Mama Told Me Ch. 1

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My Mother taught me that life was short. She knew as she died from cancer at the ripe old age of 35, I was 13 years old at the time. She said life was short and that I should try my best to enjoy as much of it as I could, and not to pay a lot of attention to what stupid people may think. And that most people were stupid, doubly so for the highly educated ones. My mom taught me a lot in that short six months that it took for her to die.

Mom said all males were especially stupid but that they could not help it. She said men think with their penises even when they had no interest in sex. If the men weren’t thinking about screwing women, they were screwing with each other over stupid things like power and possessions. If by a miracle all the men on the face of the earth were wiped out there would be world peace in a matter of months, and within years there would be true equality in the world.

My mom was a smart lady, and she loved my father even if he was stupid. My father loved my mom as well, maybe too much. It almost seems that he died a little each day with my mom, watching her as the cancer ate away her life and our once happy family. But dad did his best even though all of the penises in the world could not save my mom from dying.

In that six months mom passed on a lifetime of information to her only child, her only daughter. She said love was perfect by itself, it did not need the thoughts of men to decipher what was right or wrong about love. Love did not need control or possessions, it only needed another to love. Love was enough by itself.

My mom also taught me that learning was enough by itself. To learn as much as I could and about as many possible things as I could. And that each individual learned in their own unique way, and it was okay if what they learned was different from what you learned. The learning was the important part and that you should do it for as long as you have breath to breathe.

I miss my mom, but in that six months she made sure I would never forget her or her love for me, the love for my father, and the love for all things. The world is a sadder place without her, but it is all that we have.

After the death of my mother I slept with my father. We held on to each other in our grief and in our healing. I think that my father came to terms with the loss of mom sooner then I did and suggested that I should start sleeping in my own bed again. I didn’t want to go as a part of me believed that if I didn’t hold on to my father that he would die too and I would be left alone. I did extract from him the promise casino oyna that if I couldn’t sleep that it was okay for me to return to bed with him.

Dad owned his own small computer company and immersed himself into the running of that company.

I had school and my only friend, Susan. Susan would spend the weekends with me and we would talk. As our bodies matured we would compare how different we were becoming. I was to remain long and lean with A Cup breasts, but Susan was turning into a voluptuous young woman that turned even the heads of women. We would often chuckle together about some of the stares she received, and play out fantasies about how she would flash parts of her body at those who stared so openly. The more we played the more we added.

One day after shopping at the mall we were talking about the strange lady that followed Susan and I around. To be honest she only had eyes for Susan. Anyway, I played the lady who was fond of looking at Susan.

Susan looked at me shyly as I looked at her and licked my lips, almost laughing out loud as I was having a difficult time getting into the role. This did not deter Susan one bit. She bent over facing me allowing me to look down the scoop of her dress and view her exquisite breasts encased in a sexy pink see through bra. A small gasp escaped my lips, I mean we had played this game so many times before but this time I found myself getting excited.

Susan straightened up looked me in the eye and allowed a shy and wicked smile to form on her lush and so sexy lips. Then turning around she bent over to adjust her shoes, which had the effect of pulling up the bottom of her dress showing me the tops of her thigh high stockings and her exposed thighs.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Susan. Bending forward Susan’s head was almost at her feet, which allowed the dress to go even higher until I could see her pink translucent panties. I could clearly see Susan’s vagina and a small but spreading stain that could only be her wetness. I think I allowed a small moan to seep from my lips. I never noticed that Susan was looking at me, upside down.

My mind was in chaos, I did not know what was happening. I have see Susan totally undressed and in various forms of undress for almost all of my life and nothing like this had ever happened before. I could not help myself as I slowly watched the little stain spread across the crotch of her panties. I may have licked my lips I’m not sure. I was like a doe caught in headlights I could not move or turn away. I felt a small river of wetness spreading canlı casino its’ way down the crotch of my own panties.

Susan taking the game a step higher slowly allowed her right hand to caress her right ankle and then ever so slowly bring it upwards. I was totally mesmerized like a cobra watching the flute move backwards and forwards not knowing whether to strike or just follow. I just followed her hand until it reached the junction of her thighs.

Slowly Susan spread her legs. Then using her index finger she outlined the outer lips of her vagina. She was painting her sex with the wetness of her desire. Her panties were so wet and so thin that it was like she were wearing none at all. Reaching further back with her hand she let her index finger find the crack of her ass and then slowly bring it forward until it started to part first her outer vagina lips and then her inner ones. As her finger made contact with her clitoris I heard her gasp and then watch as her finger slow danced to a beat only she heard.

Somehow on its own, my hand had found it way to my vagina as well. God I was wet. I could feel the wetness as it flowed down my thighs. I tried to match Susan’s beat with my finger but I found myself going faster and had to force myself to slow down. It was difficult.

Susan and I were not virgins. We had compared notes on the boys we had and all of the details of the sex involved. We even shared fantasies, but nothing like this.

Like a moth to a flame I was drawn forward towards Susan. Somewhere along the way I had removed my hand from my pussy and now both of my hands were outstretched ready to caress my best friend’s ass. Then I made contact. It was almost like electricity moving between us as my hands caressed her butt. I dropped to my knees never releasing my hold on her.

I was looking at my best friend’s vagina as she slowly masturbated. My nose was just a few inches away and I could smell her desire and feel her heat on my face. I don’t know why but I blew a gentle breath of air on her soaked pussy and watched as she shuddered and moaned. I was enthralled. I started to use my face to caress her ass as my hands moved up and down her legs.

I parted my lips and allowed my tongue to taste her silky ass cheeks as my head moved over her delicious butt. Then I started to bite gently, more like playful nips then bites. I bit everywhere, and as I did Susan became more vocal with sighs and moans of passion.

I reached up and yanked Susan’s panties down in one quick move. Turning her by force I then pushed her forward kaçak casino until she fell across my bed. I wasted no time in allowing my tongue to lick every square inch of that soft womanly ass, with a few nips of my teeth thrown in to keep her off balance. Then I used my tongue and worked it into her ass crack as I pried open her cheeks with the movement of my head.

Then using my hands I pulled open that wonderful ass and exposed her ass hole and cunt to my view. It was all soaked with her pussy juice, everything glistened. I pursed my lips and blew moving my head up and down as I directed air from one end of her crack to the other. Susan could not hold still and was bouncing around the bed not knowing whether to get closer to my breath or retreat from it. Then I stopped blowing.

Moving slightly upwards I let my tongue touch the top of Susan’s ass crack. Then very slowly I started making small circles with my tongue and started to move downwards at the same time. Very slowly I moved and as I got closer to her ass hole she started to push her ass towards my face. Then I felt the slight ridges of her puckered ass hole as I allowed my tongue to dance around it. I even attempted to bite that wonderful rosebud but I was unable to. Then I started flick my tongue rapidly across that mysterious opening and then Susan pushed back in one motion and my tongue was thrust inwards.

She was impaled upon my tongue. Always being one to take advantage of a situation I started to move my tongue around like a drill bit on a Texas oil well, and then to move it backwards and forward like a jackhammer. I think if my hands were not firmly on Susan’s ass I would have been thrown off as she was dancing all over my bed. The more I moved my tongue around the more her sphincter relaxed allowing me to reach even further up her ass.

Moving my hands on Susan’s ass I was able to spread her even further apart, then with a yank of my head I looked at her cunt and envisioned an erupting volcano and lava running downward. Then I spotted her clitoris which stood proudly as any hard dick I have ever encountered and without thinking I fastened my lips around it, sucked it inwards and then started to beat it to death with my tongue.

I was lost in a passion I had never experienced before. I came at the same time as Susan and just as intensely without anyone or anything touching myself. I could not have screamed as loudly as she did as my mouth was full of her but it was close. As I slowly slipped backwards to the floor she slipped from the bed and we ended up side by side on the floor. We folded into each other’s arms like it was something we did all of the time, and as Susan gently kissed my lips I thought I heard a door gently close before I gave up consciousness.

To Be Continued…

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