Liquid Lightening

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Lightening streaks across the sky as the power flickers and then goes out.

“Where are you?” I whispered groping around trying to find you.

I feel a sudden change in the temperature as you jump on my back.

“Take me for a ride,” you commanded in that soft husky voice.

I slowly trot around the house as your hands reached down and grabbed my breasts, giving them a heavy squeeze. I let out a soft moan as I get a wicked idea. I head towards the door and before your protest can leave your lips I pull us both out into the rain.

Thunder booms over head as the sky is lite up by the crack of lightening. I turn my head and see the evil smile play across your lips. You take your right hand and turn my face towards yours. Our wet lips meet sending a tremor down my body. I can feel your soft velvety tongue dueling with mine as we get pelted by the never ending rain. As you slowly pull away you whisper in my ear that our kiss has created a situation. I smile and tell you nothing as I carry our love soaked bodies back into the house. I slowly, deliberately carry your dripping wet body towards the bedroom, pausing to bow my head and capture your lips with mine. As I reach the bedroom I try to lay you down but you become defiant and refuse my urging. You stand there staring deep into my soul, daring me to make the next more. I can’t help but look deep into those sexy brown eyes and watch as you slowly, seductively take off your shirt.

The room is once again lite up by a flash of light and I can see one drop of water drip off your left breast. I bend down on one knee to help take your pants off but with a flick of your wrist they are already on the floor. I can smell your arousal from my position, as my mouth salivates with the possibilities. Still on my knees I place my hands on your hips and guide you towards me. As water drips down my face I kiss your soft velvety flesh, only to be rewarded with goose bumps and a deep sigh. You take my face into your hands and casino oyna tilt it up to meet your gaze. A loud boom shakes the whole house as you guide me off my knees and to your lips. Your kiss is so soft, so fulfilling I can feel myself get weak but you steady me and whisper in my ear,

“Please make love to me.”

How can I refuse when a goddess asks her subject for release? Mesmerized by your naked beauty, I gently lay you down on the bed. Discarding my wet clothes I position myself over you and bring my head down near your ear.

“Are you ready?” I whisper, but before you can answer my mouth greedily finds yours and suppresses what was about to be said. A fierce duel commences in our mouths causing me to get wet with passion, leading me to pull away.

My tongue darts out and licks the water off the side of your neck, eliciting a deep moan that sends my heart a flutter. My licking turns into a bite as I know I have left a mark. My tongue licks up the water along your collar bone as you run your fingers through my hair. My left hand slowly caresses your left breast as my mouth and tongue continue to dry you from our excursion outside. Methodically I roll your left nipple between my thumb and forefinger bringing forth a guttural cry from within. As my lips find yours again my hand releases your nipple and slowly travels down to your stomach, then your soft legs to the place of both of our desires. My fingertips gently brush over your wet mound and you arch up from the unexpected sensation. Lingering for only a few seconds my hand makes its way back up to your breast only to find the nipple flax instead of at attention. Gracefully pulling my mouth away from yours I dip my head to your breasts that are aching for attention. My tongue flicks out and lightly brushes your nipple softly at first but then becoming rougher with each passing second. I can feel you squirm beneath me as I take your whole breast into my mouth and crudely make the nipple stand at attention. Faster and canlı casino harder I lick and suck till you can bear it no more and I release it with a pop.

Panting from my greedy seduction of your left breast I move towards your lips again only to be warmly invited inside by your awaiting tongue. Taking my other hand I softly caress your stomach and make small circles around your belly button. Your skin still wet from the rain I feel inclined to dry you off. As our lips part I lower my body so our sopping wet pussies are directly on top of one another. As my head starts to descend to your stomach you surprise me by grinding your hips into mine, forcing me to let out a sharp cry as our juices mix together.

Lightening fills the sky again revealing the seductive grin on your face and the water rolling down your cheek. This time without warning I take my head to your stomach and lick and bite my way around your quivering flesh. My tongue darts to the space between your breasts as my hands grasp them both firmly. Without warning I bring them together and put them both into my mouth, eliciting a loud moan from your lips. As my tongue dances back and forth between both nipples my hands gently knead your breasts. Becoming rougher with my hands and lips I can feel our juices meet causing you to buck your hips up again seeking some sense of relief. I begin to get greedy and I bite both nipples at the same time causing you to cry out in sheer pleasure. I hear you beg me for release as I can feel your wetness soak into the sheets. I must oblige my goddess and cater to her every whim.

I slow down the sucking of your nipples to light strokes before I completely stop and give each a kiss. As I let them go I can feel you dig your nails into my back as you grind your hips into mine, once again. I pause to enjoy the sensation it brings forth but it also allows me to smell your arousal. As your musky scent permeates my nose it sends me into an animalistic rage. With the reflexes of a cat kaçak casino I move my way down your body only stopping every now and then to leave my mark. As I finally reach my destination your nectar has coated the inside of your thighs and made its way down to your ass. My hot breath on your wet thighs causes you to moan out my name. Gently with the tip of my tongue I start to lick the wetness off your flesh. As your taste invades my mouth I start to use my whole tongue to lick up every drop.

Once I am satisfied that your completely clean I kiss the insides of your thighs causing you to expel more liquid. Not being able to hold back, my tongue traces the soft folds of your pussy, occasionally, accidently, touching your clit. As your moans get louder my tongue circles around your hard clit being rougher and faster with each passing moment. Pausing for a second to blow cold air, you forcefully grab my head. Knowing you can’t wait any longer I press the flat of my tongue onto your swollen piece of flesh causing you to scream out. Slowly, deliberately I move my tongue up and down feeling your juices leaking out onto my chin. My strokes become more even as I feel your body shutter from my menstruations. Between my now furious licks you command me to go inside your fiery pit of pleasure and without missing a beat I slip one finger followed by two. Your body relaxes and enjoys the feeling of the soft intruders. You feel so velvety against my fingers; I can’t help but push deeper trying to reach for your very soul. My tongue takes your clit roughly, my fingers pumping in and out of you, your hips bucking to the rhythm. I can feel your pussy starting to clamp down on my fingers, knowing you are about to release your hot lust filled juices I slow down the pace of my tongue and fingers so you can feel the tension drain from your body. Your breathing becomes staggered and with one last thrust you scream out as your orgasm takes over you.

Lightening flashing, thunder drowning out your dying scream I slowly lick away the rest of your orgasm. You taste so good, so sweet….

Hearts pounding, our lips find each other once again as the lights come back on to reveal what I knew was there all along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32