More Than a Donation

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My name’s Kyle. I’m 5’10”, 160 lbs. , red hair, hazel eyes. I’m only 24, a recent college grad holding down my first “real” job.

I’m a teacher. I love my job. Working with kids is really molding the future. I help to make the world the kind of place I want to be when I’m old and they’re in charge.

December found me this year with lots of free time. School let out for holiday break on the 13th, and is not in session again until January. Rather that sit around watching TV, I decided to use my time for something good. I signed the paperwork, and the non-profit gave me a bell, a red pot, and a Santa hat. So there I was, keeping myself warm by doing a little I’m-a-white-dude-who-can’t-dance dance outside the local post office, ringing my bell.

Out of the post office came a woman. She was tall, I guessed about 6′, slim but not bony, and grinning ear to ear. Her red, wavy hair framed her slightly freckled face and contrasted her violently green eyes. The look on her face is what caught my attention. Being a teacher gave me a sixth sense as to when people were up to something, and she was definitely up to something. I watched her slip a fiver into the pot and saunter off to her car, an Outback. Her butt wiggled cutely as she sasheéd to the car. She gave me a little wave of the fingers and drove off.

The rest of the day passed quickly. One kind soul even gave me a coffee. I took down my stand and drove to the charity’s office. I joined the other volunteers in a small conference room with few windows looking out on the grey winter’s day. We each grabbed our pick of pastry and drink from a side table, and sat down to sort our collection and do our paperwork.

I had sorted about half my money when I pulled out a neatly folded five dollar bill. As I unfolded it, a white piece of paper fluttered to the ground and under the table. I bent under the table and picked it up off the blue industrial carpet. Coming back to a seated position, I laid the paper on the table. As it passed my face, I caught the faintest scent of rose and vanilla. Written in a flowing hand was “Ann, 555-9437. Be my Santa”. I knew right away it was the redhead’s. Ann, hmm, what kind of “Santa” are you looking for?

“What’s that, Kyle?” asked Jen, another volunteer who was sitting next to me.

“Nothing,” I said quickly and started to put it in my shirt pocket.

I must have blushed because Jen practically shouted “Doesn’t look like nothing,” and grabbed the paper from my hand. “Ann, 555-9437. Be my Santa,” Jen recited out loud. I’m sure that kartal escort my face was bright red at this point, and the other volunteers chuckled.

“Thanks, Jen. Just remember, I always win, I am a teacher. I’ll get you back,” I promised, snatching the paper from her hand and securing it in the front pocket of my jeans.

“You’re no fun,” Jen mock-sobbed. I gave her a playful punch on the arm and went back to counting money.

Half an hour later, I was done counting and doing paperwork. I turned it in and headed out to my car. I took my keys from my jeans pocket, and felt Ann’s paper. Taking it out, I studied it, then inhaled the rose and vanilla aromas of it again. I got in my car and dialed the number from the paper on my cell.

“Hello?” came an alto voice.

“Uh, hi, is this Ann?” I asked.

“Yes it is,” she said.

“This is Kyle, the bell-ringer from the post office,” I said.

Ann giggled. It was musical, rising slightly over the half second that it existed. “Hi there, I was hoping you’d call.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not much good at this, but, well, you wanna go out some time?”

“Mmm, yes I do,” she moaned. “How about right now?”

“Well, okay,” I agreed.

“Great, I’ll be waiting.” She gave me her address, it was ten minutes away.

I started the car and began driving. My thoughts wandered to the image in my memory from the post office. That wavy, red hair, cute freckles, and tight butt, combined with the smell of the paper and the sound of her voice made my penis shift in my jeans as it began to harden. I hope that goes down before I meet this woman.

Parking on the street, I walked up to a small blue house with almost no lawn. I looked around, my heart was pounding. Breathing heavily, I knocked on the door. That same sexy voice I heard on the phone said, “Come in.” I pressed down on the latch with my thumb and pushed the door open.

I walked in and looked around. I was in a fairly average living room. A blue couch sat opposite the front window. A wooden rocker sat next to the fireplace. The television sat in front of the window, on an old wooden chest. What demanded my attention, however, was the green box in the middle of the room. It had a note on it. “I am hiding. If you would like to see me, open the box and get dressed. Ann.” I opened the box. It contained a red hat with white furry lining, jacket and pants in the same scheme, a red velvet thong, and a pair of black boots.

Fuck this, I’m out of crazyville. I headed towards the door. “Please,” maltepe escort bayan came the voice, with a hint of desperation. Ann was watching me. With this knowledge I stepped back toward the box. I’ll give her a show. I pulled my shirt over my head and put on the jacket. I placed the hat on my head and looked back at the box. I decided to tease. I dropped my pants, and stepped out of my shoes, then the pants. My boxer-briefs were slightly bulging. The impromptu exhibitionism was arousing me, and I was getting erect again. I buttoned the coat, thereby obscuring the view of my package, and dropped my undies. I knew I was teasing Ann, since my cock and balls were hidden under the long jacket. I pulled on the red velvet thong, and then the pants. Lastly I put the boots on.

Ann came out of hiding at this point. Her outfit was in the same theme as mine. Instead of pants, she had a short, velvet skirt with white fur trimming the bottom. Her jacket accentuated a curvy figure and a moderate bust. The slightest hint of cleavage peeked out through the undone top button. Her oval face, smiling and framed by that beautiful red hair was topped by her own Santa hat.

“I’ve a mild fetish,” she sheepishly adimitted.

Okay then, we’ll play. “Come sit on Santa’s lap and tell us what you want for Christmas,” I said, sitting on the couch. Ann sauntered over and lowered herself onto my lap, deliberately bending when her round bottom was in front of my face. This made the skirt ride up, showing me the very bottoms of her butt cheeks. I could feel their heat on my face. As she sat, the rose and vanilla smell filled my nose, driving me wild.

“What do you want, girl?” I asked.

“I want a doll, a train, and a big cock to suck,” She said, standing up. She kneeled down on the floor in front of the couch. Ann undid my red pant, and slid them down my legs so they piled up around the black boots. Reaching up, she began to massage my cock through the velvety red thong that she had made me put on. I was already hard, but she made me harder than I thought possible. Ann’s hand grabbed my waistband, her nails gently brushing the top of my pubic area as she did so. Slowly, Ann pulled down the thong and exposed me.

She gave that same grin as from the post office and grabbed my cock. She ran her hand up and down the length of my shaft, slowly. Then, keeping her hand around the base of my pecker, she blew gently on my head. My member twitched excitedly. She took me into her warm, moist mouth and began to slide up and down my length. escort pendik Ann’s tongue fluttered the underside of my head every time she came up to the end. I took off her hat and ran my fingers through that beautiful red hair of hers as she fellated me.

Ann stood up and I knew what to do. I stood up and took her hands. I guided her to the floor, where she lay on her back. I kissed her gently on the neck as I opened the red jacket to see a firm stomach and two gorgeous shapes covered with red lace. I kissed her collarbone and started down her body. I left a trail of warm, gentle kisses down, between her breasts, down her stomach, and arrived at her skirt. She lifted her hips and I pulled the skirt towards Ann’s feet. She wasn’t wearing any panties! I saw Ann’s already wet slit surrounded by neatly trimmed red pubic hair. I stroked her inner thighs with my fingertips and she began to moan. I kissed her creamy white legs and she reached down. Ann’s hand found the back of my head, and she pulled me towards her pussy. Without a word I began licking the outer lips. Moving, I stuck two fingers inside her and began licking her clit with short, quick motion. Ann’s moaning increased and her hips began to push against my face. I plunged my fingers deeper and faster while I alternated licking Ann’s clit and gently sucking it. Her warm, sweet juices were all over my face, and my nostrils filled with rose, vanilla, and sex.

“Ah, aaah, oh God,” she began screaming, “Yes, ahh, yes, unh, Gaaaaaaaaaahd!” she yelled as her pussy tightened around my fingers. Ann’s whole body quivered a few times, then she pushed on my chest. I laid down and she straddled me. Reaching behind her, Ann undid her red lace bra and through it at my face. It smelled of her roses and vanilla. I set it aside, and looked at her bare breasts for the first time. They were beautiful A good handful, perfectly round and as perky as the day she graduated high school.

Ann reached between my legs and pointed my cock at her vagina. She lowered herself onto me and began to travel up and down my shaft. Each time she went up and down, her titties bounced around like gravity didn’t matter any more. I enjoyed the show as she gradually increased the pace of her movements. We were both moaning with pleasure, yelling each other’s names as she approached her second orgasm and I my first.

“I’m going to come,” I warned, but she just smiled and kept bouncing on my cock. With a groan I exploded inside of her. I could feel my jizz filling her hole completely and surrounding my cock. I sat up, without removing my cock from her, and wrapped my arms around her. There we sat, face to face, getting our breath back.

“You’re going on my naughty list, but I think that you got what you wanted anyway,” I teased.

“Yes I did, Santa,” Ann giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32