Literally Ensnared

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“Can I ask you something?”

I raised my eyes from the New York Times spread out on the library table in front of me. My eyes stopped briefly, but not briefly enough, while I looked down the dress of the woman leaning over the table.

“Good morning, Rhonda,” I said as my eyes reluctantly left the tantalizing glimpse of whiteness of her breasts beneath her dress. “Sure, go ahead. Ask away.”

She smiled mischievously.

“You may have just answered it, but… Does the name ‘Sherry Wilson’ mean anything to you?”

My face felt as if it were on fire. Sherry Wilson had been a character in one of my Literotica stories. “Sherry Wilson, age 46; librarian at the Kellogg County Library.” I had modeled the ‘Sherry Wilson’ character after Rhonda. In the story, my character had extremely heated sexual relations with her.

She must have seen my outward reaction. Before I could answer, she continued.

“And you would be ‘Lee’, right?”

The look of confidence on Rhonda’s face told me there was no point in denying what she had already deduced.

“I hope you’re not too offended,” I asked rather meekly. My composure quickly returned when it occurred to me that for her to know about my fictional lust for her character and to suspect my real lust for her, Rhonda must have read the entire novella. Perhaps some of my other stories as well.

She started to answer, but I cut her off.

“And how did you come to read my story, anyway?” I asked playfully and a bit more confidently now. It occurred to me to ask if she had cum after she read the story, but I resisted offering the obtuse play on words.

She was unflustered and surprisingly honest. “I enjoy reading and writing erotic literature. It is very ‘stimulating’.” She verbally punctuated ‘stimulating.’ “And I especially liked your stories.” So, she had read my other stories! “A girl friend of mine had read ‘Irreconcilable Differences’ and told me she thought Sherry sounded a lot like me. I couldn’t wait to read it. So while I was a little surprised, I wasn’t offended when I realized that I had become a character in one of your stories. And it became a personal challenge to try and identify the author.”

She glanced around the library to make sure no one else was in hearing distance.

“In fact, our fictional sexual experience together was very, very satisfying to me as I read the story. I suspect your attraction to my character explains why you spend a great deal of time here in the library on days when I’m working.”

She stopped talking, but in only a few seconds, our eyes exchanged messages far more precise and powerful than words could express.

“Does your husband share your interests in erotic literature?” I asked.

“Probably no more than your wife shares yours,” she responded insightfully.

“So…?” I queried.

“So, I think we should discuss our shared interests somewhere else at some mutually convenient time,” she whispered.

“Where would you suggest?” I asked.

“Well, my friend who put me onto your stories has a house out in the country. She’s gone for a week, and she asked me to watch the house and tend her pool. Why don’t we meet there? I’m not working tomorrow. How about 2 p.m.?”

I nodded in agreement. My mouth was too dry to talk. She unnecessarily but intentionally bent lower over the table, revealing even more of her unencumbered white breasts beneath her ultraplain dress and sweater. I glimpsed just the tops of her enticing aureoles…and something else that made me instantly hard. She knew what I saw and the effects that brief glimpse had on me.

“Here are the directions,” she said. “Once you get there, just come around to the back.” She shrugged slightly, exposing even more of her breasts to me, and then she stood up and walked off.

The following day, promptly at 2 o’clock, I drove my car several miles out along what looked like a barely used rural gravel road to an isolated house on a hillside. I saw Rhonda’s Subaru in front. I pulled alongside, got out, and walked through the gate in the high wooden fence. Once inside, I saw that the back yard had a large and inviting swimming pool, made more inviting by Rhonda perched seductively on the pool’s edge and wearing nothing but her glasses.

I just stood and stared at her.

“You know, your stories reveal a lot about you,” she said.

“Well, they’re just fantasy fiction,” I said, evidently unconvincingly.

“I don’t think so,” she teased. “I think they’re a revealing glimpse at your sexual interests. At least, I certainly hope they are.”

I found myself getting excited at where she might be taking the conversation, so I played along.

“And what, Ms. Freud, did my stories tell you about me?”

“You’re a sexual adventurer. You are stimulated by the risk of being caught in adultery. And, you’re a bit of an exhibitionist. You get turned on at the thought of you and your partner being seen having sex in public. Again, the risk of being bostancı escort recognized while you’re having sex really stokes your fire. You are unconcerned about your woman’s age as long as she is legal and enjoys sex. You definitely don’t mind watching two women have sex with each other, and you don’t mind masturbating while you watch them and they watch you. You seem to prefer aggressive women who occasionally like their sex a little rough, and you like women who are vocal while you’re having sex. And finally, you prefer natural women to ones who are shaven. If I’m correct, then in every way, you are the antithesis of my husband. And I also suspect that your sex with your wife, when you have it, is pretty vanilla. Am I right?”

She stopped talking and looked at me. I nodded appreciatively at her accurate assessment.

“Assuming you’re correct, just what about your sexual side do you think would excite me?” I asked.

“Well, why don’t you take off your clothes. That’ll tell me if I excite you or not,” she said boldly.

I decided to play along with her and began to slowly remove my clothes. With each article of clothing removed, her interest clearly grew. Finally, I stood before her naked, my penis fully erect and engorged and standing out aggressively from the hair around my pubes. She appraised the black hair on my chest, arms, and legs, and licked her lips slightly.

“Mmmmm. Yeah, you’re excited. That I’m here even though I’m married ought to tell you something. Frankly, my husband would rather fuck his 20-year-old secretary with her big tits and shaved pussy … and he is…frequently. Just like in your story. I may be over 40, but my need for good, hard sex hasn’t diminished. And I do mean hard. My girl friend who owns this house and I have enjoyed each other’s company, but since we live in a small community, I’m very careful with her and even more careful with men. I don’t have big breasts, but they are very sensitive. With the proper encouragement, I can bring myself to orgasm by just playing with my nipples. I’m hoping you’ll give them the attention they crave, and soon. You’re probably a little disappointed that I do shave my calves, but that’s just because my boss at work is old-fashioned. As you can see, everything else is very, very natural. When my pussy’s wet, like you’re making it now, my clit becomes rather large and sensitive and, I hope, inviting for what I’m assuming is a very talented tongue. My husband never developed a taste for it. And finally…”

Her voice trailed off. She emerged from the water, removed her gold wire frame glasses, and set them on the poolside table next to me. The glasses had no more than touched the table before she was upon me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist so that I was bearing her full weight. I was driven backward by the suddenness of her leap and the force of her lithe body against mine, but I quickly regained my footing.

Her eyes burned with the fire of adulterous lust and the need for an appreciative man to satisfy her.

Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her to help support her weight. The strength of her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and hips took my breath away. No more had I caught my first breath than she pressed her lips against mine, piercing my lips with her insistent tongue, fueling my arousal with her own oral hunger. As our suspended embrace moved us around the poolside, our kisses became more shameless, wetter, and deeper, and were accompanied by our increasingly audible signs of arousal, expressions of desire. She took my tongue into her mouth and sucked it as if it were a cock. I did the same with her’s, perhaps thinking of her description of her clit.

Again the pressure of her well-conditioned thighs around my waist began to take my breath away. Her hairy inner thighs seized my sides. To break her viselike grip, I pushed her back against the fence so hard it shook the throw ring loose. It bounced off the concrete poolside.

“Oh fuck, yeah, baby!” she screamed appreciatively when her legs released and had her standing upright against the fence. “That’s what I need! Give it to me hard!”

I glanced around quickly.

“Don’t worry, darling,” she breathed, “There’s no one within miles. No one will hear or see us. We can do and say whatever we want. And I do want!”

I pushed my body against hers and held her tightly against the wall. Her breathing was hard, halting briefly as my now full erection sandwiched against her belly and felt the abrasion of the dark hair between her navel and her mons. I began to move my body up and down against hers as we resumed our kisses. My penis rode up and down over her mons and on her pubic hair as she humped her hips in response to it. I could feel her wet heat matching my own, and the brushing of her lush hair against my cock was excruciatingly arousing. I moaned in delight. Her eyes gleamed with sexual hunger at my outcries.

I moved my lips to the side ümraniye escort bayan of her neck, kissing, nipping, then outright biting.

“Ooohhhhhhh … aaaahhhhhh … uuuummmmmmmmmm,” she growled again through clenched teeth and again when my tongue and teeth simultaneously interspersed their sensual messages with our pelvic stimulations.

The scent of heated sex began to replace the chlorine smell of the pool.

I felt the warmth of her naked back beneath my fingers, and I began to run my fingertips over all her exposed skin. She grew more excited, her rubbing against me more frantic and demanding.

We continued kissing as our bodies sought and reveled in the sexual frictions that were driving us wild. Our mouths wandered with abandon, our lips and bites tugged and pulled. Each contact evoked vocalized responses that only added to our pleasure.

But it was when my lips found Rhonda’s rubbery-hard and erect nipples that she cried out the loudest. And again she instinctively seized my waist with her legs, crushing my torso. My arms locked under her buttocks and held her mons against my abdomen, allowing my mouth to alternate its arousal of each of her nipples. My tongue darted around her aureoles, and I sensed a hint of hair surrounding them. A quick glance confirmed what I had glimpsed in the library while looking down her dress: the presence of just enough dark hairs near her aureoles to captivate me. Her arms clasped around my neck, and she thrust her mons against the hair on my chest. I felt the heat and wetness of her pussy in her attempt to rub her clit against my chest. With each jolt of sexual electricity she received, she screamed wantonly. She thrust her breast against my face when my tongue and my teeth satisfied her long-suppressed cravings.

I again found my strength fading from having carried her full weight, but I was sustained by the sexual strength she imparted to me. While continuing to arouse her, I looked for a place we could recline.

She sensed my need through her own arousal and croaked, “Inside!”

Still carrying her, my mouth still attacking her sensual sensitivities, I carried her through the open door into the kitchen of the small house, then through the kitchen and tiny living room into a sparsely furnished bedroom. All the while, her legs and arms clasped me in lustful embrace. Her breathing and mine were hard now, hers from the arousal of my bites and licks to her breasts and from the friction of her pussy and clit against my torso; mine from my own desires as well as from the energy needed to carry her weight.

We had no more than entered the bedroom than she released her legs’ grip on me and supported her own weight again. Almost instinctively I began to lick alongside her breasts. She raised her left arm, exposing the wet, dark hair of her underarm. My tongue found its way quickly to its tart saltiness, and I began to lick, up and down, tongue alternating between flicks and lashes at the hair and the sensitive skin beneath and alongside it. Her cries confirmed her pleasure and a long-hidden desire.

She straddled my hairy thigh and began to ride it up and down, shamelessly rubbing her wet, warm mons over it.

I clasped her pit hair between my lips and began to pull, inflicting the pain of arousal on this sensitive area.

“Oh, God, baby! Yes, yes, yes…More…more…don’t stop!” she cried again and again as the effects of her own shameless masturbation against my leg was matched by the effects of my mouth and tongue on her underarms and breasts. Her breathing was intense, and redness flashed across the whiteness of her chest and breasts. Her nipples, now darkish pink and fully erect, glistened with my saliva as elongated aroused pearls.

The rubbing of her pussy against the coarse hair on my leg became even more agitated. Her eyes clenched shut and she threw her head back. When my teeth gripped her nipple and pulled on it, her pussy lips seems to suck my leg in, and she exploded.

“Huuunnnnnngggghhhhhhh!” she screamed loudly once, then again and again with each surge of orgasm. Her body shook violently as if driven by an earthquake. I felt her liquid running down my upper leg as her body convulsed against mine. Finally her orgasm subsided and she collapsed against me, still standing, arms wrapped around my neck but the strength gone from her legs.

“Just imagine what it will be like when I suck your clit and then fuck you hard, you horny slut!” I growled into her ear, my own needs now demanding attention.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned, “I need your long, fat cock pumping me hard. It’s been so long since a real man fucked me hard.”

“I’m gonna do more than just fuck your pussy,” I whispered coarsely into her ear.

With that, I lifted her still-recovering body and deposited it on the bed. Her pussy glistened with her own cum and with perspiration.

She lay sprawled on the bed, legs splayed apart, chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. kartal escort

I stood back away from her, drinking in the hirsute beauty before me. Though her calves had been shaven, some stubble began to appear, and above her knees her leg hair was enticingly black. It thickened naturally nearer her pubes, and there was a definite trail of black silk leading to her navel. Her outer pussy lips were red and swollen from their abrasion against my chest and leg.

She focused on my own erection and slowly, seductively ran her hands down her body to her pubes. She began to urge her clit to emerge even further from under its protective hood. While continuing to stimulate her enlarging pearl with the fingers of one hand, she returned the other to her breast and began to tug and pull on one nipple with her thumb and forefinger. She rolled her head to one side and began to lick one of her own hairy pits. And then her eyes looked hungrily into mine: An unspoken command to masturbate with her.

I began exaggerated strokes of my own erection as the sensual sights, sounds, and scents of this remarkably sexual woman began to overcome me. She sensed my arousal and was eager that both of us would be satisfied.

“Yeah, baby. Stroke it. Make that cock long and thick and hard before you put it in me. Make it hot so it burns my pussy!” Her own words, low and rough, stimulated her to lick and pull on herself even more. “Hunnnnnhhh,” she groaned as she forced herself to slow her own self-pleasuring motions.

I moved closer to her, still stroking myself slowly, so she could clearly see the red hardness of my manhood. She licked her lips in anticipation.

In slow motion, I reached down and took her ankles in my hands, lifted them, and placed one on each of my shoulders as I knelt on the bed between her legs. I began to lick her shaven calves, feeling the stubble of only a few days’ growth abrade my tongue. I kissed and licked behind her knees, and she reflexively tightened her legs against my head.

Rhonda’s face was a visage of both supreme confidence and sublime sexual pleasure. It tightened into a mask of arousal as my lips and tongue worked their way up the insides of her thighs. Her upper leg hair grew thicker and more lush the higher I went. I began to inhale the scent of her womanly desire, and my lust became nearly uncontrollable.

Now sexually unrestrained, I buried my face in the wet blackness of her hairy pussy, heaven on earth. My tongue seemed to move in all directions at once. Around, in, out, up, down, over and over again, for several minutes.

Rhonda’s cries and movements became equally unrestrained. Knowing we would be neither seen nor heard, she allowed herself to explode in sexual motions and sounds. Her legs alternately locked around my head, confining me in her hairy prison, then straightened as erotic electricity stiffened her muscles. She thrust her hips without restraint against my face.

Her moans, her cries, her urgings for me to eat her, fuck her, make her cum, resounded unceasingly throughout the remote farmhouse. My own sounds spurred her on.

As my tongue and mouth pummeled and sucked her pussy, my eyes saw her pulling on her distended nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. Her head strained to one side, her long tongue lashing against her armpits.

She had become a tigress uncaged, her body freely and eagerly responding to my sexual probings. But her most explosive burst of wanton energy came when my lips and tongue began to suck and lick around her remarkably long clit and my index and middle fingers slid into her slippery wet pussy.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck!” she cried out over and over again as her body heaved in its spasms. Each thrust of her hips, remarkably high and strong, pushed my face further and further into her black forest. The feel of her womanly growth and fullness against my face and her delicious love juices were driving me insane.

I sensed her upper body moving to a sitting position while my head was still held captive between her muscular thighs. Though sitting, she continued to drive her mons against my face, her head rocking back and forth and from side to side. Her cries continued.

My own body was crying out for the release that only she could give, the release that she offered so freely and without restriction. I raised my head from between her outstretched legs and stared once again into her lust-crazed eyes.

Her arms reached quickly and grabbed around my neck, pulling my lips to hers. She ground her taut, erect nipples against my chest, becoming aroused by their contact with the black coarse hair on my chest. She reveled in the taste of her own juices from my lips. We continued for several minutes in this position while our passions grew.

Sensing that our orgasms were inescapably building, she placed her hands on my shoulders, raked her fingernails down to my chest, then pushed me roughly away.

In an instant she brought one leg over my head in a quick motion so that she was now on all fours in front of me. Then, as I arose to my knees intending to take her from behind, she screamed, “Fuck me from behind, lover. I wanna feel that hard cock driving into my pussy while you pull my tits”

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