kissing again, as my hands kneaded into the soft flesh of her breasts. We were both moaning, but I could only hear her amazing mews of pleasure in my ears. We were both breathing and gasping like we were running a marathon. I felt perspiration pooling up in beads on her flat stomach.

Her volume seemed to increase at the same rate as my impending eruption, until finally I burst and shot load after load inside of her. I felt her inner flesh squeeze and flex around my shaft as she was cumming simultaneously.

I collapsed onto her exhausted. Even when I felt the excessive amount of my cum seeping out of her pussy, I just stayed there. At that moment I just wanted to hold her and be with her. If I had to clean up a mess on the coach later, so be it.

Eventually, I softened and withdrew out of her. I kissed her on the lips and said. “Thank you.”

She laughed and said, “I think I should be the one thanking you. I’ve never cum that hard.”

I was shocked by this, as it was my first time. “Really? It was good.”

“Good? That was amazing! You tickled parts of my cervix that I didn’t know were reachable.”

We laughed and I got off of her. I waddled to the bathroom to get some toilet paper for us to clean up with. Once we were clean, we redressed and began studying again. We were sitting much closer together on the couch now. At one point we found ourselves kissing again, but we had to break it off as I heard my mom arrive home.

When she walked in, I made the introduction, and mom stared at the scantily clad girl suspiciously. But, she was still cordial and shook her hand. Mom made dinner for the three of us, and we actually had a really nice time talking at the dinner table.

After dinner, I drove Harley home. I walked her to the door and only then thought of something. “Are we a couple now?”

Harley laughed. “I love you, just not in that kind of way.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are adorable. I love how innocent and sweet you are. As far as us being a couple, please don’t take this the wrong way, but no. To be honest, when you first bumped into me at school, and I felt the behemoth in your pants, I was just horny. I mainly came over tonight just to have sex.”

“Oh.” I said, feeling a little used and disappointed.

Harley used her finger to lift my chin and look her in the eyes again. “That was at first. Now that I know you a little better. I really like you, as a friend.”

“Ok.” I brightened a little. I could be cool with just being friends. “Does that mean no more sex then?”

Harley’s eyes widened. “I sure hope not. Haven’t you ever heard of friends with benefits?” Then she remembered who she was talking to. “Of course you haven’t. Look, we can be friends and still fool around. Trust me, you’re going to like it this way. Because every girl in school has been drooling over you after this morning.”


“Yes. Just don’t take it personally if any of them just want sex.”

“OK. Thanks. See ya tomorrow.” I turned to walk away, but she grabbed my hand to stop me.

“Excuse me. Just because we aren’t dating doesn’t mean I don’t want a kiss goodnight.”

“Oh really?”

Harley grinned as I drew close to her. “Yea.” We kissed passionately one last time. When the kiss broke off, Harley still had her eyes closed and her lips puckered. She smiled and placed her hand on her fast beating heart. “For a beginner, you sure do know how to kiss.”

“I do?”

“Yea. Your kiss is almost as nice as you cock.” She sighed contentedly. “Now I need to go and masturbate. I would invite you in, but my dad would probably throw you out before we made it through the living room.”

“Goodnight.” I said as I headed back to the car.

(To be continued.)

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