Missing You

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Since you’ve been gone my days have been almost the same as before; I still go to work, see the same people, pull my hair out about the same issues.

And the weekends, I see the same people, drink the same drinks in the same places.

But when I’m in our home, that’s when I can feel your absence most keenly. When I wake up and there is no one to make breakfast for. When there is no play-fighting over the remote, when there are no arms curled around me at night.

That is where I miss you the most.

I turn on to my side now and hug my knees up and imagine your body curving tight around mine, your broad chest pressed against my back, your lips on my neck, your arm wrapping around me to pull my body closer to yours.

I feel a tear slide down on to the pillow.

Dammit. I’m frustrated now. This is silly, it hasn’t even been that long. I roll back on to my back and wipe my eyes then stretch out, take a deep breath and concentrate on not thinking about you, not missing you.

I start to relax as I ponder tomorrow and what it will bring, and my arms come to rest on my stomach. I absent-mindedly tickle the skin below my belly button with the very tips of my fingers as I imagine my morning routine, remember that I have to wake up early for our video chat.

As you come into my mind again bursa escort my finger strokes become longer, more of a caress than a tickle, and my left hand joins in at my collar bone.

I fill my mind with the anticipation of seeing your face and somewhere in between my legs I feel an expectant pulse. My hands are roaming my body now, stroking my face, my breasts, my hips, and gradually my back starts to arch in to the mattress, as I slowly lower my underwear.

My left hand slips in to my bra and as I tease my nipple I imagine your lips sucking on it, rolling your tongue slowly over one while you pull gently at the other.

I imagine my hand to be yours as I make tempting strokes across my thighs, teasing myself as I imagine you parting my legs to get close to where I am wet and ready for you.

You hold your palm over my pussy and keep it still, allowing my desire to pulse through it, pushing against your fingers, longing for you to part my lips.

My own fingers finally slip inside, with one starting to work on my clit. I squeeze my breast hard as I start to move my fingers faster, imagining that it is now your cock, and not my fingers that my pussy is waiting to swallow.

My heart starts pounding as I imagine you waiting with the head of your hard cock resting just inside me, before you push bursa escort bayan yourself hard into me all at once.

As you pull your cock out I would feel the coolness of the air on the area that I have made so wet for you. You push into me again, my legs spreading wider as your ass bounces in to me again and again, rolling your hips and grinding against my clit, making me gasp.

As I lay in our bed, filling my pussy with my fingers, I fill my head with the image of our bodies getting slick with sweat as we thrust in to each other again and again.

I hold on to your shoulders as your cock pushes deeper in to me. The slap of your balls on my ass hole makes me gasp and I reach down and hold them, squeezing gently as you slow down.

I move my hand from your balls to my clit and give it a tug, making my pussy squeeze on your cock, which I then stroke the exposed shaft of, wanking the part that isn’t buried inside me. You pull out some more to give me more to play with and my hands slide all over with the juices that also come out.

I start using up more of your cock, milking you until just the head of you remains inside me. I then pull you out completely and use your dick to rub our combined juices all over us, adding to the sweaty sticky mess, making us slide in between each other’s thighs.

My escort bursa hips tilt up with your wet cock still pressed up against me, I tilt them up and down, rubbing your cock from my clit to my asshole then back again, before starting to push the head in to my ass, oh so slowly.

You are still as I move my hips to fuck your cock with my ass, just riding the tip, using the juice from my pussy to help me slide down.

I start to pant as I move down further and further on to your erection, which is getting harder by the second, then with one long movement I am fully impaled on your dick.

You can’t take anymore teasing and you push me down in to the mattress, burying yourself as deep as you can in my ass. I cry out, which prompts you to pull almost totally out, then plunge straight back inside my waiting ass again.

As you fuck my juiced up asshole you kiss me hard. My hand moves to my pussy and I flick my clit, causing my ass to clench around you, you bite on my lip and let out a groan as you feel yourself ready to climax, ready to fill my ass with your fat dick as you unload your cum into me.

I’m fucking my pussy with my fingers as you pound into my ass, holding my legs up high and using them to hold on to, as you drill into me as deep as you possibly can. I feel your cock start to unload deep, so deep inside me, and my orgasm stretches out through my entire body and I scream out as you dive once more into me and hold yourself deep in my ass, filling me with cum and making my body twitch in the aftermath of our fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32