Naughty and Nice Ch. 02

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It’s great to have a girlfriend again, I thought to myself while Lauren and I ate an early dinner. After a fantastic first weekend together, full of fun and hot, romantic sex, we had gone to dinner and a play the next Friday. Of course, we made love that night. We had spent a fun day checking out a museum after a morning bike ride, and Lauren made each event much better than me alone. Combining curiosity, a zest for life, and a dry wit, she kept me on my toes. She also kept close, touching and bumping hips whenever she could.

“Amanda is having a little get-together tonight,” Lauren remarked.

“Almost like she planned it, huh?”

Lauren laughed. “She can sense us getting closer. I think she wants to see us together, so she can tease us a bit more.”

“Should we just get it over with?”

“You want to?”

I lowered my voice. “I’ve got this fantastic new girlfriend, who tells me that she’s naughty in bed, and I find out she can back it up. Are you kidding? I want to get her off the market ASAP and keep her for myself, where I can help her explore every naughty impulse she has. Oh yeah, I want to tell people.”

Lauren blushed. “You’re doing a great job with the impulses so far.”

“Don’t be afraid to share, whatever it is. I’m pretty open-minded.”

“I feel safe telling you, Bryan. Thank you for that. I’m sure you’ll hear more soon. Now, let’s switch the subject before I have to go back for a new pair of panties.”

I laughed. “Good idea. Let’s talk about how we break the news. I have an idea…”

We finished eating and drove over to Amanda’s place. I had Lauren drive so she could drop me off a couple of blocks early.

I took my time and rang the doorbell.

“Hello, Bryan. Glad you could come.” Amanda eyed me carefully, a little worry on her face. “Lauren is already here.”

“Cool. Who else?”

“Um, well, a lot of people. Come on in.” I almost laughed as Amanda led me into her place, the sounds of a small crowd growing.

We turned a corner, and suddenly we were in the middle of all of our friends. I shouted out hello to everyone and got a bunch of replies. Before anyone could move very far, Lauren strode out of the crowd. She came up very close. The conversation got quiet.

“Hello, Bryan,” she said in a clear, sultry voice. She moved in even closer.

I took her into my arms, cradled her head, and dramatically lowered her backward. We looked into each other’s eyes as our lips got closer. The touch was electric, and we went deep, fusing our mouths together.

There was a collective “Whoa!” from our audience.

I could feel her passion, so I kept it up. This is turning her on, I thought to myself. Just before it turned indecent, I pulled my lips back. Hers parted reluctantly, sucking and sighing in frustration. We looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, sealing some hidden deals, before I slowly lifted her back to standing.

I looked around. “Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that Lauren and I are dating.”

“You’re doing more than dating,” Amanda drawled. “I thought I was going to have to drag a bed in here.”

I winked. “Lauren’s a good kisser.”

“Anything else she’s good at?”

“A gentleman never tells.”

Everyone laughed, and the party started again. We endured the good-natured ribbing from everyone, and kept close through the evening. Amanda cornered us later.

“You’re going to pay for pulling my chain, you know.”

“It was worth it,” I replied.

“I’ll bet we’ll find a way to make it up to you,” Lauren added.


“Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would we?”

“I’ll be watching you two.”

“Yes, you will,” Lauren replied as she took my hand and tugged me away.

“That was quite enough of a hint for a wicked girl like Amanda,” she added when we were further away. “Let’s move on to safer people and subjects.”

We talked to a few more groups, then Lauren guided me to a corner and looked up.

“Your new girlfriend is horny. Think you can take her home and service her needs?”

“I am a full-service boyfriend who offers anywhere, anytime satisfaction. So yes, let’s get you home and feeling good.”

“I like that answer. Let’s find Amanda to say thanks.”

Amanda eyed us with a smirk. “Going to practice your kissing again?”

“No, I’ll be turned around. Great party. Good night!” My cock jolted with Lauren’s answer. Even the ever-witty Amanda was at a loss for words as Lauren waved and pulled me out into the night.

“You must be really horny. You slayed Amanda at the end there,” I said as we started to her place.

“Amanda is a very good friend. She knows me really well.”

A comment that Amanda made about Lauren came back to me. It almost felt like Lauren knew about that and wanted to remind me. I looked over at her, but she kept her eyes straight ahead.

We got back to her place, and she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She fastened her lips to mine and started unbuttoning my shirt. She worked the shirt off, kurtköy escort and then her hands were all over my chest, sending fire through my body. After a session of passionate kissing, she guided my hands to the material of her dress. I took the hint and slowly gathered the fabric in my hands. Lauren raised her arms, and I lifted the dress over her head. Lauren’s lips were back on mine in a flash.

We kissed a while longer while I explored the smooth skin of her back. Her hands ranged to my belt, and it came free, then my pants. Lauren knelt to work my shoes and socks off, then slid my pants down and over my feet. She kissed her way back up, and we fused lips once again. I could feel her passion build as I energized her sensitive spots around her neck and shoulders with my fingertips.

Lauren’s hands left my back and she worked the clasp of her bra off, and I felt the material fall between us. Her lips left mine as she twisted around, then she molded herself back into me. Her head tilted back, and I fastened my lips to hers. Lauren moaned, and she danced her ass all around my groin-not pushing too hard, but working us both up. I slid my hands up her sides and found her breasts. The skin was hot and pebbled, and I explored the firm mounds to her gasps of encouragement. Finally, I closed my fingers over her straining nipples, and she moaned deeply. I marveled again at her sensitive breasts and realized how lucky I was to have a woman so in tune with her body.

I worked her chest and nipples to the point that Lauren was panting into my mouth and her ass was grinding hard into my erect cock. I let a hand trail down to cup her ass. Lauren moaned her encouragement. I caught the hem of her panties in my fingers and slowly worked the material down. I kneeled to work them over her feet, my primitive brain flooded with the scent of hot pussy. Lauren kneeled in turn to get my boxers off. Then she took my hand and guided me to the side of the bed, facing me for more passionate kisses.

After a bit, she turned in my arms and snuggled into me. My fingers found her erect nipples while she arched her back, grinding her ass into my cock again with no fabric in the way. Lauren then surprised me by lifting a leg and planting a foot on the bed. She put herself in the most open position possible, and I took full advantage, grinding my cock into the cleft of her ass and rubbing all over her cheeks with my hands. Lauren twisted and bucked into me.

“On my God,” she moaned. “I love your hands on me there.”

“You’re a dream come true, Lauren.”

We ground into each other until we were both panting with need. Lauren’s hands snaked between her legs, and she took my cock and lined it up with her dripping pussy lips. Then she pushed back and engulfed me to the root. My cock flared in the pulsing heat of her sex as I opened up her depths.

Lauren’s fingers framed my cock and started rubbing while she bucked into me. Fortunately, the sex of the morning took enough of the edge off so I didn’t blow at the sight of my new girlfriend totally lost in lust. Somehow, that lust connected to me, and I could almost feel the electricity flow from her nipples down to her burning pussy.

“Oh, God!” Lauren exclaimed as a wave of heat crested through her body. My body reacted in sympathy, and I marveled to the white hot spasm that raced through me. Lauren felt that herself, and we both vibrated in tune with the other.

Lauren and I take each other higher. That thought flashed through my mind before I plunged again into the sea of Lauren’s passion. Her fingers found her clit, and she used her open position to repeatedly slam her pussy down onto my cock. I synced up with her and rammed my cock deep inside, my hips slapping into her ass. My fingers closed tight on her nipples, her vibes telling me she wanted them worked hard.

Lauren’s fingers became a blur on her clit, my cock feeling the ripples deep in her pussy. My orgasm started to pool in my balls, and I squeezed down to keep it at bay just a little bit longer. I saw a deep blush encircle her neck, and then her back tightened as it arched up like a cat. She stopped breathing, and went rigid, driving herself to the peak. I clamped down hard as the pressure in my balls went to boiling.

With a hoarse cry, Lauren exploded in my hands. The spasms in her pussy were matched by throbs in her nipples. Her incandescence shot into me, ripping my orgasm wide open. I cried out in ecstasy and almost agony as thrills raced back and forth through my body. My cock burned with fire while I emptied everything I had into Lauren’s boiling depths. I held on to her breasts for dear life as she teetered for balance, her body overwhelmed by sensations.

We twitched and whimpered our way back to earth. Lauren’s body purred in my hands, and I started a slow massage of her chest and back in tune with her afterglow.

“That was…exactly…what I needed,” Lauren said when we cooled down.

“I’m happy to help with your needs anytime.”

“It sure felt like it,” Lauren laughed. “I could feel your Mr. Happy getting malatya escort exactly what he needed, too.”

“Lauren, you are exactly what all of me needs.” Wow. In an unguarded moment, I had said a lot.

Lauren’s answer was to straighten up and twist around to find my lips. We kissed deeply, my arms holding her chest tight. A feeling of cherishing her flowed through me, and she melted in my embrace.

“Oh, Bryan,” she breathed.

We held each other a long time, our lips expressing our feelings for each other.

Finally, Lauren pulled her lips away. “Let’s get ready for bed so you can hold me some more.” We pulled apart, and I whimpered a bit as my sensitive cock fell from her pussy. Lauren led me to the bathroom, and we brushed our teeth and gave each other a moment to use the toilet. I got to my bed first and slid under the sheets.

Lauren came out, and I pulled back the sheets for her. She smiled and climbed into bed, turning away and snuggling back into me. She took my arm and pulled it tight to her chest, closing my fingers over her breast. Her ass squirmed back, finding my cock and nestling it securely between her cheeks. She hummed her contentment and drifted off. I drifted with her, happy again that we both got sleepy after sex.

Morning came, and I found myself in the same position: hand cupping a breast and hard-on molesting her ass. Lauren sighed and snuggled into me.

“I had good dreams, with you keeping my sensitive spots stimulated,” she offered.


“As crazy as it sounds, would you like to get up and go for a run this morning? I’d like to get a workout in before it gets hot.”

“Great idea.”

“Besides, runs make me horny. I usually come home and play with myself afterwards. Now I have a boyfriend to play with.”

“Damn, Lauren, that’s hot. I’ll be dreaming of you on this run.”

“That’s the idea. I want my boyfriend dreaming about me.”

We got up and I got my running gear on. We walked over to her place, and she changed.

“Wow, Lauren, you look good in your running gear.” And she did. Her brunette hair was pulled into a ponytail and flowed from the back of her running hat. Her top stretched tight over her breasts and showed her flat abdomen. Her shorts conformed to her amazing ass. Tight legs snaked down to her colorful shoes.

Lauren did a little pirouette. “Thank you, Bryan.” Her eyes sparkled. “Buttering me up so you’ll get some later?”


“Well, keep it up. Let’s go.”

I let Lauren lead, not having run with her before. She was in good shape, and she liked interesting routes, with trails and variations of scenery mixed in. We kept up a lively conversation as we ran. I also checked her out whenever I could. She was light on her feet, and her muscles smoothly flexed through her stride. The exertion made her skin glow.

“You look good when you run,” I said.

“So do you, Bryan. I’m checking you out as much as you are me.”

“Was I that obvious?”

“No, but a girl likes to have her boy appreciate her. Let’s just say my antenna are out.”

“You don’t miss much, do you?”

Lauren laughed, and changed the subject. I liked how she revealed herself in little flashes of insight. I think she knew that. She was drawing me in.

We got back to her place exhilarated. We cooled down and stretched, then went inside. Lauren closed the door and came close.

“The runner’s high always goes straight to my naughty spots. Want to join me in the shower and see what trouble we can get into?”

“Love to.”

Lauren got the shower going and we climbed in. She handed me the soap and then turned around expectantly. I took the hint and lathered up my hands, then gently started soaping her arms. She sighed in appreciation, and I ranged up and down each arm, paying particular attention to her fingers. I could feel little thrills race through her body-almost like she was purring in my hands. I switched to her back, then moved to her neck. After caressing that sensitive skin, I gently moved her closer to the spray and turned her around. She let me let me lift her arms to rinse them.

“What are you doing to me, Bryan? I’m going to be a panting mess by the time you’re finished.”

“Foreplay doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom, Lauren. You give me a chance to touch your hot little body; I’m going to make the most of it.”

“You’re going to spoil me for life, you know.”

“That’s the idea, darling.”

She laughed and turned back around. Now it was her face, stroking sensitive spots and finding new ones. Then another rinse, including wetting down her long, brunette hair. Next a blob of shampoo, then a relaxing scalp massage. Lauren hummed through that one. Another rinse then some conditioner. While that set, I dropped down and soaped her legs, firm and glowing from our run. I turned her around to rinse them off, then rinsed the conditioner out of her hair. She turned around and snuggled back, knowing what spots were next. When her ass brushed my cock, it hardened.

“Somebody kayseri escort is excited.”

“You put me in the shower with a hot girl; I’m going to get excited.”

She giggled and snuggled closer. I soaped my hands and ranged over her abdomen, feeling the tension coil through her body.

Then I slid up and cupped her breasts in my hands. She moaned. Her hard nipples pressed into my palms.

“You are perfect, Lauren.”

“I’m not stacked like some of the girls out there, Bryan.”

“I’m a tight body, tight chest, tight ass kind of guy.” I squeezed her breasts for emphasis. “I like them high and happy, and I love when they’re sensitive.” I let my fingers close over her nipples and gently stroke the hard points. “And I go crazy over nipples that get really hard. I can tell how aroused you are, and that’s priceless knowledge for a wicked boy like me who wants to use and abuse his girlfriend’s body and soul in every way imaginable.”

Lauren shuddered as a thrill ran down her body. “Use and abuse, huh?”

“And you’re going to love it.”

“Oh, God.” She tilted her head back for a long, searching kiss. Her breasts strained in my hands. I took my time and got them more than clean. I nudged her chest into the spray for a rinse, then got some more soap and moved my hands downward. Lauren moved her feet apart to give me access, and she moaned when my hands brushed over her folds. I let my fingers drag between her outer lips a couple of times, then got some more soap on my hands.

“Be very thorough, Bryan. Would it help if I raised a leg?”

“That would be perfect.” I helped Lauren move her leg up and rest her foot on the shelf of the shower. She pushed her ass back into my hands while I soaped the firm cheeks. She sighed when my hands moved inward.

“Yes!” she exclaimed when my fingers brushed over her anus. I concentrated there, getting everything thoroughly clean. Lauren hummed in pleasure.

“Inside and out,” Lauren directed after a bit.

I soaped my fingers some more and gently brought one to her anus again. She sighed and relaxed herself. My finger slowly slid inside, guided by her progressively relaxing depths. She hummed her approval as I started a slow in-and-out movement, twisting my finger to get everything clean.

“You’re doing a great job, Bryan.”

“My pleasure, Lauren.” She giggled as I withdrew my finger. I lowered her leg and turned her into the spray to rinse off.

“One more time to make sure you didn’t miss anything?”

I winked and turned her around, raising her leg again. I soaped my hands and gave her another ass massage under the guise of cleaning. When I soaped up my fingers again, she hummed in anticipation. I let her guide me inside, and I slowly worked my finger all around, feeling the smooth walls of her rectum. I finally withdrew and turned her back into the spray.

“You’ve got me all worked up,” she said while she rinsed off.

“We can continue the fun in your bedroom if you’d like.”

“I’d like.”

I kneeled down to soap her feet, then she quickly rinsed and switched places with me. She worked her hands over my body while she discussed what she liked about each area. Her voice got throaty when her hands started gliding along my cock.

“And finally, your lovely cock. I think you can tell how my body hungers for it. And there’s a part of me that’s been waiting to feel you inside.”

My cock jolted at her words. Of course she felt it.

“I think someone likes the idea. Let’s get you finished so we can go play.”

When she got to my ass, I raised a leg and let her place it on the shelf.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “Your girlfriend really likes that you let her explore all of you.” She gave my anus a thorough cleaning, then she soaped up a finger and gently placed it at my entrance.

I relaxed and she slowly pushed inside to a sigh from me.

“This isn’t your first time,” she whispered.

“No, but it’s never felt this good.” My cock was rock hard. It felt so good to let Lauren play with my body. Her finger was tingling all the nerve endings in my ass as it slid in and out.

“Bryan,” she breathed, her voice throaty with passion. “You’ve got my body all worked up. I confess my weakness to you, and you not only respond positively, you also let me play the same games with you.” She slid her other hand along my length, making me shiver involuntarily. “It turns me on more than you can imagine. I trust you more and more, and I want to confess all my deepest secrets.”

My body thrilled again, and Lauren felt it. “I can feel you responding to my words. I love that you let me seduce you like this. And Bryan, know that I will seduce you, over and over.”

My body trembled at the passion in her words. Lauren kept up her exploration of my ass while her other hand slid over my chest. “That’s it, give yourself over to me. I will give you everything you desire.”

Lauren keeps a sex goddess hidden inside, I thought to myself while more hot waves washed over me. She was incredibly passionate, almost to the point that she was afraid to show it for fear of the power it would give someone over her. But when she felt safe, it came out in full force. I was incredibly lucky to have her, and suddenly I surrendered completely.

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