Love vs. Love

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Journey back to a distant time when people believed in myths and magic as well as goddesses and gods. Among these people were Greeks and Romans who lived in lands whose shores knew the touch of the Mediterranean – Aegean Sea. These mortals believed in many gods, meaning they were polytheistic, and worshiped these gods who dwelled on Mount Olympus that is believed to be the highest peak of the mountain range southwest of the city Thessaloniki in northern Greece. It was on this mountain Zeus (Greek) and Jupiter (Roman) reigned in the pantheon, the temple of the gods, having power over both gods and mortals alike.

In this story Love vs. Love two Goddesses of Love, Aphrodite (Greek) and her Roman counterpart Venus, engage in a contest for the affection of Athene (Greek spelling), Athena (Roman spelling), the Goddess of Wisdom and protector of the great city of Athens for whom it was named. She was the favorite daughter of the god Zeus.

To become involved with the story you need not only enter the world of mythology and magic, but you need to understand the use of personification, that is, giving human attributes to abstract beings such as goddesses.

* * * * *

From time immemorial before the age of humankind, the gods lived on Mount Olympus in the land we now know as Greece. Among the gods and goddesses were Aphrodite and Venus, both identified as the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite by the Greeks and Venus by the Romans who had borrowed the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses and renamed them according to their own creation and language.

This transference of names created an inner, psychological struggle among the goddesses and gods, often causing split personalities within them. So it was for Aphrodite and Venus, both of whom were well known for their lust, beauty, and sexuality, and, therefore, were called the Goddess of Love. Both were born in the sea and lived atop Mount Olympus in Greece.

Given such an emotional and psychological disorder that affected self-identity between Aphrodite and Venus, they often found themselves competing with one another for the accolades of mortals and their worship in their temples. This being the case, they constantly attempted to outdo one another in whatever way and by whatever means they could.

On one particular day as both sat upon Mount Olympus looking down upon the mortals in Athens, Aphrodite and Venus agreed upon a way they could prove which of them was more revered by the people as well as more accepted in the pantheon of the gods.

There was the goddess Athene, another daughter of Zeus, whom the citizens of Athens believed was their protector. Believing this to be true, they built a magnificent temple in her honor that they located on the Acropolis, the highest place in the city or the “city by the edge.” They named it the Parthenon in honor of Athene Parthenon, the virgin one, who was the Goddess of Wisdom for whom the city was named. Athene had given them the gift of the olive tree, and the people accepted her gift of the olive tree because the undersides of the leaves were grey, and it is said her eyes were grey like the olive tree. Both Greeks and Romans honored and worshiped her, thus preventing her to have a split personality.

Inside the temple was a beautiful statue of Athene who at one time had wings. She, however, had her wings removed, or so the citizens believed, so she would never leave the city of Athens. It is in the Parthenon the citizens of Athens worshiped Athene and brought gifts to her, and to this day there are cults and individuals who worship the Goddess Athene, having their own small altars in their homes.

The contest agreed upon by Aphrodite and Venus was to see which of them could seduce Athene and introduce her into the art practiced on the Greek isle of Lesbos. Since she had never married, each agreed this would be an excellent challenge and that it might reveal at least a side of her that would suggest one reason why she had never married. The real test, however, was to see who could get Athene to have her first orgasm and who could do this faster than the other.

Aphrodite and Venus selected The Festival Day of Athene when all the people celebrated their city’s goddess and protector to begin their challenge regarding Athene’s sexual nature and habits. On March 22nd and throughout the days of the month Athenians took time to go to the Parthenon on the Acropolis to bring gifts to place at the feet of her statue and offer prayers.

To enter the temple the people had to climb the steps to the portico or vestibule and pass through a large, high, metal door. It was the only door in the temple. The floor inside was made of beautiful marble, and burning spices filled the air. There was a magnificent two-level colonnade dividing the interior in two parts, the central area and a perimeter to the inner sanctum.

In the inner sanctum casino oyna was a beautiful ivory and gold statue of the Goddess Athene that captured and reflected the bright glow of candlelight.

She was clothed in a tunic of gold and silver that draped in folds to her feet, and the bodice was embossed with the head of Medusa, Goddess of Sexuality, worked in ivory. She had a Greek helmet on her head from which hung long, flowing, light brown hair that went to the rise of her breasts. A statue of Victory that was four cubits tall (approximately 6 ft) stood in her right hand, and a spear was in her left hand. A large, round shield, made for her by her father Zeus, rested against her left hip, and between her feet and the shield was a serpent.

The people knew Athene not only as a goddess but also as a woman of great beauty, one to be admired.

“Athene will be perfect for what we have in mind,” said Aphrodite.

“Yes, I believe you are right. She’s beautiful, and her body is exquisite. Well built, and to the best of our knowledge she has never had any kind of sexual experience, especially with another woman,” Venus agreed.

“On the other hand, you and I have more than enough experience to go around.

We are, after all, both goddesses of love. Are we not?” Aphrodite asked with a salacious grin on her beautiful face.

Venus looked questioningly at Aphrodite before asking, “Exactly what then do you have in mind as far as you and I are concerned with Athene?”

Aphrodite returned Venus’ look and said, “You are a goddess of love. I am a goddess of love. Therefore, this will be a contest of Love vs. Love with Athene as the prize.”

“And how, may I ask, will it be determined?” asked Venus.

Aphrodite said with confidence, “You know Athene is often inside her temple where her beautiful statue is located. Being the protector of Athens she likes being around the people, especially on the days of her festival. You and I are going to seduce Athene there which won’t be too difficult since we possess the wiles of seduction, and to help us along I’ll get my son Eros, the god of sexual desire, to touch her heart when we are with Athene, and you get Cupid, the Roman counterpart of Eros, to shoot an arrow of love into her breasts. Thus, as you can see, Athene will not be able to withstand our amorous advances towards her. Her voluptuous body with full breasts and broad hips as well as her pussy will be ours to do with as we want,” said Aphrodite with confidence.

“And do you notice how often you Romans borrowed our Greek gods and goddesses and made them your own?” she added condescendingly.

Venus looked at Aphrodite somewhat in awe as she realized she had had her plan of seduction laid out even before they made the bet as to which of them would be able to seduce Athene and help her achieve orgasm in less time than the other, thus proving once and for all who was the greater goddess of love.

“All right,” said Venus, “however, you still didn’t say exactly how this seduction will be done and what will determine the winner.”

Aphrodite smiled salaciously again at Venus as though she were a cat who had a rat trapped in a corner with no escape, realizing she had thought of the pleasure the two of them were going to have in their game of seduction of Athene.

“Well, it will go like this. Both you and I will make love with Athene, and whoever gets her to have an orgasm faster than the other will be the winner and the greater Goddess of Love. To time us we shall put life into the head of the Medusa that is embossed on the bodice of Athene’s gown, bidding her to come into our presence in her fullness. We shall let her keep time counting the number of breaths Athene takes before she orgasms. Is that agreeable with you, Venus?” asked Aphrodite.

“But Medusa is Greek,” said Venus, “and she might not count fairly, giving you the edge.

“Hmmmmmm,” Aphrodite thought, digging deeply into her thoughts.

“Well, this may seem unfair, but Athene herself is noted for her fairness. If it is agreeable with you, Athene can confirm the fairness of Medusa’s counting,” Aphrodite said.

“Well, I’m still not comfortable with either of your suggestions. How about Eros and Cupid being counters since Eros is Greek and Cupid is Roman? That should balance things out,” Venus said, thinking she had come up with a solution to their dilemma.

“Ah, yes, that’s true. However, Eros and Cupid will be involved in helping us seduce Athene and could not do both things at the same time. Agreed?” Aphrodite asked, countering Venus’ suggestion.

“All right, then, we’ll let Medusa be the counter and keeper of the time,” Venus finally agreed.

Aphrodite was glad that issue was resolved, but now Venus had another question for Aphrodite.

“How shall we agree upon which of us goes first?” Venus asked.

“That is a canlı casino good question, Venus. How shall we decide who goes first? asked Aphrodite almost to herself. “I know! Let’s have Athene decide which of us goes first,” Aphrodite said.

“And just how might that be?” Venus asked credulously.

“I think that should be quite easy, Venus,” answered Aphrodite. “When we call Athene to meet us in her temple where we shall already be waiting for her, the first one of us she greets will be the first to seduce and make love with her. Is that agreeable with you, Venus?”

“Yes, I guess letting Athene unknowingly choose who will be her first seductress is as fair as it will ever be,” answered Venus.

“Whew! That’s settled then. Now, let us call Athene into our presence so we can get started with our contest of love and seduction and see who wins the bet,” Aphrodite said excitedly.

Thus, having made all the arrangements, both Aphrodite and Venus called Athene to meet them inside her temple. They had something between them they wanted her to decide its fairness.

Athene, of course, was more than happy to aid her sister goddesses with their dilemma whatever it was, especially since they were goddesses of the highest order on Mount Olympus. Therefore, in answer to their call Athene walked from the Acropolis up to the Parthenon where her temple was and entered through the large, metal doors that led into the beautiful two-level colonnade that divided the interior into two parts, a central area and a perimeter. This led into the inner sanctum.

Incense and burned spices still lingered within the temple, and it reminded Athene of all the people who had come to her temple to worship and give her homage that very festival day.

As she approached the very large statue of herself that stands on a large base, she saw Aphrodite and Venus waiting for her, both looking as beautiful as ever.

“Hail, Aphrodite. Hail, Venus,” said Athene, greeting both with a warm smile.

Aphrodite, satisfied with herself, looked over at Venus with a slight smirk on her face since it was she whom Athene greeted first, and, therefore, she was the one who would be first to seduce Athene and help her have an orgasm, something she felt most likely Athene never experienced since she was a virgin because she had never married.

Venus looked back at Aphrodite, her face showing her disappointment that she was not going to be first in seducing Athene.

“We greet you on this your festival day in Athens, Athene,” the two said to her.

“I accept your greetings with much kindness and affection,” Athene answered, “but for what purpose did you call me?”

“Well, Athene,” answered Venus, “you know both Aphrodite and I are counter-parts as Goddess of Love, she Greek and I Roman.”

“Yes, I know that,” said Athene.

“Well, Venus and I have a bet between us that involves you, Athene,” said Aphrodite.

An amazed look crossed Athene’s face along with a slightly wrinkled brow as she tried to perceive just what kind of bet Aphrodite and Venus had made that involved her. While deep in thought, Venus nodded her head towards Cupid who quickly notched a golden arrow into his bow and let it fly, hitting Athene between her breasts. It was, of course, a harmless arrow of love intended to create surges of love in her heart and urges of sexual passion in her loins. Athene immediately felt this sexual passion in her pussy. She also felt her nipples become enlarged and sensitive.

Aphrodite and Venus saw Athene blush, and her face took on a new look with her grey eyes expressing the passion she was feeling for the first time within her body. They also saw small beads of perspiration on her forehead and upper lip, both signs of sexual arousal. Adding to that both saw Athene’s breasts rise and fall more rapidly as her heart beat faster and she breathed more quickly.

“Oh, my,” said Athene in a whispering voice as she wiped her right hand across her forehead and felt her chest rising and falling as she breathed deeply, “I feel strange. I’ve never felt this way before. And the heat between my legs is so warm but enjoyable.”

Aphrodite and Venus knew exactly what feelings Athene was having, feelings that would let her fall right into their plan of seducing her and making female love with her so she could experience the joys of her first orgasm, each hoping to be the one to take the lesser amount of time to help Athene come to orgasm and, thereby, win their bet.

Aphrodite said, “Athene, don’t be alarmed. Your heart is filled with erotic love, and that warm, sensual feeling between your legs is caused by sexual arousal. These feelings are normal to goddesses and gods as they are to mortals. There also have been times when goddesses and gods have had intercourse with mortals, giving life to beings half godlike and half human. It is true in kaçak casino both the heavens and on the earth. Venus and I know these are new feelings you are having, but we both assure you, give in to them and you shall find them very enjoyable. We know this because we are goddesses of love.”

“But I feel so strange,” Athene said.

“Strange but good. Right?” Venus said suggestively to Athene.

Athene seemed to analyze her inner feelings before answering Venus’ question. “Well, yes, while I feel strange inside, the feelings are good and very arousing. I feel I have needs I don’t know how to satisfy.”

Venus and Aphrodite smiled and looked at one another again, happy that their plan was going so well.

“Ah, Athene, Aphrodite and I shall help you satisfy your new feelings, and in so doing, you will come to know the wonderful feelings a woman can have, sometimes with a man but at other times with another woman. However, love between women involves much more emotion. Much more tenderness. Much more caressing and foreplay before helping one another have her orgasm. Few, if any, men are patient and skilled enough with these things to help pleasure a woman and meet her sensual and emotional needs.”

“And how are you going to satisfy these new feelings that are becoming stronger as we speak because now being in your presence is making me more aware of your being females and more aroused by that very thing,” Athene said.

‘Well, the first thing we have to do is get you out of your gown so we can see you in your nakedness,” Aphrodite said.

Athene looked more than shocked as she said, “But…I’ve never been naked before anyone before. I’d be embarrassed to be naked in front of you.”

“Not to worry, Love. Venus and I are also going to take off our clothes so we are all naked,” Aphrodite answered with reassurance.

Athene looked a little relieved, but as Venus and Aphrodite began to remove her clothes, starting with her beautiful ivory and gold gown that went down to the tops of her sandaled feet, she still was unsure of herself. She was also nervous, and both Venus and Aphrodite felt Athene quivering and felt gooseflesh on her forearms.

They carefully slid the top of her gown over her molded shoulders and helped the material slide down her arms until it stopped at the top of her breasts where her cleavage began. Venus and Aphrodite then had to pull the bodice of Athene’s gown over her large breasts, letting their hands slide over them as they did. They saw that her breasts were capped with perfectly round, pink areolas and large nipples, and each did not hesitate to slide her hand over them.

This made Aphrodite and Venus salivate at the prospect of feeling and sucking on Athene’s breasts.

Once they had Athene’s gown over her breasts, they continued down to her waist and full, rounded hips that in circumference were a perfect match, giving way to beautifully molded, round thighs and smooth, muscular calves. Her feet were perfectly formed from her ankles to her toes.

Of course, where Athene’s upper thighs met at the groin was her feminine “V” covered with an abundance of soft, golden pubic hair that allowed Aphrodite and Venus see not only the V-shaped outline of her pussy but the pussy lips of her vulva as well.

Athene was built like the goddess she was, and both Aphrodite and Venus had sensual gleams in their eyes as they each licked their lips. Images of their having their hands all over Athene and their heads between her legs excited them to the very core of their female sensibilities. Venus was so sorry Aphrodite got to go down on Athene first in her virginal condition of never having had anyone, female or male, touch her in any way, especially her pussy.

“My, Athene, you are absolutely beautiful,” Venus said.

“Yes, Athene, Venus speaks true,” added Aphrodite. “Your body is flawless and beyond compare in form and beauty.”

Athene blushed at the praise given her by Aphrodite and Venus.

While Aphrodite and Venus were praising Athene’s form and beauty, the two of them had been removing their gowns until soon all three of them were nude. Without a word, Aphrodite and Venus took Athene by her hands and led her to the large pedestal on which stood her magnificent statue.

Waiting for them was Medusa, Goddess of Sexuality, who had come in person to mediate between Aphrodite and Venus regarding the bet they had made between themselves, and she had positioned herself on the pedestal in an advantageous place so she would be able to count the number of breaths Athene made before having her orgasms. For this occasion Medusa had changed her hair from writhing snakes to flowing, golden tresses.

Athene looked at both goddesses, and, in her naivety feasted her eyes on the first women who were nude in her presence, and the urges of love and surges of sexual desire became more intense, causing gooseflesh to form and pucker around her areolas, and her nipples stood out hard and erect. She also felt wet between her legs, something she had never felt before in the unending years of her life.

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