New Year’s With Kate

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*This is my first story. The story is essentially a true story, but the names have been changed. Please bear with the little things as, like I said it’s a first. If you have any comments or suggestions let me know*

New Year’s Fun

Kate and I met through mutual friends online and hit it off from the start. Let me begin by describing her and myself. We are both somewhat small, her 5’4” and me 5’3”, both between 105-115. I measure in at around 36-27-37, blonde with green eyes, and she’s 38-25-36 also blonde but with big brown doe eyes. Pretty hot if I may say so. Kate has the most gorgeous breasts (yes I definitely noticed them)that drape beautifully just begging to be sucked and teased, not to mention her long blonde hair and huge eyes. Both of us are bi women and LOVE to have some fun. I had moved out of state and on a trip back to town we agreed to go out for New Year’s. The plan was to grab a quick bite to eat and then head over to the strip club for some tequila and tits. What could be better? Little did I know I’d soon find out.

After getting dressed in my hottest tight black pants and a sleeveless sweater that made my tits look great, I waited for Kate to come by so we could go out. She wore a tight tank top that left little to the imagination and a pair of jeans that I swear must have been painted on. She has a gorgeous body, perfect tits, and a perky ass that you just want to bite. A small part of me planned on pushing things as far as possible tonight.

We were both ready to hit the town.

“You ready for some fun? I’m gonna show ya a true night on the town.” She said as we walked out the door leaving the guys at home drooling over us as we walked away.

“ Hell yeah I am! I better get canlı bahis fucked tonight.” I answered. To which she giggled and said

“ I’m sure you’ll get just what you want.”

We headed downtown and stopped off at a lil bar that had an awesome happy hour. Grabbed a bite to eat and a couple a shot of petron, and it was on. We were out to do no good. We arrived at the club and headed straight for the bar for a couple more shots of tequila to get the party going. Kate knew a lot of the strippers from the club as she worked for a neighboring club as a bartender.

First up on stage was Maaliyah, a gorgeous latino girl with an ass that never stopped. She had a way of shaking it that made me cream my pants just watching her. She did the usual tease but got a little playful when she put her tits right in my face and let me lick them.

Next on stage was Kelly a buxom blonde with gorgeous long legs. Kelly was obviously a freak, spanking her pussy with her hand and then grabbing me and pulling me up.

She looked me straight in the eye and said “Hey baby, you’re getting initiated tonight.” All I could think was “Uh oh.”

Grabbing my hair in true form we kissed long and hungrily then she began stripping me. Kate then joined us rubbing my nipples until they were hard and fingering my now drenched pussy through my jeans. With my shirt off and pants undone she stopped thank goodness. By now I was totally turned on and needed to be finished off NOW. I looked to Kate who was obviously enjoying my being teased and said

“ I need to get out of here, and I need to get fucked.”

She gladly obliged saying “ Ok, we’ll head back to my place.”

Oh lordy what a dream this was going to be. Now is when bahis siteleri I should probably tell you, though I had kissed and fondled many girls I had yet to actually get off with another woman. Kate was my perfect choice though. By the time we got back to her house we had fondled, kissed, and fingered each other into a frenzy. As soon as we got in the door, we grabbed each other.

Kate said “ I was so jealous when Kelly kissed you, she got to taste you before me.”

“Well come here and taste me now I‘ve been waiting on you all night” I told her.

Kate and I came together our tongues mingling, our bodies melted together. Our nipples were so hard rubbing against one another.

“Let me see that pussy of yours” Kate said pulling me to the bed. Next I knew I was spread eagle on the bed my shaved pussy waiting to feel her hot tongue on my clit. Slowly she came to me and my whole body ached to feel her touch my dripping slit.

“MMM please eat me, I need to feel your tongue in me so bad” I whimpered. She teased me licking my thighs and knees drawing out the suffering.

“Just wait baby I’ll lick you until you scream” she said in the sexiest way playfully spanking my ass. Finally I felt her hot tongue on my pussy and I thought I would die from the release. Slowly she circled my clit, then made long swipes across the lips of my cunt. Harder and faster she teased my hole tongue fucking me towards oblivion causing my whole body to shake.

“Oh yes right there eat my pussy” I cried. Finally I felt my orgasm come over me. My whole body spasmed and my juices trickled onto her tongue and face. Now it was my turn to taste her. I pushed her back on the bed and began by teasing her nipples into hard points. bahis şirketleri Gently I nipped and tugged them with my teeth as she arched her body into my mouth. Slowly I trailed my way down to her perfect pussy. She was totally shaved except for a little heart trimmed in right above her snatch. It was so wet and smelled so wonderfully feminine. I love sucking a big cock but her pussy was absolutely gorgeous.

Gently I teased her clit watching her bud get hard and beg for my tongue. She spread her legs as wide as possible opening herself to my invasion. I slid my tongue up and down her slit until finally, as she went wild with anticipation, I slipped into her hot hole. God she tasted so good her juices mingling on my tongue. I fucked her as deep and long as I could with my tongue feeling her pussy clench each time squirting her sweet juices into my mouth. I could have drank her all night. Moving my tongue back to her clit, I then inserted two fingers in her dripping snatch as she bucked back on them thrashing around. I felt her pussy clench my fingers and inserted another finger into her tight hole stretching her out a little.

“MMM God, fuck me make me cum” she begged. With that I shoved yet another finger in her cunt and she screamed out to me “Ahhhh God that feels so gooood!!!”

Her hips bucking against my fingers I placed my thumb against her tight asshole and fucked her hard with all four fingers. She went wild, her pussy squeezing my hand as she came. I pulled my fingers out and hungrily drank her cum in as she gushed. She tasted so good. As she came down from her orgasm I cleaned her pussy juices up with my tongue. After a deep kiss with our cum mingling in our mouths, we both lie playing with the other’s nipples until we both fell asleep. The only thing that would have made the night better would have been a couple of hard cocks pounding us while we ate one another. Perhaps we’ll have to plan another night on the town soon.

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