Lisa’s Evolution Pt. 01: The Depth

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Title: Lisa’s Evolution Part I: The Depths

Author: Jack Riley


Lisa and her slightly older sister, Barbara, moved to my smallish town when was in high T. A. Bradlock High School, where they would also attend. I soon became friends with both them and their very cool parents. In fact, in no time, I felt like a member of their extended family. Barb was in my grade, and her younger sister was two grades below, although I’m pretty sure she had skipped a grade previously.

When I first met Lisa at my school, she was a tall, skinny, athletic, and introverted girl with a bit of that awkward ‘coyote ugly’ going on. She had a runner’s body and a Hillary Swank-type of face: pretty with a strong jaw line and cheek bones. In contrast, Barb had a softer, fuller, and more classic beauty about her. However, it was obvious even then that both sisters would likely inherit the impressive brains, boobs, and height of their mother. Yet, despite Lisa and her sister’s physical beauty, we developed a platonic relationship. I became like a brother to both of them. And while Barb and I were more alike in terms of being social extroverts, I spent a greater amount of time with Lisa due to our similar hobbies and sports. Barb, as it would later turn out, became engaged to one of my close buddies. One big family.

Lisa and I shared a passion for mountain biking, running, rock climbing, beach volleyball, and silly humour, among other things. But despite her adventurous lifestyle and level of comfort around me, she was a painfully shy girl when it came to romance. And as we became best friends, any possibility of us hooking up seemed to just naturally fade away. I dated a couple of her friends in high school (which didn’t help), and watched her with interest ‘from a distance’ as she slowly and awkwardly explored the world of dating with other guys in our school. But no matter what each of us had going on with our respective romantic interests, we always hung out a ton together and truly fell into a brother-and-sister-type of love. Still, I do admit to having naughty thoughts about her every blue moon as I lay alone in bed at night scrolling through my mind’s menu of fantasies to (ahem) help me fall sleep. In my defence, this did help me reduce any sexual tension that was lurking between us. But at the end of the day, I loved Lisa like a younger sister.

The deep closeness of our friendship made our eventual and inevitable parting a sad day, when first I and then she graduated high school and went off to our respective universities. We did, however, keep in touch via social media and we met during holidays and summers if our schedules permitted when we came back to our hometown. In fact, I even stayed at her family home during one semester of university. And it was during one of these overlapping holiday breaks that I started to notice a significant change in my ‘little sister.’

The first clue that Lisa, now age 19, was no longer such a shy and awkward girl was when she caught me staring at one of her hot-looking cousins at the Christmas party her family was hosting. Their huge house was perfect for social events, and Lisa’s parents loved to throw ‘big parties on big holidays,’ as her cool dad would often say (hi, Mr. M).

As Lisa whispered in my ear, “I bet she is making you hard,” she simultaneously tapped the back of her hand against my crotch as if to check. She then burst out laughing. I laughed it off as well, but inside I was actually shocked, and could only blush. Clearly my ‘little sister’ was growing bolder. I wondered what might have happened at university to make her ‘flower’ in such a way.

The next clue happened during the following summer at a conservation park near our hometown, where we used to often visit during high school to run, mountain bike, and swim. However, due to our respective university and summer job schedules and other various reasons, we hadn’t gotten a chance to work up a sweat together for about 2 years.

After we hiked the trails, we headed back to my jeep, which I had left next to the park’s small but gorgeous manmade lake. It was surrounded by lush tree-lined hills and a narrow pristine beach that ran along one side of the lake. Here we talked about taking a dip in the water to wash off the sweat of the hike. However, Lisa revealed she had forgotten to bring a swimsuit. She suggested, to my surprise, that she just swim in her bra and panties, as long as I didn’t mind seeing her in girly-girl lingerie. She further explained that she hadn’t worn sensible underwear for the hike.

This caught me a bit off guard. Sure, underwear is pretty much the same as any two-piece swim suit, and I had seen Lisa in a bikini many times when she was younger. In fact, the image of her when she was a super skinny, but adorable tomboy running around in that little pink bikini still haunts me. However, at this moment, I found myself hesitant to casino siteleri call her ‘bluff’ about swimming in just a bra and panties. Maybe I was getting old, I thought.

Regardless, I played it cool and told her with a shrug that it was her call. She smiled and immediately removed her light fleece jacket before starting on her t-shirt and hiking shorts. I opened the jeep’s door adjacent her to give my ‘little sister’ some privacy; or at least perception of privacy. “Ever the gentleman,” she noted.

As we both undressed, I could feel her eyes searching out mine. Perhaps this was to see if I was checking her out; or was she daring me to look? Regardless, she seemed amused by the fact I was either looking down at my now bare feet or glancing up directly at her eyes. I actually thought it was chivalrous of me to not sneak a direct peak at my ‘little sis’ while I striped down to my swim trunks, which I had thoughtfully worn as underwear under my hiking pants in anticipation of a possible swim (smart boy).

Perhaps wanting to be playful, or maybe just semi-disappointed that I had become too much of a prude to sneak a look, Lisa asked me a question that I still remember to this day. Standing there now in only her underwear with her hands at her sides, she focused my full visual attention on her by asking, “Jack, can you see my nipples through his bra?”

Yes, she asked that!

And without thinking (slow male brain) I automatically looked directly at her chest and became actually speechless for a second (and I’m never speechless). My flustered reaction made her laugh out loud in what sounded to me like a victory celebration of sorts; has the younger sister turned the awkwardness tables on the ‘cooler’ older brother?

I had already known in the back of my mind that Lisa’s body had already developed what were likely sizeable breasts back in high school, but she always wore self-consciously baggy clothes to conceal or downplay them. However, what I saw now truly surprised me.

My ‘little sister’ had grown up.

Lisa was now standing right next to me in nothing but a lingerie-style lace bra and matching panties. And the flimsy dark blue bra she had on did almost nothing to hide her surprisingly very large and obviously firm tits, which defied gravity by actually slopping upward as they jutted out from her slender teen body. And to make matters worse, or better, the thin sheer material of the bra cups was obviously designed to teasingly display her nipples, not really hide them. Lisa must have known this.

In what felt like slow motion, my brain continued to register more details about the new (at least to me) naughty features of my ‘little sister.’ Her large nipples (which I had wondered about once or twice) were a light brown colour and sat proudly atop the firm peaks of her provocatively-shaped upward-sloping breasts. And as if to demand even more attention, Lisa’s nipples appeared to be somewhat hard as they seemingly pointed right at me.

Were they hard, I wondered like all men do about nipples, because of the cool late summer breeze or because of how naughty she must have felt about exposing herself to me and the public park area? Her panties looked to be a bikini style (at least she got the name right), which hugged her narrow hips closely. And while the delicate lace panties looked thin, they were not sheer like her bra (thank god), and thus provided adequate concealment for whatever lay between Lisa’s long and well-toned legs.

As surreal as the moment was, there was one thing for certain; Lisa looked beautiful half naked.

Her skin, which seasonally turned from a near lily white in the winter to a light brown under the summer’s sun, was gleaming from the sweat of our hike. And the blue colour and delicately feminine design of her bra and panties provided a stunning contrast to her golden sun-baked skin and to the tall athletic frame of her 19-year-old body. My god, Lisa. Just look at you now.

I was speechless until I could no longer be.

“Well, Lisa,” I finally responded in as much of a matter-of-fact tone as I could muster, “Uh…you have clearly grown.”

She laughed, and I realized I hadn’t really answered her question. “And…?” She promoted me again as if practising for her future law career. “Can you see my nipples in this bra?”

I found it simultaneous unsettling and a tad kinky to have my best female friend, who had clearly developed from a tomboy into a strikingly hot young girl, literally command me to look at her overtly sexual lingerie-framed tits and then submit to a cross examination about her nipples. I was going to jail.

“Yes,” I began as I finally pulled my eyes off her exposed body and back up to the dark brown eyes that were smiling at me. “If it please the court, I declare the nipples in question are poking out demonstrably,” I finished, hoping the attempt at humour would make me look less flustered.

Lisa giggled, and canlı casino without missing a beat replied, “Then we better hurry into the water, Officer Jack.”

She pulled me by the hand after her and we started a short nervous dash to the lake as if we were skinny dippers looking to limit our exposure on the way to the waves.

And, as I trailed behind her for the first few steps, I just happened to notice (ahem) the back of her panties for the first time. They were similar to a thong style but a bit wider so as to cover her butt crack rather than disappear into it. However, most of her pretty ass cheeks were left exposed to the afternoon breeze, and to her big brother’s guilty gaze. I couldn’t help but notice her bottom had the same hardness and gymnast-type shape as it did when she was in high school: her buns were impossibly narrow across the width, like that of much younger girls, but they protruded out invitingly with a perfect roundness that demanded attention. Oh, little sister. I quickened my pace.

After we dove for cover under the water and then came up for air a considerable distance out from the shoreline, I glanced around to see if anyone had noticed anything, such as a half-naked girl. The scattered families near the beach and adjacent picnic area seemed oblivious. Or were they just being polite?

Meanwhile, Lisa, seemingly nonchalant, had already started off on her swim to the other side of the relatively narrow lake. I followed in her wake determined to catch up. One of the many things I loved about Lisa was her energy and level of compete. Whether it be biking or running or academics, she always pushed herself -and me- to go a bit further, a bit faster, and a bit harder. This is why I was certain she would reach her goal for next year of getting into a top law.

I did catch up, and we swam the width of the lake together, roughly 400 yards at our crossing, and then back again to about the spot where we had started. Lisa was right in front of me as she stood up in the slightly higher than waist-deep water to plant her feet on the sandy lake bottom and catch her breath from the twenty-minute or so swim. As she pulled back her chestnut brown hair from her face, two men sitting fairly close by on the shoreline gave a restrained but clear cat whistle from their lawn chairs tucked under a huge beach umbrella. Even at 20 yards distance, I could clearly see that they had already had a few beers, and, judging by their big friendly smiles, were harmlessly enjoying the late afternoon sights and sounds of the beach. Good on them, I thought.

I assumed that when Lisa first stood up and faced the beach, she had forgotten that she was wearing what basically amounted to a see-through bra, especially now that it was wet. Regardless, she quickly spun around to put her back to the two admirers, and then pushed into me to hide her chest against my body. I couldn’t’ help but chuckle and then reflexively hug her. She was the shy girl once more, it seemed.

Lisa looked up at me (she was tall for a girl at about 5’10, but I had at least 3 inches on her) and smiled with an embarrassed ‘oops’ expression before saying, “Well, I guess I just gave them a show.” She then pulled herself into my chest even more tightly than my initial hug had offered. It was as if she wanted to burrow deeper into the modesty and safety of our embrace.

And as we huddled together in the warm water recovering from the fairly demanding swim in a shared silence that we were both always at-ease with, I expected to feel like I often felt when we shared an embrace: like I was truly the big brother; the best friend; the protector. Lisa had often echoed this by telling me from time-to-time how comfortable and safe she felt with me. I loved this about us.

But something was different just now.

Yes, the warmth and familiar love were there, as were the feelings of trust and safety, but something new seemed to be creeping into the mix. Was it the sexy boldness of Lisa’s surprise ‘lingerie show’ earlier? Or was it how her lingerie graphically revealed the adult-like sexual development of her ripe teen body? Was the unspoken and subtle sexual tension that had sometimes existed between us starting to rise to the surface from its previously well-buried place? Did Lisa feel it, too?

While my mind searched, I could feel my body become acutely aware of ever little detail during this still moment in time. I was aware of how my ‘little sister’s’ surprisingly large and oh-so-firm breasts were pressing against me as we hugged. And I was painfully aware that her warm sleek skin was touching mine in so many other places: her arms around my back; her flat stomach rising and falling against mine as our breathing slowly recovered from the swim; her chin resting on my broad shoulder; her breath blowing gently on my neck.

Something new was happening, and it was involuntary, at least for me.

And, now, that most infamous involuntary kaçak casino muscle of all males was starting to react between my legs in a way it hadn’t ever done before while I was with Lisa, not even when we spooned while watching movies or hugged-it-out for minutes at a time like we were doing now. I couldn’t help it; my cock twitched into a semi-stiff state.

Did she feel it?

Without breaking our embrace, I moved my hips away from hers to hide my arousal. Lisa gave no hint of noticing, but she did suddenly announce with a playful tone, “You are just going to have to hide me until those two big muscle-bound men leave.”

Huh? Her choice of words in describing the ‘beach whistlers’ struck me as odd. And just as I was about to look to see if indeed they were body-builder types, Lisa lifted up her legs and wrapped them around my waist like I was a safety buoy in the middle of the ocean that she was both clinging to and climbing up on to prevent a watery death. This unexpected straddle move elevated her body upward relative to mine; up far enough to so that her chest was at roughly the same level as my chin and just a few inches away from my face. I’m not sure if this was her intention, but Lisa certainly wasn’t shying away from holding this rather intimate position.

It was a position that really made it hard for me to avoid looking at my ‘little sisters’ tits (again); tits that were both beautifully and wickedly framed by her sexy blue bra; and tits that were teasingly exposed behind the thin, sheer, and now wet material of Victoria Secret. A material that allowed Lisa’s large nipples to poke through, and -my lord- they looked like they were starting to get hard (again) right in front of my eyes.

Déjà vu, Jacques.

The same question as earlier sprang to mind: was it the slightly cool breeze that was making my best friend’s nipples harden or the fact I was looking right at them as they protruded out just inches from my face like a siren song? Or was it the fact that Lisa’s crotch -similarly covered in lace lingerie- was now pressing on my hard lower abs as she squeezed her legs slightly to maintain her position. Or was it the fact that my hands had instinctively moved to the sides of ‘my little sister’s’ tight bottom to help support her bold underwater gymnastics move.

Whatever the answer, I couldn’t find it on Lisa’s face. She did, however, have a semi-mischievous grin going, but that could mean anything; for all I knew she was about to start a play fight with me, something we had done many times, but never with her half naked like this.

Regardless, I turned us a bit in the water so that my head and wide shoulders were now between my new passenger and the beach. This gave Lisa’s tits, which had become even more visible when she mounted me, something to hide behind.

“Such a gentlemen,” she chuckled with approval.

I also broadened my underwater stance a bit to steady our balance, which had the added benefit of lowering our bodies a tad further into the warmth of the lake and away from the somewhat cool breeze above. As I did so, I realized I didn’t really need to support Lisa with my hands, as the water was doing most, if not all, of the work required to keep her buoyant and in place on my hips; her strong legs around my waist could do the rest if needed. Nevertheless, I kept my hands on the sides of Lisa’s bottom, somewhere they had never been before. She didn’t seem to notice my hands, but my reflective mind was starting to go down some naughty paths.

Why was my ‘little sister’ wearing a sexy bra and thong-type panties on our hike? Was it an attempt to provoke me? Why was I seeing this new bolder side of Lisa for the first time in the middle of a park lake? Had she developed some kind of exhibitionist kink… and I was just along as a bodyguard? Or was this watery semi-public place a perfect spot for her to naughtily tease her ‘older brother,’ but also ensure that things couldn’t go too far? And why wasn’t I moving my hands away from her innocent but deliciously round ass? Was it because the naked flesh of her exposed butt cheeks felt both so nice and so wrong in the gentle grip of my large hands?

Just then I realized I had a problem. Her straddling of me had positioned her hips right against my lower abs, which was fine; it felt more than fine, actually. The problem was that while my semi-awake cock was currently hanging off to one side and not bothering anyone, it might just decide at some point to get hard and grow up, especially considering my current situation. And this meant that if things continued to escalate, Max (its nickname from a previous high school girlfriend) would soon be trying to stand straight up and expand to the middle of my abs as it always does when fully erect (yes, I’m bragging about my size). And the problem standing, or rather sitting, in its way would be my little sister’s bottom. She would know for sure that Max was hard.

I tried thinking about football, and despite how good Lisa’s body felt and looked wrapped around me in the lake, this body control strategy actually seemed to be working. Working, at least, until Lisa started playfully interrogating me.

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