Little Daniele Ch. 2

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*** Please note that my English isn’t perfect. I’m just a Brazilian guy trying to write in English. Please feel free to send me your opinion or your corrections. Thanks!

If you haven’t read my first story about Daniele (“Little Daniele”), I suggest that you do it before reading this one to get some background information.

The story can be found on my author page.

Now, the story! 🙂

* * * * *

After our first sexual contact, Daniele took some distance from me. Despites she talked to me often, she was always avoiding being with me, and physical contact in special. From that day on, she has never embraced me again, nor put her little beautiful face on my shoulder while we talked to each other. I was feeling strange, and for the first time I realized that my attraction for her wasn’t only carnal. If I’m not in love, I was at least jealous and sad with her change of attitude to me.

The weeks passed, and she never gave me the chance to talk to her. Every time we were almost alone, she left. I was becoming crazy with that situation, with that little angel ignoring me after the hot and beautiful night we had.

She couldn’t avoid me forever, though. One day, when she was going away, I got closer to her without being noted. She was alone, and I almost jumped in front of her, startling her. She jumped when she saw me, and tried to talk something about being in a rush, but I surprised her kissing her lips in the middle of the college. She tried to push me away at first, but then she returned my kiss softly and hugged me. We stood for some time in there, despite the danger (we both are attached to somebody in the college), and finally she guided me to the same place where we had our first night of love.

Once there, she asked me to sat down and kissed me again. I almost could feel love in her kiss, but I thought that my heart was playing games with me. After the kiss, we stood looking to each other’s eyes for minutes that seemed to be hours. The time has stopped, everything was in slow motion, and only her eyes were important to me through those minutes.

But finally I broke the silence. I’ve asked her why. Only this: “Why?”. She understood my question. She breathed two or three times, looked to the floor and started talking. She told me she was afraid of all the things that happened that other night. She was only 18, and I’m 33. She had a boyfriend, and I had a girlfriend. She was a virgin, and I was her first and only sexual experience, besides she was still a virgin after our meeting. And she was afraid to fall in love with me and be rejected.

She bostancı escort told me that and started crying, crying like a child. I started crying too, in part for her, in part for myself. I’ve passed all that time since our first kiss thinking that she doesn’t liked me, and that she was only playing with me. I was really jealous for not had the attention that I had before from her. And now, she tells me that she was afraid too, afraid to fall in love with me. If I only knew…

I took Daniele in my arms and kissed her face, her nose, her eyes, her chin, and finally gently kissed her little mouth. I told her that I was so sad and feeling so alone since that day, that I almost lost my mind. I told her about my mixed feelings, my sadness for being ignored by her, and all the times that I’ve tried to be alone with her to no avail. She looked me in me eyes through her own tears, her expression changing slowly from sadness to happiness, from despair to complete calm. She doesn’t answered me at first, but after ten or fifteen seconds she kissed me just like our first time, and I could feel that my story with her was only beginning…

We stayed there for two hours that day, talking about love and happiness, asking questions to each other, and doing all that things boyfriends and girlfriends does. She was insecure about our ages, and about her parents. I was insecure too, for the same reasons. We agreed to maintain our relationship secret for some time.

The next day was like heaven to me. She was again the same girl I met before, always tender, always sweet, always making me feel like a little boy again. We were radiant, shining when we were together. But in the day before weekend, we almost couldn’t say goodbye. Wait two days before seeing each other was too much for us. Then, we agreed to meet in the Saturday, despites all the “danger” involved.

Saturday morning. I’m waiting for her in a park. I was thinking about how she would dress for me that day, when I saw her. My heart jumped when I saw Daniele coming, in a white dress with blue flowers, her hair floating in the air, her smile shining from her face. I stood speechless while she approached me, and finally sad: “You’re an angel!” She smiled like a little girl and kissed me, a kiss that lasted for five minutes, warm, hot, full of love.

We stayed there for one hour, looking the birds and the sun, talking about nothing in special. She then told me she was hungry. I asked her where she would like to eat, and she told me something that I loved to hear: “I want to eat in some place that we can be alone. ümraniye escort bayan All alone.” Her eyes are pure lust, contrasting with her innocent and sweet face. I kissed her again, and we left for my car.

Minutes later, we were in a motel. I asked for a suite with a Jacuzzi, and a beautiful view to the sea. Daniele entered the main bedroom, from where the sea could be seen, and sat down on the bed, looking the waves hitting the rocks. I stayed there, looking her with love, thinking in how I could be so lost for someone. She looked at me and smiled, a smile that only her could smile, and asked me to get closer. I sat down by her side, and she kissed me. Our hands started to rub our bodies, undoing buttons, taking off pieces of clothing, exposing our bodies. In a minute, we were all naked, kissing like old lovers, with a calm lust flowing between us.

Then, Daniele broke the kiss and looked down, like someone worried about something. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she was afraid to tell me. I insisted, and she told me:

– I… Please, don’t be mad at me… I… I’m not prepared yet…

– Not prepared for what?

– For… For losing my virginity…

My heart almost broke. Not for this, but for seeing her so afraid to told me that. I got her face in my hands, and made her look to me. I told her that I loved her, and that I would never, ever do anything that she don’t want to. I assured her that everything was all right, and that we could do only what she wanted to. She started to cry, but nod a sad cry. She was happy, relieved with my reaction. And I kissed her again, feeling her tears flowing from her eyes to my face and to my body, wetting my love and my lust.

Our kiss was more and more passionate, our hands were exploring our bodies, and I started to go down with my mouth. I kissed her neck, her beautiful breasts, her belly. And then I touched her womanhood. I could smell flowers from the beautiful little vagina of Daniele. I kissed it, and she let a moan escape from her mouth. I put my tongue in her clit, and started licking her. She almost lose her control, pressing my face to her, and moaning louder and louder. My tongue started to explore her, while she was lost in my hands, all mine, with no barriers between us. I could taste her juices, juices that tastes like honey to me. She moaned and moaned, while I licked her harder and faster, harder and faster, until she buried my head in her belly, pressing me while screaming in lust, letting tears escape her eyes while cumming for the second time in her life.

She stayed there kartal escort motionless for some time, recovering herself, while I kissed her body from toes to hair. All the time, she just looked at me, smiling with her beautiful face, thanking me with her deep brown eyes. Finally, she asked me if I wanted a bath in the tub.

While the water was fulfilling the tub we kissed in the bed. She started to rub her belly in my penis, simulating the real thing, driving me to the edge of the craziness. Then, she surprised me, whispering in my ear:

– Love, I don’t want you to be frustrated.

– I’m not, sweetie. Really!

– But I want to give you something. Something that nobody ever had tasted. I still want to be a virgin, but… – she flushed but continued – …we can try other things…

I thought I was crazy. She was proposing me… anal sex? This beautiful girl surprised me more and more.

– You are telling me that you want to… to try…

– Yes! Yes, I want to. I want to feel you inside me, I love you so much!!!

She started to kiss me everywhere… In my face, in my lips, and finally in my penis, sucking me like in our first day together. I was almost cumming, and asked her to stop while I got some K.Y. from the motel. I got her in the bed, with her face down and her butt up, and started to put the gel in her. She moaned while I caressed her, making me crazier than ever. I finished as fast as I could, and put some gel no my penis too. Finally, I put my penis in the little button of Daniele, pressing softly. She asked me with lust: “Please, put it slowly”. I started to push with care, while fondling her breasts and her butt. She relaxed her muscles, making it easier to me. But she is so small, so tight… It took almost 3 full minutes to enter, with some pain moans from my angel. But she told me to go on, even when the tears started to flow from her eyes.

I started to put my penis in and out, slowly at first, but faster and faster while the time passes. Daniele started to accommodate me in her anus, and after a few strokes she was moaning with lust and desire, and started to push back her body to me. This lasted a few moments, and finally it was too much to me, and I screamed that I was cumming! Daniele then screamed like crazy, feeling my hot sperm inside her and cumming at the same time.

We stood there exhausted, my penis getting smaller inside her anus, while she breathed slower and slower. Finally, I popped out her, and she turned to me. She looked me deep in my eyes, and told me: “I love you! I love you more than everything!”

That afternoon was a fairy tale. We stayed for 4 more hours in the motel, making love, joking, eating, talking, being friends and lovers. In the end, we bathed together, dressed together and returned to the real world, but not before promising each other that nobody will stand on our love’s way.

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