My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Ch. 04

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First I have to say that this concludes the “My Best Friend’s Boyfriend” Saga. It is lengthier than the three before it due to details and the fact that I couldn’t stop once I got going…Much as you will see.

I would like to say thank you to Matthew Fillyaw, my main subject and “my best friend’s boyfriend”, Katy Wright, who, despite everything, is still my number one girl. I love you Katy Bear! Lori from Lit, if it hadn’t been for you and your thread, I wouldn’t have submitted part one much less those pics you love so much. Muah from Icee. Rovi, Thank you for all of your support! DJ, thank you as well, without your optimism, I would still be debating on submitting these! My children, Abbi and Jay, Chris White for telling me about Literotica to begin with, Tracy White for the girl I used to love, and of course all of you who have read these stories and found them to be the fantasy that is inside all of us.

Now, before I start thanking the Academy, on with the story.

Part 4: The night that changed it all

The nights that followed were agonizing. I wanted Matt more and more every day, yet there was nothing I could do. I began calling him when I knew Katy wasn’t home. I would ask for her, chitchat and hang up. Often forgetting one call from the next. I was borderline stalking. I look back on it now, and realize that I had to be perfect or else I would never achieve my goal. I would purposely ask Katy to hang out at her house and then run into Matt. We would exchange a smile and that was all, but it was enough.

As the days turned into weeks and October was almost here, one by one, new problems were arising. The first was Tim. He had lost his job at his brother’s Thai restaurant and was St. Louis bound for good. Without a job, I knew that he’d want to spend more time with me. I was enjoying Katy’s company and we had become best friends as well as getting to see Matt. I wasn’t ready to give all of that up. Which brought me to my other problem of Katy. If I managed to get Matt away from her, how would she and I be then? I loved her like a little sister that I couldn’t control and she behaved as though I were the big sister that tried to. I couldn’t lose her as a friend, yet, I wanted Matt badly. Problem three was my ex girlfriend Tracy. She had dropped me for a girl, literally three times my size and I was feeling hurt that even though we were broken up, our friendship had been around since High School. I still wanted to be friends. Now, Jayme had dumped her and we were talking. Not about getting back together, but about being friends.

Tuesday, my day off, Tracy and Katy helped me get some things from the storage unit that I had rented after leaving Mario. I had hastily packed, and now that winter was rolling around, I needed things. Katy invited us to her place to drink and fool around. Tracy needed a night away from thinking about Jayme, and for me; it was either there or to Tim’s.

“Will Matt be home or is it a girls night?” I asked innocently enough.

“Matt’ll be home, but he’ll leave us alone. No problem.”

“O.k. Guys. I’m in.” Tracy agreed quickly. She usually did, if alcohol was mentioned.

“I’m tired” I moaned. “But alright. I’m staying the night though, which means you too Trace.” I stated flatly and pointedly.

“Yeah Yeah, let’s just go. I’m cold.” It was rather cold inside the storage unit. Being the end of September, winter had come in quickly and froze most of us out. Snow was only a matter of weeks away. I hated snow. I came from outside of Los Angeles and I absolutely hated the winter.

We left and I insisted we stop for food. escort ataşehir I was hungry and if we were going to be drinking, I needed a full stomach. After Burger King, we went to Katy’s apartment and even before I stepped out of the car, I had butterflies in my stomach, I had seen Matt a dozen or so times and tonight I could feel was going to be different. I just couldn’t put my finger on how. I thought I felt the way I did because I was sleeping over.

Matt was a little shocked that the three of us walked in together. I caught the smile on his face, however, and gave him one back.

“What’s up?” He asked no one in particular although he was looking directly at me.

“Not much” Tracy said

“Katy invited us over for the night.” I said

“Oh…” He breathed.

“As Katy looked at him to me, he changed his tune to more nonchalant


I laughed at him.

After much talking about nothing, we decided to make it over to the Schnucks store near their place. Katy was only 18 and I was still only 20, so Matt and Tracy had to make our alcohol purchase. But Katy and I bought all of our snacks. We planned a long night. After we got back from the store, Matt played bartender. The Amaretto Sours were fantastic. After just a few I was sure he was making them with more Amaretto and less Whisky sour. Either way, they were still good and I was drinking them faster than he could make them. Soon Katy stood up.

“I’m out of cigarettes. Who wants to come with me to get some?”

I of course was a walking, stumbling, idiot and wasn’t about to go anywhere. I stood up waving my glass around.

“I’d go…. But…But…I don’t remember…. Oh, yeah….” I said as I looked around, still waving my semi full glass.

“Hey, Leianne sit down before you fall down…And give me that glass!” Matt tried to sit me down and somewhere along the line it was decided that Katy and Tracy were going to get cigarettes. Matt was going to keep me here, hopefully quietly. I did notice that everyone was laughing at my expense. I sat back, pouting.

“What’s wrong? “ Matt said after I heard the door shut.

“Nothing” I said and then looked around and realized we were alone.

I don’t remember how it started, but soon I was in is lap. I don’t remember the conversation, but my shoes and socks were already off. He beckoned to me to come sit by him and I laughed because he was sitting in a single person chair. I got up and, almost killing myself in the process, I managed to get over to the chair and sat in his lap. We chatted and I started to sway. He put his arms around me and kissed me softly on the lips. His lips covered mine in a forbidden and passionate way that more than excited me. I wanted to take it further due to the wetness I was feeling in my jeans. His hands began to wander up my yellow tight fitting shirt. It was meant to fit a certain way, but I had a slight problem with it.

“Wait.” I said. I think he thought I was going to push him away and that would be the end of it, considering I still had a boyfriend and his girlfriend was due home any minute. But that was not my intent. I was about to reveal my dirty secret to a great fitting top.


“Just hold on!” I reached into my shirt through the neck and undid my two safety pins. Wen I showed them to Matt, he just laughed and proceeded to lift off my shirt and let it fall to the floor. Underneath it, I wore only my white front clip bra. It was slightly padded since I often feel that my tits are too small at 36 C.

Matt cupped my firm tits around the weight of my bra and returned kadıköy escort to our kiss. Again it was soft and sweet, yet so passionate and demanding. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted it to go deeper and deeper and have him fulfill my every need and desire. Something inside of me told me that he would be the man that was finally able to give me an orgasm.

He then put his arms around me and lifted me slightly so that I was cradled in his arms perfectly. He had such a strong body and I could feel his muscles against my exposed skin. We continued our kiss, his lips never leaving mine as he walked to the bedroom that he shared with Katy. As usual it was a mess, but the clothing on the floor didn’t seem to hinder him from laying me down softly and gently on the bed. The light was on and I honestly expected him to turn it off after he had placed me on the bed. Katy often told me that he preferred sex with the lights off.

“Don’t you want to turn the light off?” I asked as our kiss ended and he rose to look at me.

“No” He breathed more than said. I felt like they might be words I was hearing in a dream, yet I pursued.

“Katy said you like it with the light off,” I said curiously.

“I do…. With Katy. But I want to look at you.” He said as he smiled at me in such a way that I could feel my heart melting in my chest. I was in love.

He came back to me, continuing to kiss my lips. I responded in such a way that I could feel his breath getting thicker and heavier. Now he was running his tongue over mine and I was rubbing mine over his. It was like they had minds of their own and were attempting to find a way to unite and become joined as one. Harder and harder he kissed my lips until he broke our kiss and began a trail down my neck. When he got to my tits, still bound by my bra, I saw him pull the clasp until they were free. Now exposed, he began to kiss them more passionately sucking the nipples of each between his lips and making me moan wanting more. That initial wetness was now like a river ready to flood my pants, I wanted him that badly.

Continuing down my stomach he tongued my navel ring being careful not to pull and pinch the still tender skin. I felt the ball of his tongue ring against the metal of the hoop through my navel and it sent electric shocks up and down my spine. He came back to my lips and I was unable to control my desire. I placed a hand on his chest and pushed him slightly to move him up and turn him to his back. Once there, I manipulated the buckle on his belt and began my own trail of kisses down his chest to his stomach. The further down I pulled his pants, the further I kissed. He reached to cup my head and grasp my hair as I pulled his huge cock from his pants. I kissed around it, teasing as he toyed with my hair. Finally I sank my lips around the head, flicking my tongue over the tip as I did so. It was a taste I hadn’t had in awhile. First, I hadn’t sucked on a cock in quite some time, and second, Matt’s cock actually tasted sweet. It was wet with precum and I could taste the salt from his sweat, and the two mingled well together. I was hungry for more.

Licking and sucking as he went from lightly tugging on my hair to pulling it roughly now, I sucked more feverishly and was actually attempting to suck the cum right out of him. But instead, I went to remove my own jeans so that I could straddle him and ride his hard cock until the cum erupted inside of my wet pussy. After I had my jeans off, I went to do just that, but he pulled at the backs of my thighs bringing me up closer to his face. I welcomed his tongue on my inner thighs maltepe escort bayan and moaned my expression of pleasure. As I did, he moved his mouth just over my clit and teased it with his tongue the way I had teased his cock. It felt so good. As he brought me closer and closer to cumming, I reached backwards with my hands and cupped his balls before grabbing his ready cock with full force. I wanted to turn around and suck it. He must have known what I was thinking, for he motioned for me to do just that. As I sank my lips around his cock again, I felt him tonguing my clit. We must have been that way awhile before he turned me to my back and came at me ready to enter me.

I have always loved the first penetrating motion of entrance, but with Matt, it was even sweeter. I enjoyed every inch sliding in my wet pussy. I felt every inch deeper and deeper as though it were on fire. I wanted more and told him so with each thrust. I cried, I moaned, I think I even screamed in pleasure at one point in time. There was no stopping him or me. Our bodies were one, joined in such a way that no one could pull them apart.

After what seemed like hours, our bodies parted. I dreaded every inch leaving me, but I knew it had come to an end. We lay beside each other panting and gasping.

“Wow.” Matt breathed. “That was amazing.”

I laughed and rolled to be more comfortable. My body ached in the most pleasurable ways. I had never felt so exhausted and fulfilled at the same time. I wanted more than anything, to curl up into his arms and fall deeply asleep. And curl up into his arms I did. And then he began.

“You know I don’t love Katy.”

I really didn’t want to start conversation, much less about this. I had just had what was likely to be the greatest sex I have ever had and he wanted to discuss his girlfriend.

“O.K.” I said and closed my eyes to show him that the conversation was closed. Of course, he didn’t take the hint.

“What about you? Do you love Tim?”

Now he was bringing Tim into this. Tim had no reason to be involved with the greatest sex I ever had. Even if he was my boyfriend.

“Look, we just had great sex, do we have to discuss our tomorrows? In the morning I will go home and tonight will become something we thought we dreamed.”

“Oh…” He sighed, sounding disappointed. He kissed my neck and held on to me.

“I love you.” He whispered into my ear ever so softly.

I reached an arm around him and curled it into his hair as he kissed my neck again. I turned and kissed his lips, pressing them hard to his. He touched me then more delicately than I thought possible. We kissed for several minutes before the door opened and Katy came in. Oh no, I thought.

“Here.” She said and threw a long sheet of condoms at us. We looked at each other and laughed. I laid my head on his shoulder and he smelled my hair. I looked up and we began to kiss again.

This time I laid him down so I could ride him. He held my hips as I slid his cock inside of me again. And again it felt fabulous. I came again and again as I slid up and down on his cock, I came all over his cock and he felt each orgasm, letting me know that he knew by squeezing my hips each time. Finally it was done. I was exhausted and so was he. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. Our kisses still on each other’s lips.

We woke in time to see the sunrise and once again enjoyed each other’s bodies. I was riding him again and this time as I came over his cock, I heard him moan and pull me to him.

“I’m cumming.” He whispered into my ear as I kept riding him, cumming again myself. As my body came to a halt, he held me on him tight against his chest.

“I love you, Leianne.” He whispered

“I love you.” I whispered back into his ear.

We turned our heads to face the window and watched the sun rise to a new day and the start of a new love.

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