Mutual Pleasure

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They had just finished having a Devonshire Tea in the Small Cafe they had found up in the Dandenong Mountains, and had set off back on the road again, While walking back to the car Alan suggested they drive a little further up through the hills and see if they could find somewhere to park for a while.

It had been a lovely day so far…..he had picked Jules up from the Train Station at about 10.00am and they had just taken a nice easy drive up through the mountains.

They had chatted about this and that while driving, up there, and had a few laughs about some of the things they had talked about over the past few months. They both felt very comfortable in each others company now, and the initial nervousness that had been there when they first met was completely gone now.

They had been driving through the beautiful bushland for about ten minutes when Jules spotted a signpost for a Lookout area up on top of one of the hills.

Alan turned up the small side road, which wound it’s self around the hill to a small Car Park at the top.

The Car park was completely deserted, which was probably due to it being Midweek and also because it was a little overcast and you wouldn’t have been able to see much from the lookout anyway.

Alan drove over to the furthest point of the parking area, and parked the car under a large Gum Tree.

He stopped the engine and was amazed at how quiet it suddenly went.

It was so peaceful out here and all you could hear were the birds in the tree’s.

He raised the Armrest that was in the middle of the front seat, and Jules moved over closer to him. He put his arm around her and drew her closer as they just sat there for a few minutes admiring how beautiful it all looked.

He turned round and looked at her, and their eyes met as she also turned to face him.

He placed a small kiss on her lips, and then another slightly longer one. The third kiss was the one where their lips just seemed to melt into each other, and they both drew each other closer, with their lips locked in a Long Passionate embrace.

Alan gently nibbled on her lower lip as they kissed, and sucked it between his lips to softly nuzzle it.

Their tongues became entwined in their own private Lovemaking as they flicked back and forth at each other, circling round and round before becoming one again.

He drew her tongue into his mouth and softly sucked on it, and when she withdrew it he let it gently rake across his teeth.

He kissed her all around her neck and throat, spending extra time nibbling and sucking on her earlobes, then tracing a long line with the tip of his tongue down her throat to her cleavage. Then back up to her lips again.

His right hand moved down from the side of her face where it had been, and came to rest upon her breast. Slowly he started to massage it through the thin material of the top she is wearing.

He loves the feel of the full weight of her breast in his palm, and moves it round in small circles, feeling her nipple grow harder against the centre of his hand. He gently squeezes the nipple between his fingers being careful not to squeeze to hard and make her jump.

Wanting escort ataşehir so bad to have her nipple in his mouth where he can suck on it, he starts to undo the buttons on her blouse one by one, until the front of it is fully open. She is wearing a front clasping bra which she quickly undoes for him, and he breaks from their kiss to lower his head down to the soft milky skin of her full breasts.

Cupping his hand underneath one he raises it slightly so he can start to circle the nipple with the tip of his tongue, round and round it in small circles making the nipple grow even harder and longer. Then blowing warm air from his mouth upon it, quickly drying the moisture there, making her shiver.

He sucks the nipple deep into his mouth massaging it between his lips and flicking his tongue across the tip of it,enjoying the sensation of sucking her nipple deep into his mouth, then slowly releasing it so the nipple Pops out from between his lips, making her giggle as it does.

He doesn’t like to play favorites, so he gives both breasts and nipples the same amount of attention, moving from one to the other regularly.

He raises himself up again and once more joins her lips with his, the kiss a long and passionate one, both of them only aware of each other.

His right hand once more lowers it’s self and comes to rest on her leg just above her knee, and he starts to very lightly move his hand slowly up and down her thigh where his hand came to rest. He wonders if she has become as excited and aroused as he has, his cock straining against the inside of his tracksuit pants as it became harder and harder. Wondering how wet and moist her pussy has become, and how hard her clit is right now.

His hand slides down to the hem of her dress and starts to move slowly under it, loving the feeling of her warm skin on his finger tips, as he gently moves it ever upwards.

Her legs part a little, as he reaches her inner thigh, and he lets his fingers spend some time there just letting the fingertips move back and forward from her knee to her crotch, but not quite touching it yet.

Their kiss has become more intense as each know what is going to happen next, and their tongues become more entwined and feverish.

Finally his fingers touch upon the front of her panties, and he now knows she is as excited as he, as they are so wet, and he can feel the heat radiating from her.

Rubbing her lips through the material of her panties he soaks them even more with the juices flowing freely from her.

Up a little further his hand glides to the waistband of the panties, and it starts to slide down and inside, feeling the soft down of her pubic hair against his fingers before finally coming to rest on her outer lips.

He moves his fingers up and down the wet slit, all the way from the top to the bottom of it, gently rubbing them and massaging them also, loving the feeling of having her wet pussy in his hand, covering his fingers in her juices.

Using two fingers to softly part her lips, another slides slightly inside and starts to move up and down the inner lips, but not quite going inside yet.

Her head is thrown back, kadıköy escort and he kisses her all around her neck and throat as his finger finally starts to slide inside her, her body shaking as it does so.

His finger as a mind of it’s own as it slides inside….moving all around, making sure it touches each and every part of her…round and round in small circles it goes, a soft moan escaping her lips as the pleasure engulfs her.

In and out it slides slowly at first and then a little faster as her hips start to move back and forward to match his movements. Faster and faster they go as another finger slides inside filling her completely as they bring her closer and closer to orgasm.

One finger moves up a little and straight away finds the centre of her pleasure zone and starts to flick gently across her now very hard clit. Rubbing it and flicking it faster again as her hips buck against his hand harder and harder.

Closer and closer now to the peak as his fingers slide back inside her, and she starts to tremble all over as they move quickly in and out…….

Closer…closer…….Her body starting to shake as the first ripples of the orgasm start to course through her…….In and out his fingers go, moving all around filling her….Faster, faster…..a long moan escapes from her lips as suddenly the full power of the pleasure hits her, and she starts to have the most glorious orgasm and climax…her full body shaking and her pussy lips tightening hard around his fingers as she tries to hold him there……

He holds her close and the kiss become frantic, their lips becoming a blur as the orgasm flows through her body……..The Peak seems to last forever, the waves of pleasure flowing through her continuously……..then slowly starting to Ebb……..her breathing still hard and erratic……starts to slow slightly as she begins to come back down to earth again……

He stops kissing her and looks at her face……a smile stretches across it, and this makes him smile so much as well.

He draws his hand from under her dress and brings it up to his lips….his fingers are soaked with her juices and he places them in his mouth and starts to suck them clean, loving the taste and aroma that he has from her….when he is sure he has cleaned them completely he leans over again to kiss her then she gently rests her head upon his shoulder as she starts to calm down a little.

He feels so good inside knowing the pleasure he has brought her…wanting to make her feel so good inside…wanting her to know only pleasure when she is with him.

They sit in silence for a few minutes while Jules gets her breath back, the silence only broken occasionally by a kiss between them…

Jules knows how hard he must be and her hand comes to rest on the front of his pants…feeling his cock jerk a little as she touches it. She starts to rub it slowly through his pants feeling it stirring and throbbing there.

They Kiss as her hand finds it’s way in the top of his waistband and slides down to hold his cock fully in her hand, squeezing it and rubbing it back and forward ever so slowly…enjoying the way it throbs and twitches maltepe escort bayan as she holds it.

Alan raises himself a little so he can lower his pants and his cock springs free, standing to attention pointing straight at her.

Her finger starts to slowly circle the head. .round and round, then comes to rest on the top where a small amount of Pre-cum has formed and she touches it, feeling the sticky fluid on her finger, then lifting it off she sees how the pre-cum sticks to her finger causing a bead of it to stretch from the tip of his cock.

Her hand once again takes hold of him as they start to kiss, she starts to move it up and down, masturbating him slowly, wanting to feel him grow ever harder in her hand…..Her hand moving slowly at first then she starts to increase the speed a little…….his hips moving in perfect time with the movement of her hand…….she reaches down a little so she can cup his balls in her hand…gently massaging them for a while before moving back to grip his now throbbing cock once again……Faster and faster she pumps him……feeling him grow harder with each movement of her hand…….Their kiss unbreakable at the moment, but she knows that when he climaxes she wants to see it…..

She squeezes and fondles, rubs and touches him all over his cock and balls, bringing him closer and closer to Cumming…….

His hips pushing forward now harder and harder to meet each of her movements and then just as he reaches the point of no return she breaks their kiss and watches as the first shot escapes from the tip of his cock, with her hand rubbing him faster and faster………….She is amazed as the first load flies up in the air……over a foot from the tip of his cock almost hitting her face.

The Second and third stream almost as powerful as the orgasm surges through his body…her hand still pumping him as he Cum’s…….then she slows the movement of her hand as the cum starts to just flow from the end of his cock now. sliding down over her hand as it starts to stop…..her hand covered in his hot sticky cum…..her hand movements finally coming to a stop as his cock stops its frantic twitching and throbbing…..she holds it for a minute or two feeling the cum hot on her hand start to cool down a little……

Alan is still trying to catch his breath, as she reaches over to her hand bag and finds a packet of Tissuea there. She takes a couple out and cleans her hand then takes a few more to help him clean himself up as well……

He pulls his pants back up, and smiles at her a loving smile…….For either of them to say thank you, would be the wrong thing to say in a way, because they each had only done what they knew they wanted so much to do, and the pleasure they both brought each other was enough of a way of showing how they felt.

They Kissed again and cuddled for a while, and then after looking at their watches realized they had been here for over 2 hours without even realizing it…my how time fly’s when your having fun.

Alan starts the Car and realizes they were lucky no one else had arrived in the car park while they were there, but Alan was sure that even if someone had, they would have been completely oblivious to it.

He put the car in gear, and they headed off back towards the Station where Alan would have to drop Jules off at…..he didn’t want to see her go, but knew it would not be long again until he saw her next………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32