Lucky Chance

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What I did during my summer vacation. Sounds like a school project but actually it is a wonderful memory of an erotic liaison.

I took my daughter and her best friend for a tour of Ontario. At first they were not too thrilled about spending a month in “there’s nothing there” land. When I let them help plan the itinerary they quickly became engrossed. Niagara Falls, Welland, Toronto, African Lion Safari, Lake Simcoe, James Bay, Hudson Bay, Windsor. It was an ambitious schedule but we were well prepared and planned simple enough to alter things as we went.

As things turned out, teenage girls will be teenage girls. We saw a shopping mall and after a little begging I agreed we could stop. Never come between a girl and shopping, it isn’t healthy. I told them to meet me at the food court at 6:00 p.m. That gave them five hours of mall exploring. That gave me five hours to relax away from the girls.

Me being me, I headed straight for the nearest bookstore, Borders to be exact. It was a warm summer day and the store was fairly empty. I had recently begun visiting a chat room and thought maybe I should read “The Idiot’s Guide to Chat” or something like that. In the computer book area, I found nothing similar to what I wanted. I headed to science and picked out a book on cosmology (my hobby).

Borders is equipped with a nice reading area so I plopped down in an overstuffed chair. There were two teenagers making out, but they quickly left when they saw me. Another person came over with an armload of books. As she set them down I couldn’t help but notice her grace, class and attractiveness. I also noticed she had “Chat for Dummies”. Just my luck I thought, somebody beat me to it and I was only going to read it, not buy it.

She gracefully sat down and I was immediately drawn to the swell of her breasts. They were not overly large, but they drew my gaze as a magnet draws steel. Speaking of steel, a bulge was forming in my pants. Get off it Mike, I told myself. I could plainly see her wedding ring, I was in the middle of another country, and my daughter and her friend were nearby. But the lady wore her summer outfit with the style of a model. And the cold air-conditioning caused her nipples to prominently be displayed.

Being somewhat shy, I was not about to say anything to her except she saw me peering at her chest.

“A little rude, aren’t you,” she said to me.

“I’m sorry,” I replied, saved by a quick glance at her purse. The name D_I_A_N_N_E was embroidered on the top of the canvas bag. “I just happened to notice you have two ‘n’s’ in your name. So does my daughter.”

“Oh,” she seemed to accept my explanation. “It is different but not that uncommon.”

“My daughter thinks it is. She is always upset that cups, mugs, bicycle license plates never come with that spelling.”

“I know what you mean. I never had anything personalized as I grew up. It is why I started having them put on whenever I get the chance.”

“Great idea,” I said. We talked about the name for a few moments and I introduced myself. After the pleasantries were exchanged (names, where we are from, what we are doing), she stared at me for a moment.

“You aren’t going to believe this,” she said. “Please, don’t think me odd but I am going to say something strange. I want to see your reaction.”

“Okay,” I replied.


My mouth must have stayed open for an entire minute. No way could this be one of my very favorite chat buddies. But there was no alternative. She stared back at me with basically the same expression.

“How did you know it was me?” I asked.

Dianne, giggled, “Your daughter’s name, your name, you told me you’d be traveling in Ontario, the cosmology book…”

“Okay, pendik escort I get it, who else could it have been!” I was still suffering from shock, but now embarrassment was added to my emotions. Along with joy, lust, fear, and every other known feeling. I laughed, Dianne laughed with me.

We sat talking, catching up. Remember, I had been gone for a while. Soon a few people came to the area to sit and read. I moved over and sat with Dianne on the chair to continue our conversation.

A few people looked at us funny, especially when we’d laugh or giggle. But I was enjoying myself enormously. I also liked when she snuggled a little closer—just to escape the coolness of the room.

I put my arm over Dianne’s shoulders. At this she stood up.

“Mike, I live near here and I am married.”

I was so embarrassed, not really meaning anything by it. I did understand what she meant though. We both rose, I really didn’t want to stop being with Dianne. I felt a real physical attraction. You’ve heard of love at first sight, this was desire at first sight. I took her hand and led her out of the store. We both forgot about books or anything else. I like to think she was as attracted to me as I was to her but maybe it was that my suddenness caught her by surprise.

All malls have many hidden egresses to the outside for delivery and service people and employees of the stores. I took Dianne to one of these. As I opened the door she pulled away and spoke.

“What are we doing?”

“Dianne, you can say no now or at any time. But I really want to make love to you. I want you to come with me.”

She gazed at me, at first it looked like anger, then I thought, maybe she was considering it. I again took her hand and led her through the door. It was a little dark but spotless. Off to one side was another door. I tried the handle, the door opened into what appeared to be a warehouse of towels. It must have been where all the cleaning towels for the entire mall were kept.

I looked at Dianne, she was so beautiful, so sexy, and from our chats I knew how intelligent and charming she was. I have never wanted anyone as much as I wanted Dianne. Her eyes sparkled it the bright storeroom light. I closed the door, turned off the lights and reached for Dianne.

I will never, ever forget that moment. As I touched her, all I could feel was skin. In the darkness she had removed her clothing. The feeling was as though a jolt of electricity, a bolt of lightning had struck every nerve in my body. I quickly stripped and took her hand as we laid down next to each other.

“Mike, I have never done anything like this. Please remain quiet and we will just enjoy the moments we have together.”

I didn’t understand her need for silence but who was I to argue. The entire scene was surreal. No sound, no sight, the temperature in the small room quickly adjusted to our bodies. It all acted to enhance smell, taste, and primarily the sense of touch.

We leaned against each other to kiss, a slow, soft, gentle kiss. Each touch of lip, each release of air was a new experience. I could smell Dianne’s perfume, her shampoo, her arousal.

Reaching for her leg to pull it up over my hip, I accidentally brushed her pussy. It was soaked but the spread of her moisture added to the smells of the room. Her leg over mine she slowly slid her leg up and down my side, her foot occasionally, playfully feeling my cock.

We increased the ardor of our kiss, probing deeply into each others mouth, sucking and biting lips, and playfully wrestling tongues. I nipped Dianne’s nose and then kissed it. She returned the favor and added kisses to each eye. We went back and forth like this with our oral ministrations.

I maltepe escort was also busy exploring her wonderful body. My hands caressed her back, her ass and her shoulders. I would lightly rub, softly knead, or scratch every inch of skin I could reach.

I rolled onto my back bringing Dianne with me As she straddled my waist, she ground her pussy into my stomach. For a while the roles were reversed as her gyrations felt like she was fucking me. She quit the kiss and groaned slightly. The small whimper pierced the quiet.

I pulled Dianne back to me. I kissed her lips for a moment and then as she lifted up, I kissed her neck, shoulders and the top of her chest. I reached down and clamped onto a succulent, nipple. My hands firmly on her ass, I pulled Dianne so that I could suck her tits for all my pleasure.

Dianne’s breasts were so very perfect in my mouth. The contrast between the softness of the breast and the firmness of her nipples made each tongue flick and lip pull an exquisite torture to my groin.

I massaged her butt and carefully got a finger wet with her vaginal nectar. I then inserted it slowly into her ass. I could feel her tense a little so I clamped down tight on a nipple so she could not escape. My finger gently probed into her asshole and withdrew. I did this several times until she relaxed. I wet another finger and slowly pushed both fingers into her butt. I did this not for her pleasure but to prolong the time I spent suckling.

With my mouth satiated (somewhat regretfully) I pulled my fingers out and pulled Dianne to my face. She sat over me and carefully lowered herself to my waiting mouth and tongue. Just as she’d touch she would immediately go out of my reach. My whimpering was to no avail, she was in control at that moment.

Finally she lowered herself to my waiting mouth. She did it hard and fast. I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and she began riding it. Her juice flowed everywhere and I would occasionally stop and suck and lick up what I could. Dianne would stop and grind her pussy down on my face. My tongue ached from the workout but I enjoyed her so much.

When I could no longer take it any more, I used my hands to stop her. We rolled on our sides, my mouth never leaving her pussy. I sucked on each lip, and licked each fold.

Dianne, sat up and turned, we were now in the classic 69 position, except my cock was not in her mouth.

I found Dianne’s clit at the exact same moment that she swallowed the head of my cock. We both stopped, paralyzed by the shock of pleasure. I soon felt her move her tongue in ways I have never felt before. It was probably the sensory enhancement but my pleasure was almost overwhelming. She circled the head and tongue-fucked the small slit. When she grabbed my balls I went breathless.

I tried to maintain movement on Dianne’s pussy but was hindered by the great amount of pleasure she was giving me. All I could do was keep a gentle licking motion on her clit.

Dianne eventually swallowed all of my cock and held it there. The sensation from her throat made my orgasm approach much quicker than I wanted. I was about to tell her I was going to come when she began a swift up and down motion that made any warning I could give impossible. My cock erupted into her throat like a blast from a champagne bottle. Each spurt felt like it was eagerly swallowed, each spurt felt like the orgasm of an eternity. Unfortunately, women can never know how much a man enjoys the act of her swallowing come.

My cock drained, Dianne came up for air. I immediately went back to pleasing her. I pushed a finger, then two into her pussy. I gently probed around inside her, exploring every wall, every fold, every kartal escort nook. As I did this her juices again flowed copiously. I swallowed and licked and swallowed.

I finger fucked with three fingers and then four. I could feel her cervix, her g-spot, and everything. All the while lapping at her pussy like an arid dog. I licked, I swallowed, my fingers thrust in and out. I feverishly desired to give Dianne as much pleasure as she had given me.

I heard her breathing, it was turning into a pant. Then I felt her take my soft cock into her moth. The feeling was exquisite. Her pussy was flowing so hard I gave up trying to keep up with her flow.

Suddenly, I felt her tense up and then a throb began from deep within her. My hand was clutched, my head was squeezed and my cock was literally swallowed. Dianne moaned around and through me. I held on, but really had no choice as she came with all her strength. I swallowed until I couldn’t breathe. For a moment it seemed as though I might suffocate—what a way to go!

Dianne’s mouthing my cock had created a new erection. And I needed to use it as soon as possible. I pushed away and managed to be behind her. She wanted fucked as much as me. She grabbed my cock and put it right near her entrance. There was no need to go slow, Dianne was wet, and open. I thrust all the way inside and tried to savor every moment. She pushed back against me.

As I was pushing into Dianne, I reached around and held a tit. I marveled at how soft and how warm it was. Dianne grabbed my hand and held it tight to her. I moved so that I could kiss her neck. When she felt my mouth on her she turned her head and we kissed, tongues gently dancing. I faintly tasted myself on her and I know she could taste herself. There was no time for self-consciousness. There was only passion.

Dianne started moving harder against me. I responded and was soon pounding hard into her. I looked down, slightly disappointed that I still could not see. I wanted to see how it looked, joined together as only a man and woman can be. Soon Dianne stopped kissing and started a low growl.

I thrust hard and then stopped. I pulled out and back. I reached down, but Dianne knew what I wanted and she was allowing it. She placed my cock at her asshole. I very slowly, very delicately pushed against her sphincter ring. Almost imperceptibly it opened, allowing me to enter. Now I was much more intense, less forceful. I loved the sensation, the tightness, even the naughtiness of fucking Dianne’s ass. I wanted the moment to last as long as possible.

However Dianne would have none of it. She grabbed my hand and placed it near her pussy. I found her clit and rubbed with a couple of fingers. I kept some rhythm between fucking her ass and fingering her clit. I could feel her tremble and I knew from the friction that I could not last long. Neither could she.

I felt my orgasm well up, but I held off as long as I could. When I could feel Dianne’s orgasm about to happen, I allowed myself to come too. Together we exploded, her ass clenching so tight it hurt, but the pain intensified my own. I shot deep into her bowels as she held my hand on her pussy.

I was breathing hard, the only sound that could be heard, except for Dianne’s labored breathing. I cupped her pussy and gently held it. Soon my cock fell from her butt. I reached for a towel and tried to wipe her, but she took the towel from my hand. We quietly cleaned ourselves and got dressed.

I got up and found the light switch. When we first entered the room the towels had been neatly stacked. Now they were scattered , wrinkled and some were stained. We walked out the door, laughing at the mess we created.

“Mike,” Dianne said as she looked at me.

“I know. This was a one-time thing. But I will forever remember and appreciate it.”


My daughter and her girlfriend appeared around the nearest kiosk.

“See, I told you he would be flirting with someone,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32