Liam Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: this story involves cuckolding and humiliation.

A month had passed since I had watched Kyle and Liam get fucked by Marcus and Brad. Kyle and Liam continued to fuck whenever they wanted – it was not at all unusual for me to get home from classes to find them making out on the couch or fucking in my bed. They loved teasing and humiliating me, and I was amazed at how quickly I had accepted and even come to enjoy my role as their total bitch, frustrating as it was. I served them breakfast in bed, I fixed drinks for them, really I did whatever they wanted, just so I could occasionally earn the chance to watch them going at it while I jerked off. Liam also invited other studs he knew to fuck them both while I watched, and they always got a kick out of seeing me just sit off to the side, stroking my tiny cock, until it was time for me to eagerly lick up their cum off my boyfriend’s body.

One day, Liam and Kyle emerged from a lengthy morning fuck-session in my bedroom. I would have loved to have been jerking off listening to their hot sex, but Liam had told me to prepare breakfast for them, so I’d been in the kitchen the whole time.

When they came out, they sat down at the table as I brought them their breakfast. They were both shirtless, Liam wearing only a skimpy pair of briefs, Kyle in his boxers. I watched this sexy little twink sit down next to my stud boyfriend, knowing Kyle had just filled Liam’s tight little ass with his load.

As I served them, Liam told me that he and Kyle had decided to host a Halloween party. Every hot gay guy in the school was going to be invited, and everybody was going to wear sexy costumes.

“Sounds like fun,” I said, pouring his coffee for him.

“Your costume is going to be a little different from everybody else’s, though,” Liam told me. I saw Kyle suppressing his laughter.

“Oh,” I said. “What do you mean?”

“Well, ya know, everybody else is gonna be looking to hook up, so they’ll all be showing off their bodies,” Liam said. “But obviously that would be pointless for you, since all you’re good for is serving hot guys and taking care of all our non-sexual needs, right?”

“Um…yes, sir,” I said submissively, my dick stirring in my pants from the way he was talking to me.

“Right. So instead, your costume will be as a butler. Don’t worry, I’ll buy the outfit for you.”

“Oh…um, okay, sir.”

“And obviously you’ll be taking care of the guys’ drinks and stuff, but also, once everybody’s feeling good, I’ll give you a tray of condoms and lube to walk around with and serve to everybody! Isn’t that a great idea?”

“Oh…you mean, it’s going to be, like…?”

“An orgy? Mmhmm!” Liam smiled his cute, excited smile. “Aren’t you excited?”

“Um…mmhm,” I said softly, feeling my dick straining against my underwear at the thought of seeing all of Liam’s hot friends fucking together. I needed to get off so badly, I was really wishing I’d had the chance to jerk off earlier.

“Aww, is your useless little dick getting all stiff?” Liam asked in a pouty little baby voice, sensing my frustration.

I just nodded and looked down, embarrassed.

“Poor little guy,” Liam said, then exchanged a glance with Kyle as they both laughed. “Got all worked up listening to your boyfriend fuck me?”

I nodded again.

“It’s been soooo long, I bet you miss his big dick inside you, huh?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And now you’re thinking about all my friends having fun together while you get to be their little butler?”

Kyle laughed. “You’re so mean,” he said to Liam.

Liam just giggled. “Oh please. He likes it.” He turned back to me. “Don’t you, Lucas?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’re gonna be a good little boy for my friends, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” My hand went to my crotch, rubbing myself through my shorts.

“Hey,” Liam said, suddenly stern. “Take your hand away.”

I moved my hand to my side obediently.

“Aw, Liam, come on, you’re torturing him,” Kyle said, but he was laughing as he said it.

Liam giggled again. “I know.” He put his feet up on the chair across from him at the table. “But he can’t touch himself now, I need a foot rub.” He looked over at me expectantly, wiggling his toes.

Understanding what he wanted, I walked over to the other side of the table and kneeled next to the chair his feet were propped up on. I began slowly rubbing his feet.

Kyle laughed again. “You never stop coming up with ways to humiliate him, do you?”

“Nope!” Liam said proudly.

Under the table, I stared at Liam’s smooth, sexy, toned little body in his briefs, and saw that Kyle’s boxers were beginning to form a tent, clearly turned on by the way Liam was treating me. Liam’s hand reached over and pulled Kyle’s erection out of the front slit in the boxers.

“Wow, your boyfriend’s already hard again even though he just pumped his load into me,” Liam said to me, stroking Kyle’s cock up and down. “He’s so impressive, isn’t he?”

“Yes, sir,” I casino oyna said, continuing to rub his feet.

“He must like seeing me turn you into a pathetic little bitch, huh?”

“Yes, sir,” I said. My cock was oozing pre-cum into my underwear. I desperately wanted to touch myself, but my hands stayed on Liam’s feet.

Liam started stroking Kyle’s cock faster, making him groan. “Make him suck on your toes,” he told Liam in a gruff voice.

“Mmmm, you hear that?” Liam said, delighted that Kyle was getting into it. He wiggled his toes. “Go on, be a good boy and suck on them.”

Continuing to rub his feet, I took his toes into my mouth and sucked on them submissively. This was so weird – they’d never made me do something like this before. But by this time I was so well trained that I happily obeyed, moaning as my cock oozed even more precum.

“Oh my god, listen to him moaning, he loves licking your feet. Such a fucking loser,” Kyle groaned. I saw drops of precum emerging from his own erection as Liam stroked him.

I stared at Kyle’s dick as I sucked on Liam’s toes. “Mmm, look at his beautiful cock,” Liam said to me. “I bet you’d love to suck on this instead of my toes, huh?”

“Ohhh, yes, sir,” I moaned, licking the soles of Liam’s feet.

Liam took his feet off the chair. “Come here, crawl between your boyfriend’s legs, get a real good look.”

Eagerly, I crawled under the table and brought my face within an inch of Kyle’s cock, as Liam continued to vigorously jerk him off.

“You want this in your mouth, don’t you?” Liam asked.

“Ohhh, fuck, yes, sir, I’d love to suck my boyfriend’s cock,” I moaned, foolishly thinking that Liam was actually going to let me give Kyle a blowjob.

“But little pussyboys like you don’t deserve cocks like this, do they?”

“Nnnnnghhh,” I whimpered. “No, sir.”

“That’s right,” Liam said. “But what I will let you do is take his load on your face, okay?”

“Ohhh,” I moaned. “Yes, sir.”

“Go on, you can touch your useless little dick now.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, pulling my shorts down immediately and stroking myself.

Liam leaned over and made out with Kyle, then Kyle looked down at me as I stared at his cock with my mouth open. “You want that load bad, huh?” Kyle growled.

“Mmmmmm, yes, sir,” I whined.

“Thank Liam for letting you have this treat,” Kyle demanded.

“Ohh, fuck, thank you, sir, thank you for letting me take my boyfriend’s load on my face, I want it so bad!”

“Nnnnnnggggghhhh!” Kyle groaned. Liam aimed his dick straight at me as it starting shooting all over my face.

I felt Kyle’s cum dripping down my nose, cheeks, and lips, eagerly licking up what I could with my tongue. I looked up and saw Kyle pulling Liam’s face to his and intensely making out with him. “Fuck, you’re amazing,” Kyle said to him. I couldn’t hold back and started shooting my own load into my hand.


After Liam left, I cleaned myself up and then hung out with Kyle for the morning. It was a little weird, but when Liam wasn’t around, Kyle and I kind of went back to “normal,” just acting like two regular boyfriends, even cuddling on the couch together. The only difference was that he never let me do anything sexual with him. It was frustrating sometimes, but it also felt right – like he was keeping me in my place.

Kyle also used that morning to check in with me, as he did from time to time to make sure things weren’t going too far. “So, rubbing his feet and sucking his toes and stuff…that was new,” he said to me as I sat with him on the couch watching TV.

“Uh…yeah,” I said, a little embarrassed.

“Did you…like that?” Kyle asked.

“Um…yeah. I really, really did,” I admitted.

Kyle smiled and put his arm around me, pulling me close. “Good,” he said. “And, um, this Halloween party…you sure you’re okay with so many people coming over and, ya know, seeing you…that way?”

I put my head on his shoulder and thought about it for a second, then nodded. “Yeah…I, um, I think it would be really hot to have a bunch of guys bossing me around while they, ya know, do what they want with each other.” Kyle nodded, smiling. “Um, are you sure you’re okay seeing me like that? I won’t look…too pathetic?”

Kyle laughed a little. “Oh, you’re gonna look pathetic,” he said. “But, well, that’s what’s so hot about it. I love seeing you being so…obedient.”

“Mmm,” I said, rubbing his chest. I saw a tent forming in his shorts. “You’re getting hard again already?” I asked.

He laughed. “Just thinking about you watching me fuck all of Liam’s twink friends.”

“Mmm,” I moaned, my hand sliding down to his stomach, looking at his tented shorts. “And getting fucked by his stud friends?”

“Mmm, yes,” Kyle moaned, his erection bouncing up and down visibly.

Rubbing his stomach lightly, I said, “You know, I could, like, give you a quick blowjob to take care of that…”

He scoffed, then pushed my hand away firmly. “You know canlı casino that’s not for you,” he said sternly, but with a sly smile on his face.

Now I was hard again too. But I just turned my attention to the TV show we were watching and hoped Liam would be back that afternoon to take care of my boyfriend for me.


In the week leading up to the party, Liam brought over the butler costume he got for me and had me wear it for them. He told me I would spend the week practicing my servant skills, bringing him and Kyle whatever they wanted and doing whatever they told me to. Obviously, I was used to this and happily complied.

The only frustrating thing about it was that the costume was a very tight-fitting tuxedo that made me really hot, and Liam refused to let me take it off or even just unzip the pants so I could jerk off as they fucked. I had to simply stand to the side, my hard-on raging, watching and waiting on them. When it came time to clean the cum off of Liam, I had to do it carefully so that I didn’t stain the costume, and he still wouldn’t let me jerk off. Only after they went to my bedroom together for the night, leaving me to sleep on the couch, could I finally take the costume off and stroke myself, listening to Liam moaning on Kyle’s dick.

Finally, the night of the party arrived. I was nervous, but also really excited. I had prepared a bar that I was to stand behind unless I was answering the door or following the orders of one of the guests. Kyle and Liam had gotten a couple’s costume – Kyle was a sexy devil, Liam was a sexy angel. Both costumes were little more than a skimpy pair of underwear and a couple accessories. They looked insanely hot.

I answered the door as guests began to arrive, always greeting them with a “Welcome to Liam and Kyle’s party, sir. I’m here for anything you need. May I get you a drink?” Liam had told them all about me in advance, and they all laughed and teased me as they came in.

I couldn’t believe how hot all of Liam’s friends were. Their costumes were all extremely revealing, of course – a sexy fox, a sexy police officer, a sexy vampire, and on and on. Soon the apartment was full of hot, barely clothed guys, laughing and dancing and drinking and doing drugs. I stood behind the bar, watching in awe, serving them drinks with my erection throbbing in my pants.

At first, it was a pretty normal party. But as the night wore on and the guys got drunk and high, things slowly escalated. The dancing started getting more sexual, I started seeing some guys making out with each other, and then in one corner of the room I saw a twink eagerly going down on another guy. Soon, a couple other guys walked over and pulled their dicks out, and the twink started going back and forth sucking all of them. Other guys started cheering and encouraging them.

I knew from Liam’s training earlier in the week that now that things were getting rolling, it was my job to go to the bedroom and bring out the tray of lube and condoms. I brought the tray out, holding it like a waiter, as guys happily took what they wanted.

Once I was done, I returned to the bar and continued making drinks for any guys who wanted them. I scanned the room, in awe at all the sex going on around me. Of course, Liam, being the cutest twink in the room, was attracting a lot of attention from several muscular tops. They roughly manhandled his tight little body as he greedily sucked their cocks, and soon enough, one of them was pounding his round little butt hard and fast, to Liam’s obvious delight. I could barely make out his smooth body under all the hands that were rubbing, spanking, and grabbing at him.

Kyle, meanwhile, sat on the couch as two of Liam’s twink friends made out on his cock, and Kyle in turn sucked the cock of a muscular black guy. After a while, Kyle and the black guy each fucked one of the twinks, then Kyle told the twinks to find somebody else to fuck them because he wanted to take the black guy’s cock. We made eye contact across the room as Kyle got mounted from behind. He just smiled before his eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure from the hard fucking he was getting.

I continued watching as these guys went through endless permutations of fucking and sucking. An hour after it had started, the floor was littered with discarded costume accessories and used condoms, and the apartment was full of naked, sweaty guys. I did my best to clean up as they all enjoyed themselves, while still providing drinks upon request.

Then I heard Liam’s voice calling my name. Five or six guys had crowded around him in a semi-circle, and as I walked over, I saw him lying on his back on the floor, some hairy, bearded guy spraying his cum all over Liam’s smooth chest and abs. Liam was motioning me over to lick him clean.

Obediently, I kneeled down next to him and started licking, beginning at a glob of cum pooled in his bellybutton. “Look, guys,” Liam said with a laugh. “He doesn’t just serve you drinks, he’ll also lick you clean if you need him to. kaçak casino Isn’t that right, Lucas?”

“Mmmmm, yes sir, I’ll lick cum off of anybody you want, sir,” I said, eagerly licking his toned body.

The other guys laughed and cheered, saying things like, “So fucking pathetic,” “What a loser,” and “He’s such a little bitch.”

As I licked the last couple drops off of Liam’s chest, he spread his legs and said impatiently, “Come on, who’s next, I need another dick inside me!” One of the guys in the semi-circle standing around him quickly got in position and slammed himself roughly into Liam’s hole as he moaned. I was so jealous that Liam got to get fucked by all these hot guys.

Then, from nearby, I heard Kyle say, “Bring that little bitch over here, I need his tongue.”

I knew he was referring to me, of course, so I quickly scurried over to find Kyle standing behind a cute, brown-haired twink who was on all fours on the couch. Somebody else had just finished fucking him and had left a load dripping out of his ass (clearly he had not been using the condoms I had distributed).

The twink looked back at me and said, “Come on, clean my hole so your boyfriend can fuck me.”

“Yes, sir,” I said submissively and started eating out his ass, tasting the cum of some random guy.

After a couple minutes, Kyle roughly pushed me aside and said, “Good. Now sit there and watch me fuck this twink.”

He slid his cock into the twink’s tight hole. The twink let out a sexy moan, looking down at me and smiling. “Fuuuuuuck, your boyfriend’s dick feels sooooo goooood,” he teased me. Kyle pulled out, flipped the twink over onto his back, then spread his legs and began fucking him again, leaning down to make out with him. Their lips parted, and the twink, sliding his hands up and down Kyle’s sweaty chest, said, “Ohhhh fuuuuuck, I love the way you make your pathetic boyfriend watch!”

“Nnnngghh, yeah, that’s right,” Kyle groaned, fucking him faster. “Show him how good my dick makes you feel.”

“Ooohhhhhhhh, yessssss!” the twink cried and began cumming all over himself. As Kyle kept fucking him, the twink turned to me with a smirk and said, “Well? Come on, be a good boy and clean me up.”

Desperately wishing I could jerk off, I quickly began licking up the twink’s cum as Kyle pulled out and walked away, moving on to another conquest.

When I finished, I saw Liam had emerged from the circle of guys who had been fucking him and was standing above me, smiling down at me. “Stand up,” he said, “time for a surprise.”

Nervous, unsure what to expect, I stood next to Liam, staring at his perfect naked body. Then Liam called out to the room, “Okay, everybody, listen up! Little Lucas here has done such a good job being our servant, I think he’s earned a reward!” There were cheers and applause from the crowd, even as they quietly continued fucking or getting their dicks sucked. “So…if you still have a load you wanna drop in somebody’s ass, form a circle around Lucas!”

I stood there and watched as a circle of about a dozen big, naked, muscular guys formed around me. I saw them all grinning and stroking their dicks as they eyed me up and down. I swallowed nervously, still not sure what was happening.

“Ooh, wow, there sure are a lot of them, huh, Lucas?” Liam asked me.

“Uh, yes, sir,” I said nervously.

“When’s the last time you got fucked, Lucas?”

“Um…it’s been a couple months, sir,” I answered.

“Because your boyfriend’s been too busy fucking me?” Liam asked teasingly.

There was laughter from the crowd.

“Yes, sir,” I answered, turning red.

“I bet your hole is sooo tight now,” Liam said.

Murmurs at this from the crowd, a few more guys gathering around and stroking their dicks.

“So, since you’ve been such a good little bitchboy for us,” Liam said, “these guys are your reward!”

I looked around at all the guys staring at me hungrily, and realized I couldn’t possibly handle getting fucked by all of them. “Uh…” I began to object, but Liam held a hand up.

“Come on, guys, he’s your little fucktoy’s now, tear his costume off already!” he said.

The guys didn’t need any more encouragement. They closed in on me, and I felt hands grabbing at me from all directions, tearing my jacket off, then ripping my shirt into pieces and pulling my pants off. In no time I was naked, and the guys shoved me to the ground, ordering me to get on all fours.

So many guys were surrounding me that I didn’t even know whose dick was pressing against my tight hole. Whoever it was had no interest in being gentle with me, though, as he quickly slammed himself inside me, causing me to cry out in pain. I looked up and saw Kyle standing behind the group of guys, eyeing me lustily, a smile on his face. “I…I can’t…” I said to him.

He just smirked and said, “Somebody shove a cock in his mouth.”

I looked at him in shock before I felt a hand grab the back of my head and push my mouth onto a cock. There were cheers from the crowd. “Oh, fuck yeah, I’m gonna give this little bitch what he’s been missing,” the guy fucking me growled. He pounded away at me mercilessly. I groaned in pain as the guy in front of me fucked my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32