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Angela White

It’s Saturday night, you know the big “surprise” party that is supposed to be a surprise, but didn’t turn out that way. At least, they had enough class to hire a limo to take you to your destination. You are ready way too early and waiting around for the car to arrive.

The door bell rings much earlier than you expect, looking through the peep-hole you see a driver’s black cap and dark suit. “Must be the driver”, you think as you unlock the door. You step out and the driver says good evening and moves to open the limo door for you. At this point you have yet to see his face, but the way he carries himself and his voice seem vaguely familiar.

You step down into the limo and arrange yourself on the fine leather seat. The door closes and you wait for the ride to begin. The forward partition is up so you cannot see the driver, and it catches you off guard when the other door to the passenger compartment opens and the limo driver slides in.

You begin to protest, but as he turns to face you, you realize it’s your lover Robert. Before you can utter a single word, his lips touch yours and the car begins to drive away. Your shock and resistance fade to acceptance and excitement as he continues to kiss you like only a lover can.

You feel his hands all over your body, caressing you through your clothes and deftly removing them as he goes along. Before you realize what has happened he has you half undressed and in an effort to save some semblance of freshness to your evening wear, you oblige him by removing all but your panties. The feel of his suit against the nakedness of your skin arouses the tactile center of your brain; every movement creates a ripple effect of sensation.

Now your amazement turns to questioning. How? When? Where? All these questions go unanswered as he moves back towards you and begins to place sweet kisses all over your shoulders and neck. He always pays such special attention to your skin. No area of your body goes un-kissed or untouched. You begin to feel your arousal course through you as he continues his assault on your nakedness.

His mouth finds your breasts and slowly, almost agonizingly slowly, he begins to kiss them and work his mouth over your now erect nipples. Alternating from one to the next he licks and kisses you as only he can. pendik escort Making your nipples stick out more urgently as they vie for the attention of his mouth and tongue.

His big strong hands taking your breasts and massaging them, lovingly squeezing them as his tongue lashes at your areolas and nipples. Your breathing has increased and there is a not so subtle aroma of your wetness permeating the air as your lover handles your body.

As your arousal turns to playfulness you reach down between his legs to feel what he is hiding from you behind the dark suit. There in the center of his trousers you feel the erect stiffness of his cock and balls. You can feel how tight and large his sac is and you realize that he has the cock ring on just for you. He has been driving around waiting to pick you up with an erection bulging. You are so wet now you feel the moisture as it crosses through the thin fabric of your thong panties and begins to coat the fine leather interior of the limousine.

His mouth has now crossed down from your breasts to your sexy tummy. He lavishes kisses on you and your excitement grows as you realize he is only inches from his goal, your sweet, soaking wet pussy. Feeling the absence of his attention on your breasts causes your hands to reach up to them involuntarily and you begin to play with your own nipples as he works lower and lower.

His face is now a fraction of an inch away from the tiny front of your sexy underwear. You can feel the heat of his breathe through the fabric as he lingers there. Knowing his proximity to your hot aching hole only serves to make you more anxious to feel him there. Anxious to feel his thick wet tongue as it licks and sucks your hot clit. Anxious to feel the throbbing head of his cock as it slowly enters you.

He teases you as he bypasses your aching wetness and moves his attentions down your long dancer’s legs. You feel ready to burst as he tirelessly ministers his attentions to your body. Oh, how he teases and flaunts his control over you. Your mind envisions reaching up and pulling out his cock, impaling yourself on it without reservation. He takes his time and slowly brings you to a boil, and deep down you know the orgasm will be so much better.

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel, as he reaches escort pendik up from his position on the floor where he is nibbling your toes and grabs hold of the now ruined panties and pulls them down your legs.

You spread your legs wide eager to show him his invitation to fuck you, and relieved at the feeling of freeness that now comes from your arousal. You want to feel dirty and sluttish. You place your hand between your legs and begin sliding a finger up and down your dripping slit. You bring the finger up and taste yourself. Now it’s your turn to show off. It’s your turn to show your lover how hot and dirty you can be.

He begins to remove his clothes as he stares wild eyed at your actions. You swear you see his cock throb under the confines of his slacks. Within moments he is out of his coat and shirt, and kneeling before you bare-chested he undoes the buckle of his belt and releases his constrained cock. It falls out with force, straining against its leather binding, the head purple and swollen and throbbing. You lick your lips as your eyes move from the cock to your lovers face to the cock again.

Oh, what glorious orgasms will be yours soon as you move forward and place the tip of your tongue against the warm head of his dick. You taste the salty pre-cum drop that clung desperately to the head. You take it in your mouth and begin to suck the dick wildly, hoping to cause the same frustrations you just felt as he teased you without mercy. Licking and sucking giving him your best oral performance, and you can tell the anticipation hasn’t been lost on him. He thrusts his hips and pushes to get his cock more pleasure as you take him fully in your mouth.

You know he cannot hold out for long so you decide to accelerate the pending outcome by sliding your hand up between his legs and massaging his pendulous balls, then slowly moving a single finger up farther, you begin to massage his asshole. This alone is more sensation than he can tolerate and you feel the flood of his orgasm burst into your mouth, you hang on desperately being sure not to miss a single drop of his liquid pleasure.

As his orgasm subsides, you steel yourself for the eventual waiting time until he gets hard again, when suddenly you realize that there is no decrease in his strength or power. He is still pendik escort bayan fully erect and throbbing.

Sliding back against the seat, he grabs your hips, turns you and places you neatly on your knees, exposing your ass to his view. He loves your ass and you thrill at the thought of his mouth licking you there. Not one to disappoint, he immediately begins to kiss and lick your amazing rear end. Your “20 year old ass” as he calls it. His fingers slide all around your wet aching pussy, teasing your clit while his mouth begins to move between your cheeks. You feel the thick tip of his tongue as it presses against your asshole. You push back wanting him to go deeper into your ass. You love the dirty feeling of ass play and you want his throbbing dick in there so badly.

His tongue pushes deeper as two of his thick fingers slide deep into your overflowing pussy. You rock your hips to the motion of his finger fucking. You are soaked from the top of your ass to the bottom of your pussy now and that’s when you feel his fingers leaving your pussy and the urgent pressure of a single digit pushing against your ass. He slowly almost imperceptibly slides the finger up to the first knuckle.

Then without warning you feel something much larger resting on the slick out lips of your pussy. Then you feel full his rigid cock sliding deeply into the well of your vagina. Hard, and wet, and pulsing his dick fills you. The finger continues its assault on your ass and moves in to the second knuckle. His cock is now slowly sliding in and out of you. You reach up and begin to touch your clit. You ache for this orgasm.

And as a tidal wave of lust crests over your body, you feel amazing sensations. You are racked by feelings of lust, love, and orgasmic euphoria. You flex, twist and gyrate as the orgasm overwhelms your senses. Your ass is on fire and your pussy clamps down hard on his cock, forcing him to begin to buck and twitch as his second orgasm rocks his body and his second load squirts out from between your organs and drips down your thighs.

You collapse on the seat, spent and reeling in the glorious after effects, as small tremors ripple through you.

As you look up you realize that the car has stopped back in front of your house. Your lover explains that you have just enough time to run in get cleaned up and be ready before the real limo arrives to whisk you off to your party. Have a great time!!! And you never know whose eyes you will see as you look up at the driver in the rear view mirror!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32