Love in the Neighborhood Pt. 02

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What a bitch she is after sending me a mature lesbian sexual story. It is too bad she came on my Monday, my day off from work. I read all four pages of this story six times. While reading as I became super horny, and I played with my hairy cunt. I could not postpone my sexual lust any longer and masturbating my wet cunt, and watch two mature lesbians having sex.

I know she wants me to respond to her, but I will wait till Sunday when I off for two days. Then I will tell Nina what slutty girl she is by sending me a story about two mature women having sex. Fuck, I need to get off again after I read Nina’s story. Maybe I put on mature women having sex in a porn video. Fuck, I am so horny right now.

On Sunday, Tina email Nina telling her about her thoughts on her story. Tina mentions that this story is about two mature women who are in love and like having sex with each other. Tina told Nina that she like her tale of two women together, and it got her rigorously excited that she masturbated several times. You are such a slut when you write stories like this, and that is what got me excited about you. I know you have more information about mature women having sex, and I would like to read more of them. Can we get together sometime soon?

Nina’s thoughts, I did not wonder why it took Tina so long to get back with me. I knew Tina would read it, knowing that she is a lesbian. She realizes that I am bi-sexual, and I wanted to get together an intimate sexual relationship with Tina after she told me she is a lesbian. I could not tell her upfront when we met. I do know if it will be a short time thing to let me casino oyna know what it is like to be a woman in a relationship for a long time relationship. I know she does not know that my husband would not mind, as he bi-sexual too. I knew he has been with one or two men several times over several years. My husband knew I was bi-sexual, but I never acted out my bi-sexual nature. My self I knew when I was sixteen that I was bi-sexual, but I also knew I would like to be married to a man. When we get together, I will be honest with Tin and tell her all about my past and present.

Nina went to email and expressed that she would like to get together tomorrow on Monday around ten or eleven AM. Off Nina’s email went.

Tina was relaxing in her easy-chair, watching a program on PBS TV, and she heard her cell phone buzzed several times. She leaned over, grab the phone, and saw that Nina had just emailed me. Nina opened it and read what Nina had sent her. In it, she read the opening line about getting together in the morning? Which Nina thought it would be great. Tina also read the additional thoughts of Nina. Tina thought that Nina was just in for sex, but she could see that Nina needs more in the relationship than just lesbian sex.

Nina sent a reply, saying tomorrow around ten AM would be fine.

Buzzed came the sound off Tina’s cell phone. Tina opened the email, and all it said from Nina, tomorrow would be fine, darling.

Nina read, thinking, she will be here, but she did not indicate that she wanted sex or mention that all she wants is to talk. I will wear one of my sexy robes and see if Nina wants sex canlı casino or want to talk. If both of us want to talk, I will bring out the marijuana and suggest we got out to my shady hot tub. When we get out there, I will lose my robe and see if Nina gets into the hot tub nude. If she gets into the hot tub naked, then it will be OK to be with Nina. If Nina wants to keep her clothes on, then I will know she wants to talk.

I need to relax a bit by going out to the hot tub so I can smoke marijuana and cigarettes. Nina is going to present a problem. We would know when we get together that each of us wants sex, but do not know if Nina wants sex. I do not know if Nina is ready for her bi-sexual experience. Sucking in a large puff of marijuana, letting it out her smoke, as Tina thought, you cannot rush someone like Nina into having sex. It needs to be more gently with a woman like Nina. I do not want Nina to be scared of being with a woman having sex. Later on, if it is OK, then we are more rubiaceous with each other.

Taking a sip of wine, setting the marijuana joint down, lit a cigarette as Tina reflect on Nina. If Nina gets into the hot tub nude, I will sit next to Nina after we both smoking a joint. Kissing Nina on her warm lips would be a great experience for both of us. We both would like this sexual occurrence to come true for each of us. Oh, Fuck, I can feel my hairy pussy is soaking wet in just thinking about having sex with Nina. I got to take my hand away, maybe later in bed, before I go to sleep.

Tina sipped her wine, lit and smoke her joint, laid back, and fell asleep for a long time in her warmish hot kaçak casino tub. Suddenly Tina got another email from someone, and her cloudy mind did not know if it was a woman friend or lover or from Nina. Tina got out of the hot tub, put on a robe, and walked into her house, and pick up her phone. It was an email from Nina and Tina reading it. Nina mentions that she was thinking of you and sent another one of her stories.

Tina got up, grab her phone and other joint and wine, and went out to her hot tub. Tina lit her marijuana joint up and drank some wine as she read Nina’s story with tremendous attention. Out of the blue as Tina knew in an impulsive mood and had to stop reading Nina’s lesbian stories. Tina looked around, realizing she had smoked a couple of cigarettes and drank three glasses of wine after reading Nina’s lesbian stories for the third time. Pouring herself some more wine, lit a cigarette as Tina reflected on Nina’s story, that slutty lesbian. She thinks I can get away without thinking about her and me in bed, making love. I never believe when she started this tale about two mature women, about fifty, who know each other and meet at a party one night. They both went to one of their homes. Both of them drank wine and smoke a joint together in the living room. Tina’s judgment reveals that one of them kisses the other, which leads them to the bedroom. Slowly one of the women undresses the other woman and lays her down on the bed. The other woman undresses so her partner can see her magnificent gorgeous body.

I am angry but extremely horny again. Nina must have known that about me, which makes me want her even more. Nina, I never wanted to be with a woman like you, and you are a virgin woman with me. We will see you tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the story. There will be more on Tina and Nina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32