Lip Lock

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I sat down in a booth at work, after a long day of labor. The restaurant was quiet, as nearly everyone had gone home. I had let my fellow dishwashers go home already, and had done the final tasks by myself. It was almost ten at night.

“Hey, how are you?”

Heather was nineteen, like myself, and had been a waitress almost as long as I had been a dishwasher. We had gone to high school together as well, but hadn’t talked mush; she hung out with a more adventurous (“dirty” she would call them) crowd. I was my usual repressed self. But we had grown close in the last few years, working together, and I was always happy to talk to her.

“Where’d everyone go?” I asked.

“They’re gone smoking up.”

“Hmm. No need to invite me.”

“You don’t fit into the stoner crowd anyway.”

And so it went. We began to talk about everything imaginable, beginning with our personal narcotics histories, into our friends, and into relationships. All the while I stared at her, which was not hard seeing as how she was only five four. Heather was quite thin, barely over one hundred pounds, and had soft brown hair, pulled into a ponytail. Her eyes were blue, wide, and hypnotic. Her face was the perky type, where even if she frowned, it looked too cute to bear.

“Honestly, I haven’t been looking for a new relationship since then,” I said, concluding my tragic relationship tale.

“Wow, I can’t go without one. Nobody’s been that satisfying lately, though.”

“No sex?”

“Not really that, but… it sounds stupid… he doesn’t kiss me enough.”


“Yeah, I love kisses,” she said with a rapturous smile, “you can have all the fucking in the world, but kisses are the best, hands down. It’s so simple, and warm… it’s nice.” She burst into laughter.

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d kiss you every minute,” I said smiling.

“Thought you didn’t want a girlfriend.”

“It’s just a thought!”

“You,” she smirked, “you as my boyfriend. That’d be a trip.”

“Hey, I think it’d be kind of cool. Being just friends for a long time and then falling totally for each other. That would be really neat, actually.”

“Neat. Good word. I’ve never gone out with a guy I’ve known; I have to pick a guy out of thin air. That’s how I work.”

“Aw come on Heather… I’d kiss you all the time…”

“I’d think about it,” she said, smiling teasingly, “I’d think about it if you kissed me a lot.”

“How much?”

“I’ve been dry for so long… you’d have to kiss me for an hour. An hour straight.”

“I can do that.”

“Ha! Imagine that. I’d die, I’d fucking die after an hour of kissing, it’d be so awesome.”

I looked around for a second. The boss had gone home; we’d have to lock up.

“Fine. Let’s go,” I said with a rush of excitement. I try not to get my hopes up too far, but…

“You ass…” she began. And before she could think of anything witty to say, I had absorbed the full power of her glowing smile, and her radiant eyes. I pulled her close and kissed her very gently on the cheek.

“Oh… that’s so nice…” she muttered out. But I kissed her again before she could speak any more. And I kissed her again and again, all over her cheek. The first minute was the worst, as I had no idea what she would do. But my fears of her recoiling in horror subsided, as I felt as the tenseness drain from her body, and she melted into my arms.

My lips moved up from her cheeks and to her forehead. Her hair smelled like peaches. And as I softly worked my way down her face, I was delighted to feel warmth on my chin. Heather was softly kissing me back. So I kissed farther down. She giggled as I kissed her nose, which made her kisses much harder. And in a second my lips met those of that girl whom I had know for years and years. We savored our first kiss together, like seventh graders at a school dance. We smooched more and more, quick little pecks, teasing and joking. Before long, I felt the soft wisp of her tongue in my mouth. I kept kissing quickly, allowing her to tease me, tempt me. And then I kissed her deeply, exploring every glorious inch of her mouth, slowly and strongly. I was delighted when she bostancı escort slammed her mouth shut on my tongue, and sucked roughly. She would relent soon, and I would envelop her tongue in my mouth as well. This long, romantic kiss lasted for what seemed like forever, but a quick glance at my watch showed only fifteen minutes having passed.

We returned to showering each other’s faces with kisses. Heather had been nearly silent for a while, but she grunted (even her grunts were cute) as she kicked one of her dress shoes off, I presumed to increase her comfort. I helped, with the arm I was not holding her with, to remove the other. She wore tiny white ankle socks. I rubbed them; they were so soft and woolly. I teased the inch of flesh above her sock and below the lip of her black jeans (required uniform), and she began to hum in pleasure. She tossed her legs over my lap, and scrunched closer to me. We now sat in the booth, her back against the wall, my arm around her back, her legs curled in my lap, and us kissing and kissing. I softly began to rub her feet, and she groaned in joy. So I massaged her socked feet with my free arm, and her kissed grew more and more intense. Every so often, we would stop and look at each other, all flushed, and quickly return to kissing, smiling like fools the whole time.

Thirty minutes in, we met in another long wet kiss. This time I slipped the hand around her up the back of her shirt, and began to rub her back with the tips of my fingers. Her flesh was so smooth and soft, like a baby. I rubbed all the way up to her neck, even over her bra strap, and then down to the top of her jeans. This foot and back massage caused her to throw both of her arms around my neck as she kissed me more and more fiercely. I began to dip my fingers into her pants, feeling the silky smoothness of her panties, and teasing the tip of her ass crack. Our second French kiss was fifteen minutes long, with the two of us squeezed into a ball of pleasure.

At the forty-fifth minute, she pulled her tongue out of my mouth and pressed me down onto my back. My head hung a bit off the seat, and I had to bend my legs to fit my feet against the wall. She lay on top of me, curling her legs around my own, and running her fingers all over my chest, under my green T-shirt, all while kissing me. Her grin was overbearing. I rubbed her sides, first against her own green T-shirt, then under it. She was so fleshy for such a tiny girl. Sides inevitably turned to front, as I tickled her belly, and slowly massaged her breasts; her bra was lacy. She loved it, and we launched into our third, most intense wet kiss. Our tongues writhed and sparred; we didn’t care about slowness anymore. At the height of the fun, my hands glided down slowly, and into the front of her jeans. She was wet, all sticky and sweaty. I slowly explored, and began to rub her pussy lips as best I could; her jeans were tight. And our kiss ended far too quickly this time. I looked at my watch, and eased her up.

“There you go Heather. One hour.”

She was sweating, and panting. She sat up, and scuffled up unto my stomach. She smiled affectionately at me, and began to rub her wonderful little feet up and down my cheeks.

“Sorry sweetie. There’s no way you’re leaving me now; not like this.”

She spun around, still on top of me, and began to untie my shoes. I had no desire to fight. She took them both off, and my socks as well. She spun around, and pulled off my shirt, gently massaging my bare chest. She then scooched up onto my chest, turned around again, and stripped off my pants and underwear with one scoop. I was more than happy to kick them off my legs for her.

“Wow,” she whispered, “You’ve got a nice dick.”

“It’s only seven inches, not that far above normal…”

“Oh it’s fucking nice…” she whispered. To my extraordinary delight, she began to stroke it slowly. My pre-cum drizzled up, and she wiped it off with her hand.

“So you’ve done me a favor,” she said, turning back around to me, “what can I do?”

My mind raced.

“Strip for me. Dance and strip on the table.”

“Oooh… are you going to jerk off while you watch ümraniye escort bayan me?”

“Oh Christ yes.”

“Good. I’ve never ever had a guy masturbate watching me, and I’ve always wanted it.”

“I swear I’ll never stop.”

She hopped up onto the table, and I sat up. I kicked my feet up onto the table and she laughed, kicking them off. So I sat, legs spread wide, dick rock solid, totally naked, as Heather stood above me. She began to laugh, but soon began to simply grin as I began to stroke my penis. I moved very slowly, wanting to savor every second. She began to tap her toes and then shook and danced all over the table. She knew how to move, throwing her arms up and shaking her hips, leaving me tantalizing glimpses of flesh with every move. Then she suddenly got off the table, and gave me a lap dance. I cannot express how wonderful it is to receive a lap dance totally naked. My dick felt the softness of her untucked shirt and the roughness of her jeans; I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. And all the while as she ground herself against me, she kissed me. Then she stood up again and got back on top of the table. The clothes came off rather quickly. First her jeans, which she pulled to her feet, leaving her panties still hidden underneath her shirt. But her legs were fully exposed, and it took all my might not to cum right there. They were skinny, yes, but so tan, and still a little jiggly. She turned around, and began to shake her ass. As she shirt rode up, I caught a glimpse of purple. That glimpse was confirmed as she tossed the shirt above her head and threw it onto my lap. She stood in her socks, and bright purple underwear, a lacy bra and thong. I loved the feel of her cotton T on me, and wiped the copious pre-cum on it, milking out every drop possible. She pulled the tie out of her hair, and let it fall down to her shoulders. She smiled again, and descended for another lap dance. I threw the shirt across the restaurant, and enjoyed ten fabulous minutes of slow grinding against my dick, feeling the soft silk of her thong, and excruciating touches of her naked flesh. I helped her performance by rubbing her almost full naked ass cheeks, so supple in my hands. She kissed me again.

I had left a big blob of pre-cum on her stomach. She pulled away and whispered to me.

“You take the rest off.”

So I slowly reached up (she was still on my lap) and unhooked her bra strap. I pulled it off, and saw her tiny breasts for the first time. They were round and bouncy, with little pink nipples. They were perfect for her. I sneaked a quick kiss on one of her nipples, but she pushed me away.

“Not yet. I’ve still got my panties on.”

She got off me, and left the table. She walked to the middle of the row, in her thong and socks, and signaled me forward. I stood and faced her. She hugged me, burying her face in my chest. I squeezed her tightly. My fingers began to pull at her thong. She stood back.

“I want you to see it.”

So I stared at her panties as I slowly pulled them down. I had barely moved them when she spoke.

“Kiss me.”

So I leaned over and smooched her. I began to pull again, seeing more and more of her brown pubic hair become unveiled. She stopped me and said again:

“Kiss me!”

I kissed her again, more deeply. I returned once again to her panties, getting them nearly to the bottom of her ass when she all but shrieked:

“Kiss me!!!”

I pulled her to me, and devoured her mouth. Her pubic hair was against my cock, and it electrified me. After finishing, I quickly pulled her thong down to her knees, revealing her cunt to me fully. Barely shaved, with a whisper of pink lips underneath. She lifted her legs to release the panties, and I held them in my hand. I put them to my face and took a long whiff, filling myself with her musk.

“Hey… jerk off a little with them,” she said, so I wrapped them around my dick, and pumped out some pre-cum onto them. She snatched them off my dick, and took a whiff herself.

“Nice,” she whispered, and proceeded to dip them into her pussy, masturbating. My jaw dropped as she moaned and gasped, fingering herself kartal escort with her own underwear. She pulled them out and tossed them to me. I took another whiff, and licked them slowly.

“Let’s go in back,” I said, finishing my snack.

So Heather took my hand, and the two of us went into the kitchen, me nude, and her in only her socks. Coming to the beer tap, she said:

“Hang on, I need a drink.”

She put her mouth up to the tap. We laughed as she licked it a bit, giving it a rim-job. Then she pulled the tap and a big splash of beer caught her in the face. We both exploded into laughter.

“Here, you fucking help me.”

So I softly took the tap and slowly pumped beer into her mouth. She put the nozzle totally into her mouth, and I gave her little pumps of beer. She chugged a lot. She pulled her mouth away after about five minutes, and motioned for me to go next. I inserted the nozzle into my mouth, and Heather pumped for me. She kept on pumping as I pulled away for air, and beer spilled all over me. I grabbed her and pulled her close, both of us under the nozzle, and pulled the tap all the way back. Beer gushed all over us, soaking the floor and ourselves. We lapped at the constant stream like dogs at a hose, each of us slurping right from the flowing nozzle. At on point we met in a kiss, ad the beer flowed over our faces, into our mouths. The tap ran dry, and the two of us were left soaked, giggling uncontrollably, and absolutely blitzed. We embraced, kissed very sloppily, and began to lick the beer off of each other. Our tongues ran wildly up and down each other, over every spot, into every crevice. We licked wildly, and unashamedly. I was sure I would blow at any second when I felt her hot mouth on my now freezing dick. But she moved quickly to the rest of me. And we finished as swiftly as we started.

“Let’s… let’s fuck now…”

“Yeah… we… we’ll fuck…”

“Let’s fuck in his chair! In his fucking chair!!!”

We got up and ran, slipping and stumbling, propping our naked selves up when needed, till we were in the boss’s office. I settled down in his soft, plush chair. The world spun wildly. And then Heather was on me and my dick was deep inside her pussy. We fucked like lunatics, pumping wildly and fiercely, both of us screaming in total joy. Our noise only subsisted when we kissed, and we kissed often. The beer had made me numb, so we fucked far longer than I normally could. But the pressure slowly rose and rose, from behind the curtain of drunkenness, and just as we began another delicious kiss, I howled in the most intense orgasm I had ever enjoyed. I shot cum deep into her, and the pleasure would not end. I came for longer than I ever had before, and I saw that my semen was leaking out of her onto her thighs. And even after I was done, she kept grinding, until she came herself, a minute later. She was much louder than I was.

The next hour was a total blur. We lay limply in each other’s arms, breathing gently. Napping a bit. Glorious afterglow silence. She finally spoke:

“You think he’ll notice the stains on his chair?”


“Man, we made such a mess on the floor out there…”

“You happy though?”

“Yeah… I’m happier than I’ve ever been before.”

We kissed gently.

“Well, let’s clean up,” I said.

So we did. We got the mop and a bucket of soapy water, and washed the floor totally naked. It took an hour and a half to clean, save for the occasional kissing break, a lot of caressing, and a lot of fun with the mop handle. Heather finally lost her socks, and I gave her a long foot rub. We then hopped into the big sink, emptied two bottles of liquid soap onto each other, and took a nice hot bath, to get the smells out. She taught me how awesome it really is to get a blowjob under water. Finally, we collected our clothes (save for Heather’s beer-soaked socks), and reluctantly dressed.

Three AM. We locked the restaurant up, and went to our cars.

“So, you ok to drive?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now. Just a little buzzed.”



“Am I your boyfriend now?”

She paused.

“No… no your not my boyfriend now,” she smiled, “but ask me again after work tomorrow.”

And when I went in the next day, and saw her, all decked out in her working woman clothes, I couldn’t help but kiss her on the head. She responded by pecking my chin, and winked. We’re shooting for five AM tonight.

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