Loren’s Run Ch. 04

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We arrived at Chloe’s double wide trailer late in the afternoon. It was always chaotic around her place. There were was a white picket fence that had last been painted five years ago. I know that because I painted it the week that I first met her.

There were various shapes and designs hanging from the fence. Near the front gate there was a purple crescent moon. Next to that there was a shooting star. On the other side there was a Christian cross hung upside down. There were chickens running around in the front yard that was basically brown dirt with a few random patches of brown grass. Throughout the yard there were random items like a plastic pink flamingo standing crookedly on one leg. There were also several scarecrow-looking creatures on wooden poles wearing black bowler hats. One of them was wearing a black sweater of mine that I had left with her several years ago.

We entered through the gate and walked up to the front door and knocked. As many times as I could remember being here, I do not ever remember her actually answering her door. As usual, the door was unlocked and we went in. As rustic and odd as the outside of her house appeared, the inside was entirely normal. For one thing, it was spotlessly clean and neat. For another, there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary save for a very large and oddly shaped crimson crystal bowl that sat on the center of her dining room table. I called out her name as we stepped into the house and shut the door behind us.

I heard a murmuring of voices from down the hall to our right. The voices became louder for just a moment. I could clearly hear Chloe speaking to what sounded like another woman.

“I think that he is here right now.” She was quiet for a moment and then I heard her say “I know. Yes, she is with him. I know what to do.”

I heard quiet talking from the other woman but I could not make out what she said. Then I heard a door open and footsteps come from down the hall.

Chloe appeared to be startled when she saw us standing there. “Chas…do you make yourself welcome at the house of every woman you visit?” She was fastening a simple white and orange cotton dress that buttoned up the front as she walked. As usual, I doubted that she was wearing anything underneath.

I studied her intently for just a second to try to read if she was serious or not. She noted my consternation and broke into a wry smile. “I hope you know that you are going to get shot by someone, someday that is not as understanding as I am. Or perhaps from a heartbroken and angry husband? You are lucky that I adore you as much as I do.”

She walked up to Loren. “Hi honey, you must be Loren. I am so very excited and happy to meet you.” She was almost a foot taller than Loren, and leaned down and kissed her on top of her head after placing her hands on Loren’s shoulders.

Loren had not said a word since we arrived at the house. She stepped back slightly from Chloe and I could see she was gathering her courage.

“I am pleased to meet you, too. We have a…lot going on right now. Chas has told me so much about you and that maybe you can help us.” She stopped for a moment and looked straight into Chloe’s eyes. “I have to say that you look nothing like I expected.” Loren looked over at me as she said this, as if looking for confirmation.

Chloe did look different, but I was used to that. Her appearance was different every time I saw her. Today I would put her age at around 40. Her eyes were violet instead of green, and I did not remember her being this tall. The eyes could have been due to contacts and the height perhaps from the platform wedges she was wearing. The age appearance could be a trick of the light or perhaps just a new cosmetic treatment. However, it looked like she had breast enhancement surgery performed sometime recently. I may have been a little fuzzy on some details but I never forgot a cup size, especially of breasts that I had sucked on for hours. Today she was a full “D” instead of her usual “C”.

There was an awkward silence as I was trying to think of what to say. I remembered telling Loren that Chloe was at least 65.

Chloe saved me from embarrassing myself by laughing loudly and saying “Honey, He probably told you I was an old hag with tits drooping down to my belt. And I wouldn’t blame him for saying that. You are kartal escort bayan just as beautiful as he described you, and I certainly wouldn’t want you feeling threatened by the likes of me.” She took Loren by the hand and led her over to the dining room table. She pulled out a chair for Loren and when she was seated she pointed me to a chair across from her.

Chloe walked into the kitchen and brought back a pot of tea and three small mugs before seating herself at the head of the table. She poured tea for the three of us and we all took a sip. Loren’s hands were not shaking at all. Chloe reached to the center of the table and flicked one of her black painted nails against the crimson bowl. It rang softly with a protracted, soothing note. The she touched the bowl and the sound was extinguished.

Chloe swirled her tea in her cup and addressed Loren in a firm voice. “Chas is a scoundrel, but he is also a gentleman and the second kindest person I have ever met. He can also fuck like a stallion, but I’m sure you already know about that!”

I almost spit up my tea when she said that. I started coughing uncontrollably as the last sip I had taken trickled down my windpipe. Chloe laughed loudly with her head back. Loren was just staring at Chloe with eyes wide open.

Chloe turned to me and said “Relax, lover. I gave her some special tea. She is having a wonderful little daydream right now so that we can talk in private.”

I turned to Loren and saw that she was still staring wide eyed at Chloe, and I noticed that she had just a hint of a smile on her face.

“She is fine, honey.” She reached over and gently took the cup from Loren’s hand and set it on the table. “Now first I want you to tell me about this trouble that you ran into down in L.A.”

I told her about the deal that went bad. And about how we had tried to pay off Sid the Pirate to make things right. I told her about the ruby necklace that Loren had inherited from her grandmother two weeks ago. Chloe’s eyes brightened a little when she asked me to describe the necklace. I told her how Loren had sold the necklace to Richard Pell, a friend of her fathers who had offered her fifty thousand dollars for it, and how angry her father had become when he learned that she had sold it to Richard. He had told her that he was going to confront Richard, give him his money back and get the necklace.

“You have no idea what you have done.” He told her. “I told you how important that necklace was to me and to you. It has been in our family for over six generations at least. I want you to stay here at the house until a get back.”

With that he left. That was two days ago and Loren had not heard from him since except for a cryptic text message she received that night that was sent from his phone that read “I love you and I forgive you. I hope that you will be able to forgive me.”

That was when Loren called me and asked me to come over to her house. She was still living with her father. When I arrived she was sitting at the kitchen table drinking straight vodka from a coffee cup. She told me what had happened. I told her that we needed to call the police. She looked at me, and with tears streaming down her cheek she said that we couldn’t do that. She said that there were two more things that had happened since she had called me. The first was that she had received a call from an unknown number, and the caller had identified himself as Sid the Pirate. He told her that she was in possession of something that did not belong to her, and it needed to be returned. Finally he told her that her father had gone on a little trip, and that he would not be able to come home until she had returned what did not belong to her. He told her that if she went to the police that it would lead to her father’s trip turning into “permanent exile.”

I asked her what the other thing was, shaken up by what she had already told me. She opened up her Chanel purse that she had on her lap and took out a small blue velvet bag. She opened the bag and dumped onto the table the ruby necklace. It lay there glittering under the bright kitchen spotlights.

I looked up at Loren. “How did you get it back?”

She just shook her head for a moment. The she said quietly “I have no idea. I just saw it when I put my phone back into my purse after I hung up from escort maltepe talking to that pirate guy. I swear it was not in there when I called you, or even when I took my phone out to answer it when he called.”

I didn’t question her about anything then. I just figured that she was in shock from the news about her father. We sat there for a little while trying to think of what to do next. Her phone rang and made us both jump. She saw that it was from an unknown caller and answered by putting the phone on speaker mode.

“Hello?” she said nervously. I reached over and took her hand in mine.

“Are you ready to return what does not belong to you?” The caller asked.

Loren looked down at the ruby necklace on the table. “Yes.” Was all she said.

“Good. I want you to drive down to the corner of Chelsea and Rock Springs. There is a 7-11 on the corner. I want you to be there in thirty minutes. A man will meet you there in the parking lot. I want you to have the trunk lid of your car open so he can identify your car. He will have silver hair and will be wearing a black leather jacket. Return the item to him and this will all be over.”

Loren looked at me and then said “Is it okay if my boyfriend comes with me?”

The man answered “That’s fine as long as you drive and you do not involve the police.”

After disconnecting, Loren swept the necklace from the table and placed it back into the blue bag. She put the bag into her purse and stood up.

“I am sure that you have lots of questions for me right now, but I am asking you to please hold your questions until we get this done and I know that my father is safe.” I had not known Loren for very long, but I knew that her mother had died several years ago and that she had a very strained relationship with her father. Her grandmother had also lived with them until her passing a few weeks ago. I had met her grandmother on two occasions. I had never met her father.

As we walked out of the house, I suggested to her that we take my car. I never felt quite safe in her VW bug convertible and I had a feeling that having some substantial rolling iron around us might be a good idea. I was reluctant to let her drive but she reminded me of the man’s instructions. I handed her the keys and we headed toward the east side of Malibu.

At that point Chloe interrupted me. “You can sure pick ’em Chas. But I think I understand now what you see in her besides her sexy little body.” She reached over and stroked Loren’s hair. “She is a very special lady. I don’t think even you know how special she is, although I am sure you suspect as much.”

Loren blinked twice. She still had a faraway look in her eyes.

Chloe stood up. “I want to hear the rest of the story, but not right now. There is something else that I want to do. And besides, I have already heard the important part.” She walked into the kitchen and opened a high cupboard door.

I was about to ask Chloe what the important part was when she returned with a small clear glass vial and a dropper. She inserted the dropper and extracted a little of a dark, syrupy liquid contained within. She looked up at Loren and said “Open your mouth now honey, and stick out your tongue.”

Loren did exactly as she was asked and Chloe put two drops of the liquid on her tongue. The she again flicked her finger against the crimson bowl, this time producing a different sound.

“See how that tastes, sweetie.” She said.

Loren closed her mouth and then shook her head slightly. She looked at me and then looked slightly embarrassed when she noticed we were both staring at her. “Did I say something wrong?” She said.

“No, honey.” Chloe answered. “You are absolutely right that I look a little different than how Chas probably described me. But we women have our secrets, don’t we?” With that she winked at Loren.

Loren sat there for a moment looking down at the table in front of her. Then she looked at me and tilted her head a little and pursed her lips as if she was making a decision. She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them I could see that whatever she had been thinking about was now decided. She nodded her head at me in a barely perceptible way that I had come to know meant that I needed to trust what was about to happen.

“Yes.” Loren replied. “We do have pendik escort our secrets.” With that Loren leaned over and kissed Chloe on the lips. I recognized the kiss. Eyes closed and lips slightly parted. I knew that out of my sight, her tongue was sliding along Chloe’s lower lip. I have been on the receiving end of that kiss many, many times. They stayed together for what seemed like five minutes and then they parted very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that their lips remained stuck together as they pulled apart. Loren stared directly into Chloe’s violet eyes. Chloe brought her hand across the table and brushed her long fingers across the front of Loren’s T shirt, where her nipples were protruding pointedly.

“Oh my!” Chloe exclaimed in a breathless voice. “You are a sexy little witch, aren’t you? There is so much that I could teach you.”

Loren took Chloe’s hand and placed it on her right breast. “There might be a few things that I could teach you, too.” She said in a deep whisper.

Chloe actually looked a little surprised. She turned to me and raised her eyebrows as if asking me to explain what was happening. Or maybe she was asking for permission. For my part, I felt like I was participating in a private performance that was meant for an audience of one. I just smiled at Chloe. She hadn’t let me finish the story. There was a lot that she had not heard about yet.

Loren stood up in front of Chloe and pulled her T shirt off over her head. She reached across the table and picked the dropper from the vial and placed one drop of the dark liquid onto her left nipple. It gathered below the nipple and hung there as if in defiance of gravity. The she leaned in and placed the nipple gently against Chloe’s open lips. Chloe’s tongue darted out and at that moment the drop fell onto her tongue. Chloe opened her mouth wide and she started sucking on a wide area of Loren’s full breast. Loren reached behind Chloe’s head and pulled her in tight against her. Chloe was sucking hungrily and I noticed that her right hand had dropped out of sight between her legs. Loren leaned over and whispered into Chloe’s ear as she sucked. I could not hear what she said but Chloe moaned loudly and reached up with her left hand and started touching her own breasts.

Loren whispered something else and Chloe released the tit from her lips and moaned “Oh my god!” and she stood up, knocking over her chair in the process and she kissed Loren deeply on the lips while at the same time unfastening her button up dress. She was halfway done and decided it was taking too much time. She ripped the dress open and buttons flew across the table. One landed in my cup of tea with a “plop!” I was mesmerized. I became aware that I had a raging hard on that was making my jeans much too painful. I reached down and unbuttoned them and released my throbbing cock from its painful confinement.

By this time, Chloe had pushed Loren up onto the table and was kissing her at a frenzied pace up and down her exposed chest, stomach and face. Loren leaned her head back and propped herself up with both of her hands behind her to give Chloe unfettered access. As Chloe kissed, I saw that she was frantically massaging herself under her dress between her legs. Chloe was now breathing very fast and hard, and moaning loudly as she sucked and kissed and massaged herself. She started to cry out as she cycled her arm even faster. I could hear wet sounds coming from under her dress. Loren leaned over and whispered into Chloe’s ear again, and this time I could hear what she said. “I didn’t tell you that you could have an orgasm yet.”

Chloe sobbed loudly and removed her hand from between her legs. “Please.” She said in a hoarse whisper. “Please!”

Loren picked up Chloe’s face between her hands and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Soon.” She said. “First you are going to take care of Chas while I watch, and then you both are going to take care of me. And then we are going to take care of you. Chas HAS told me a lot about you. But I know more about you than he does. We do have our secrets, and I know yours. Soon you will know mine too.

With that she took Chloe’s hand and pulled herself from on top of the table. She gave a tug to the hem of Chloe’s dress and it fell to the floor in a heap. Loren dragged the fingernails of her right hand softly down Chloe’s chest. I could see the pink lines that she left where she touched. Chloe closed her eyes and sighed softly. Loren stepped past her and headed down the hall to Chloe’s bedroom pulling Chloe behind her. She didn’t have to say a thing to me. I knew where I was wanted and needed.

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